Semi-annual exercise in insanity

gandle(4 NE)November 6, 2011

Most call it daylight savings time, it isn't. Actually it is daylight saving time. Originally it was meant to save energy but I truly believe that is a bunch of baloney and, we are NOT saving time by switching our clocks around, just moving daylight from evening to morning.

Probably not spelling the following correctly but wish we could set our time on circadian rythym where our bodies react to sunlight but know that is impossible.

The there is the biological clocks which seem to be different for just about everyone. Leone like to stay up late, watch TV or read and get up late. I prefer to go to bed early and get up early.

Now, if we could just figure out how to set all the rythyms and inner clocks with the times the wise men in government have ordained we would all be happy. Or maybe we could just do something simple like leaving the clocks set at one time or the other and go on doing what we do.

I know the arguement is an old one but twice a year I get upset changing all the clocks for some purpose I don't think anyone understands.

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DH and I know that we "Spring Ahead and Fall Back". He likes to change the clocks early, usually around six p.m. For some reason--getting old, maybe?--even though we know the formula -- we set our clocks AHEAD!!! He goes to bed before I do, but fortunately, around nine o'clock, I realized we had done it wrong! Our clocks were now two hours ahead, instead of being one hour earlier than when we changed them. Talk about confusion!, trying to figure just what time it was--or should be. Finally, common sense prevailed, and the clocks were O.K. Thank goodness!

I was Lay Reader at church for the early service, and would have been totally embarrassed if I'd messed up. Of course, it would have been better to be there early than late! :>)

Gandle, I'm with you: leave the clocks alone.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

As my Ojibwe friend says....only a white man would think that by cutting a foot off the bottom of a blanket and sewing it to the top do you get a longer blanket....

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Clock resetting is aggravating, senseless, and economically wasteful. Of course that sums up the value of a lot of things we do because no one seems able to stand up (to whom?) and say let's stop this nonsense now.

When I was small, we were told DST was to provide extra light for the farmers to milk their cows in the morning. That, of course, had everyone who actually knew anything about milk cows ROFL. imo, that proved that no government official had ever had to take care of a real live cow. Now I read that the change is to benefit students walking to school in the morning, so that drivers can better see them. ROFL, again.

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For every shred of evidence suggesting DST saves money, there is another study where the opposite is found. I have always groaned when those magic hours arrive and one resets clocks (or with the advance of science they reset themselves).

Time is relative anyway. The farmer still starts work when it gets light and stops when it gets dark. You want more light in leisure time? Get your duff up earlier or go to bed later and take it in those hours. The issue of accomodating industry and stores? The 9-5 shift for all practical purposes has ceased for many working folk when a box store is open 24/7, seven days a week and almost none of us, no matter how rural hasn't access to some grocery or goods store open with extended hours.

The way I look at it, moving time around is about on par with temporal channel surfing. Pick a station and stick with it. ;-)

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Unless you have a job where you are independent and don't have to be at a certain place at a certain time, we just have to put up with the clock and the circadian rythm has to wait until retirement.
Despite of working nightshift for a lot of years, I wake up early and go to bed early and my husband is going to bed late, more like early morning and sleeps half the day.
We definitely don't safe energy, when he turns the lights of, I turn them on.

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It always annoys me, the transition is too radical and upsets all the rhythms of body and mind. It wasn't so bad when time was changed from equinox to equinox, it's much more subtle then. And the news-readers on TV keep saying "you get an extra hour in bed" really? I wake up at the same time, no matter what the clock says about it.
Unfortunately, apparently it takes an act of Congress to stop this nonsense, and don't expect that to happen.

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I can't tell who benefits from the change. I certainly know I don't benefit. We don't save any money on our power bill. I get up "early" no matter what the clock says. I put on the heat when it gets below 68 degrees, no matter what time it is.
Setting the clocks is a total nnuisance and a time waster, and by the time I get around all the clocks (timers) the times has changed.
Let me list the ways.

A Grandfather clock with weights and pulleys, a swiss kuckoo clock with weights and pulleys, a homemade clock with a tiny button changer, several digital clocks with different settings, a very sophisticated thermostat for the heater/airconditioner/our automobile clocks.
We are retired so we don't have to wear/set our watches any more, but back when, we had to set our watches.
The only clock that changes automatically is my laptop clock, and that's because they asked me if I wanted the clock to change automatically and I said yes.
So, it will take an act of congress to change the time change?

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Yes, it's annoying all right. We have been hearing too much about it causing everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks on the extreme.

We had a very confusing night last night. Christy stayed up quite late, for her, and by time she crawled into bed it was the former two o'clock. Her clock has to be set so it had old time. My clock that sets itself hadn't changed yet and the tv in the bedroom was the new time....LMAO. Poor gal was so confused. My clock didn't change till a bit later, and the tv had reset itself to the new time last week, when it used to change. What a trip. She said she thought she was in the twilight zone for a while. She even called down to me to ask what time it was... snicker.

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Good one Linda C. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Methinks, and I could be wrong, that it dates back to when it was common for people to work a 9-10 our day. This was to give them an extra hour of daylight in the evenings for yard work, recreaction, etc.

I don't think we need it now for the 8 hour worker.

School buses start picking up kids at 6:00am in the countryside. When the sun doesn't rise until after 7:00, it's a problem for both parents and students.

It's w-a-a-ay past time to review this stupid practice.

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gmatx zone 6

Hummmm - maybe the reason the politicians don't want to address and change the DST practice/policy is that they are using it as another tool to keep us discombobulated and out of sync as we try to reset our clocks twice a year! LMAO - I can be that way without their assistance.....

Meldy_nva, you are absolutely right - "that proved that no government official had ever had to take care of a real live cow". Guess President William Taft was probably the only government official who could honestly claim he had taken care of a real live cow. LOL

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This has nothing to do with the OP, but I was trying to post a message, was made to log in, m able to log in , but6 if I want to post a new message, they try to make me register and then say: you must register you are not getting my message, GW will not allow it.
I am going to try again tomorrow, Good night, all

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Same thing was happening to me, Lilo. Also some of the graphics were hanging and slow to load. Figure they were having some glitches at the site.

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It seems to be fixed now - the joke: I forgot the message I wanted to post LOL!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Linda, your friend sounds brilliant to me.

Fortunately most countries have come to their senses and stopped forcing this impractical torture on their citizens. Although I read the entire article I linked, I am STILL not sure why we do this! The article states several times that the vast majority of farmers and rural citizens have always opposed clock changing in any form. Wonder where the old cliche about farm kids milking cows before school comes from? We didn't start doing this formally and "permanently" until there was only an extremely small number of farmers left at all, let alone kids getting up to milk cows before school. Why doesn't anyone ever say that school just starts too early? Just another bunch of weird politics with explanations based on contrived notions and falsities.

It's this kind of crap that's really irritating, "The history of time in the United States includes DST during both world wars, but no standardization of peacetime DST until 1966.[111][112] In the mid-1980s, Clorox (parent of Kingsford Charcoal) and 7-Eleven provided the primary funding for the Daylight Saving Time Coalition behind the 1987 extension to U.S. DST, and both Idaho senators voted for it based on the premise that during DST fast-food restaurants sell more French fries, which are made from Idaho potatoes." What??! I can't ever recall basing my fast-food decision on daylight vs. night. Have you ever said to yourself or heard anyone say, "well, I was going to buy some fries, but then I realized it was dark so I didn't." Or, "As soon as it gets dark, I'm not hungry anymore." Did it ever occur to them that people just don't like to leave the house as much when it's cold outside, that this SEASONAL phenomenon is just part of life and has nothing to do with clock changing?

I don't see how a tiny fraction of energy savings nobody can definitively qualify is a good trade for disrupting everyone's sleep twice a year. And the awful things like tired, sleep-disturbed people getting hurt at work or wrecking their car is so not worth it. I'd gladly pay the extra $10 or $20 to just not have to deal with it, although unless the weather is exactly the same every year, how will anyone ever measure this? If it's "x" degrees outside, we are still going to heat or cool until we are comfortable, no matter what time it is. And most who try letting their house go hot or cold while they are at work usually decide it's not worth the discomfort, and the cost of reversing such a huge temperature difference usually eradicates what was saved during the day. In the summer here, the lows at night can be above 80, so even when it's dark, those a/c's are running full blast.

I just want to make it stop, too! I've never talked to anyone who agreed with changing the time. Maybe if we all boycott fries for a day, twice a year, and/or turn our furnace or a/c on full blast for those days...?

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Actually I appreciated the time change. I HATE getting up in the dark. My body doesn't like it, my mind refuses to believe I need to get out of a nice warm bed when it is still pitch dark outside. However, I have to be at work at a certain time, so I have to get up whether the sun is up or not...but I like it better when it is daylight.

I don't like it so much at gets dark soon after I get home and it is hard to go walking in the dark.

I really appreciated the extra hour of sleep this weekend....with all the earthquake in the middle of the night Friday night and another one late Saturday, I had missed out on a bunch of sleep. The extra hour before church on Sunday was greatly appreciated!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

LOL! Lisa, I'm glad, and applaud you for being the lone voice in the wilderness. More power to u!

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You know, some countries have experimented with letting private companies and schools just adjust their own working hours to suit their needs and employees. Sort of sounds fairer than dragging whole continents into it kicking and screaming. LOL. I went exploring all the history behind it, and the major impetus in the U.S. was for two influential lobbyists to have more time in the evening so their golf games and bird-watching in the hours after work wouldn't be interrupted. Say what?

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My biggest complaint is too hot in the summer but enough light to do things after work and cooler working hours in the winter but dark too soon. never change my watch but it broke this spring and I started to use my cell to get the time. It changed automatically.

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Well......I'm just sort of juggling the days in my head but in just over a month......the days'll start getting longer again. Hold that thought!

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calliope, yes, I'm aware that the days will be longer soon, and I'm looking forward to it. But in the meanwhie, the juxtaposition of our six foot fence, the sun's trajectory and the placement of my raised beds results in some very shady growing areas.

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