Just got back from voting

agnespuffinNovember 2, 2010

A BIG turn out. The Governor's race has been the pits as far as dirt, and excessive ads and phone calls. It has been terrible. All day long, the phone rings. The mute button on our remote control has just about worn out. And the recycle bin for junk mail is overflowing.

All over town, there are people swearing that they will not vote for either major candidate. They will choose the Libertarian Candidate instead. A protest vote. Will it work? Will there be enough votes to maybe shake up the local leaders? Is there any chance that either party will be smart enough to see that too much is TOO MUCH?

There's a good possibility that the Libertarian vote will result in neither getting a majority. So we will have a run-off. There's also the possibility that the third party guy could win. If enough of the fed-up-voters voted for him, it could happen!

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The polling calls go to land lines and not cell phones so since a lot of younger people have only cell phones the predictions are probably off. May be more interesting than expected. Off to vote.

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I just got back from voting and had to wait 45 minutes in line. A real pain but I'm thrilled so many people care enough to vote. Every election should be exactly like this. If I had my way I guess they would because I think term limits should be firmly in place. What if every politician only had 3 o 4 years to do his or her thing and then they were out? They wouldn't have to think about reelection so there would go a lot of the lobbying, all the campaign garbage etc. etc. Dream on.

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In WV our polling places opened at 6:30 a.m.; DH and I were there by 7:20 and didn't have to wait at all. However, there were only three voting machines, so I imagine--hope, even--that by this evening there may be a wait. The touch screen made it very simple; the instructions were clear, and there were volunteers to answer questions or help. My only question was "Could the print on the Levy question be any smaller?" The volunteer actually had one of those magnifying sheets that I laid over the screen. Voila! Suddenly, I could see it!

Oh well, just another facet of getting older and declining "close-up" vision! At least, I was able to exercise my right to vote!

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andie_rathbone(Tyler, TX - 7B)

I took DH to vote today (I voted last week) & it was really crowded.It will be interesting to see what the voter turnout here was.

Don, I'm not quite so optimistic about voter turnout with the under 30 set. They seem to be almost terminally apathetic this year.

And LOL, Marda! Dream on!

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I felt really stupid when I voted. We have a contentious governor's race,and I knew who I would vote for on that, but got to the pols and knew nothing about the state treasurer, audtior's races. Duh, I know they are up at the same time as the governor's race. By Sunday I was getting pretty snappy with the live phone calls we got. Who are you going to vote for? None of your business. That's why we have secret ballot voting.

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My mother was born before the passage of the 19th amendment. That's too close for comfort in my opinion. My generation is the first to be born where half the population wasn't barred from the polls. You bet I vote and don't take it for granted.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm usually at polls within 10 minutes of opening, and rarely have more than a dozen in line ahead of me. Love the computerized screens -- so far, I haven't needed a magnifying glass, lol.

Yes, I think turn-out was better than expected. Until 7p, I was still getting calls to go out and vote (15 of them, just for yesterday). September and October I'm used to getting preliminary polling/opinion calls from humans (maybe because I'm non-partisan), but this has been a really bad year for the computerized calls. Aaaugh, those computerized calls telling me to go vote [for X] are a real turn-off.

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