Didn't they know Brittany Spears got married on this street?

debrazone9socal(z9losangeles)September 21, 2006

This morning I left the house to take my daughter to school, only to discover that the police had cordoned off the end of our dead-end block (about 5 or 6 houses from us). There were fire trucks, the coroner's truck and car and tons of police. I thought there had been some horrific car accident (however unlikely on a quiet residential corner).

Nope. Gangsters from Glendale killed a guy, then dumped the body in a car at our corner, and then set it on fire. About 3 am. A neighbor called the fire department, then tried to douse the flames to keep the trees from catching on fire. The dead guy was not killed here, but somehow they found our quiet neighborhood and thought "hmmm....this looks like a good spot!"

Funny thing is, I walked out front about 7 am to pick up the newspaper. I noticed a helicopter hovering overhead that looked odd to me, and even mentioned it to Michael when I came back inside. I never looked down the street!

The neighbors lifted the yellow tape so I could get my car out and take Rachel to school. She was a bit freaked out. She wanted lots of details (how did the bad guys get home if they left their car to burn here?). But she was fine by the time we got to school.

We tend to forget that we live smack dab in the middle of a huge city, because of the mountains and how bucolic it is here. Funny thing is, I've lived in less family-oriented neighborhoods in this city, and bodies hardly ever get dumped there.....(she said sarcastically). Why this neighborhood looks good to murderers for body disposal is a mystery to me. It's an affluent neighborhood with few escape routes, lots of neighborhood watch people and celebrity residents. In the past five years, this is the second body dumping nearby (the other one was a couple of Russian mafia guys in one car, also burned, dumped several blocks away. And then there was Robert Blake's wife, who was actually killed around the corner from here by somebody......)

According to Michael (who knows such things) there is only one gang in Glendale (which is about 10 plus miles from here). So they should be catching the bad guys about now.

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Maybe it's Kevin Federline???

Seriously, sorry this happened to your neighborhood.

They sound like amateurs so I hope the police are able to catch them soon.

One of my L.A. friends once bit my head off for flashing my headlights at an oncoming car that didn't have its lights on while driving through Glendale. Apparently that's a gang signal of some sort.

I told him Glendale was nice and that he was being ridiculous at which point he really let me have it.

Keep those doors and windows locked!


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I guess it's hard to get away from this stuff. 21 years ago, we had sold our house, but not yet moved, and I also did the drive past the yellow tape and dumped body on the way to work. After we moved, we read about a car set afire on the street in the old neighborhood, later determined to contain a body. We felt so lucky to have moved, but you never know.

There have been "hits" in very nice parts of town, from Coronado to La Jolla. Most are traced to drug rings. With the top Arrellano-Felix brother now jailed awaiting trial, there are multiple bodies turning up every day in Tijuana, it's like Baghdad down there. We are *not* going south of the border this winter.

Debra, I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant start to your day.

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It was pretty freaky, I'll tell you. Glendale is a good-sized city, with affluent and less so areas. There is a large immigrant community, and (although I hate to say this because I don't automatically associate immigrants with gang activity) some significant gang activity. What a shame.

Our neighborhood is one you have to look for. If you don't already know about it, you won't suspect it's there. But the corner near our house is just two blocks from an intersection with a main street, so maybe they just took a turn and stopped the first place they came to to dump the body.

I think Rachel is okay. She told me she was upset when she first got to school, but she was more upset because she ran into a pole during recess and had to get first aid. She's fine now.

I don't think Max was freaked out at all. Goes with being almost 14, I guess. He probably was disappointed he missed seeing the fire. Ugh!!!

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I wonder if there are any REALLY SAFE PLACES ANYMORE.!!

When I was growing up we didn't have TV so we wern't always exposed to all the happenings(good and bad) around the world.

I think we were better off not knowing.

I'm sorry this happened so close to your home.



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matissesmom(SoCal z9)

Oh, there was another body dumped a street or two away from you this week, too. On Dilling. A woman! Burned up in a car, too, I think. Or am I getting my murders mixed up?

I'm afraid ALL towns have their less than desirable parts.
Your town, my town.. every town and street is a potential
dumping ground for a murder or some type of mayhem.

Take heart.. we've always thought we were safe cause we're hard to find.. I hope we're thinking straight.


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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Heck--I lived in a sleepy little township in Ohio--but not too far from a major highway--and the Mafia dumped a body in a swampy area not far from my house...in the 1970's. Some poor guy found it while walking his dog.

So long as there are roads and cars...all sorts of things will happen.

Sorry you had such an unpleasant experience!

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Sam, turns out the truck was stolen in Glendale, but the dead guy was a gangster from East L.A. We had to talk about this a lot this weekend at our house...just as we were throwing bread crumbs into the ocean to cast off our sins in celebration of Rosh Hashonah and the beginning of the Days of Awe.

There's a lot of bad people in the world, and the more people there are in one location, the better the chances you'll run into one or two.

But, no, Sam. The burning truck with the gang member was the only body dumping in the neighborhood this week.... And we've been making light of the situation in front of the kids, to lessen the scary factor. Such as: "they found a dead body riddled with bullets in a burning car! the investigation continues but they suspect foul play!!"

I guess there's a reason for gallows humor, sometimes.

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Welcome to LA!

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I saw on a show the other day that LA isn't really one big city but dozens of small ones that total 200square miles.this must make it hard for the police to keep track of everything.

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matissesmom(SoCal z9)

franct.. most of these little cities have their own
police depts, fire.. etc. Most of these little cities
also have about 100,000 peeps per city! LOL.

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Postscript: today, on this very same street where misguided teenybopper singers marry and gangsters torch their enemies, the streets were lined with.....fancy dressing rooms, decorated catering trucks, gaffer lights and all manner of film equipment. Well, if it's not one thing, it's another!!

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how exciting

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what were they making-movie,tv?

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Who knows. They were blocking the street, which only has one way out. I was happy they were wrapped and packing up when I came home at the end of the day.

Nobody seems to care about the burning truck/body anymore. I guess it's yesterday's news.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Is she still married? It's been like months, hasn't it?

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Who cares. The people who owned the house sold it. Probably forced out by irate neighbors having to deal with obnoxious Euro-trash paparazzi.

At least the movie/commercial/TV show makers have to get a permit first.

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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

No where is safe!! L.A. might be surrounded by little citys with there own fire and police but, most of these little cities are in L.A. County one of the most populated counties in the country.
Be Safe!

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