theoneclick(7)April 29, 2014

I need quite a large amount of hornwart and am willing to pay postage and whatever expenses if someone has some they could part with. I live in TX and I will give you all mailing information after I hear from you. Thanks so much

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I have quite a bit of hornwort in 2 goldfish tubs outdoors. I haven't mailed aquatic plants before, if you want some, please let me know, along with instructions re. how to send. It will have native snails/eggs on it.

Got any elodea?

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Where are you? I know it would be a pain for you to have to mail it but I would pay shipping. I assume put it in a plastic bag and then in a shipping box of some kind. Please wait until Friday morning, I had a local garden place that has pond plants to order some and it should come in on Friday morning. I'll go see if it came and if it's too expensive or whatever - or if it's a tiny bit which they usually are. Then I'll come back to you. I so appreciate you being willing!! Donna Click, Abilene, TX

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Okay! I couldn't e-mail ya, but I think the link to mine works.

I'm nw of SA, so it ought to get there fast. Let me know if you want some, send an addy & we'll figure out the best ship day.

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Hey bluegirl, donâÂÂt give up on me. I went to the garden place and their shipment truck was delayed so we have to go in again in the morning to check it. If hornwort is not on it IâÂÂm going to be getting back to you! Thanks, Donna Click

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Do you think you could put it in a zip lock bag or two with a tiny bit of water so they don't die and put in a box and send them? I wonder what that would cost? Of course the truck came and no hornwort. I would love some but hate to put you through the hassle of it. theoneclick@sbcglobal.net is my email address and I am in Abilene, TX. 79603. I'll send address if you feel you want to go through messing with it. Donna Click

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