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sammy zone 7 TulsaSeptember 17, 2006

I have been using Authentium that is supported by Cox who is our provider. I hate Authentium. I have spend probably close to 20 hours getting the software to download properly (new version of the old that worked for years). Today after having felt such success yesterday, the software ran and the prompt said the download failed. Everytime someone from Authentium suggests something, the next tech says that what I was told was not true. I am at the point that it is a thrill just to talk to someone who speaks English well, and is nice. I really hate these people, and want a new software even if I must pay.

What is a software that you like, and think it effective? We have Spyware Blaster that for a payment also would include Mozilla Firefox. We used to have Norton's. Are there any that you like or dislike? I would appreciate any input you might have.


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Norton or McAfee or Windows OneCare Live are all good.

What kind of error messages are you receiving when you try to download? Tell us more. Are you on any instant messenger services?


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

We have had Cox Cable for years, and have used their security software - Authentium.

A month ago the upgrade failed. When I called them, they told me to remove it from my computer, and load the new software. The Upgrade and download failed. They said it was too new, and to wait for 2 weeks to try again. I did that, then received all kinds of ridiculous instructions from them. I have contacted Microsoft, but everything is fine there. I contacted E-Machines, they told me to run some things, my husband did that, and everything is fine.

I tried again on Friday night, and had a hard time removing it from the machine. Then the download of the new seemed fine, but today, I received a prompt that said the upgrade of the anti virus failed, and the download failed.

Considering time waiting for them, trying to check this that and the other, I have wasted at least 20 hours. I have an intense dislike for them, and for their techs. One will tell me to do something - something that takes a lot of time, then the next will tell me that I shouldn't have wasted my time doing that. I also am sick and tired of people who cannot speak English well. My career is teaching kids to speak Spanish, and I have the world of patience with people who have dialects, but not those who lose patience with me. These people talk too fast, they place the emphasis on the wrong words, and fail to communicate well --- then seem angry when I do not understand them.

I want to use something easy. We have Windows firewall, and I have the Spyblaster. I want to have adequate protection, but am sick and tired of the techs who cannot help me. If my machine did not have enough memory, anyone would have told me. I think it is their system, that it is broken and they won't admit it.

Michael, I thought you liked Mozilla - Firefox.

Thanks for your answer.


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Listen up!!! Windows Onecare is currently free for ninety days. It works very well. My suggestion: use it for now until you get all the drama resolved with whatchamacallit.

I love Firefox! On the very rare occasion I can't view something in Firefox, well, it just doesn't get seen. The only reason that I even keep IE on my computer is for the occasional Microsoft download that won't come through on anything except IE.

I've had similar experiences, trust me. It's very aggravating to have to spend money on something that should be free simply to avoid the hassle of using the free product.

Changing thoughts a tad, I just bought a six CD Spanish set at Best Buy. Thriving in this new environment is going to require some serious language skills. You've touched on what worries me most about attempting a new language, i.e. the dialects that often barely resemble how the professional speaker sounds.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Michael, it looks pretty good. Before I even try to download it, should I remove what I have from my computer?


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I think it'll be OK to leave the existing program on the computer.


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aol security edition comes with spyware softwear and free anti virus programs, spam and pop up blockers automatically updates I never even noticeit

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jody(7b - NC)

I do network and desktop support for small to medium businesses now. I've installed Windows Onecare where I have customers who have security issues and don't want to buy anything right now. It is a real bear on about 30% of the computers I install it on - makes them so slow they are essentially non-functional.

On the other hand I can't say that the latest home version of Symantec/Norton works any better. The business version is reasonably well behaved. Its not an easy thing, I know - the threats have increased on a massive scale and the programs to protect the computer are more and more complex and invasive.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I have the same problem with Norton. When I run a scan, a message appears telling me that I must update. I begin the update and it stops halfway, freezing my screen. There is no way to remove the window unless I shut down the computer.

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Try going to the link below and downloading the newest update. You can either choose to save or install, it doesn't matter. I'd reboot after that then try it.

How much memory is in your computer Harry?

Here is a link that might be useful: Norton manual updates

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

This isn't going to help any of us, but please know that I've been doing the same sort of things today as well as ordering repair parts with excruiciating slowness, but beats driving to town.
But Paperless? Don't think so. Just to keep a paper trail, I may need to upgrade the staples on my manual stapler.
And has anyone else been told that problems are now called "Issues"?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I really must respond to all of you who have made such good suggestions, but I have a mountain of papers to grade, and parent conferences coming up.

I am beginning to hate the word "issues". Yes, Ann, not only do the computer people use it, but so does everyone else - especially high school kids. They have issues with me because I am so hard. They have issues because Spanish isn't fun like it was last year. We don't play games. (Do you know how big those 16 year olds are? No, we won't play games and let them run around like some of these kids did in the 7th grade.) How about a pinata --- and bat?

Issues and issues. They cheat. They go to the counselor with their issues. I just had to comment on this word.
Thanks everyone for the posts.

I finally called Cox, and told them that we have the computer, TV's, telephones, and long distance with them. We have a right to computer protection if they advertise that they have it. They said my computer wasn't compatible. I said that it is unless they can find the "incompatability". They finally had me go to Microsoft and upgrade VB files from 5 to 6. Now it is working. I am not thrilled since it isn't great, but it is working for now.

I want to write later, but must go.

I am worried about Meredith and Joan on the Prairie.


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I'm looking for the best parental control software. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad with Cybersitter, NetNanny or Safe Eyes, or any others?

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