Tetra UV Clarifier durability

jblanche(SE WI USA)April 20, 2012

I'm interested in your opinions about Tetra UV clarifier durability, and trying to fix them.

I bought a Tetra UV (Model 16790) clarifier in 2009 that cleared my pond in nothing flat. Ballast went kaput, apparently, after two years.

So I bought a new Tetra, this one a model 19522, in 2011. Not happy to switch out fittings but the new one worked fine and Tetra told me the new design was better. Uh-huh.

Noticed on startup this spring that the "stainless steel" reflector inside was actually a sheet closer to the thickness of tinfoil, glued inside the tube and exposed to pond water.

Well, the glue had come loose and the reflector separated, and there were chunks missing. Which explains why I found little pieces of "foil" in my pond last year.

I just sent it back to Tetra for warranty replacement. I looked in my old 16790 and it seems to have a genuine piece of metal in there something like sheet metal, much more durable.

Realized that my older 16790 is still under warranty but now I'm thinking if I send it back they would probably ship me a newfangled piece of garbage, so I am considering getting a third-party ballast to replace the OEM German MCT 5103.0550.084 ballast which I can't find on the open market.

So what do you think? Should I send the 16790 back for a total replacement, or keep it and put on a new ballast? Is there some reasonable excuse for the new "improved" design?

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Send back, why not?

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jblanche(SE WI USA)

>>Send back, why not?

Thanks for your response. Because the old model has a better internal reflector, and if I send it back, they will probably send me the newer model. The reflector on my newer model has already failed. So it might be nice to have the older model, with the good reflector and just change the ballast. Just wondering if replacing the ballast is a reasonable option.

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