Hidden Gems on TV

anntn6b(z6b TN)September 11, 2007

Sometimes, rarely, local TV news has hidden gems.

When the weatherman standing in front of a map of Tennessee, points to North Carolina and burbles "and to our west".

Today was such a moment. A pre-recorded 'cooking' segment in which the cook assembled pre-prepared ingredients, chatting as he went. Except it was done out of doors, on a sunny day, at the fair. The all purpose fair which includes livestock and all things associated with livestock.

As our intrepid cook opened the containers of ingredients, the flies started assembling. As he mixed, my eyes were glued to the set, would he incorporate that pesky fly (which he was ignoring) into the chicken salad? Add mayo..now there are two flies flirting on the opened can of crushed pineapple. Put the grapes in, there goes a fly, flying by.

Whups, what's that black ingredient that just got folded in?

And the episode was recorded on a sunny day with shadows playing havoc for the cameraman. Today, a light drizzle.

So, the lessons learned today if you want to be a talking head on TV.

1) Ignore flies.

2) Pretend that prerecorded feeds are live, even when the weather doesn't match.

3) Don't cook at a xxxx and livestock show.

4) Be careful what you eat.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

What I love is when the local talking heads are called so kind,compassionate and caring.
Why? Because they look so kind,compassionate and caring as they sit there reading the monitor.
It amazes me how people judge those things.
Not on what you do but how you look and sound.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Reminds me of one of the Indiana Jones movies, the Nazi is talking away with a fly crawling on his face, and then the fly crawls into his mouth. At least I think it was an Indiana Jones movie. I'm pretty sure it was a Nazi. Anyone else remember that scene?

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Yep a fly crawls into Belloq's mouth!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I can picture the fair now - and even smell it!! It takes a strong stomach to eat at ours due to what you have described and the requisite livestock odor.

My favorite local news segment was when the anchor broke down in crying fits of laughter trying to report on a dead whale being blown up on the coast. They try to hard to be professional here and rarely succeed, so it was great fun to see them finally throw it all out the window!

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If this seems funny, you would also love the Richard Simmons video on YouTube. He is doing a cooking demonstration on a product he is promoting, I believe, and his cooking product catches on fire. It is truly hilarious.

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