anyone have a 7 year old girl?

andrewlina(Z5)September 16, 2007

What do you parents of kids this age use for bath toys? I am running out of tub toy ideas,that do not cost a fortune. She has a few "tub-friendly" Barbies and such. Anyone got any cool ideas for this stumped Mom? Thanks!

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I used kitchen stuff - colanders, funnels, measuring cups. Made boats out of watermelon rinds! Bubble bath! Annie

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Lucky deal with boys, by this point showering like a big boy has huge appeal.

Letting them luxuriate over it is a recipe for flooded floors and destroyed mouldings.


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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

I always used kitchen stuff with my girls too. When the three of them were little, they spent hours in the tub it seemed. It was good clean fun.

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Here's one both my sons and daughters enjoyed. Get a water gun and let her fill it up in the tub. Then buy her those soaps that come shaped like Crayolas and are all different colors.
She can then color on the tiles and spray the wall clean w/ the water gun.

Another winner is just a small hose, you know the kind you can attach to the sink when you want to wash your hair w/ the shower attachment at the end?

You can give her the hose without attaching it to the spout, for some reason they love this because they can blow air out through the attachment part and make their own "shower" by forcing the air out to the other side.

Little boats w/ small "guys" or action figures that can take boat rides is also fun.


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My daughter loves small shampoo bottles that have the tops that pop open so that she can squirt water out of them. Don't remember where I was but I found multiple rubber duckies all different colors. I bought them for my neighbors kids but mine wanted them. She also has the Polly Pocket dolls, some squirting BK toys and a few Fisher Price toys from when my 22 year old son was little.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I went to Party City and bought some little mermaids. Barbies, horses, that soap paint stuff that you can color the walls with.


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