rules and regulations!! HA!!!

agnespuffinNovember 1, 2011

I have most likely mentioned it before, that we have three stubborn kids. They get it honestly from us. We all also like a GOOD arguement. You know the kind, no ill feelings, just logical.

Anyway, #1 son, for some reason unknown, wanted his joint checking account to list his wife's name first, and his second. He was told that it couldn't be done that way. The husband's name had to be first.

Why?? That was just the way it was. Rules are rules.

And then he found out that they could be listed alphabetically. This would place her name first. And that was perfectly OK.


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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Hmmmm! Steve and I have a joint checking account on which I'm listed first. I'm before him if alphabetized by first name, but after him if we go by last. But it's primarily my account, so that's how we differentiate it from the one that's primarily his. That, and I ordered chic-tastic animal print check blanks to ensure he'd never want to carry them.

Wonder what "rules" the bank would have about a marriage in which there were two husbands or two wives. It's best to not get nit-picky when it's clear that doing so will needlessly paint you into a corner.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I've found that the local banks follow the order as written on the opening application; otherwise, you can edit to suit when the blank checks are ordered.

Hmm, why would it matter to the bank whose name went first? Their concern should be whether or not there are funds for the account so that they can charge the appropriate fees. IMO, any bank that insisted X's name be placed first (or last) due to gender is practicing discrimination, not banking. Faced with that, I'd change banks in a hurry because any bank practicing any form of discrimination has its priorities all wrong.

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The only thing I could think of had to do with reporting the interest earned to the IRS. Perhaps it is supposed to be reported as given to the major wage earner in the family????

This was some time ago. It could have just been one of those old-fashioned rules that hung around years too long. the World is still full of them.

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Major wage earner? There's been plenty of times in my life when I WAS the major wage earner. Dumb rules like that make me roll my eyes. Gender discrimination does worse. When I opened my agri-business, I joined a farmer's group and one of the fringies was coverage of the joining party with disability insurance. Fine.......but I was the one working in ag and if I got disabled I would be the one to throw the business in a loop. Only since I wasn't male, they insisted my husband be the official applicant. As soon as the yearly dues came up the next year, I simply told them as nicely as I could force myself to stuff it.

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Me too Suzy, me too on the major wage eaarner!

I have a hard time getting them to use all three of my names. For some reason, it MUST be my middle initial only. Why? I like all of my names.

And, as I have likely stated before, I know two people the FBI was messing with until they found they weren't the right person, e.g. it was Steve Michael Smith with whom they were speaking, but they wanted Steve Allen Smith. Twice!!! (obviously, not that name, two other people). I'm not into someone else being me or vice-versa.

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Good post, and it is thought provoking. I have had my issues with banks, when I wanted to open accounts.

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I found out the hard way when I went to buy some property. Great Job, good salary, good everything, except I had no credit rating. Therefore, no loan.

All our bills, etc. were in the husband's name. None in mine. He went to the bank with me to try and co-sign the loan to put it in my name. The bank manager was a great guy and knew me from my job. He said he had decided to overlook the rules and give me the loan in my own name.

Soooo, I think this would be a good time to remind all the wives to put some of the bills, etc. in their own names and get their own credit rating.

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