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diane_nj 6b/7aSeptember 9, 2007

OK, I'm not much of a complainer (well, OK), but this time I have to vent a little.

After being sucked in by the advertising, I attempted to place an online take out order with a certain "down under" themed restaurant this evening. Selected the items, received the confirmation e-mail with time to show up at the location (~10 minute drive). Get there a few minutes past the time (street fair in town hard to get across today). Person brings out order for customer waiting then asks my name (the online order asks for car info!). Goes back in. Tick, tick, tick (I knew it wasn't going to be good...). Person comes back out. "Could it have been ordered under another name?" WHAT, LIKE MARGE BOUVIER SIMPSON???? (through gritted teeth) "No. Do you need my phone number?" "Oh, no." Goes back in. Another car drives up (big fancy Caddy SUV), a different person brings his order right out to "Tom". 8 more minutes, first person comes out with order card in his hand. Mind you, Sunday evening, the parking lot is packed (it always is). "We never received your order. I can take it now." "No." "Are you sure?" "NO THANK YOU" Diane drives off, guy in SUV (WHO HAS HIS FOOD) looks puzzled.

Now, I KNOW it would have taken 40 minutes or more to wait, the initial wait time was 30 minutes. IF they had offered a "free dessert" (not equivalent to my gas and time) or "free appetizer" or discount off of my order or free drink while I waited at the bar, then I MIGHT HAVE placed the order and waited. BUT THEY DIDN'T OFFER ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!

Complaint e-mail already sent. I can see if I never received a "confirmation". But, the "confirmation" should NEVER BE SENT to the customer until the RESTAURANT HAS PICKED UP THE ORDER AND VERIFIED IT. OR TELL THE CUSTOMER TO WAIT UNTIL A SECOND E-MAIL WITH THE STORE CONFIRMATION IS RECEIVED. Now, I'm just waiting for a phone call later this evening "reminding me that my order is ready". And at that time I'll ask to speak to the manager.


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Diane, sorry about your problems. I would certainly call the manager, because if he doesn't know about it, it will continue and the problem will never be corrected.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Taureau, I will. I know in the grand scheme of the universe the fact that I ate leftovers last night isn't even a blip, but I hate when things don't work, and I hate it even more when the company doesn't even try to make up for it. They lost a sale (again, a pittance) and a customer.

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

When we want to go to the kangaroo restaurant we sit at the bar, no wait in the line and the food is the same.

And yes I would be royally pissed if they said what order to me.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Call the manager, definitely. You may get a voucher for a free meal. I've found service is not what it used to be! You were calmer than I could have been. I would have been out of my car and going inside to make sure someone heard me. There, I've had my rant for the day too.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

Same with the home despots and lows-
They shop out their phoned in services to low wage,no benefit companies that are supposed to pass on orders but a lot of times there are problems.
Penny wise,pound foolish.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Just to be fair, I want to note the follow up. After about a week, a manager called me, she had been away. She asked if the server called a manager on duty to discuss the issue, and I told her "No." She said that was a mistake, and that she would inform the staff if something similar occurred in the future a manager should immediately be called in to handle the problem. She also sent "something" that would hopefully change my mind. I was gone at the end of last week but found a GC for a nice amount (would cover dinner and a drink or dinner and an appetizer) in the mail when I returned. I'll use it at some point.

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It's nice to know that they came through for you! I like the one here in Vacaville; in fact I'm typing this and leaving to go grab something. I haven't left the house today--some kind of miracle--

Anyway, there's a New York strip and a baked potato in my future.

Then I'm going to rewatch Fractured with Anthony Hopkins. If you haven't seen it you're missing a great movie.


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Michael, there is a favorite restaurant of ours there in Fairfield-Vacaville area (cannot remember which city, sh*t I'm gettin' old). Anyway, it's a Japanese restaurant ala Benny Hanna but much much better. You can see the restaurant from I-80, you gotta try it sometime.

Diane, I'm glad the manager did the right thing in the end, they deserve a second chance, hope the food is good.

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My bad--it's Fracture.

msjam--you're not the only one!

Hisui on Monte Vista?

I've had my eye on that restaurant for a while now but haven't been; it's here in Vacaville.
I'll take you up on the recommendation!


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It's Hisui!! Thanks for reminding me!! I hope it's still as good as it was 5 years ago.

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