Speaking of facial creams, do you have sensitivites?

onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)October 13, 2010

Last winter I kept waking up at night with my nose stuffed as if I had a bad cold. When I got up in the morning all was fine after I washed my face.

At first I thought it was my feather pillows so I washed them and bought new covers for them. That didn't change the situation. So I started thinking about what I do when I go to bed that is different from any other time of day. The night cream was the answer. As soon as I stopped using it the problem went away. I tried numerous creams till it got to the point where I felt I was pouring money down the drain. Now all I use is pure olive oil or a bit of vaseline.

Day creams and sunscreens are the same except that I get a sore throat and cold symptoms, watery eyes, etc. Again tried many brands, neutrogena, olay, avon, noxema, etc.

My question is, do you have these senstitivites to creams and what is the specific thing in the products to cause these reactions. I am going back to my doctor in January and asking him to refer me to an allergist but in the meantime winter is here and I really would like to find an inexpensive night cream that will not cause these reactions.

Thanks all.


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That sounds puzzling & rare.

I bet you'd have better odds of finding someone with similar experience if you were to post where a huge number of people read.

You might try the Kitchen Table Forum (on the main That Home Site! menu page, about halfway between left & right, below the horizontal line on the menu).

It's a very active forum, & the posters are almost to a person helpful & forthcoming.

I wish you well.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Valerie, had you thought at all about seeing a dermatologist and not waiting for your January appointment?
My niece has just about the most sensitive, driest skin in the world, she gets a fragrance free prescription cream that the druggist compounds for her - it keeps her skin healthy and soft. If you want to know specifically what your irritant is an allergist might be the way to go but a dermatologist might be quicker route for relief.

Your stuffy nose, eye irritating experiences with skin care products don't sound that odd to me, I wonder if added fragrance in those products isn't contributing to your issues. Perfumes/scents and the suncreens/blocks everyone preaches to us to slather on are both notorious for causing irritation, but I don't have a suggestion for you for an over the counter cream that is inexpensive and effective. Nothing is cheap if you can't use it and have to toss it :)

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Valerie---I hope you can resolve this problem----

Morz---nice to see you posting--hope all is well with you.


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I'm a dork;
I didn't mean where a whole bunch of people read, I meant where a whole bunch of people who are tuned in to things like allergies & sensitivities read...

like moms & stuff.


shaking head at her own self & going off to find some gingko for brain function

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Thanks for the advice.

I bought a jar of vitamin E cream the other day to use as a night cream, it seems to working well. My skin gets so dry in the winter.

I will go to that other forum as soon as time permits. I came here first as I know alot of you and trust you. :)


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I got a small jar of shea butter cream at Dollar General for $1, & it really helps my very dry skin.

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

well after only 4 nights of using the vitamin E cream I woke with the same stuffed sinus. that might narrow the field for what is causing this as there are only a few ingrediants in the cream. Drat, another ten bucks wasted.

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