No trip to Ireland this X-mas, but no Viva Voce

meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevationSeptember 22, 2007

Just an update for anyone curious...

I do NOT have to have a Viva Voce at school [yeah!] They submitted my other work to the Chairman and I was deemed good to move on without making up the part I missed based on my other work :) :) So I am still with the same group and won't be required to wait for anything.

That is excellent :) Honours is screwed, but there's always this coming year for that.

But I give the decision a huge FAIL in that I won't need to go over between now and next August. No Ireland!

I think I'm going to wail and whine and generally walk around muttering 'but the plans were so great.... I wanna go to Eiii-yer-laaaaand!' and basically be inconsolable on that point ;)

[Another friend from school and I considered having her call Dad saying she's from the school and that I do need to come over after all, but we decided that that's a bit Lucy and Ethel for even us ;]

Meanwhile I like Irish again and am hearing enough to be a very happy little obnoxious Yank, so that's very good.

So this concludes our World-O-Meredith update... we thank you for your patience... ;)

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My dearest Mereford,

I had to go looking for this--so you better be grateful!!!

He was passing with his fellow students, but his unimpressive study habits gave him a final examination score on the borderline between first and second class honours, making an "oral examination" necessary. Berman said of the oral examination, "And of course the examiners then were intelligent enough to realize they were talking to someone far more clever than most of themselves. (Stephen Hawking at Oxford)

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Sweetest Michael,

THAT is hilarious. And I do thank you for finding it!

I was floored to learn how down-to-earth the professors, etc are, BTW. Even the brilliant ones ;>

My High School boyfriends' mothers had WAY bigger chips on their shoulders [I grew up in Faux-LockJawFroufrou Land you might remember]... 'course I was a Suicide Blonde Goth Babe, but that's beside the point [only half-kidding there, frighteningly;]!

Actually I'm kind of nutty now [obviously], and even at Oxford. Don't know if there are nuttier in my group but it doesn't seem to bother most of the folks :)

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