Cheap pond filter media?

theanimala(z6 NJ)April 27, 2012

I moved into a house about 7 years ago that had a small pond (around 400 gal I guess) surrounded by bamboo. Over the years the bamboo went wild and overgrew it's territory and slowly invaded the pond. Last year I had all of the bamboo dug out by hand (what a project) and a new pond put in that is probably around 1200 gallons. Still need to do the exact math. Anyway, I have a skimmer and a waterfall that splits into two smaller falls before it drops into the pond. I read somewhere last year about using dish washing scubs and sponges as biological filter media. I went to the dollar store and bought lots of scrubbies and sponges and placed them inside my skimmer and waterfall box. I also bought some cheap "pond" filtration media from ebay to catch the big debre in my pond. Along with that I did buy several hundred bio-balls from an ebay reseller which I have in the waterfall. Lastly, I am temporarily using my old Fishmate 1000UV filter to help as well until things are really solid.

So far it seems to be working pretty good. I have plenty of extra space in my skimmer and waterfall and was looking if there are any other cheaper recommendations I could use to help keep my pond moving in the right direction.. ?

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sharon_9_fl(z9 FL)

I collect any kind of pieces of plastic for media -- bottle caps, drinking straws, leftover pieces of pvc pipe, I put them in a mesh bag and toss in a filter. It's probably all thrown away now, but Easter basket "grass" stuffed in a nylon stocking is very nice. I've heard of cutting 5/8" drip irrigation hose into pieces 1 1/2 inches long. It's a very nice product (and cheap) but that's a lot of cutting.

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maxbo(z6 wPA.)

Biofil. Is the Best thing I have found. One of the most important things is a Uv light

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Another thing people have mentioned is the plastic deer fencing. I make scrubbies out of nylon net from the fabric store and when I got tired of making them I just scrunched up the net and it works just fine. It's not expensive. I also use washable air conditioner filter material. It lasts and lasts.

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

Plastic pot scrubbers from the dollar store. Cheap and they work very well.

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theanimala(z6 NJ)

Plastic pot scrubbers is what I bought last year and I have several of them in there, I will look at buying some more. Regarding the deer fencing, that's what my prior pond had as it's filter medium. It didn't work the best but I believe that's because I did not clean it often enough and the pump I had was a bit underpowered. Thanks for all of the ideas guys!

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