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mawheelNovember 8, 2010

This is not a critique of the prodcution, acting, etc. of this movie, but a personal recommendation.

DH and I saw "Secretariat", yesterday. Even if you don't usually go to the movies--this one is a "must see", IMO. It will make you smile, laugh, almost cry, be apprehensive--even though it's based on a true story and you know it will turn out O.K., and make your heart beat faster, and most of all, make you feel happy that you saw it. Wow! That's quite a recommendation from a 78 year old about a Walt Disney movie--but trust me, try it, you'll like it! LOL

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That's the first movie I saw in a movie theater in years.
He was and is my favorite horse.

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He won me fifty dollars at derby time. LOL.

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andie_rathbone(Tyler, TX - 7B)

On my Netflix list.

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I saw it on the big screen too and loved it. I loved the casting and especially the very end of the film

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