Pondless Stream

irwinfletcherApril 1, 2014

Hi everyone. In a bit of a quandary. We are building a stream in our backyard that is 45 ft long, 3 feet wide. We dug our reservoir 5ft long and wide by 3.5 feet deep. Just realized I would need about 45 aqua blog which would be a setback of 2400 or so. I have bee. Told to use French drains or the 3 in PVC pipe that has holes in it. Another idea was getting some milk crates but the good quality ones that I find when I search the web. My concern is the milk crates and stability. As they don't hold a candle to the aqua blox. Does anyone have any input on either of much options or have advise on what is a good alternative? Thanks

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I have no experience with Pondless, but I am a big fan of my stream. I would expect others to want to know a couple basic questions that you didn't cover. Are you looking for 'raging waters' or are you after a gentle natural stream? What do you have against a pond? You are taking up a similar space for your resevour. What is going over that area since it is not a pond? Do you already have a pump; size?

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We actually have a pond as well. This is separate from the pond. We are looks for gentle roll. I don't have the pump size handy but my local pond store sized it for our needs. Over the reservoir would be rocks and probably a decorative piece (statue or something). The concern is people walking on it. Aqua bloc can hold the weight but I don't want to spend that kind of money. I don't want to fill with boulders or large rocks as we would lose the water space. The reservoir is completely separate from the pond. Does that help?

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