Idyll #282 - T'is the last rose of summer

gardeningmarySeptember 12, 2006

T'is the last rose of summer,

Left blooming alone.

- Thomas Moore, 1779-1852, The Last Rose of Summer.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls. Great title, Mary! Just a short update from here. Still busy. But its raining out so I can rest up from all the physical labor and get some groceries.

Top of the list -- weÂve taken DD to Emergency 3 times with gall bladder attacks since last wk. This am she got into see her primary physician, had an ultrasound and confirmed gallstones. She has an appt. w/a surgeon later this month. WeÂre hoping she wonÂt have another attack in the meantime, poor thing.

On the landscaping front, I went back for that gorgeous Acer Palmatum "Fireglow" and noticed a sign at the nursery: 30 to 50% off trees and shrubs. When the clerk wouldnÂt give me the sale price, I had a Âto-do with the manager. I wasnÂt argumentative or nasty, just quietly stood my ground. At first, he said it was an ornamental so not part of the sale. Then he said the ad said 20%. So I walked him to 2 signs in the nursery that said: Trees and Shrubs 30% off". He finally gave me the 30% plus another 10% for my garden club card. Other customers gave me a thumbs-up. Sheesh.

When digging the hole for the maple, we ran into a huge problem  buried limestone slag from the front walkway. ItÂs like concrete and nothing will grow in it. Evidently, when I took shelter from the rain during construction, the contractor buried a load and topped it w/a foot of topsoil. We dug out 3-1/2 wheelborrows out, put it in buckets and hauled it to the dump. The next day, I determined the length and depth of what was left and spent the entire day skimming off topsoil. It was at least 8 in diameter and 4 deep. So I complained to the walkway company and they sent a couple laborers out to dig out the debris. They filled an entire 8 pickup bed. Then DH and I filled the hole w/topsoil. What a pain!

I did rescue Daphne ÂCarol Mackie from HD, and the nursery delivered the tree the same afternoon the contractor dug out the slag. DH and I finished planting the maple that nite by flashlight. Then Sat., after grading the area and planting the Daphne and 3 Double Knockouts, we were driven inside by rain. So DH & I remeasured our area and trekked to the nursery out by Eden to look at the Magnolias. IÂd decided that Leonard Messel got too big so I bot an 6 tall ÂJaneÂ, which will be delivered in a couple wks. Then Sun., we finished planting the double Knockouts, moved a couple annuals for some color and then regraded. We still need some evergreens out there, but that might have to wait until spring. What a job!

Eden, you were right. I did lose more weight -- 6 lbs. last week. I guess moving boulders is like working with gym weights.

IÂve been thinking of all. When curving the beds, I thot of T. When planting the Daphne, I wondered what perennials Monique, Deanne, Sue Marty, Wendy, Saucy, Ei, or Mary would add. When thinking of what evergreens to add, I wondered what Cindy, or Michelle would do. When considering grasses, I thot of V, Marie, Marian, Taryn, Babs, Woody and EP. I wished you all lived nearby so you could consult and help me decide what to do. Hmmm, Eden, wanna come over for dinner and consult? IÂm running outta steam.

Sorry, no pix. DH hasn't figured out how to get the port for our memory stick working. Hopefully, he'll get to it tonite or tomorrow since it's raining and I can't have him dig holes in this weather.

Gotta run to the grocery store. Later, friends.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Gardeners , like everyone else, live second by second and minute by minute. What we see at one particular moment is then and there before us. But there is a second way of seeing. Seeing with the eye of memory, not the eye of our anatomy, calls up days and seasons past and years gone by.
- Allen Lacy, The Gardener's Eye, 1992, p. 16

Soon this season will be passing us by. Last night I heard those dreaded words "frost warning" for areas farther north of us, so now I am watching the nighttime lows like a hawk. I need to plan a day or two ahead if everything has to come inside.

Someone (Norma I think) asked me what carne asada was. It's a mexican style marinated skirt steak. The prepared one I bought at Trader Joe's was very nice because it had a nice flavor with just the right amount of spiciness - enough to let you know it's there but not enough to keep you awake at night! It was great grilled over the fire.

I am officially getting bad - i had to look back at the last idyll to see if I had posted about the wedding shower I went to on Sunday. Looks like I didn't, so grab a bite to eat and prepare to drool.

The shower was held at a cooking store/cooking school in downtown Chicago. They have a lovely large room with a beautiful demonstration kitchen that has large mirrors angled above the prep counters so you can see what's going on. When we arrived, there were trays of appetizers sitting on each table - smoked salmon and dill cream cheese on rye and skewers of marinated fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Wine and soft drinks were being served. Once everyone arrived, they started the demo, which really consisted of our lunch being prepared before our eyes. First was a beef satay with peanut sauce (yum) and then an incredible salad. The salad had mixed greens, roasted cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan raosted pinenuts and a red wine vinegar dressing. The main course was chicken marsala served over pasta. We finished with creme brulee, which had been individually torched before our eyes by the bride and groom.

It was great to see a few friends from high school; we had a lot of good laughs. The wedding next month should be a good time.

And it rained all day long, so I didn't miss any gardening opportunity!

It's still gloomy(foggy) and rainy today, although it has changed from being quite cool to a bit warmer. Today should be the last day of rain for the week. I hope it dries out by the weekend as we have another outdoor dinner planned.

I got an email from by DD yesterday that made me LOL for several minutes. What's that saying about the nut not falling far from the tree? Here's the email: "Hey Mommy, Can I get an orchid? Please? Love, DD"

Looks like I have infected the next generation, huh?

I am incredibly jealous of all the idylls headed across the broder this weekend and really wish I was one of them! You all will have so much fun!

Saucy, please boot that elephant off the computer and get back to posting! I always enjoy your morning posts.

Hi Marian! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Enough procrastinating; I must get some work done.

But before I go, I wish that Ei would pop in to say hello!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

V, what a wonderful and different shower idea. Sounds so yummy, too. LOL over DD's question.

Thanks, Marian, for asking the question about the Brugs. I had the same one. BTW, only one of mine has bloomed. I think the other one might be too young.

Deanne, how is the stinky kitty? I found that you have to start them VERY young to the bath idea. Oh, and yes, they need to be declawed, too, or you'd be in ribbons.

Ok, I've procrastinated enough. Off to clean the frig and to the grocery w/me!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I just posted a few more wedding shots. At last they are dribbbling in!

This morning I weeded one of the island beds. My friends suggest I put a yellow ribbon across my gardens and say "closed for the season." I think they are embarrassed for me because there's so much work left to do before guests can see things here!

Off to do laundry and sheets. There are guest rooms to prepare! :)

Astrid Lindgren

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do - weddings, missing teeth, showers, smelly cats...where to begin?

Marie, was your lost post being replaced by the sunrise a case of "a picture is worth 1000 words?" Lovely sunrise - thanks for thinking of me. The wedding sounds (and looks) lovely. How nice to have two new members of your family! Any guy that can build an outhouse has to be a keeper, LOL. When will we see some more pics? Enjoy your company this weekend, BTW.

V, your post about the grass really cracked me up - then I had a strange urge to bake brownies and watch a Cheech & Chong movie and... Good to hear that your talk went over well, and boosted sales too! The shower you went to sounds yummy, although I would not trust myself to torch creme brulee in front of my guests.

Good thoughts to all that are ill or injured, hoping for a quick recovery.

Michelle, I like that aerial photograph; I'd be curious to see the older ones too. DH found a website with GIS maps which include Aerial photos, and in the one of our house you can see the two of us in the yard raking leaves. Strange to think something took our picture in the yard...

Deanne, what a mess with the skunk! Those claws are unbelievable, I don't know how you managed to bathe that beastie. I'd love to come up in early Oct and play in the garden with you - a Sunday would be best, though I could possibly sneak up on a Tuesday afternoon. A live demo of fuchsia (thank you Dr Fuchs...) would be great, better than photos. Saucy, are you in??

Kids are getting adjusted to the school routine, better than I am I must say. Today was a little crazy...middle school starts about 40 minutes earlier than elementary school, and both kids needed a ride. DD's bells turned out to be something similar to a xylophone (yes, I used spellcheck for that one) and it comes in this back-pack thingy with a handle and wheels. She's been riding her bike to school, but I couldn't see how she could with that package (DS, the gadget man, suggested that he tie it to her bike with a piece of rope and let her tow it). Anyway, by the time I drove her and came back, it was almost time to leave with him. I have to drop him off at 8am and hit the highway, or I won't make it to work on time. I made it, but I think I have to set the alarm a little earlier.

Well, I have to run now and pick up DD at school since the bells probably have to come home for practice. Mary, you are right - fun for her, not-so-fun for the listening audience at home. I wonder if she'll practice out in the shed...I'm kidding!!

Hi Honey, Marian, Sue, Norma, Saucy, Cindy, Martie...feeling like I've missed some, sorry if I did. Later all!


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Wendy, you probably hadn't heard about my son practicing the trombone.....everytime he does, the dog begins to howl madly and then we all break out in laughter. If he's upstairs the dog will whine under his breath until he's done :)

I am game for any date in Oct....My September weekends are booked. Shower this weekend, wedding the next, yard sale on the 30th (where I plan to rake in some decorating dollars :)

I'm clapping for Honey, too....I would've left angry over the tree, but wish I had the know how to stand my ground AND get what I want. LOL....Once I tried to stand my ground and they threw me out of a store. The most humiliating part was that I tripped on my way to my car and had to be rescued by a bunch of boyscouts selling chocolate bars at the entrance. Jake was 6 months old and I had 27 dollars worth of formula coupons. I forgot my checkbook and the bank was across the street (back when you couldn't use your debit card :) so I told her I didn't want to groceries (Jake was so little and I was so exhausted - you're doing a good thing T!) and she kept my coupons in her drawer and wouldn't give them back. The manager told me to leave or he was going to call security.

I NEVER shopped there again. The corporate office never answered my letters. To everyone in CA - it was Ralph's....just in case you're feeling sorry for me :)

LOL...kind of funny after 12 years.

Had a pretty good day. I mowed the lawn. Another sign of cooler, shorter days is the cool season grass is growing like crazy. I'm thinking of sowing some new seed where the lawn needs it since it's the perfect weather for growing grass (get your head out of the gutter, Babs).

2 really nice guys came out to look at our house for the siding and the basement. It occurred to me today that I've picked out a similar color siding to Sue's and I hope she won't be mad! We do live far enough away :) Wish I could have my wood clapboards like we did at the other house, but it's not feasible with this house.

Right now I have aluminum. Anyone care to guess how much $ we'll get for recycling? I don't have a clue.

GB, your garden will be beautiful, and besides the plants the property and bouvier are enough draw :)

V., all the food sounds delicious and fun! I'm roasting a chicken right now....want to come watch? Carne is for beef, cannitas are for pork - did I get it right? Pollo is chicken....I miss Mexico. Nick used to bring food home when he worked in Mexico. Lots of seafood tacos.

Mary, and all, have fun this weekend!

I've gotta go tend to the chicken and family!


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Grass? Is someone fooling around with grass again? lololol.

~Babs...back to the gutter : )

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marie, forget about the garden. We are coming to see you! We know you have a great garden and that the season is winding down for you. Just make sure that linen closet is!


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Saucy - I miss seafood tacos too. The ones with the soft corn tortillas. That was the first thing I bought for lunch when we were back in San Diego.

LOL Babs - if all we have to do is say grass to get you to stop by we'll do so more often. Is work still going well?

Honey - your poor DD, it sounds very painful and emergency rooms are no fun. Let me ponder on my favorite perennials to add.

V - a cooking demo at the shower is very neat. I love to cook (mostly) and enjoy nice cookware and treasure the things we recieved as wedding gifts. I wonder which orchid your DD will choose?

GB - that is a lovely rose. Your gardens will be wonderful to view, and I'm sure you will be the only one to notice weeds (if there are any). And as Sue says, we're coming to see you. But I do understand the feeling. My garden is very wild right now, the combo of back to school, new job and DH's health concerns have meant zero time for garden chores. I hope Sue and Deanne won't think me too sloppy a gardener.

I did have a day of achievement inside. As I was home today I had the chimney swept, followed by a professional steam cleaning of our carpets and sofa. Both were long overdue. Until I let the kids and pooch back in I can gaze at the family room and imagine I'm a perfect housekeeper. Sue can now inspect under the sofa cushions when she's finished with the linen closet LOL!

have a good evening everyone


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Phew...Mary, clean sofa cushions...what a relief!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not here Sue. Today I came in from the garden and looked for Charlotte. Couldn't find her anywhere. Finally I saw the huge black lump on the brown sofa. I THOUGHT she didn't climb on furniture, but I guess I was wrong.
Then there are the cats. They're in the other part of the house and they sleep all over ever piece of furniture there is....You have your choice: white cat hair or black. At least they aren't in the kitchen!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Clean sofa cushions reminds me of a visit to my mom's years ago. DH nicely offered to move an arm chair and my mom kept saying no. DH thought she just didn't want to trouble him, so he moved the chair anyway - and uncovered a large pile of "stuff" that had been stashed under the chair, hidden by its upholstered skirt! We all had a good laugh over that one.

We had a nice reception after work and I helped open a couple of bottles of "Vin de City Red". No grass, though! Now I'm ready for bed! Nite-nite!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Marie, you sent your beautiful sunrise here for me this morning. It was simply gorgeous but unfortunately I didnt have my camera ready and didnt catch it. The downside of this sunrise is that it didnt happen until 6:20AM! Yikes, the short, dark days are coming fast. I think the sunset is supposed to be at 7:00PM. Le sigh, as Da says. I sure wish shed stop by and say hello. I wonder how her garden did this summer.

So Murphys Law is still in effect. I lost my glasses about four weeks ago and no matter how much I tore this house apart I simply could not find them. I looked everywhere and I mean I tore the house apart. I checked my locker at the gym I tore my car apart and it seemed they just vanished. I finally broke down and bought some new glasses Monday night. I didnt want to go on a five day driving trip without good driving glasses. Anyway, yesterday I was on the Stairmaster machine at the gym and was talking to a couple of my gym buddies who were on the machines next to me and we were talking about making stupid mistakes that cost a lot of money. I told them about having to replace my glasses because Id lost them. WELL, the fellow who normally is on the front desk was coming downstairs to give me a message and apparently had heard me tell my friends Id lost my glasses and he went back and brought back a pair of glasses. Nope, they werent mine, BUT he said he had a few more pairs at the front desk and to stop on my way out. Hmmmm I did and (by now Im sure you guessed it) there were my missing glasses. Id asked at the gym the first week after Id lost them and they didnt have them there at the time so I have no idea when someone turned them in. So yes indeed, I found the missing glasses within twelve hours of buying a new pair. What are the odds?

V. how neat DD wants an orchid. Do you know what type she is looking for? ~~ LOL about the stash under the chair! Ill bet you had a good chuckle over it. ~~ What a fantastic idea for a shower. It sure sounds like it was a lot more interesting than the norm.

So Mary and Marie, I know Sue checks under the sofa cushions (I think shes looking for quarters) and in the linen closets but how about behind the refrigerator???? That is definitely one thing I always check when I go and visit anyone. ROTFLOL

Marie, I dont mind Charlotte on the sofa. The only thing Id get a bit testy over would be if shed rolled in something ripe then decided to sleep with me. LOL ~~ So about the yellow tape on the gardens, forget about it! I repeat what Sue said, we are coming to see you. We know that your gardens are wonderful and Im sure they will be and are at any time of the year. The gardens arent just flowers.

HI Babs! Whats up?

Saucy that is too funny about DS and the trombone and the dog! I can just hear that dog singing along. LOL

Wendy and Saucy, how about we plan for the first Sunday in October? Saucy, is Oct 1st still a September weekend for you since that Saturday is Sept, 30th. If not the 1st then the next Sunday?

Wendy, I dont envy you driving the children to all the school activities. ~~ LOL about baking brownies! Id have never guessed that about you! Te he.

Honey, good for you, good for you!!! Id have questioned the price a couple times but wouldnt have pursued it as far as you did. Ive have left my merchandise and walked out. ~~ I cant wait to see what youve done. Maybe we coiuld have another IU in Michigan???

Yesterday I cleaned off my shelving unit that I had on the back deck with the orchids then brought it into the family room. Ive got some nice west windows in there so Im going to use it to winter over a few of these plants and cuttings. It doesnt even look half bad in there. Ive got a cute little coleus standard going that Im going to keep in the corner there too. Ill take some pics when I get it all set up. So now all the orchids are in the house, my begonias are in and I started taking my coleus cuttings. Doug asked me if I was done taking cuttings and I had to laugh because Ive only just begun!

OK Ive got to run as Ive got a TON of stuff to do today before we head out to Rochester. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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We went to see the Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. yesterday. Rick will need a CPAP machine. He either quit breathing or his oxygen level dropped to an unacceptable level an average of 68 times an hour. When he had the sleep study they put him on the CPAP for part of the night and he said he slept like a baby and felt good when he woke up, so he actually is looking forward to the machine. We had chinese food afterwards. We then looked at what Menards has for dryers. The repairman said that its on its last leg. It does seem to be working for now. Its 27 years old, so I guess you cant ask for more. Actually, dryers havent changed all that much. This one is a Maytag, so Im leaning that way again. I wouldnt have to get another until Im 73! LOL

Babs, I thought of AJ the other day when I got the mail out of the box. There was a huge spider web in there. No sign of the spider though. I did take each piece out separately.

Deanne, I havent even thought about cuttings. Must we get you one of those chains to hold your glasses around your neck? LOL Seriously losing your glasses is a bummer. Several years ago Rick lost a pair, got new ones, laid them down at work and someone took them. I teased him about getting him one of those chains. Actually, our homeowners insurance paid for the pair that was taken. Now who would take someone elses glasses? He was working in the meat dept. at Walmart at the time, so that may explain it.

V, when my kids were growing up I had one of those sofas that had a skirt. When I would pull that thing out I couldnt believe the stuff my kids had hidden under there. It got pretty nasty at times. No skirt on the next sofa that was for sure.
I can just hear your DD asking for an orchid. Did she talk you into a car at school? LOL
I liked the garden quote. Now that would be a shower worth going to!

Honey, wouldnt that be fun to be close enough that we could all help each other out? Im so curious to see pictures of your project. I hope all goes well for your DD.

Saucy, your poor son, the dog sure isnt very encouraging to him. I remember on time in college I was at a grocery store and realized that I didnt have the checkbook with me. The store allowed me to charge it. I was shocked. I got my checkbook and went back within the hour to pay them. I was so grateful that they didnt humiliate me. Needless to say I continued to shop there.

Wendy, I remember those days of running the kids here and there. Fun but hectic years. Thanks for the pictures of Steves garden.

Marian, yes most of the land is culivated. You cant really see much of that in the pictures. The 2 very dark green areas are bean fields.

T, bummer about the stings. We have wasps here too, and I get goose bumps when one flies in my face. I havent been stung but am keeping my fingers crossed. That was one thing that I had to battle in my garden shed is wasps. They would like it to be their home. If I see one, I have a can of that wasp spray handy.
bug, the sunrise picture is stunning.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Well, the t-storms have finally passed! We got a ton of rain and luckily DH was not involved in the 30 car and tractor trailer pile-up on the freeway! He missed it by only a minute or so. He chuckled tonite over trying to explain that one to our insurance co.

I posted the landscaping project as a separate thread. Hope you get to take a look and comment. Ive got perennials in the pot ghetto and in the garden to divided and/or moved, iris and others to relocate. Im feeling so badly that we cant make IU3.5 and get to see you guys again. Boo-hoo. But perhaps when you return, youll have a fresh perspective and can help me with ideas.

V, Ive heard those dreaded warnings for places north, too. Tho were supposed to have a gorgeous weekend, I know were on borrowed time.

Saucy, I wasnt always brave enough to speak up. But I knew if I didnt, there was no way we could afford that tree now or in the spring. And all the other nurseries were out of stock. Anticipating a problem getting the sale price based on a pre-visit phone call, I had worked it out in my head what I was going to say before I got to the nursery. Theres a law in our state that awards consumers considerably for deceptive retail practices. It was my next step if they didnt give me the discount.

But your story reminded me of an embarrassing mishap when I was young. I had checked out my groceries, wrote a check for my purchase and exited the store. The asst. mgr chased me out of the store, loudly calling my name. He then took my grocery cart from me, proclaiming to all within hearing distance that my check was no good. I was mortified! After following him back into the store, he had the clerk double check my ID. It turns out that someone with my identical name and one digit different drivers licence number, was passing bad checks. I got a lame apology from the mgr. That holiday season, I had the darndest time with purchases b/c my name was on everyones list. The grocery chain did not even acknowledge my complaint! It was maddening and a real pain.

Marie, your tale about Charlotte reminded me of our dog. He wasnt allowed on furniture either. But wed hear "ker-plop" as soon as wed open the door when wed return home and knew he was sneaking a snooze on the furniture when we were away.

Deanne, OK by me for another IU in Michigan. But there are so many other places to go and see. Wouldnt a visit to Buschart gardens in Victoria be fabu? We could stop by Dan Hinkleys place and visit. At his last lecture here, he invited us. We are an anomonily, you know. Hope you get a chance to see the pix I posted. Also, I'll post a list of what I have that can be used out there, and I'll try to draw it up. Any thots you have would be more than welcome!

Oh, T got stung?!! How awful! Please, please, please, when working outside, prespray with Yard Guard. It has saved my life several times.

Michelle, how frightening that your DH has sleep apnea. I hope hes comfortable w/the machine and it helps him. Please chime in any thots about the front landscape. Altho there are a lot of plants there, it still looks barren.

Wishing I could join you all in Canada this weekend. Have a great time! Hugs and hello to all.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Here's a slightly pensive post from me this evening. I spoke with an aquaintance today whose daughter was a HS classmate of my DD's. Her DD was arrested late in the summer on felony theft charges and she had just spent the day in court. It seems on the girl's last day at her summer job, she decided to let some of her friends purchase expensive electronic items for mere fractions of the actual prices. Of course, they all got caught and now the parents are trying very hard not to let a really bad mistake ruin the rest of her life. Her last comment to me was that they thought she was going to come out of it okay but it was going to cost them a lot of money.

A little later my DD called and asked if she could get new mutes for her trumpet. I started to ask how much, but then I decided that mutes cost much, much less than good criminal attorneys and told her to go ahead and get them.

Sometimes you just want to hug them, hold them tight and say thank you!


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Quick drive by .. will catch up this weekend. Leaves are turning and the roses are gorgeous this fall! Do need to give two big thumbs up to Marie's DD, SIL and GS. Happy families are a joy!!!

See you later.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Honey, I can't ever imagine a time when you were not brave enough to speak We'll miss you this weekend. The weekend has already begun for Deanne-she drove to Rochester with Doug last night. My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 8:30. Hopefully by 11 I'll be sipping coffee in a cafe somewhere along the Erie canal with Mary and Deanne.

Not much else is happening around here. When I get back from Canada next week I've got to start getting ready for the CT plant swap on the 24th. With the sun setting around 7 PM now it's almost impossible to do any garden work during the week and with the possibility of Steve Silk coming over to take some pictures I'd like to preserve as much as I can for as long as possible.

Alrighty then, work calls.


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Hi y'all! I hope the traveling idylls have fun at Mary's and the other places you visit. Sorry I haven't been here but it's been way busy for me. I only have time for a quick lurk/skim anymore: (

Work is crazy since it's the beginning of the year-they promise me things mellow out eventually. The best part of my job is the kids. Many of them are very sweet and so appreciative of my care. The paperwork stinks but hey this IS supposed to be work, eh?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I guess I'd better 'check in' before y'all think I have totally fizzled out! :-)
I am kind of in one of those moods again. It seems to be going around. Must be the changing season.

Mary, I like your title, but I am hoping for roses in October, and maybe even in Nov.
Hmmmm, I wonder if I dare let Nolon do his yearly chimney sweeping? I don't think so! He always cuts a small juniper, ties a rope to it, drops it down the chimney and drags it up and down. Works pretty good. Our livingroom carpet is so old, I am afriad a cleaning would finish it off. It is probably being held together with the dirt! LOL.
I am enjoying the humor about the cleaning, and 'snooping'.
One of the ladies that hosted the EHC had put stuff under a spare bed. Some of it was visible when we took our wraps in there. She commented on it, but I don't think she was embarrassed.

Honey......oooo, so sorry about your DD's gall stones! Why in the world would they wait so long to give relief? I hope they can do the non-invasive destruction of the stones. Way to go with the tree pricing. So sad that such practices seen to be becoming the norm. I don't know if I would have pursued the matter like you did. LOL, on thinking of us ( including me) in connection with grasses. I have never planted any type of ornamental grass. There are too many wild varieties growing all around us.
Were there any fatalities in that traffic pile-up? How awful. So glad your DH was not involved.
What an embarrassing experience for you with the name mix-up. My Sis has had problems with a 'same name' person in her area, and with unpaid debts on that person's behalf.

V, nice quote...I like it. I sure hope the frost warning holds off another month for us, but since it has been such a weird year...who knows...
Yummy sounding food at the shower. What a neat idea.
So...your DD is getting into orchids! You did answer "Yes" didn't you?
That's funny about your mom's stash under the chair. My couches have skirts, but I never hide anything under them.
That is sad about your DD's classmate, and her friends. AS an ad on TV says, "What WERE they thinking? " When Tim was in grade school a 'friend' talked him into snitching a minor object from a local store. We took him and the object back to the store, and had him make an appology. The owner was very nice, but 'put on a show' of harshness to put a scare into him. I don't believe he ever did anything like that again.

Marie, I am enjoying your wedding shots. Keep them coming.
What a beautiful rose! And the sunrise pic is gorgeous.
If any one comes to my house they will have to put up with dark cat hairs on the furniture...and elsewhere! So far I have found none on the table, counters, or stove...:-)

Wendy, Wow! I wish I could get that close a view of our place on the GIS maps. But maybe that is a little too close?
I don't envy all of you with children in school, although since I only had the one child, it really wasn't that much of a chore. Besides, things were much simpler then.

Saucy, Thanks for your kind words. ( and to all others who 'backed me up' ) :-) I am afraid I am a lot like my dear mother was. She was always thinking she had said the wrong thing.
LOL on your dog and the trombone playing. Our son never took any type of musical instrument. I believe he self taught himself on the guitar, but was never very great at it. ( His dad was a very good guitarist.)( The only thing I can play is the radio and
My word, what an embarrassing experience at that store! I would have been seething and crying in anger.
I have never eaten a seafood taco...but it sounds good. I like seafood.

LOL Babs! So glad you are lurking enough to respond to "grass" posts! LOL
I hope things at work will lighten up soon.

Deanne, What a bummer about your eye glasses! At least you now have a back-up!
Is the skunky odor all gone ? Do you put all of your orchids outside? I have lost some of my moth orchids this year, and others do not look too good. I may follow your example and repot them. I don't like the potting stuff that I bought.... too many rocks in it.
I already have starts of some of the coleus. I even have a piece of Kong Mosaic that has rooted! I really didn't expect it to root.

Michelle, Sorry about your DH having the sleep apnea. You may remember that our son has that. He doesn't use the machine at our house, but I know he has one.
Yep, 27 years is pretty long for a dryer. I AM 73, and I don't know how old my dryer is. :-) We bought it second hand several years ago. It's a Maytag.
Hmmmmm, I didn't know homeowner's ins would pay for stolen/lost glasses. Ours has a $500 deduction, so that would't help us.
Most of the grocery stores that I shop at would do as your's did.
My dad had beans on his farm. They were contract, grown for dry beans. I loved to go out and eat them off the vine!

T, I hate that you got all those stings! It has been a looong time since I was stung ( now I have probably jinxed myself! ).
The past two night's lows have been right at 50F. We are closing up the house at night to retain the heat. I guess I start bringing in the more tender plants.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I've been really swamped too so only can lurk or do a quick drive-by --

Michelle - good luck w/ all the family dinners, events, etc. -- I imagine you're hard at work now. Im glad your DH is optimistic about the device helping him sleep -- insomnia is not good for anyone, yuck.

V- it is nice when we have the opportunity to realize how special our kids have turned out or however they managed to escape "worse" bad choices isnt it? You should feel very lucky indeed!

Sounds like things are picking up already for the IU travelers -- I hope you all have good weather & fair flights, etc. Im sure you will have a blast no matter what the weather though.

Everyone w/ all the kid antics going on make me glad mine is all "growed up" now -- it makes me tired just hearing about all your rushing abouts for children activities!!

Like you, Marian, I think Im in a "mood" or funk - it must surely have to do with the changing Season. I like the cooler weather but it's affecting my mood for sure.

T- hoping you feel better from those nasty stings.

I know I've missed a bunch of others -- kind of feeling like this is a "zoom zoom" drive by post !


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Sue, Ill miss seeing you guys, too! Id also really like to see the Erie Canal again, too. Say "HI" to everyone for me.

V, you are so right about huggin them! I know you feel as badly as I do for that kids parents. They must be crushed. Unfortunately, some kids have to learn lifes lessons the hard way. Hopefully, the parents will make her pay them back for the cash outlay on a long-term payment plan. Those kinds of consequences seem have the most affect on teens.

Saucy, I read your story to DH about the dog howling to your DSs trombone and we both had a good laugh over it. We can just picture it. How awful about what happened to you at Ralphs. That was unconscionable for them to treat you like that.

Deanne, I forgot to comment about your glasses. Murphys law, isnt it! But as Marian said, at least now you have a back-up pair. I keep my old ones for that reason.

Marian, about the multi-car pile up DH narrowly escaped, luckily there were only minor injuries due to a woman semi-drivers quick thinking. She diverted her rig off the road and down an embankment b/c she couldnt stop in time to avoid a spin-out in front of her. Otherwise, there would have been many serious injuries and/or fatalities. The news today said there were over 40 cars and 2 semis involved.

Its my plan too, to take cuttings of my coleus and try to over winter them. DH has a workbench in the basement that he hardly ever uses with a florescent light above. I was thinking that might be a good place to winter over the cuttings. But how?

So, OK you guys. Do I need a special bulb in the florescent light fixture? How long do I leave the lights on daily? Do I root the coleus and then plant or leave in water until spring and then pot up? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Babs. Stop in when you can.

Hi, Cindy. Glad you stopped in. I agree about the funk. I think its the gray days and cooler weather weve been having. But its supposed to be really nice up to 80s this weekend. Yeah!

Off with me to get some errands done! Later, taters.

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Its sunny and 84 here today. Of course the weekend is predicted to be cool and rainy.

To those heading to Canada, have fun!

V, its tough when teens make poor choices especially when they are not normally in trouble. Hopefully, she can understand the seriousness and learn a valuable lesson.

Sue, right now the sunset time here is 7:41 p.m. You will have to set up a big light to work by. We actually did that 2 years ago in the fall when we built the raised rock bed on 2 sides of the house. Rick has these large halogen work lights that worked quite well. I kept commenting that the neighbors probably thought we were nuts.

Marian, the insurance will only pay for stolen glasses. I believe our deductible is $100 and with the expense of glasses these days, it helped. I think we did have to file a police report.

Honey, Deanne is definitely the "Cuttings Queen" but what I did was use a regular fluorescent light. I think I left the light on all the time because I never got a timer set up, but I believe 12 and 12 should work. I didnt have much luck getting those I rooted in water to take. I dipped mine in rooting hormone and pot right away. I then kept the soil slightly moist until I saw new growth starting. Then I watered less.


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Honey, it's been a couple of years since I grew under lights, but I had the same scenario. You have to put the flourescents on chains though to bring them within 6 inches of the foliage. You know what....better wait for someone who has done coleus....I'm speaking of my experience with growing from seed.

I can tell you that growing under lights gets me through winter quite nicely because it tricks your body the way it tricks the plants - you think it's sunny even when there's 10 feet of snow and no sun in sight :) No SAD.

Had a good day. Got a three mile walk in before it started to rain. My foot is bugging me, so I'm trying to work back up to the five. The white pine "forest" (grove?, stand? what do you call it?) is beautiful with a thick layer of needles on the floor and a carpet of ferns floating just above that. Magical.

Saw gluten free pasta at the store today and it made me think of Mary's family. Have you tried it? It looked similar to the asian cellophane noodles. I ended up with a whole wheat pasta and I'm making a made up recipe of shrimp, garlic, artichoke heart, and lemon zest to go over the pasta. I know I've seen recipes around like this, but I'm going with what's in my head because it will be simple :)

I'm trying to be really good and eat and exercise. My waistband felt better today :)

Does anyone think it's wise to let Nick show me how to use the free weights at the gym? I forsee a battle brewing :) I always get mad because I feel like he turns it into a competition....and we all know men have an easier time losing weight and bulking up. I'll have a little talk with him tonight before I say yes to the lesson.

Okay, Sue has gotten some notion of a song about the Erie Canal stuck in my head...anyone have the lyrics?

V., that's tough for your friends. Peer pressure can be an awful thing and the law just isn't as forgiving toward teen mistakes as it used to be. I know I got in my share of trouble, but I think I learned my lesson. Your daughter seems to have her head on straight, though :)

Honey, hope your daughter's feeling better. You are the designer, not I! I would never give advice on what to plant, you're doing too good of a job yourself! Tell your husband that the dog will just howl with me if I howl like a dog myself.....or when the fire station siren goes off....he howls for a good 2-3 minutes! He's a big old baby :)

Time to go whip up my 20 minute least that's what I'm planning!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Here you go, Saucy...

The Erie Canal

Melody -

I've got a mule, and her name is Sal.
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
She's a good old worker and a good old pal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
We've hauled some barges in our day,
Filled with lumber, coal and hay,
And we know ev'ry inch of the way
From Albany to Buffalo.

Low bridge! Ev'rybody down!
Low bridge, 'cause we're coming to a town;
And you'll always know your neighbor,
You'll always know your pal,
If you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal.
We'd better get along on our way old gal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
Cause you bet your life, I'd never part with Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
Just one more trip and back we'll go,
Through the ice and sleet and snow,
For ev'ry inch of the way we know
From Albany to Buffalo.

Get up there Sal, and we'll pass the lock,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
'Cause we gotta make Rome by six o'clock,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
I've got a gal, she's Big Foot Sal
Best in a galley, I've heard tell.
So drop a tear for Big Foot Sal,
The best damn cook on the Erie Canal.

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Hi everyone

We just had a great kick-off to the Canada weekend - Deanne and Doug joined us for a most fun dinner with DH and a colleague of his from Japan. The food seemed to be a hit (sesame pork tenderloin, Szechwhan eggplant, brown rice, watermelon and feta salad, followed by a Plum Claflouti for dessert. We managed to finish all the good wine but fortunately I had my emergency "box-o-wine" to fall back on. The evening was capped with Deanne treating us to a couple of songs with her guitar. All in all a grand time was had by all.

I'm heading to bed now and looking forward to meeting Sue at the airport tomorrow morning. I'll try adn get some pictures of us by the Erie canal! We are all going to a reception at the George Eastman House tomorrow night with DH, then driving North Saturday morning. The fun continues.

Sleep well, everyone - I think I will


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Enjoy yourselves Mary!! Safe trip Sue!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Only a very quick post tonight as I'm toast. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and it is almost midnight now so I've got to get some shut eye so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed when Mary picks me up in the Am to go and meet Sue at the airport.

What a fabu-fabu meal!!!! Mary's dinner was out of this world and into the next! The watermelon salad had to be the most unusual and delicious combination of flavors I've ever tried. There was also pine nuts and fresh basil. Wonderful! And the sesame pork! I'm as full as can be and am salivating remembering it. And the dessert!!!! OMG! Fresh plums with fresh whipped cream. (Isn't whipped cream a basic food group?) I can feel the pounds leaping onto my rear end at the moment but that dinner was worth every hour on the stairs it will take to work off!!! LOL

Mary was kind and didnt' tell on me that I forgot the lyrics to the first song! Well in my defense I hadn't played since the first IU two years ago. I really need to get back to my music.

The fun continues!

OH yes, quickly, HOney, I leave my lights on 14 hrs a day and have used regular bulbs in the fixtures but over time I've replaced them with high output bulbs. The plants do better but I'm an OCD light gardener in the winter. I also just start my cuttings in water. I do strip all but the last four leaves off the cuttings and do a clean, sharp, diagonal slice on the end of the stem and then wash the stems off with an anti bacterial soap like Dawn dish soap. It seems to keep the stems from rotting. I know planting in vermiculite or right into potting soil works well also. I think you'll find as many way of propagating as there are people who do it. LOL

Must get some sleep now. Nitey nite all,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


In a few minutes I'm off to the airport. Sounds like I missed a good time last night but I'm sure there will be plenty more.



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Good morning, and happy traveling to all on the road :-)

I am home today with a killer cold/cough/headache that seems to come every mid-September. No fun, and this will be short since my eyelashes hurt looking at the'puter. You all know what I mean, I think.

Haven't gotten into the gardens all week given the early sunsets and damp, cold, nasty weather. This weekend warmup is predicted and have pots and shovel ready, provided I can lean over by that point without feeling like my sinuses are going to fall out of my head. LOL

Don't mean to whine at all. There's much, much, much worse things that could be happening but bad colds are miserable.

Everyone one sounds busy and happy with their lives. Such diverse activity and such great kids to keep us entertained! (Lest we forget the animals, my sister has a howling coon dog that gets going when her Neighbor's kids start to practice trumpet. She's bribed the kid to practice when her car Isn't in the driveway :-)

Back later when I can see ...


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good Morning!

What a riot about the dogs howling along with the instruments. DD is bringing her bells home this weekend, but the music teacher has not given them a real lesson on how to play, just how to assemble them, so I don't think I'll get a chance to howl along just yet. Actually I am pleased that she has chosen band - I played the clarinet in school. The most fun was the marching band in high school. We were nothing fancy, none of that high-stepping precision stuff, but we had a lot of heart. Our best half-time move was "Into an R" - we'd be in our lines, playing along, and on cue we would mill around and end up in the approximate shape of the letter "R".

Deanne, Sue, Mary and Marie - I know you will have a wonderful time and a safe trip. I'll be thinking of you all! Deanne, you could sing the Erie Canal song, Marian helpfully posted the lyrics for you, LOL. Actually, I remember some of that song, we must have learned it in school.

Deanne, Sunday Oct 1 works for me - how about you Saucy?

V, that is terrible about your friend's daughter. I hope she does learn from her mistake, and Honey is right the parents should ask her to pay them back somehow, not just take care of it.

On a brighter note (sorry) I used a regular fluorescent light in the basement last year, but after seeing how much better Deanne's plants looked I may upgrade this year. Deanne told me the key is keeping the light close to the foliage - remember the pics of her light garden last winter - some of the leaves were almost touching the lights.

Martie, hope you feel better soon! Honey, hopefully your DD will stay comfortable until she can have those stones taken care of.

Where's Eden, and Ei?? Thinking of Taryn and her new house too.

Have a great weekend all!


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Morning Idylls!

The party last night was successful. DD did very well. We had some delicious food. She made a pizza with marinated vegetables and provolone cheese. The veggies were artichoke hearts, yellow squash, tomatoes and black olives. I made several PC recipes also. Guacamole with chips and a Chocolate macaroon pizza. At least now my house is finally clean. Always a good aspect of having company.

Tonight is supposed to be a gathering of the families of Ricks son and his bride to be. So we can all get acquainted. Its going to be picnic style with a bonfire to follow. It will be held at her parents farm.

We are under a wind advisory today. It was very windy yesterday and got up to 85. When I got home my large urn that is in front the garden shed was tipped over. I could hardly get it back up. Needless to say the coleus on that side was mutilated. There were several other pots tipped also. Things are looking a little bedraggled. Hot and windy is a bad combination.

Im feeling a little envious of the mini idyllunion, but hope you all have a fabulous time. We are supposed to have a nasty weekend weather-wise, I hope it doesnt reach Maries.

Martie feel better quickly. Im just getting over a cold. Zicam oral spray seems to lessen the intensity of my colds. I just bought a new bottle to be ready as it is supposed to work best at the very first sign of a cold.

Saucy, your pasta recipe sounds good. I have all the ingredients maybe this weekend.

Work calls


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Have a great time Marie, Deanne, Sue, Marie, Taryn and Woody. I, too am envious of the fun you're going to have! Lots of pix, please.

Thanks, Saucy, Deanne and Michelle on the grow light info. Set-up sounds likea rainy day project.

Yeah, Saucy is back! I just had to say that. Reading your post, Saucy, made me realize once more how much I've missed you here. Even if I don't comment on everything you or others say, I really enjoy visiting and hearing about your lives.

Marty, I second the Zicam. It really helps lessen the symptoms and length of a cold. Afghans, pillows and lying on the couch pampering yourself are good strategies, too.

I don't have much to post here. I did update the relandscaping thread with some before photos. We bot the 'Limeglow' Junipers last nite, so I'm hoping to get them in the ground soon. I also have to buy the paver sealer and rollers to apply it so we can do that this weekend.

Thinking of all. Hope these make you smile. TTYL.

1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.
2) When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.
3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person.
4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.
5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food.
6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.
7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.
8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

  1. The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap.

1) Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree.
2) Wrinkles don't hurt.
3) Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
4) Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.
5) Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.
6) Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy.

1) Growing up is mandatory; growing old is optional.
2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there.
4) You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.
5) It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
6) Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.
7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

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Well this Idyll is moving as slow as molasses compared to the last one. LOL

I know several are traveling and others are busy or in the doldrums. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

I have been staying busy with painting and getting a plant or two in. I'm done painting for now and need to concentrate on getting the rest of the plants in. It was rather warm here today. Posible storms for tommorow evening, and then some cooler weather again.

I am surprised at how much color I have right now. Mostly due to the reseeding annuals and the containers. The big grasses are starting to bloom. The dogwoods are turning. I have my first reblooming iris in bloom and the knockouts are putting out good bloom. Also all the butterfly bushes and caryopteris. My new Chocolate Eupatorium is starting to bloom and the big aster is in bloom. And surprise to me my daylily Indian Giver has shot up a rebloom stalk. Yippee!
When I get busy with other things and don't walk the garden for a few days I'm always surprised by something when I do.

Anyhow, Hi to everyone and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Just a drive by....I did so many things over the last 48 hours, but only two stand out: I was really excited to see Taryn's new place, and .....

Jake broke another arm at flag football....the other how do you learn to write with your left hand?

I'm waiting for a call....sounds like it's surgical again. I'm getting his room and bed prepared. You know, fresh sheets and extra pillows. The legos all over the floor were really fun, but Sarah volunteered for that job.

If he knew how much she loved him :) It's nice to see under the circumstances.

Want to "hear" more from up north....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Recognize any of these people?

I cannot log on through my computer (this is DH's computer)even with a new registration and name. I have added copyrights to the pictures because of ths lousy privacy policy....

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Good Morning
Woo-hoo! Woody's posting again!! We're here at Marie's and I thought I'd peep in to tell you what a great time we had visiting Woody. A perfect time was had. We had a lovely time exploring the gardens, seeing the benches, obelisque's and arbors we remembered from past photos. What fun to see everything in person. Then lunch.......... Woody and her DH are the most amazing cooks. From the home-smoked salmon appetizer to the most luscious chocolate truffle cake you can imagine for dessert we were in culinary heaven. There was a quiche with a delicious potato crust and home made tomato chutney on the side. There was salad, gourmet cheeses and the very best company to enjoy it all with. Woody's DH is a dear, keeping our glasses filled and roasting coffee beans for our after lunch caffeine fix. He had boxes of bars of chocolate for us to take home - what a dream! Little Misty (their dog) bonded quickly with all the visitors and it was a delight to meet Woody's friend Barb. A true Idyll get-together - great gardens, food and conversation.

Thank you Woody - please keep checking in with us if you can! The weekend continues but I'll let Sue or Deanne fill you in with the next installment.


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Woody it is a delight to have you back!!! I do hope that you'll be able to, and wish to, come back to Idyll with us!!

How fun to see everyone! It looks and sounds like a wonderful time is being had by all. :) CHOCOLATE BARS??? Oh (big sighhhhhhhh).

DH has gone off to a football game with one of our son-in-laws so I have the day to myself. I think I'll give the boys (dogs) some attention (haircuts and baths) and after that is done I'll probably do some practicing at my quilting machine or do some sewing. Decisions, decisions. I also could go outside and work on the new backyard beds. So many little energy. :o\

Saucy, so sorry to read that your Jake broke his arm. I hope he isn't in pain..or that the pain isn't severe.

I loved seeing Honey's before and after pics, to see Taryn's possessions in her new home (and to hear that everyone is pleased with the new house, new neighborhood and school).......just enjoying reading what everyone is up to and doing.

Well, won't get a thing done if I don't get my fat bum out of this chair......

Hope the day is a good one......Hello to all.


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Just a quick note. We have had a busy weekend. The gathering Fri. night to meet the new in-laws went very well. The whole family seems very nice. Yesterday we went to a county fair. Not ours but a near by one. It is a very large fair rivaling many state fairs. I managed to find some tulip bulbs, a braclet, earrings and a couple of baskets. It just happens that Kenzie's house is on the way home so we made a stop there. Children are such a delight at that age. Everything they say is cute. Especially when she says "I wuv you gamma"

Sorry to hear about Jake's broken arm Saucy.

It sounds like the Idylls had a fabulous time at Woody's. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I need to be off to our next family gathering.


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Michelle, Oh I can't wait until Bella's able to say those words. How sweet! No recent Kenzie pics by chance? I'd love to see some. Can't believe she's getting so close to 2!

Woody, how great to have a post from you. Hope you continue to show up here once in a while now. I've missed your posts. You all seem to be having fun, though I miss seeing Taryn's smiling face there with you all.

Saucy, hope Jake's doing ok today. Megan broke one arm in 5th grade and the other in 6th. No fun for the child or parents to deal with! I just have to say again how glad I am that you're back too!

I've spent the day taking cuttings and dragging in pots. Still have a ways to go but I'm getting there. We're having a beautiful day today after almost a week of rain and clouds. It's nice to see the sunshine. Back to work, lots to do!


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Well, Eden, you really made me feel better with the comment about Megan - I was really worried that something was wrong with his bones. The doctor seems to think that it is something wrong with the way Jake falls :) We get to see the specialist tomorrow. We just have a splint now, and it wasn't surgical, yeah! He joined his team (flag football....I thought he wouldn't get hurt playing "flag" football :) today for their 3rd game and wants to still come to games to help out on the sidelines. They always need someone to hold those silly poles up....don't ask me what they're called.

I broke down crying when one of the mother's walked up to me and asked about the accident. I'm so tired and out of whack right now.

Sarah is needy with all the attention that Jake's getting and Nick and I are exhausted. We went out for lunch today to try to be waited on as a family and it was nice. We got a new restaurant in town that is short on ambience, but long on taste :) The highlight was the scicilian calamari....fried calamari smothered in peppers.

I'll check back in tomorrow. Everyone looks happy in the photos....I certainly wish I were there, LOL! If nothing else, the Idylls seem to eat good, Mary. How funny that we all like to garden and seem to have a nice they go hand in hand?

Gotta go help tape the garbage bag on the splint....HE STINKS! LOL....


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((Saucy))here's a hug for all the stress you've been through. Poor Jake! What a relief that he doesn't need surgery though....hmm will he use the broken arm as an excuse to not write out his homework?lol. How long will he wear a cast?

Hi 'Idyll's road show'-fun to see those smiling faces and WOODY too! Say where IS Taryn in that pic, I thought she'd be there since she's so close. I skim so fast these days I probably missed the details.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to start tearing apart the outdoor pots-the temps are going to dip this week so I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. I really don't want to since they look pretty decent.

We had a fun day taking Chris shopping for his bday(he wanted running clothes)and then we had 'dunch'(that means dinner for lunch). I grilled steaks/portabellos,and steamed green beans,and had crusty garlic sourdough bread....Boston cream pie for dessert with eight inch candles: ) I didn't create a cake this time--I'm a busy working person now lolol.

Never enough time-gotta go get Ryan ready for bed.

Hi everybody else!


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Hey , its good to see posts from everyone.

Saucy,Sorry to hear Jake broke his arm. Hang in there.

Woody, great to hear from you, and see you and your happy guests. The Idylls are really getting around up there.

Eden, sounds like you are getting lots done. Bella will be talking before you know it. Grandkids sure are fun. DS came over today with Wyatt and Jake. It was raining and the boys and I pretended the new shed was a playhouse. They came up with all sorts of ideas for it. LOL

So T , did the boys get their haircuts?

I was a little bummed this morning for no reason, so I took the dogs for a long walk. It was good to get out in the fields and woods. Saw lots of wildflowers including what I think was a blue lobelia by the creek. I need to look that up.

I'm wiped out tonite and The Amazing race is starting so think I'll go watch.
Later. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Saucy, I'm so sorry to hear about Jake's arm. I can understand how stressful that is for the entire family, including Sarah. I'm sending serene thoughts your way!

So happy to see a post from Woody and all the smiling faces!

I stayed quite busy this weekend so I didn't have any time to sulk about not going to Canada. Friday night I had a reception to attend, and Saturday we had our "prairie dinner" for DH's mom and her friends. Those of you who did the prairie walk this summer know where our campsite area is at (think wine and cheese!) We hauled a table and chairs, plates, candles, etc. and cooked a dinner over an open fire for them. It was a lovely night and we didn't burn too much over the fire. Then we even hit another party after the older generation went home.

Today we volunteered at a benefit bike ride on yet another gorgeous day. The highlight of the weekend came about midafternoon. The son of a friend of mine, who is almost three, was getting ready to melt down when he realized that his granola bar was missing. I knew where the extra granola bars had been put so I grabbed one for him and one for his sister and delivered them with a big smile. My friend came back in to tell me that as they walked to the car, her son said, "Mommy, I like your friend!" Okay, he's got me for life!

Time to empty one more load of dishes and then hit the bed. I hope all the travelers have easy trips home!


ps - Norma, maybe this idyll is going so slow because we're trying to stretch out the last rose of summer?

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

(((Saucy))). Sorry to hear about Jake's arm. Glad there's no surgery involved. Maybe you need to get voice activated software, for him. I love it for 'writing' my stories and books. It's also great for research.

Woody how wonderful to see you here again. I hope you trade computers with your DH, for good so you can visit often.

It is so neat to see the Idylls together again, in another town, visiting another Idyller. What a wonderfully cosmopolitan group you are, traveling here there and everywhere for your Idyllunions.

What was life like before Idylling and Idyllunions? Gray like Vancouver in the winter I'd think. Now it's multicolored like the gorgeous flowers and Bday cards seen here. Don't you all think our gardens are better and more diverse at least, from Idyllers' sharing plants and pics here. and that our lives are richer from hearing of other peoples' lives. I do.

I've been very busy helping my family who seem to have too mamy struggles. My sister Bietta again attempted suicide and again was thwarted by my other sister, Connie, who she lives with. Connie and her DH have 2 young teen girls at home as well, and I don't want Bietta to be there any more. Talk about a family feud. No one agrees with me that she should be institutionalized. Sigh, that's my family to a tee.

I'm still visiting my MIL twice a week. She has finally been diagnosed as Schizophrenic. For years I've thought that she was, but now the Dr confirmed my suspicion. The good news is that she is finally safe from the street life where she barely lived before. The bad news is this might be hereditary in Richea's side of the family's case, as Mike our nephew was also recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. He had a psychotic break and voluntarily went to the hospital. Nothing he did made sense for quite a while, and we were worried. Hopefully he's helped by the drugs. Many are, but it seems that many aren't.

Hi to everyone else. I'm off to sleepy land, as it's past the witching hour. Take care everyone.


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Quick run by but healing thoughts are being sent to those who need them .....

Cold is better. Plants look amazing after rain and some 80degF sunny weather. Need to skip next week's plant swap for meeting for Ky's trip. Hrum0ph!!!

Will catch up later. Off into the fog!!!!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

More blessed rain at our place all day yesterday and still continuing. Nolon and I have rigged up a 'shelf' across the southeast end of the utility room to put more plants on. It should be much more accessable than my previous arrangement. Also I think I will be able to get lots more in. I may bring some in this afternoon if the weather allows. It is predicted to get down into the 40s tonight.

I have a follow-up appointment with the Arthritis Doctor this afternoon.

I am sending my thoughts and prayers for all the sick and injured. Saucy, what a drag about your son's arm! So far not one of us has had a broken bone,( except Nolon has had a couple of broken fingers ).

How great to see Woody...both in the pics, and posting! That is weird that she can't post from her connection.

Also, it is so great seeing Jain post on Taryn's thread.

Yeona, I'm so happy to see you! So sorry about the family disfunctions. What a worry! The dear friend who was injured by the falling Front end loader bucket has the constant concern that he may inherit manic-depression. It is running through his father's side of the family.

I am still fighting the itching on my feet and ankles. It has gone on for over 2 and 1/2 weeks now. My poor left foot looks like it has the measles! I took pics but they do not show too well....

LOL...the things we share here!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So how do I follow Marian's feet? Although I do think that Marian's feet, red spots and all, look better than my feet. My dad blamed his bad feet on poor-fitting army boots, but I never had to wear those and I have bed feet, so I blame my dad.

Fall is beginning to approach more rapidly. The bean fields are almost all yellow now, and this morning I saw a combine taking aim at a corn field. This was a seed corn plot, and I think they harvest earlier than feed corn. Michelle might be able to set me straight if that is a wrong assumption.

My DE (difficult employee) started the morning out by taking off my head over a very minor issue. I let her know that I would appreciate a little less confrontation. We'll see where this goes.

Yeona, I am thinking of you and your family problems. What you are facing is very hard, and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Babs, we're supposed to get cold temps on Tuesday night. I may settle for hauling the most tender things into the garage for the night, as it looks like it is only one bad night and I'm sure not ready to bring it all in. And I have two busy nights tonight and tomorrow.

Back to the salt mine with me. Hi to the rest of the crew!


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We have been having such terrible winds here. Some of my containers have blown over and others are terribly tattered. I would like to start dismantling the ones that I want to save. Its supposed to be cold all week. Highs only in the 50s. They are talking about low temps of 35 for tonight and tomorrow night. That is a little close to freezing for me. This morning I put the one tall urn that tipped over twice in the garden shed.

Saucy, I had 3 broken collarbones and a broken arm all before the age of 7. Fortunately I havent had one since. Hopefully, your son will "outgrow" it too.

Eden, I was there on Sat. but didnt have my camera. I have been giving them green beans, peppers and tomatoes from my garden and Kenzie just loves them. She calls tomatoes "apples"

Yeona, so sorry to hear about all the family problems. It sounds extremely stressful for all involved. I loved your description of the Idylls.

V, the bean fields here are all yellow too and I have seen some combining of beans. They dont do a lot of seed corn right in our area. Although, I detasseled seed corn fields as a teen, but we did ride a bus at least an hour to get there.

Babs, wish Chris a belated birthday.

Im sure Im missing some things I wanted to comment on. Hi to all.

Tonight we are supposed to go to a freshman and a JV football game for Ricks grandsons. Its probably 50 degrees, cloudy and windy. Sound like fun? The dentist is right before that so its shaping up to be a delightful day. LOL


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is pouring cats and dogs now, but what a treat to have a sunny 75F weekend with our guests!
Gardeners, as you know, are a varied bunch with many talents. Here there was live music, hiking, laughter, plant Latin, photography, pet antics....and FOOD.

After our beautiful spread and animated conversation at Woody's, we enjoyed lots of musical activity back at the farm before we were able to even think of food once more. But, come 9:30pm, dinner seemed a fine idea. ;-)
The first evening we enjoyed Paella

Chocolate Vienna Torte too.

We all agreed that whipped cream is a basic food group. Chocolate is serious stuff too.

The second day involved cheeses and breads and coffee....Roasted fresh peppers and tomatoes and basil...fresh raspberries from the garden too...grilled ginger-sesame flank steaks...many bottles of red and white... A lovely time had by all.

I'll let the others give their input once they are settled back home. I think at this time Sue is about to board her flight from Rochester.

Each time we meet the bond gets closer and closer. Wonderful!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Thanks Marian, Martie, V, and Michelle for the good healing thoughts and prayers.

Martie glad your plants look amazing. My plants don't look that great right now. I know it's because I don't have enough long bloomers and fall bloomers. I'm trying to change that, but my plant collecting ways lead me astray. :((

Marian I accidently switched the letters around in your name to Marina, but didn't know if you'd officially changed it, lol, so I corrected it.

About your bites I found an interesting article that offers some advice and herbal recipes to help alleviate the itch and reduce the biting of bugs. I've linked it below. I can't remember why you have the itchy spots, but I hope you find relief soon. The article talks about bugs and poison plants so hopefully something will works quickly.

Sorry about your friend's troubles. We had originally thought Richea's eldest sister, Dawn, was the only case of schizophrenia in the family. She's only his half sister actually, firstborn to MIL before she was married. The father was never in the picture. Anyway we thought that the schizophrenia may have come from Dawn's father's side of the family. MIL's case of schizophrenia was diagnosed only recently, due to the years of successfully eluding family and doctors. Richea's sister, Mike our nephew's mother, was Bipolar, as they call manic depression nowadays, like your friend, so there's no connection there, as far as we knew. I have read recently that Bipolar and schizophrenia can happen all together in the same person! I've always wondered about Dawn being both. Very sad situation. Many believe Irish people as my MIL is, a more prone to schizophrenia than others are. My children are such a mixture of cultures that I hope any tendencies toward such things is diluted to the point of non existence. So far so good.

V, sorry about your difficult feet. Does soaking them help with the pain, and or discomfort? I read once that foot exercises make a difference for even the flattest most buniony of feet. I'm linking two sites. Ever wanted to tango. :) Here's a site to strengthen the feet for that. Tango Exercises for Strong Feet. The other link adds even more exercises. Stretching exercises for the feet.

I hope your confrontational DE listens to you. Too bad that he or she is like that. It always makes me wonder why a person blows something small bigger: I wonder what the REAL problem is. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful. Being in the garden always helps me regroug.

Michelle sorry about the high winds. I hope they go down soon. We get windy days here, but not many real bad wind storms. All in all it is fairly mild here in Vancouver weather wise. Our summers are not totally blisteringly hot, though we get hot days, which only I love. My plants live in buckets of water then. We don't get piles of snow up to our necks, though we do get some snow some years. The only thing that we get is lots of rain, but it means we have lots of green. I love rain so that doesn't bother me, but anyone with SAD should run to California, or the Bahamas. I'm serious. Richea is miserable in the winter unless he spends it outdoors. Another thing we don't see around here are bean fields. I'd love to see a pic. Hint hint. :) Thanks for the compliment about my waxing poetic about the Idylls. I really meant it. With this group it's easy to say nice things.

I think absent Idyllers should return here. Sylvia, Jain, Brenda, Blackie, Bruce, and others, that includes you. Life is too short to hold on to the past and Idylling is too good to stop completely. Be brave, know you are welcome, know that you'll be able to have BDay pics and Idyllunions if you want. :)

Have a great day all!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Im sorry Ive been such a bad Idyll, but life is pretty hectic here right now and lots of changes going on, which I cant get into right now, but will try to do some catching up here. We just got back from a whirlwind visit to the Northwest (was waving to T as we went by....Hi T!). You guys(sorry, you can take the gal out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the gal) have not been far from my thoughts and while in Seattle I saw this sign and well, I had to take a picture...LOL! Of course hubby thought I was nuts, but humored me anyway!

Washington is a gorgeous state! The city of Seattle has many hills and in that respect reminded me of San legs were not use to that kind of workout, but turned out it was great preparation for the hiking we would do later on our trip. Seattle is a pretty city with lots of gorgeous plantings everywhere. Here are a few pics of plantings that are all around the city in public areas (I was really impressed)!

Im going to copy this next year (the moss, black mondo grass and stone part)! :-) Just havent figured out where Ill put it yet and need to find someone who can grind a stone for me...LOL!

Isnt this lovely? Check out that *BLUE* hydrangea!

Cant tell the scale in this pic, but Im guessing those hydrangeas were about 5 feet tall. And look!....they have my favorite Dahlia; Dahlia 'Fascination'. Sniff, sniff, theirs look better than mine and they are in a public area! :-(

Heres a container that made me think of all the gifted Idylls:

Again, the size is deceiving...this was a *huge* container!

These fuchsias made me think of Deanne. :-)

I think they must be perennial here! Thick woody stems and at least 5 foot tall...Im green! Still, couldnt help but think how they could be made to be even lovelier under Deannes skilled hands. :-)

Pikes Market was a blast...Ive never seen anything quite like it:

Isles and Isles of fresh fish and seafood....

Fresh vegetables and fruits *everywhere*....I *loved* these hanging peppers...just gorgeous and bought a bunch to decorate Anitas Santa Fe style kitchen! :-)

Bunches of flowers for miles and miles. They brought me to my knees! :-)

What I would give to have this kind of selection at home...and as little as $5.00 per bunch! The dahlias were unbelievable. I wasnt able to capture their beauty, you really need to see them in person, but the colors were amazing and the size...OMIGOSH! It seems everything grows huge in Washington. :-)

While in Seattle we took the "Underground Tour" and I enjoyed that. The history was fascinating and our tour guide very entertaining and humourous, but my pics didn't come out.

Once you are out of Seattles city limits, you dont have to go very far to be in the thick of nature....astounding! We also were very pleased to have all bright and sunny days while on our visit. We did lots of hiking once we left Seattle and as I mentioned, the hiking up all the streets in Seattle was good preparation for all our nature hiking. We hiked 14 miles through the Ho rainforest and we didnt get nearly as far as we wanted, but turned around after 7 miles, as we were afraid it would get too dark when we tried to head back.

Here are some shots of the Hoh rainforest! :-) *is* pronounced just as you think and I did blush when during a conversation with a waitress, I mentioned how we had just hiked the Hoh...LOL! I didnt realize how that would come out! :-) Anyway, it is a temperate rainforest:

Waaaaaay back in the distance you can see me at the end of this HUGE felled tree!

Yes, *everything* seems to grow huge in Washington. Heres a huge Cedar Tree we saw along our drive heading to the lodge we would be staying at for the night:

Also on the way to the lodge, we stopped at Lake Crescent:

We arrived at the lodge, which was very quaint and rustic! :-)

Not the pampering my poor legs were looking forward to, but a sweet place, with lovely views and I enjoyed stepping back in time! :-)

Do I look tired?...LOL! :-)

As pooped as I was, there was no rest for the weary and the next day we hiked Hurricane Ridge for 8 miles total:

The next day we stopped at Dungeness Wildlife Preserve.

We hiked here too, but at this point I lost tabs on how far I hiked! Wish I had a scale at home to see if I lost any weight from all this hiking...LOL! Of course, I dont know what I weigh anyway, so I guess it didnt matter! :-)
I was hoping to see some seals or Beswick Swans (but I was told they are winter birds there). I think I may have spotted some eagles, but they were waaaay up and I didnt have my binoculars! :-( We did see some waterfowl, but unfortunately I dont know what kind, but not the kinds of ducks I am use to seeing. We arrived at Dungeness very early in the morning and headed to the spit. As you can see, it was still quite misty out!

The next day (our last full day in Washington) we stayed in Port Townsend.

Lots of charming Victorian homes. Heres the B&B we stayed in: last some rest for my weary bones! :-) *here's* what I'm talking about:

A view from our little porch:

Oh and one more pic of what I came home too....

The Brugmansia has been blooming its fool head off, the scent is almost sinful its so lovely! This 2nd flush is even better than the first and I see new blooms developing. Im so tickled, even my neighbors and some of my friends have asked for cuttings. Ill need some advice on how to do that....Deanne?, Eden?, Sue? Martie? or anyone else who grows them?

Just wanted to say how much Ive enjoyed all the pics and posts here and so much I would like to comment on, but this took me all morning to post and Im burning daylight. I really enjoyed the pics of Bugs DDs wedding. What a lovely and very *special* and meaningful event. What a wonderful little grandson, Bug! So much joy in his face it just raises the spirits to see him! :-) Love the pic of mom & dad with DD and now, DSIL! Such beautiful people! And the pics of DD with DGS are precious. I see lots of joy and love in all these pics...all my best to the new family! Lynnes flower arrangements were breathtaking! She is quite gifted....does she or did she do this for a living? What a talented woman.

Hi to all the girls on their Idyll visit to Bugs! I bet you are all having a wonderful time, it was soooo great to see all your smiling faces and to see Woody posting! Hi Woody! Heres a pic for of my plantings that was *your* inspiration. Just love it and plan to repeat it, but next year I think Ill use a hosta to replace the EE and a more mild mannered petunia. The petunia is hiding all the other green foliaged plants in the pot (like ferns and white polka dot plant).

But I absolutely *LOVE* the Acidenthera!

I must admit just a little twinge of I would *love* to see Bugs home and gardens and see all of you again! Hope youll post lots of pics....please???? Is there still talk of an Canadian Idyllunion for next year?

Speaking of which, Hi Taryn! I really enjoyed seeing your post! Your new home and surrounding are sooo lovely you must feel as if you are walking around in a dream! I am *so* tickled for you Taryn. Although I know you must be working very hard, you have done such an amazing job already of decorating and placement, making the house *your* home! My gosh, it looks like youve *always* lived there! :-) I love it! And so wonderful to see JAIN posting! Hi Jain! :-)

And just want to say to Honey how *FABULOUS* your new landscaping have quite a gift for visualization and *everything* is beautiful. I admire your taste in plants and placement and often think of your backyard (?) landscape (where the bridge and lovely birdbath is?) and how absolutely perfect and breathtakingly beautiful! Such talented people here....I am always in awe of it.

And least I forget....Congratulations Sue! How exciting (though not surprising) that Mr. Silk would like to pay a visit! BTW, I might be emailing you about Connecticut (hoping you can give me some insight)? Its a possibility...DH did end up going on an interview! Yikes! Im excited and worried at the same time, but trying to be supportive. Theres a lot to consider here before anything happens and he hasnt actually been given an offer yet....sooooo

Carly Simon - Anticipation

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway, yay
And I wonder if I'm really with you now
Or just chasin' after some finer day

Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin' me late
Is keepin' me waitin'

And I tell you how easy it feels to be with you
And how right your arms feel around me
But I, I rehearsed those lines just late last night
When I was thinkin' about how right tonight might be
Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin' me late
Is keepin' me waitin'
And tomorrow we might not be together
I'm no prophet and I don't know nature's ways
So I'll try and see into your eyes right now
And stay right here 'cause these are the good old days

These are the good old days....
These are... the good old days...
These aaaaaarrrrrrrrreee... the good old days!

Oh Marian!!! Hope you heal quick, that's just awful...your poor legs! BTW, wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your "Country Walk". I too love goats and you took wonderful pictures!:-)

The Fifth dimension - Up, up, and away
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly we can fly
Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly we can fffffllllllyyyyyy!

So, are you still considering a hot air balloon ride? I hope you get the chance to do it; I *know* you will love it. Nothing like gently floating among the clouds! :-) It is a wonderful, magical experience and I can honestly say it is the most memorable event of my life, second only to the birth of my son! :-)

Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the pics of Marties landscape. Everything looks wonderful and coming along so beautifully! And also wanted to comment on Michelles *DREAM* shed! You have such a talent for making everything look so welcoming and cozy and comforting...even your shed! :-) It is lovely!

And of course, last, but *never* least....Hi Babs! :-) Hope you are enjoying your new job! I *knew* the kids would love you! :-) It pulled at my heart strings when Ryan said: "He does like school but admits he has moments of feeling sad because he misses me. When he sees me up at school he says he gets the pangs of sadness." What a sweet, sensitive boy and so in touch with his feelings at such a tender age....Youve done a wonderful job mom! :-)

Well as you can see, even though I've been away for awhile, I haven't changed much...long winded as ever...LOL! This is an obnoxiously long post with an equally obnoxiously amount of pictures (which I will remove tomorrow for the dial ups). Anyway, I best be going, lots to do...

Thinking of you all and waving "Hi!" to all I wasnt able to include in my post. I miss you *all*. DH and I have had some long discussion (wont go into details here) in which we both agreed to spend less time with the computer, but right now I'm home waiting for the counter guy and DH isnt home (ha ha) so I decided to take some time and write to you. I really miss you all! Take care and TTYL!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm so glad that Ei finally stopped obeying the "Do Not Idle" sign!

Welcome back! A quick perusal of your trip makes it sound like it was a lot of fun.

I'm procrastinating now. Time to go again.


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Ei, it is wonderful to have you back! I enjoyed reading about your trip and wish I had known you were flying over......would have waved. ;o)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I have been having an exchange of e-mails with GW, trying to figure out why I can't log on from my computer. It appears to be mysterious and the last suggestion was to try temporarily shutting off my firewall/security to see if that would allow me to log on. I will not do that, even temporarily, because I have been getting regular security warnings when I 'lurk', warning that something is trying to take control of my computer to use it as a server! When I logged on via Randy's computer this morning, I got yet another, different security warning. I never get warnings like these ones on other sites I visit so I'm not sure what is happening here, but it makes me uncomfortable. Because I'm so dependent on my computer for many things, I do not want to put it at risk of malware damage and all these security warnings make me fear that this site might be a source of such things. So, as long as I can still log on via DH's computer, I may continue to post now and then, but not as frequently as before all the GW changes.

It's also a pain to use DH's computer. Because of my disabilities, I use a one-handed, right-handed Dvorak keyboard arrangement, not the standard QWERTY one. DH's is QWERTY of course and I've basically forgotten the layout! Hunt-and-peck on an unfamiliar keyboard takes a long time! (Which is why I didn't say too much when I posted the pictures....) I also use a vertical mouse as the usual ones hurt my hands - DH uses the usual type mouse.

To produce this post, I'm typing it into an e-mail to myself on my keyboard, send it, go over to DH's computer, retrieve the e-mail on his computer, log on to GW, cut and paste from the e-mail to the Idyll thread!

I would not post many pictures and any pictures I do post will have a copyright line on them. I doubt that my so-so pictures would be a target of 'theft' but it's a matter of principle given the privacy policy on this site. End of rant...

I do 'lurk' regularly to follow what you are all up to so, even if I'm not posting, or not posting much, I'm still here....:-)

On that note, Marian - my feet started itching, just looking at those pictures! Ei - looks like you had a great trip. Nice EE pot - looks like it did better than when I grew them with acidanthera! This year I kept it simple and just grew one huge pot of EE which fills one corner of the patio. Taryn - looks like the housewarming party was fun. I so envy you all that space to garden in! I hope the BBQ for your sister and boyfriend's anniversary was also fun and I'm sorry you couldn't make it to here - there's always next year sometime.... Yeona - oh my goodness - so many difficulties! Stay strong.....

Hi to everyone else. (My typing hand just gave out :-)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey all...I hope I didn't freak anybody out with my feet pics! I just tried to get across what I have been putting up with for going on three weeks. They itch like crazy! And there are 10 times as many spots as what show in the pics. Thanks for the link, Yeona, but I have 5 or six differant remedies, and none are helping very much. If I can just refrain from scratching....but it feels soooooo good! Usually cool weather helps, but I don't remember ever having this much to contend with.

Woody, That is really a bummer about the GW connection from your computer......and very strange.

Taryn, I have dial-up, but am having lots less trouble with lots of pics and long posts since I got the new computer.

Ei, even your pics didn't slow the loading of the thread all that much. It's great that you and Paul had such a good time in Washington. I agree on how beautiful it is. One of my half sisters lived in Olympia, Wash. for several years. A bunch of us women and kids visited her, and we all went to Seattle. One of the highlights of our trip was a ride on a ferry across Puget Sound. You have posted some lovely scenes! Thank you. Yes, I am still hoping to go up in a Hot Air Balloon. I need to contact the outfit, and get more details. BTW, that first pic is pretty cute...:-)

I also enjoyed all the pics of the Canada get-together, espacially the people.:-) Good looking bunch!

Michelle, sorry what the winds did to your containers. I was concerned about that happening here, but the winds missed us. Brrrr, 30's are too cold!

V, what do you mean, "bad (bed) feet" ? Do they hurt? I can identify with hurting, also, both from fibromyalgia, and from arthritis.

I didn't hit it off too well with the arthritis dr., and will not be returning to him. He did say the arthritis has affected the disks in my lower back, but, other than pain meds and exercise, there is little that can be done. Oh well, que sera sera .


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Hello everyone! So glad to see Yeona's name :) I agree that you describe the Idyll's beautifully.

Thanks for all the hugs :) I am mentally exhausted and it's causing physical exhaustion. My house is a wreck (not really, but it's headed in that direction) and no one has clean clothes for tomorrow....working on that now! I've gotta pull it together somehow.

I really think the shorter days are messing with me. Hope we have a sunny winter or I'm going to have to buy one of those lamps.

Jake is going to attempt school tomorrow, but he has lots of restrictions until he gets his cast on Thurs. I hope the school will be helpful because he won't ask for help and try to do all the things he's not supposed to do.

Okay, enough about arms. It's time to start clean up in my neighbor's garden. I'm excited to get back to work. Tomorrow will probably be the first day. She brought me the prettiest echinacea called Sunset or Sunrise....can't remember and it's too dark to find a tag :) Can't wait to see what extras we find in the fall garden :) I know I have a couple of clematis to look forward to.

I bought a couple of CD's today and am enjoying Patsy Cline right now.....Crazy is ringing true :)

I'm going to get off of here. I really don't know what to say or do with myself. Will talk tomorrow.


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Welcome back Ei, Woody and Yeona.

Ei thanks for sharing your trip. Looks like it was fun.

Woody sorry you have those computer or site issues. We miss your posts.

Yeona, you do have a lot of things to deal with among your family. I get the feeling you are a strong person and hope you will be able to deal with it all.

Michelle, the winds and cold weather must be discouraging. Like V I hate to give up the garden before it should be time too.

Saucy, You are not alone in the way you are feeling. The last couple of days I have been feeling miserable and down in the dumps for no reason at all, and I have so much to be joyful about and plenty to do. It must be the season. I fully intend to buy a full spectrum light soon.

Marian, Those chiggar bites are tortureous aren't they. I think wearing socks tends to give them a place to collect. I try to use Off and wash up as soon as I get back in.

Well I am going to try my best to get up with a better attitude tomorrow although I don't think it is as much a state of mind as something to do with day length. I just need for it to pass soon. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening everyone, just a fly by post to let you all know that we've made it home safely and have gotten an email from Sue that she's home safe and sound as well. Eleven hours of driving and I'm pretty tired, Doug is exhausted and about to crash but,

What a fantastic and fabulous weekend! I'll post photographs and more juicy details later. Thanks, so much to our lovely hosts and hostesses.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Just a quick hello...I'm beat but just wanted to pop in and say what a fantastic time I had visiting Mary, Woody and Marie this weekend. Since time was so short with all the traveling and driving we had to do the whole weekend seemed like a whirwind but worth every minute. Deanne and Doug deserve special recognition for the 10 plus hour drive they had just to get home today. As I was eating dinner tonight I was thinking I had breakfast at Marie's farm, lunch with Mary in a cafe overlooking the Erie Canal and now a salad in CT. Isn't travel great? It's like being in a time warp.

At any rate, great company, great gardens and naturally great food. We did take lots of pictures. Hopefully I'll have time to share some tomorrow. Deanne will no doubt beat me to

Hey Ei, you didn't happen to see Monique in Seattle did you? You dog, you. Did you know she was out there right now? Yes, Steve Silk contacted me last week after seeing my e-mail address on his open garden guest register. Apparently he's a lurker on GW (although I doubt here) and had seen some pictures I had posted of my garden and wanted to know if he could get a closer look and take some pictures before the frost. Good grief! My garden is in winding down mode right now and not really ready for a visit from someone of that caliber but what the

Hey, I've got to run. Tom just got home and wants to see the pictures of the weekend.

Nite all!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Quicky before I get the boys to bed.

Hi Ei! It was worth every minute to load those pics! I LOVE that huge cedar tree especially, gave me goosebumps it is so old and majestic! Sounds like you and Paul had a much-needed, fabulous time. I've been thinking about you a lot, and sending good thoughts for you and DS...

Saucy, how great to have you back here. Poor Jake! Poor you! My old neighbor had to bring both her sons into the ER within 3 weeks of each other with broken arms. She felt there were more than a few raised eyebrows on her--what are the odds? Another neighbor had to bring her 3 year old into the same hospital with a concussion twice within the same WEEK! Kids!

Yeona, how difficult. Good vibes going out to you and yours...

Hi Woody! Nice to see you back too, if only briefly. Wonder why you are getting those messages? I don't get anything like that. Would love to see your gardens another time--looks like you had a blast...

Babs, glad you are enjoying the new job! I'll be right behind you once these plants are in the ground. Dial-up is not exactly conducive to lots of Ebaying, lol, not with the photos I need to take...

Michelle, sounds like you had a great weekend. Little kids talk so cute! Loved your potting shed re-do as well.

Thinking comments to each and every one of you, but gots to go. I'm going to try to load Honey's re-landscaping thread and get the monsters off to bed...



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Just want to post this pic of the pink agastache with the blue angelonia and pink impatiens. I am enjoying the combo.

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(sniff,sniff)Do you smell that?....OOOOH it's just the pic of Marian's tootsies ; )lolol! Sorry Marian-you know me-I can't resist good natured ribbing.
That rash looks so itchy-from what I can make out it looks kind of eczema-like. Can you use hydrocortizone cream? Or if it's a bug related thing Calamine lotion is very soothing. I'm sorry you are still having trouble with it.

Yeona-good to see you here! That is so sad about your sister trying to kill herself. What a hard road that must be for you and your family. I never knew that about the Irish having higher amounts of schizophrenia-it's an interesting thought. My family does have some Irish roots on my mom's side and it makes me wonder. I've mentioned a few times that my cousin has mental problems and it turns out that one of her doctors finally declared her schizophrenic-though she's teh type that will most likely skip her meds and end up in a mess again. Her father(my uncle)also has something going on and we are wondering if it isn't connected to what she has as well. One thing that I have noticed with my Irish relatives is that stoic manner about life's hard knocks-they always keep that stiff upper lip(at least the ones I know)and I often wonder how that personality type predisposes them for depression or other mental disorders. It drives me nuts that my mom can't say she's sorry or admit when she's sad-if you don't let that stuff out once in a while it eats you up. Schizophrenia and depression are two separate things but it really interests me as to whether that kind of thing(especially depression)travels through our genetics as well.

Michelle-thanks for Chris' bday wishes: ) I just loved hearing that Kenzie calls tomatoes 'apples'-that is so sweet. Wow those winds you've had sound so strong-to knock over planters and all. Please don't blow away; )

Saucy I bet my house is messier than yours-lol.(I bet I really am right too) BUT my car's dashboard is looking pretty spiffy because Aj's Cross country practice was held in the rain so Ryan and I camped out in the car and I wiped down my dusty,grimey dash with babywipes. I only wishI had brought a vaccuum lol.
LOL and guess what I'm doing too right now(@ 9:19pm)I'm washing clothes too so AJ has a gym uniform for tomorrow: )

Woody how nice that you're trying so hard to post here-it's good to hear from you.

So what do you think Ei's been up to? lolol Welcome home Ei!! I'm so glad I was here to see pics of your trip. What a gorgeous place Seattle is-that whole PNW Coast has such beautifully wooded areas and beaches and mountains! It's like a lost world when you walk through forests like those with the mammoth tree trunks and ferns everywhere. I love that pic of the misty path at the wildlife preserve-it's has great depth-I want to investigate!lol. My brother used to live in Vancouver,WA and I really enjoyed that area.
Thanks for showing us SO many pics and you better find a teeny bit of time to keep in touch here-kay? we've missed you.

Wish me luck-tomorrow my nurse supervisor will be working with me...I hope I've done enough paperwork and filing to her liking....

HI to Norma! and the rest of the idyll gang as well.


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Wow, the Idylls are hopping tonight, how great!!

Ei - I'm looking forward to pouring a cup of tea and sitting down to enjoy your post after work tomorrow. Please leave the pics up till then! Lovely to hear from you.

Much to share about the weekend, perhaps even a clip of Deanne, Marie's DH and myself playing music together!!! But there are still things to take care of here before I can fully Idyll. I launched right back into carpooling from swim team, our first Cub Scout meeting, music practice, homework and fitting in a little time with DH. So I'll wave to everyone and look forward to "talking" more tomorrow.


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Just finished an hour and a half carting pots into the garden shed. They all got watered well also. I have heard to water before a chance of frost helps. A few of the really big ones stayed out and are covered, but with the wind I'm not sure if they will stay that way. I will leave them in tonight and tomorrow night and then start with cuttings and dismantling. We are supposed to warm up again. I did all this in the dark since we didn't leave the football game until 7:15. Brrr the wind was cold at the game. It wasn't as bad in the garden as I was moving. We do have a yard light (similar to town street lights) right by the garden shed. That is one of the reasons this shed works so well and the fact it is right in the middle of the gardens. Would you beleive that we also have another shed that would make a very nice garden shed. The only problem with that one is that it is too far from the gardens. We keep the mower etc. in there.

I must go now, we are going to set up Rick's Cpap machine and see how it works.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

I get to post again today :-) cause I have to stay here for the counter guys! :-) They werent able to finish yesterday, so they are back again today....should be here any minute.

LOL Sue...youre kidding??!! No, I didnt know Monique was visiting the Seattle area! Wish I had known, maybe we could have met up for a fun that would have been! Hope she has as nice a time as I did. Wonder if she is going to take the cruise to Victoria, BC to see Butchart Gardens? I really wanted to do that, but time didnt allow. Ive been told the gardens are fabulous and a must see...Well, maybe next time. If Monique did go to Butchart, hope shell post some pics, like she did of the NYBG. Shes a wonderful garden tour guide! :-)

Mary, Ill try to leave the pics up for a little longer today, but Im sure all those pictures are hanging up the dial ups and I really want to see all your pics (Deanne, Sue, Bug, & yours) from the Canadian visit. I fear with all my pics Im keeping you guys from doing that. Ill take them off this evening, but I really feel like I should take them off right now.

Marian, your agastache, angelonia and impatiens pic is lovely...such a pretty combination of color and contrast/compliment in flower structure. I had wanted to post, weeks? months? ago about your lovely deck pictures. I was thinking at the time how I would have loved to pull up a lawn chair on your deck and just escape in that tropical oasis! :-) Just beautiful and Im sure brought you lots of pleasure this season. Are you afraid of heights at all? I was nervous when I first stepped into the balloon and we took off and I would not look over the edge of the basket, but then after a few moments my fears were washed away by the magical feeling of floating and the birds eye view of the world. It really is an amazing feeling....I hope you do get the chance to experience it.

Yeona, Im so sorry to hear about your sister. I was hoping (for you and your family and for DS) that things were stabilizing. Life can be very challenging even when we are mentally healthy; I cant even imagine how hard it must be when one is also struggling with mental illness. I feel so badly for those who must face that struggle and for the families that love them. Ill be keeping you all in my good thoughts.

Norma, I know just what you mean. I was wondering if someone has invented one of those lights to fit hard hat style, with a bendable neck on the light so that you could shine it directly into your face and it should run by long wearing batteries...LOL! I can see it now, strolling through the grocery store with all the shoppers looking like miners and yes, I would definitely be one of the miners! :-) Low light really affects me too. DH cant stand it cause when Im in a room I like to have every single available light on and all the curtains fully open...LOL! He would rather have low light and all the curtains drawn...he says its much more relaxing that way. He also likes the house to be *hot*, where I prefer cool. We keep ourselves quite amused; he drawing the curtains, me coming to throw them open, him turning out the lights, me behind him turning them all on, him raising the thermostat, me lowering it...its how we get our daily exercise...LOL!

Saucy, sorry that you are going through some down days and sorry to hear about your DS's arm...thank goodness it wasn't as bad as you thought. I think we all struggle with down days...I think we all have those moments, I know I certainly have. I *love* "Crazy"...thats a *Belter*! One of my favorite songs and only Patsy Cline sings it right! :-) A great song to help one release their inner angst. Ive been know to play that one full blast in the car, singing right along with her in my loudest, albeit croaky voice. I always feel much better after Ive played it, singing along, at least 5 or 6 times! :-)

One thing that works to give one a lift is to come here! It never fails that I guffaw at least once while Im here. You guys have such great wit...V & Babs never fail to get a guffaw out of me....I *love* guffawing! :-) There was lots of that in our household when I was growing up. I think for the most part, Italians are very expressive, emotional people and my family and extended family were no exception. Hadnt thought about whether traits could be genetic? Well, while I am an old married woman, I will let you guys in on a secret...I have always been drawn to Irish men and dated several Michaels, Patricks and Seans as a young woman; much to my fathers consternation...he was always hoping I would date a nice Italian boy. Funny, I dont think I *ever* dated an Italian boy...LOL! No it was always Irish boys for me (so how did I end up with a German?) :-) My experience with Irish men is that they are utterly charming, sweet, funny, a little reckless, and yea, I guess now that you bring it up, a little melancholy too.

Woody what a bummer about trying to get here! I can certainly understand your frustration and your reasons for not posting like you might otherwise. Like your idea of the EEs in a container all by themselves. Think that would be a nice way to fill in the deck, nestled among all the other pots...could give that "jungle oasis" feel that I so admired with Marians deck. And you are right, I think the EEs (particularly the green ones cause they get so large) would probably be more suited to a single planting.

Michelle so sorry to hear about the wind damage and the cold! Its pretty chilly here today and as V says, looks like tonight we will be pretty cold. I am ready to give up the hanging baskets (they always seem to be the first to poop out) but not ready to say goodbye yet (or even prepared to dismantle) all the other containers. Hope everything made it through last nights weather for you. Also hoping that all went well with Ricks Cpap machine and that you all had a good sound sleep.

Babs & Taryn thanks for describing, what I was feeling, but was unable to express with the right words...."like a lost world when you walk through forests like those with the mammoth tree trunks and ferns everywhere." Thats *exactly* how it felt, Babs. It was all very magical. I need to find a new word for magical...but thats what it was! Taryn, that tree *was* old and majestic and it *did* give me goosebumps too just to touch imagine how long it had been here and all that it has seen in the changes of the world and how it has adjusted and thrived....*amazing!*

Babs, I will try to post as much as I can, but there are lots of changes going on here and some too personal struggles (which I dont want to share here due to the 1000 plus lurkers sorry lurkers nothing personal). On a good note, DS seems to be doing very well (Thanks Taryn!). Paul and I have agreed to keep our computer time to a minimum, but that doesnt mean when hes not around and Im not busy with mom and sis, that I cant come here! :-) And I will definitely try to be more regular than I have been.

As a side note, I laugh because no one caught my little play on words....seafood, fish, forget it...I thought I was being clever, but I guess it wasnt really all that clever after all....LOL! I guess you guys are so use to me misspelling, that you didnt even notice! :-)

Anyway, the counter guys are pulling into the drive, so I best be going now. Have a lovely day all!

P.S. Welcome home, Deanne, Sue & Mary! :-)

Urge For Going

I awoke today and found
the frost perched on the town
It hovered in a frozen sky
then it gobbled summer down
When the sun turns traitor cold
and all the trees are shivering in a naked row

I get the urge for going
But I never seem to go
I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

I had me a man in summertime
He had summer-colored skin
And not another girl in town
My darling's heart could win
But when the leaves fell on the ground
Bully winds came around
Pushed them face down in the snow

He got the urge for going
And I had to let him go
He got the urge for going
When the meadow grass was turning brown
Summertime was falling down and winter was closing in

Now the warriors of winter
They gave a cold triumphant shout
And all that stays is dying
And all that lives is gettin' out
See the geese in chevron flight
Flapping and racing on before the snow

They got the urge for going
And they got the wings so they can go
They get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

I'll ply the fire with kindling now
I'll pull the blankets up to my chin
I'll lock the vagrant winter out and
I'll fold my wandering in
I'd like to call back summertime
Have her stay for just another month or so

But she's got the urge for going
So I guess she'll have to go
She gets the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
All her empire's falling down
And winter's closing in.
And I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
And summertime is falling down.

To Sing For You


When you're feeling kind of lonesome in your mind
With a heartache following you so close behind
Call out to me as I ramble by
I'll sing a song for you
That's what I'm here to do
To sing for you

When the night has left you cold and feeling sad
I will show you that it cannot be so bad
Forget the one who went and made you cry
I'll sing a song for you
That's what I'm here to do
To sing for you

When you feel you just can't make it anymore
With your head bowed down you're staring at the floor
Search out to me with your weary eyes
I'll sing a song for you
That's what I'm here to do
To sing for you

Now every man he has his work you know
And to find out mine you ain't got far to go
Call out to me with your weary eyes
I'll sing a song for you
That's what I'm here to do
To sing for you

Sorry, not cheery songs, I know, but Joni and Donovan always seem to speak to me! :-)

Maybe this is better for today?

Chicago - Wake up sunshine
Wake up sunshine
Open up your sleepy eyes for me
Can't have you hidin'
I've been waiting all the night
People waiting for the light
Sunshine, sunshine
Wake up sunshine
Let me feel your warm sunlight on me
Can't have you hidin'
Night was long and night was cold
But today we're one day older
Sunshine, you make my life sunshine
You know I'm talkin' to you
I know you're knowin' it too
So just stop hidin' your face
Just open your eyes
Just smile your smile
I'm talkin' to you
Wake up sunshine
Ooh it's good to have you here with me
Can't have you hidin'
Can't imagine what I'd do
But feel too lonely without you
Sunshine, sunshine
You got to wake up girl
And face the day ahead

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well now I've gone and done it. I am removing all the pictures and will try to post them on a separate post for you Mary....sorry everyone!

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Ei, I loved your pictures. I have never been there, but I sure would like to now after seeing your pictures. The one by the "Do Not Idle" sign is perfect. I can just see Paul humoring you. I thought of a fairy in a garden when I saw you by that huge tree. I also noticed you fairy in the container - neat.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I can't resist... Ei - here is my pot of EE this year:

I've never tried growing the dark-leafed ones. Looking at the picture of your EE with acidanthera, I think maybe I'll try the dark EE with acidanthera next year. I think the dark eye of the acidanthera might look especially nice with the dark-leafed EE.....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello everyone,

Im just taking a break from trying to get the house in order and do a bit of picking up in the gardens after having been gone for five days. The laundry was stacked to the rafters! LOL Anyway, I think Ive done four loads of wash and have finally gotten the stack down to one load of whites left to go. I might just get it done before the end of this day. I only lost one fuchsia to the trip. I think DD didnt see the Dark Eyes in the Mountain Ash tree because it hadnt been watered since we left. Im not complaining, she did a great job taking care of everything while working full time at her day job and part time at her retail job. Ive really got to find a better way to do these pots next year. Do any of you have a drip irrigation system installed? I think that would work pretty well especially with all the containers against the fences.

There is just no way Im going to catch up but Ill try my best here.

Woody, Im so happy you are posting again! Love that photo of your EE. It really is impressive. Again, many thanks for your wonderful hospitality! We all had a terrific time visiting you and touring your gardens.

Eileen, I love all your vacation pics. ~~ Im absolutely amazed that you know "Urge for Going". Do you know that is one of the few songs I can still play and sing without mistakes? I sang it this weekend at Maries during our music evening. How did you know? Did you know that was written by Joni Mitchell? It was recorded and made popular in folk circles by Tom Rush and many people dont know Joni wrote it. Ive been performing that song for thirty years! Neat! ~~~ BTW thanks for the Welcome Home!

Michelle, Kenzies "I wuv you gamma" must have melted your heart! ~~ Im so sorry about the wind damage. That must be so frustrating. ~~ How did DH do with his machine last night? ~~ Oh dear, I can empathize with you over lugging all those pots in and covering them up in the dark. I usually wind up doing exactly the same thing. I know the frost is coming but I just cant seem to dismantle things before it happens. You know, what if I can get another couple weeks out of the containers if it warms up?

Mary, Im still trying to figure out how to downsize the music video file so I can make a link. Im working on it.

Marian, I just love that agastache/angelonia/impatiens combination. Lovely! ~~ Sorry about your ankles. That looks not only itchy but painful. Are those the chigger bites you got a week or so ago? That looks just miserable.

Norma, I know the day length is totally affecting my mood and energy level. It just gets so difficult to be productive this time of the year. Hope today was better for you.

Saucy, thinking of you! Hope things are settling down for you and that we can plan a plant digging day with Wendy soon. Im sure the day length is affecting you too. It really is difficult to deal with that as well as all the other stuff youve got going on. Have you been able to do any walking? Exercise always helps me.

Bug, I cant believe it rained after we left yesterday. We didnt encounter a single drop, in fact, it was sunny for the whole day of driving.

V, sorry for the problem DE. Work is challenging enough without having to deal with fractious people. I hope things smooth out.

Yeona, sorry for your family troubles. ~~ Yes, I have to agree that my garden is much improved since I started participating on the garden forums. There is so much wonderful sharing of information here.

Babs, nice to see you more often lately. I like your dunch idea. It actually is better for you to have your large meal in the middle of the day. ~~ Did you make any headway with dismantling your pots?

Eden, you are way ahead of me with getting the containers ready for winter. Im jealous Ive only just taken a few cuttings and gotten all the orchids in the house. Ive not even started dealing with the fuchsias yet. Sometimes I look around and think it might just be better to let it all go and start over in the spring but then I know Ill never find some of these plants and certainly wouldnt be able to find fuchsias the size of the ones I have now. So I just need to keep at it.

T. yes indeed, Woody and her DH sent us all home with many, LARGE, chocolate bars. Whats a girl to do but say Thank you.

Honey, I love the Great Truths!!! ROTFLOL thanks for the laughs.

Wendy, Ive penciled you in for the first of Oct. Looking forward to seeing you again. I sure wish Id been able to go on the garden tours you did with Sue a couple weeks ago. I guess there is only so much fun one person can have.

So now onto a few pics from the wonderful Rochester/Canada weekend.

This first one has a bit of a story to it and I really should let Sue tell you all about it. Needless to say she was trying to keep all the Hydrangea Little Honeys to herself. It probably resembled a stampede of three crazed gardeners when we pulled into the nursery and saw that they had the elusive plant.

Here is the group ready to enjoy that lovely cake Marie posted a photo of previously.

And our impromptu Idyll Trio Maries DH and Deanne on guitars and vocals and Mary on violin. I must tell you all, at this point in time, that our Mary is a BRILLIANT musician! What an incredible treat it was to hear her play. Thank you Mary for sharing your music!

Here is the gang at breakfast before our tour of Elora and hike in the Elora Gorge. Mary, Sue and Doug were brave and had some of the coffee Id made. Ive no idea how to use a drip set up like that and it came out like espresso. I was happy but I think it was just a tad strong for everyone else.

OK Im going to get back to that pile of laundry that now needs to be folded and put away. Ill stop by later with a few more photos.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, what is the huge leaved plant to the right of your elephant's ear? Your EE is so much fuller than mine. Mine keeps losing it's lower leaves, and it is in a large tub by it's self.

Ei, As I said on your other thread, I am glad you moved all your Washington pics so we can continue to look at them, but I wish you hadn't deleted the two of the hot air balloons. :-(
None of it slowed my down-loading of the thread. It didn't even take a full minute, and still doesn't.
Yes, I do have a problem with heights. Years ago at the rim of the Grand Canyon, I couldn't just walk up and look down, I had to go on all 4's ! lol! It felt as though I would fall in ! I had the same feeling when at the top of the Tower of Astoria, in Washington. I am having some equalibrium problems lately, so that will not help if I do get to go up in a balloon. I still want to.
LOL, I went back to see what you were talking " Isles of fish". Probably most were like me, I 'read' "aisles", I was the one who was not clever...not you!
Okay, here is another couple of pics of the deck just for you:

The second one is with the morning sun on it.

I am going to bring as much of it into the utility room as I can.

I think I am being a 'typhoid Mary' ! ( Sorry, Mary ) I think I have been spreading a 'bug' around. I haven't felt up to snuff for 3 or 4 days, but I went to the Golden Year's class today. Now I am rather nauseous along with the headache and drowiness that I have. Sure hope I didn't infect anyone!


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We've moved into autumn in the last 24 hrs. it seems. It's cold and rainy here. We're forecasted to get down into the mid-40s tonight. I still have a lot of plants to bring in so I hope it warms up soon. I've torn apart the containers on the front deck and bought some mums, pansies and kale yesterday to add to them but haven't felt like venturing out to get them planted up yet. Good news! My mom had a scan last week after her 3rd chemo treatment and got the results today. The tumors have shrunk by 1/2 so far and the Dr. said that was good progress.

Woody, Your colocasia is beautiful! I did all of mine that way this year too, each in it's own pot. I notice that you have 2 ficus trees in your picture. I have 2 also that I just got Brad to lug into the basement this last week. Yours look bigger and older than mine. This will be my 3rd year of overwintering them. You know, I always get a message that pops up when I log onto GW too that I'm being directed to an unsecure site. I hope you continue to post even though it sure sounds like you have to go to a lot of trouble to do it. I enjoy hearing from you so much!

Ei, it's great to have you back. Glad you had such a great vacation. Chicago's Wake Up Sunshine is one of my favorites. Thanks for posting that, it made me smile.

Marian, your deck is beautiful with all of the plants. Looks like a tropical paradise. Hope your feet clear up soon.

V, your prairie dinner sounds great. I can just imagine how nice it was.

Michelle, bet you slept well after the day you had yesterday. How did Rick do with his machine?

Deanne, I keep thinking the same thing about just letting the plants go. But after investing $$ and a whole season of growth I tell myself that I need to bring them in. My other problem is that they take so much care over the winter and I have a hard time giving it to them with Bella here. Today's been a laundry day for me too.

Hi to everyone! I know I had more to comment on but don't have time to go back and check on what. Just wanted to check in. I've got Bella the next few days so Idyll time will be scarce.

Hope you're all snuggled into a warm place for the evening.


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Hi everyone

Like Deanne, I'm running about here trying to get caught up after being away so I'm afraid I'll miss too many if I try and post individually. I did want to comment on how marvellous Woody's EE is and how lush and tropical Marian's deck is. When I first opened the thread I they were Deanne's containers - we all know what a compliment that is!

I've been trying to figure out how to post our Idyll music clip too but haven't had much luck. If anyone knows how could you email me?

Deanne - thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the way you've captured Charlotte in the doorway in the shot of us at the table. We truely had a wonderful time playing music with Marie's DH. he has such a great smile and is so charming. For those who might not have heard her sing, Deanne has a marvellous voice and is a gifted guitar player. We are going to practice in advance for our next Idyllunion and perhaps add a music evening to the agenda. Let me see, Laura's DH is rather good on the guitar, Babs plays the clarinet, I'm sure there are some other players out there - who else can we round up?

Hope to be back later, for now supper (and a hungry family and dog) calls.


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Marian, surely you know the cure for chiggers....paint them with fingernail polish! It smothers the little buggers (they burrow into your skin) and then they die.

At least that's the old wives tale I know :)

I missed the you know they're chiggers? Once I sat on a rock wall coverered in them and had them all along my rear panty line (they get wherever your clothes touch your body closely)....boy was that awful. Couldn't reach to paint those :)

I'm really tired today. Full on send Jake to school....the nurse is not all there, but we made it through. Get this....she didn't recognize us from yesterday. The look on her face was total confusion. Jake told me she split his Tylenol in half because according to her it was "too big". He takes Tylenol according to weight and age and I sent the appropriate medicine. He came home in pain. I will see her tomorrow.

The trip looks like so much fun. Wendy and Deanne, I'm totally in for a trip and Oct. 1st works fine for me! I will go anywhere anytime to get out of this place :)

I'm sorry I can't comment on everything. I've gotta get on a new schedule when I'm posting here in the morning. I'm usually pretty optomistic before the day really gets underway :)

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm sending them right back to all that need them.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm bound to leave people out if I respond...but let me start with a bravo to Marian for her jungle like deck! Just beautiful! I also am an Agastache fan, so enjoyed that photo too.
I loved my return trip to Seattle with Ei! You seem to have packed in lots of great things. I have been to Pike's Market several times and loved every inch of it. Donovan was always enjoyable to me. What an interesting man.
Hi to V who seems to be operating at her typical frantic pace. You seem to deal with people of all ages in your daily doings...and that is a secret to a long life I am told! In any case, I always enjoy reports on your kids, MIL, etc... Did you ever get together again with Trudy or plant her seeds?
Eden, I understand well why you can't post as frequently as before, but I do miss your sparkle! Little Miss Bella the Ball is a going concern I am sure!
Yeona, it must be terribly hard to remain level headed in the midst of so much family struggle. I sometimes wonder how people manage, but they do! Children of poor parenting are often resilient, and terrific parents sometimes have incredibly difficult children. We can only do our best. Wishing your family the very best.
Babs, so are things "mellowing out" yet? I don't quite picture you lounging around with a book and taking a bubble bath....because you are full of energy, but perhaps that's what you need at the end of a frantic day. ;-)
Hi Honey! Hi Chelone! Hi everyone I've missed!
Totally dark out by now at 7:45. Let there be light!!!!!!I guess we start the countdown until the longer days begin - in January??? Say it isn't so!


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Do you ever find yourself wondering why you did something? Last night at Cub Scouts I signed David up for the Cub Scout weekend Camp in October. For Cubs the boys attend with a parent, there are usually about 2/3 Dads, 1/3 Moms. I just recieved the final list of who will be going in a couple of weeks - 28 boys, 27 Dads and me - Yikes!! I'm the ONLY woman going. It's too late to cancel, we've paid the money and David would be devasted not to attend. For a brief spell I deluded myself that DH (who hates camping) would go, but he is safely away in Las Vegas for work that weekend. Do you think I'll survive?

Saucy - hope you can talk some sense into the nurse so that Jake is not in pain. David broke his arm on the monkey bars in Kindergarten. The worst part was him not being able to swim. At least at this time of year that is less of a problem.

Babs - was the nurse pleased with your hard work?

The troups are fed but I still have dishes to do. Back to the salt mines.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Lol...Saucy, not only do they get under the "rear panty line", they get ALL around the panty lines! I do not know about the fingernail polish, ( I don't even have any ), but it would require painting most of my body! Also, it is usually at least one day before I know where they are burrowed. I guess I have a delayed reaction ? I am not positive that they are they cause of my itch this time, but if not, I don't know what else it would be. It has been a very weird year!
Sorry about the school nurse. She sounds like my ex-DIL.:-(
I sure hope things 'look up' for you very soon.

Deanne, what is your singing voice? Mine is first soprano.
I love the pics you posted. My word.... my old eyes are really playing tricks on me! I had to look and look before I saw Charlotte in the doorway! I guess my mind was too drawn to all the lovely smiling faces. I am ROTFLOL about Sue and the "Little Honey" Hydrangeas. Love that expression! I have to confess, the agastache, angelonia, and impatiens are all in differant pots! Just grouped together. A happy combination.
It is interesting about your knowledge of the song Ei posted. I don't recall ever hearing it. :-(

Michelle, I remember when my dear GDs first learned to tell me they love me. It truely is heart warming.

Wow! Mary, that is the ultimate of compliments!

It is predicted to get in the low 40s tonight. I did bring in a few of the more tender plants. I believe everything will be okay, and it will be warming up for the rest of the week and weekend. I will bring in the rest of my shelving material tomorrow, or soon.
Tomorrow is Senior Day at the Northwest Arkansas District Fair, in Harrison. I would like to go, but need to be in better shape if I do.

I hope we all have a good night , and a better day tomorrow!


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Just in from covering a few things, there is a possible low of 30 tonight. But then no more low temps in the 10 day forecast. Its dark here at 7:45 as well.

It looks like the Idyll get together was great fun.

Mary, I can't help it, but I can't get the image of 55 males and you camping out of my mind. It gave me a chuckle, but seriously its great that you are willing to fill when your DH can't go.
My DH has a great singing voice. I have played a few instruments in my day, but not anymore in front of anyone.

Eden, its great to hear that the Dr. is pleased with your mom's test results. Rick said he slept quite well with the Cpap and so did I and without earplugs. It was so quiet. He said he felt so rested.

Marian, what wonderful pictures of your deck.

Sooo, how many Little Honeys did Sue get?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle, I didn't get as many Little Honeys as One is all I wanted but I have seriously been looking for that plant for at least 2 or 3 years with no luck at all at my usual nursery haunts. This japanese maple nursery in Mary's town had at least a dozen of them and all good size and well grown. Deanne and I have already decided to go back to Mary's with one of our UAVs next spring and stock up. I go to alot of nurseries and this one ranks right up there in plant selection-especially woody plants. In addition to the Little Honey I also got an Acer palmatum 'Emperor I' and a shrub form Ginkgo 'Witche's Broom'. Deanne and Doug were kind enough to drive them home for me.

Mary and Deanne I think I have the video upload problem solved. Unfortunately I left the CDs at work so we'll have to wait til tomorrow morning to see if I really have it figured out. Tonight I resized all my pictures of Marie's garden and it looks like I have some good ones. I'll post them on a separate thread.

LOL, Mary, you'll deserve an honor badge of some sort after a weekend with all that testosterone. What a sport!

Eden, great news about your mom. We were all just wondering about her during the weekend gathering.

Marian, your deck looks lush and full. Is this all despite the deer and raccoon damage? It fills in quick, doesn't it? Are you expecting a frost anytime soon? On Thursday night it's supposed to get into the upper 30s here. I guess I should start thinking about taking some coleus cuttings.

Ei, Monique is in Seattle for a business conference. Les is with her and they have extended the trip for garden stuff but I'm not sure exactly what was on the agenda. As you know the whole area is just a hotbed of horticultural delights. I know she was really disappointed when Heronswood closed.

Woody, that pot of EE looks awfully How do you plan to overwinter it?

What day is October 1st? Sunday? Deanne, maybe I'll join in on your digging party with Saucy and Wendy. It would be the perfect opportunity to pick up my plants.

Allrighty then, time to go upload some pictures then head off to bed.


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Wow, some lovely photos to look at these past couple days. Marian, your deck is lush and lovely! Woody's huge plants show what a great green thumb (and fingers!) that she has (it is so wonderful to have you posting again, I've missed you!). It is wonderful to see so many Idyll friends enjoying each other! And I loved seeing Ei's photos and having her back with us.

Saucy, it sounds like you are having a heck of a time -- but you sound determined and strong. I'm so glad you are posting and hope you continue to come share what is happening in your days. The wintertime blues seem to decend very quickly here, I'm hoping to keep them at bay this year.......somehow. ;oP

Yeona......what a time your family has had. I hope your immediate family will continue to not have any of the problems that the extended family has been battling. What a heartbreaking time to see others, you care deeply about, struggling.

I enjoyed seeing Sue sharing her bounty ;o).....and to see the happiness on everyone's faces as they enjoy each other's company & friendship. Good times were had, it appears. :o) We need to relocate some Idylls over this side of the continent, me thinks! I'm a bit lonely. By the way -----where is Barb?? She's been MIA for awhile....for too long. YooooHOOOOO BARB?! lol, we'll see if she is just reading occasionally and will see she's being paged.

Well, I didn't have anything important to add to this conversation but thought I'd pop in and send a boring missive anyway. I've now done my duty, LOL, so my job is done. I'm going to be busy for the next few days so hope to pop in long enough to read each day but probably won't be posting (quit smiling and sighing those relieved sighs!!! LOL).

Hello to all.......

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Lol I just told Chris I just needed twenty min. to idyll then I'd plunk down and make like a couch potato along with him...think I can say all I need to?

That would be SO fun to get an idyll ensemble together! I do know I'm rusty after trying to play some tunes from my younger days this past Sunday....I would probably be embarrassed if I tried to play with you other idyll musicians: ) STILL I hope someday we can really try it!

Deanne I made small headway on the pots. I got a couple fuchsias out though they really can be out there longer since they enjoy the mid-forties anyway. Right now it's 55F. It was the house plant types I wanted to really get to. I had this spindly philodendron that I used outside for the first time and it went bonkers with really healthy,larger leaves and it tripled in length so I'm going to use that outside again next year if I don't kill it first. I am determined to cultivate the iresine plant from you-it really took its time with growth so I'll be happy if it sees the outdoors next year...or if it sees next year at all lolol. I also brought in the clerodendron since I'm not sure how much cold it can tolerate. Sheesh the Clero. is a reeky plant-almost reminds me of burning rubber-blech. BUT the deer don't eat it: )

Marian!!Your deck floras and foliages are beautiful! I agree about that agastache,etc. combo of plants-very pretty colors.

Sue you look like a crazed woman in that pic....sorry but friends can be honest can't they? LOL-hey it got a big smile out of me anyway: ) [shh I would have done the same thing-what a nice looking plant!] So did you buy all of them?

Mary-I done good: ) the nurse supevisor was indeed satisfied but there is a pile of work yet to do! Things won't slow down until mid october because we have to tally the immunization records for the board of health by then besides all my other fun tasks lol.Oh that's in between kids needing my TLC. Oy, I even act as a psychologist-a few kids were coming to me for advice...I think they know I'll listen which does make me feel good.
And how about you? Is the new job going well for you? Do you feel settled in at all?
OH that is going to be one fun campout....for the dads!lol. Can't you bribe your DH? lol

Saucy that nurse can't just change the dose like that. Here we have to OK something like that with the doctor as far as dosage size PLUS the parent has to sign off that they authorize the change as well. That does sound weird. If she keeps doing her own thing I would definitely mention it to the principal.Poor Jake!

I feel terrible for Ryan's teacher. The class has 27 kids and six of them are behavior problems. A kid bit another kid yesterday then today he scratched another one and broke teh skin-he got a demerit. She was in tears when I saw her bringing the kid to the office. Ryan is going to take a bouquet of flowers from my garden for his teacher tomorrow. Tall white snapdragons,violet mums,lavender(to calm her),salvia farinacea,fuchsia 'gartenmeister' and fuchsia 'Beacon'(from deanne!).

Time's WAY up!,twenty minutes is not enough for me to idyll: )[big surprise, huh.]


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A very quick good morning everyone. I've got to run and get showered and out the door so I can get to the dentist's for 8:00AM. Yukky, I have to have another crown put on this morning. I'm already having anxiety attacks. I scheduled this six months ago when they told me I should have had it done right away. Procrastination only works for a while. LOL

So, hopefully this one will go better than the last and there wont' be any problems.

Sue, Oct. 1st is a Sunday. That would be really cool if yo can come too.

Babs, that class of Ryan's sounds dreadful. That poor teacher! How nice Ryan is going to bring her flowers.

Mary, OMG! I can't believe you are going to go through with that. Surely you can find a guy to do that for you. I'd be horrified. ~~ How fun if we can pick a few pieces of music and send the sheet music to everyone who wants to join in at the next Idyllunion.

T. what is going on with the babies lately? We'd really like to see some new pics?

Marian, your deck looks so lovely right now! You've done a marvelous job with that. So colorful and lush. Do you have a place you can sit and enjoy that view? ~~ RE: voice, it depends on whether I've been practicing. Right now I'm a pretty solid alto and can go below that range. When I'm practicing I can also sing in the soprano range but as I discoverec to my dismay this weekend I've lost the whole upper end of my range from not practicing.

Michelle, great to hear that the machine worked well. Fantastic! ~~ Did you get a frost last night?

Eden, I so know what you mean about the plants. It becomes a huge job to keep up with all the cuttings. I wish they could all go dormant for the winter. If it was just taking them in and forgetting them until spring that would be one thing but somehow I have to ramp back on the amount of stuff I have to take care of over the winter.

Saucy, Yea! you're in for Oct. 1st! I'm looking forward to seeing you. I sure hope we get some nice weather.

OK I think I've 'talked' to everyone and I'm going to be seriously late if I don't get off this computer.

Have a great day everyone,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

A little something for your morning listening pleasure...Not bad, huh? Did you know we had such talent among us? There is a longer version but it took 20 minutes to upload this one so the other will have to wait til later.



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Good morning all! feels like fall this morning here - the temperatures have been bouncing up and down the past few days so sometimes it feels like summer and sometimes like fall. Today is a doggie daycare day - We babysat a friend's Border Collie (HIGH energy dog!) for a week in July and he's been coming back regularly since then for day care a few days a week so he doesn't get destructively bored on days he would otherwise be home alone. We just came back from walking and I'm out of breath! On our own, Misty and I walk at a liesurely pace - but not when Liam is with us!

Deanne - it was such fun meeting all of you! I feel bad that I sort of rushed everyone around the garden - I figured everyone must have been in need of the essentials (food, drink and the bathroom:-) after a long car ride and that we could go back out for a more leisurely tour later after lunch - but I never got organized enough to do the second trip around the garden - guess youll have to come back next year some time, huh?! By the way, you need to tell me the name of that green and white annual that was in the bed on the patio Im hopeless at annuals and dont have a clue what the names of a couple of them are that got plunked into the garden to fill bare spots before the tour this year!

Marian - the other plant youre seeing is upright elephant ears - Alocasia. That cursed thing took 6 months to produce its first leaf! It now has three. I almost threw the tuber out, thinking it must be dead/have rotted. Last year, I did throw out the one I had tried to start - this years experience made me realize that I gave up too soon last year! Needless to say, I will not be letting this one go dormant over the winter for fear that it would take 6 months to get moving again next year! My colocasias in the big pot do have leaves that turn yellow and get cut off - there are a lot of little offset tubers in there and the smaller leaves on those seem particularly prone to yellowing. I just cut them off when they do. I flood the pot daily with water. I gave it a good dose of slow release fertilizer when I potted them up and another dose about a month ago. All the tubers in the pot started from one tuber I bought about three summers ago. Heaven knows how many tubers there will be when I take them out later this fall - assuming I can get them out of there! Your deck looks very lush and tropical. I notice you have cannas there. I grew some in a pot for the first time this year - Ive never grown them before. It hasnt bloomed and is only about 3 tall. Ive seen others much bigger and blooming in pots, so Im not doing something right I assume What does it take for them to grow well?

Eden - the fiscus are neat - DH has had one of those for something like 30 years. The other was his parents that we took when they retired to the west coast 20 years ago - and they had it for 10 years or so before that! So, they are both pretty old trees now. They hadnt been repotted in 10 years or so. DH wanted me to repot them this summer. I was afraid it would kill them but I did it in early August and they seem to be doing fine. I wanted to move them indoors last weekend but it wasnt on the priority list! We moved them up onto the porchlast night so they are a bit more sheltered and will move them indoors in the next day or two, along with the rest of the vacationing houseplants on the porches. The fiscus are sort of like giant bonsai at this point. They get water in the winter and a slow release fertilizer in early spring - and that will be their regime until they get repotted again in another 10 years or so The security warnings Im concerned about is not the one you see - thats a standard one; I know what it means and its not an issue. The ones Im worried about imply an attempt by a third party to take control of my computer to use it for nefarious purposes.

Mary - I forgot you played the violin and didnt know you had it with you or I would have got you to play for DH ! He used to play the flute - but hasnt in years now. Ill bet flute and violin sound good together

Saucy - Hi! We havent met before I think It sounds like the school nurse needs a severe talking-to!

Mary - that sounds like quite a camping trip coming up! (I share your DHs views of camping - I prefer my comforts and camping just doesnt cut it)

Sue - the big EEs will get dug out after the first frost and stored dry in the basement for the winter. I pot them up in early February or so to get them started growing again. I expect there will be lots of offset tubers in there so I might do two big pots next year - if I can figure out where to put a second one

Babs - sounds like youre a perfect fit for your job! Poor teacher/poor Ryan - not going to be a fun year for the teacher or the rest of the kids Im sure.

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Last night I received an email that I was not expecting. It was from the daughter of a dear friend I met through the internet. The daughter was letting me know that her mother passed away the day before.

My friend was a friend to many.....she was well liked, non-assuming, insightful, gifted with serenity and strength.

She was also a very private person who did not share much of the trials, health problems and worries that she encountered in her own life. Thus, I know that it is not appropriate for me to violate that which she held dear by publically announcing her passing in such a way that would have upset her even though she isn't here to know of my faux pas. :o)

No notification was planned due to her privacy wishes....but I was given permission to share her passing, in this particular way.

I was told that after my grandsons were born a few weeks ago, she printed out the photo I sent her and showed it to her family. "She was so proud of those twins, you would have thought she was related to them." is what I heard this morning in talking with the daughter. I had no idea and am thankful that a bit of my life, brightened hers.

I will miss her as will many of her friends and all of her family. But I will see and remember her in the Enchanted Places of my mind.......


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T, thanks for sharing with us the passing of a dear friend and a very special person. Your last statement says it so well.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

T, thank you very much for sharing this information here. I'm just devastated and I can't type well through these tears. Will share more thoughts later when I'm more composed.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Thank you T...I agree with said it all so well and like Deanne, I just really can't bring myself to talk right now, but to say thank you for letting us know. Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Criminentlies, I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake. I read this earlier and it went right over my head. How awful and what a loss for all of us.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wise and witty to the end in her communications to me. She so enjoyed the window to the world that our Idyll threads offered her with births, travel, illnesses, beauty, weddings, pain and sharing of all kinds. It would please her I am sure that we continue as before being our special selves.

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After I first read this I went and looked through her albums at the pictures of her enchanted place. She'll be missed. T, thanks for letting us know.

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

My condolences to those who knew who her, and to her family. I see that her loss is felt deeply. The words and pictures tell it all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

What a sad sad report to find when I got home! Although I am not surprised, I am very sad. I only wish I could have met her face to face, and to have been a comfort to her. I will always treasure the time she was 'with' us. Thank goodness I do have her albums bookmarked, and pics in my documents that I have saved.


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What a sad loss - her life and spirit touched so many. I kept hoping she might find a way to return to the Idylls for the occasional post. I feel my life was enriched through knowing her but am deeply saddened by her passing. I would love to see her albums one more time - Marian would you mind emailing the link to me?

Thank you T for sharing with us in such a thoughtful and considerate way.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I can't find a way to e-mail that. Since this does not disclose any information,I hope this will be safisfactory:

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

My thoughts and prayers to her family. She will be missed here; her posts always had such an air of peace and serenity. She was like a wisewoman, watching over all of us.

T, thanks for sharing the sad news with us, it must have been difficult to find a fitting tribute to her - you said it well.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Oh what awful, sad news. T, she also asked me not to say anything. I knew she hasn't been well for quite some time, but was hoping she had it beat. Please send my condolences to her family. I'm sending them out to all of you all thru tears as well. She was such a special lady and will be missed.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Such a lovely lady... and so talented - thanks for posting that link Marian - I hadn't seen some of the stuff on there. I had missed her posts and wondered where she was. T. - you said it all so eloquently

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Hi everyone. The site that was shared above belongs to someone else, but not to our friend.

It has been a difficult time since I found out this news. I did not feel it was my place to share the information until I had permission from the family which I did not get until this morning. I cannot tell you how often I wanted to go to the phone or to the computer to share my heartache with others who, I knew, would want to know.

I cannot stay at the computer right now and my free time is very limited for the next few days, but I did want to correct the information about the link. This link was shared by our friend at one time, but it is not her work nor her site.

My best to all...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am rather amazed that I can feel so sad at the loss of one that I never met except on the forums. I said before that I wish that I "could have been a comfort to her" , but in retrospect, I do not believe she needed any comfort. She was a very wise and serene lady. What I really wish, is that I had all the posts that she posted with advice to me. I found that the only pic that I have of her is the sihouette of her, in her youth, on the coast.
All of the family pics have been removed from her PT albums, as well as those of friends, of her home, and of the Cherokee celebrations that she loved...such a loss...but apparently her choice.
Yes, T , you did say it eloquently, and beautifully. Thank you. And thanks to the dear daughter for letting us be informed. I hope she will know how much she is missed by her cyber friends.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It appears that I have boo booed ..again! As I said, there is no information on the link that should cause any problems. If anyone thinks there is, I can ask the administration to delete it.

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Just popped in again.......Marian you did nothing wrong and the link is filled with lovely photos so please do not worry a moment about it!! :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

T, are you saying none of these creations are hers? Now I am even sadder that I did not save her pics that she posted! She was always posting pics of things she had made. Does no one have these pics?

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It took me a few minutes to figure out who T was refering to. I am greatly saddened. She is someone I will always remember. I can only hope to know the serenity that she did. Norma

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Marian - My recollection is that our friend shared those with us, and that they are the work of either a friend or a family member, perhaps her niece.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I just clicked on the bookmarked link in order to either delete it, or change it's name, and discovered it IS her nieces! My word, I think I need to button my mouth, I just keep making such dumb mistakes! I really really do think I am losing it! I'm sorry.........

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

T, you were quite eloquent in sharing the sad news; our friend would be quite proud of you. She was a private person but she could say so much with few words and I always have and always will admire her spirit. I hope her family knows how much she touched our lives.

At the first Idyllunion in Michigan, she sent some gifts to share with all of us. I'll always remember those moments when her package was opened and I realized how much we all meant to her.

I made a sweetgrass braid this summer; a rather pathetic first try, but I will feel her spirit with me when I burn it.

Thanks for all you shared with us, friend, and I hope to meet you some day.


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I find myself wishing that we could all be together this evening, just to talk, reminisce and comfort each other. Oh and to raise a toast to our friend.

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The feeling I have is so deep-it hurts to lose someone so giving and beautiful;someone who cherished life and saw beauty in the world. The insight she had and her ability to see the positive side of things was what I admired deeply. She taught me. She made me smile & even laugh. I'm struck by the realization that I have never actually physically met my friend yet the sense of loss is so great. I wish her family comfort and peace.

Eden I was thinking the same thing-I wish we could all talk freely about all our memories of her and just be all together.

Mary's idyll title has an even deeper meaning now.

Thanks T for letting us know. I'm glad that you were able to be aware of the happiness your grandbabies gave her!

I'm thinking of all my idyll friends tonight...


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V - I was remembering those gifts too and wondered if anyone had any photos of them.

I agree - this is when I feel the distance and wish we could be together.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

T, thank you for your email, and your very thoughtful words here. I've been very emotional all day at this sad news, and have been looking over photos she sent me and remembering her wise and encouraging words. But am glad her long struggle is over and she's at peace.

Marian, please don't be upset--you've done nothing wrong. Of course I thought of her when I said on my house thread the Agastache 'Pink Pop' came from her seeds originally, and to think of her when you admired it. That was the day she passed. Makes your photo even more precious. I only have a few seeds left, from 2 years ago and will hope they sprout and cherish those plants in my garden in years to come. If successful I'll save seed for anyone who wants some, so we could all think of her, like "friends in the garden", when we see them? Maybe you could try to get some too Marian? I think she would have liked that.

She always encouraged, never judged, and always saw the good in everyone, and their highest potential. I know she is in an Enchanted Place now, but a light has gone out in this one...


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I admired her very much. She was the epitome of wisdom, tolerance, acceptance, kindness. A true appreciation for all of lifes gifts, the big and the small, always came across in her words here and always filled me with a sense of serenity and certainty. I didnt know her as well or as long as most of you, but I feel privileged to have had the chance to get to know her, to have shared our moments. I was reminded today of the beautiful poem her granddaughter wrote and how it moved me and I remember how tickled she was to know that I had read her granddaughter's poem and enjoyed it so much. Her pride and love for her family was always evident. Whenever I think of her, I see that picture of her lounging on her purple chair, a noble, serene, peace-filled, wise smile on her face...I will always think of her that way....

I too wish we could all be together right now...

And Marian...Taryn & T are right...please don't feel bad. Your heart is filled with love as are your actions...we know that. Hugs Marian. I'm so glad that you have that picture to remember was a beautiful picture.

Hugs to all...


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