Black is not my mood

meldy_nva(z6b VA)November 16, 2010

This thought began with my new stove. (BTW, it works fine, having an accurate oven is great, we've gotten used to the new burner grates -they aren't those ugly ultra-bulky cast iron, but still much heavier than the prior.) It's black with stainless steel. Not much S/S because of the large glass oven door and larger-than-competitors glass over the oven/timer controls, but a black surface which also curves halfway up the backsplash. It looks like a big, black, depressed blob in my cream and gold kitchen. I swear it absorbs all the surrounding light, making that end of the kitchen depressingly dusky, even at high noon.

Just recieved the latest Ikea catalog. Not quite most, but a good portion of the furniture/bookcases/etc is... black. They have superb photographers, only about half the detail is lost.

Stopped by a couple of furniture stores recently (someday, a new sofa). Display after display... black.

Thinking of presents for DD and SIL, I stuck my nose in several clothing stores. Shirts, sweaters, slacks, jackets; purses, shoes, slippers... black.

Black is depressing. NY career women have proved this for years: all in black with unified expressions of depression.

What's with the advertising departments? They want us to be depressed every time we look at the purchase as well as when we look at the price tag? I had to buy the stove; I do not have to buy anything else in black; and I won't.

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We just got rid of our old wood burning stove out in the sunroom and put in a new It took a couple of days to get used to it but I love the way it looks..which is old. I'll bet you'll eventually get used to your stove and actually like it. Can you put some colorful items on the counter near your stove?

I just bought something else in black. We are invited to a black tie optional holiday party and I now have "the little black dress" which I haven't worn in years because I wasn't little,or at least little enough to look slinky.I love it.

I hope you come to really like your new gold and white can be really classy together.

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"Black is depressing. NY career women have proved this for years: all in black with unified expressions of depression."

Well, I'd say they wear a lot of black - makes commuting on the subway, and having to decide what to wear in the fashion capital of the nation much easier. But I'd definitely disagree with the 'expressions of depression' - most look pretty happy, when I look around the city.

But I'm sorry you're not feeling at home with it in your kitchen. It seems appliances are subject to fashion trends just as much as the rest of a house. I hope it comes to grow on you soon. As was said above, (Hi M!), it can be a really elegant combination.

Can you tell I love black?

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Black isn't my mood either, but it sure makes me look thinner. My friend was over helping me pick out what to wear to a party and she noted that there was nothing black LOL I have a closet full of crazy colors and obnoxious prints. I did purchase a black top off a clearance rack that I only tried on because it was cheap. It made me look ten pounds thinner, who could pass that up? :)
I still don't get the whole black nail polish thing.

Black appliances are in this house. I wish that fifties turquoise blue was in style or light yellow.

Maybe Martha Stewart has a Decooupage kit for unsightly appliances.

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Black and gold. I think they're great, but then Vandy's my home!!! :)

I don't "get" stainless steel. That leaves white. Boring. I guess I could go for some of the colors showing up on the new washer/dryer selections, deep red, aqua, and a really pleasing blue. Yea, Krista, turquoise blue and yellow. I love yellow in the kitchen, it's so cheerful.

Here is a link that might be useful: like this google page

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

There are a lot of depressed folks out there, and the manufacturers and their salespeople and ad geniuses are probably even more depressed than average... i totally get it if they're featuring black.

FWIW,I never wear black tops, i've realized it's not a flattering color, but i love black pants!!!

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

And black nail me it says dirty, or you're REALLY bad with a hammer...

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"I wish that fifties turquoise blue was in style or light yellow.

Maybe Martha Stewart has a Decooupage kit for unsightly appliances"

Amen, Sistah!

& pink, don't forget pink stoves!

(Rachel Ray has a really cute turquoise fridge.)

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Actually, coloured enamel appliances are increasingly popular - but in very expensive brands. SMEG fridges; AGA stoves; Le Cornu stoves;.

And I know I've seem a company on the web somewhere selling kits to re-decorate your fridge. I've also heard of people taking their appliances to a car spray shop to be re-painted!

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Call me boring. I like my appliances white, my sheets white, my ceiling white, my woodwork white (only if it is painted) and my underwear white. Oh and I like my plumbing fixtures white, too.

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When we got new counter tops and appliances over a year ago, stainless steel was the "in" thing to get--and still is, I think. So, we got it: dishwasher, electric range, refrigerator. However, I don't think I'd buy it again, b/c I'm not a good enough housekeeper to polish it every time it gets a fingerprint, smudge, or drip! The old almond color worked fine and didn't show all those marks!

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And that would be why I don't "get" stainless steel. We put those in the remodel we just finished. Along with smudges, you can't put magnets on the stainless steel parts. Boy was I glad to say goodbye to those. Miss the ice maker and water dispenser, but that's it. Not the cleaning.

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Years ago, I sold a house with a "red" kitchen:
appliances were a sort of burnt tomato,
quarry tile floor (orangey terra-cotta-ish),
seems like the countertops were charcoal gray laminate,
& dark brown Spanish style cabinets.

sounds like much too much today, but it was warm & inviting, & I still smile when I remember it.

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Black has it's place. The little black dress has been a mainstay for many years. However, I agree with meldy that there is too much black around. I imagine that it reflects the time we live in.
Re the stainless steel fad. It is rampant here in Silicon Valley. Just about every rehabbed house has a stainless kitchen. I have resisted because I have had experience in trying to clean stainless steel counters and sinks.It is so labor intensive that I don't want to do that again.
I have chosen white appliances.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I actually don't mind S/S; prefer it to plain white. I have a double S/S sink with *large* drainboards on either side: that's why I bought this otherwise unremarkable house all those years ago. Love the sink, tolerate the rest. For years I used a powder cleaner from a pots-and-pans manufacturer; they aren't around anymore and neither is that excellent cleaner. After much trial and error have found "Cameo" brand which is almost as good. Use it according to directions then go over again with very dish-soapy water and rinse thoroughly, then towel/polish dry. I do this about once a month (the sink about once a week) and have no problem with fingerprints or water stains.

My prior stove was almond, yes: easy to care for and never tattled if I didn't wipe it clean right away. One consolation: the appliance repairman tells me the new stoves only last about ten to twelve years. I have high hopes that the fads will be back to almond by then, lol.

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Bar Keeper's Friend. Available in most supermarkets. no need to do the soapy water rinse: just plain water is fine. And then wipe up with a microfibre cloth. They're amazing for stainless steel (something I learned at the Kitchens Forum).

Microfibre cloths are wonderful things.

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lunamoon(5 MA)

I love black. More than half the clothes in my closet are black. I'm not miserable and depressed but I prefer dark colors.

I also like the look of stainless steel appliances. As a matter of fact, I think they look rather sharp with black accessories. That said, I don't actually own any and I know they can be a pain to clean. I rent so I don't have any choice in the matter. The other colored appliances are interesting and fun but not my style personally.

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Another gentle,good clean besides Bar Keeper's Friend which I use,is Bon Ami,also found in grocery stores. I even use it on my cook top.

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any and all with SS kitchen appliances, find yourself a can of BARKEEPER'S FRIEND at Walmart, a fine powder and a nylon net back on a dish cloth will clean a countertop stove in a flash, shine stainless and get all the various stains from fingerprints to vegetables off, leaving it all shiny, matte or bright finishes.. less than $2, and a godsend..

Also removes the vegetable stains from hands and nails when you peel fruit.. lotion afterwards..

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