Fall Garden (photo heavy)

michelle_zone4September 19, 2009

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my "big award" I was honored to be nominated and pleased that my garden has caught someone's eye. Here's some of whats going on these days.

Caryoptris 'Summer Sorbet' which will probably only be an annual here.

What appears to be an abundant harvest.

The front area is slowly filling in. The shrubs are small and will take some time. I added the cannas which were extras to fill in a bit. The house is a work in progress. The lower area is where the gutters will go. On the left side of the picture is the patio and patio garden. I'm thinking a rain barrel over there would be very handy for the patio containers.

Notice the round hay bales nicely framed by the arbor LOL I just can't get away from the farm stuff. I see another picture has a glimpse of the disk.

For Chelone, one of my rain barrels. This was a former livestock tank and holds an enormous amount of water off my garden shed.

Spanish Flag that the hummers just love in the potager.

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Oooh Michelle ! Outstanding ! Your garden is just spectacular, and the glimpses of farm stuff add a wonderful note, along with the re-purposing of various cast-offs that is so evident. The succulent sink is looking great this year...and the containers, the potager...all of it !I know you'll be seeing this thread bumped up more than once..thanks for the great pics, started my day out just right !

Kathy in Napa

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Several didn't upload for some reason. I couldn't leave out the Secret Garden and the Fairy garden and someone wanted to see my latest leaf casting. I gave Honey one this size and plan to give this one to my mom.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I think that is "Fireworks" in the first photo. It is a wonderful reliable plant for us here! Almost a shrub by now!

Also love the kitchen-like containers in the 5th photo.

Your cast leaf is gorgeous Michelle!

The butterfly gates will always be a delight. Kenzie must miss her garden and her grandma so much!

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Michelle, what an amazing performance -- annuals, tender stuff, intricate potager, detailed perennial borders backed by those gorgeous conifers. Portrait of a garden at full throttle. I didn't know the name Spanish Flag for Mina lobata, which is growing against my blue fence but nowhere near as lush as yours (mine planted in July, just now picking up steam). Love the sweep of borders against that lush green grass, the rock edgings, the seasonal "symphonic" progression. The livestock tank is perfect to dip into for watering pots. And not to leave out how fine that corn is looking!

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There are a million comments floating through my head, all on the line of WOWZA! But also how very healthy everything looks, esp. in September. You deserve a back to back award. By the way, I think I'll steal your entrance idea for the secret garden. The fence and gate look precious together.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, wow, wow Michelle!!!!! Your gardens get better and better every year. Everything looks so lush and cared for. I love all the creative touches everywherer adn the broad expanse of the long border is stunning. You've really planned for a lot of fall color. That fuchsia is gorgeous! and your Iochroma! Wowza! I don't have on tenth the amount of flowers on mine. I'm going to be coming back to this tread often for ideas and inspiration. Thanks so much for posting these photos.


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You deserve every bit of that award! It's so nice to see your vision come out of what must have been vast expanses of open land! Very much to be learned here.

Your leaf is gorgeous, your recipients must love them.

I really like the kale/cabbage and persicaria combo! I eyeballed Spanish Flag two years in a row and didn't bring it home - I think it's on my "must have" list for next year.

Keep the pictures coming, Michelle!

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Fabulous Michelle. Each area and plant are showcased so well. It all still looks so fresh. I love the entrance to the secret garden. I like the glimpses of farm life. It shows what you have worked with and deserves the Rural Beautification Award. You are very creative. Aren't digital photos great. You will be able to enjoy looking at what you have created all winter long.


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Thanks gals, of course you know I left the bad parts out and weeds don't really show up in distance photos LOL

Saucy, spanish flag grew very easily from seed. I bet it looks great against Denise's blue fence.

'bug, that is indeed 'Fireworks' Its in full bloom now and I like how it looks with the boltonia. I have 3 and they are certainly shrub sized.

The flower (I mean flour) sifter was a garage sale find for 50 cents.

I gave that leaf to my mom and she was thrilled.

Thanks again

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Michelle....I have looked over your photos a couple of times already. Nice when I was tired and didn't have time to read or post. I think I remember saying at the beginning of the growing season that you looked like you were going to have a banner year in the garden and you have lived up to that and then some. I am wondering how much time you have been spending in the garden every day on average this summer? You have kept everything looking so well groomed and healthy looking. I love that white Hibiscus! Such great texture. Did you cut it back to keep it to a certain size as it was growing? The sifter is a riot and you have one of my favorite geraniums with that Rex Begonia. What are those two pots sitting on? Very attractive. Your sink looks great this year! Love the shot of the corn cobs! [g] Is that a gravel mulch I see in your hosta area? Love your water collection container. Do you have to worry about mosquitoes? Great leaf casting too. I think they make great gifts. Your fairy garden is so cute!

Also meant to send best wishes to your Mom. If I understand it, she has already had her knee surgery? Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I think they have come a long way with these types of surgeries and the PT afterward makes a big difference.

I agree....keep the photos coming and congratulations on your award!! :-)

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