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andrewlina(Z5)October 23, 2007

Is anyone on the Weight Watchers program? I understand there is a FLEX plan and a CORE plan,I believe. Can anyone enlighten me,I plan on joining this Saturday. Thanks

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I was in WW for about 9 months, and plan to return as soon as I can drive myself to the meetings. It is a very well-researched program and has the best long-term success record of any weight loss programs, meaning that the people who lost weight were able to maintain the loss. (I did't, cus after I got re-injured I couldn't drive, so I quit going to meetings and stuff..) The program is good for physically limited types like moi - exercise is important, of course, but even those who cannot exercise lose weight on this program.

The Flex plan consists of eating a variety of foods and each food has a certain number of points. You count points instead of calories and are allowed a certain amount of points a day, plus some extra points for special treats. The CORE plan involves eating only certain foods (like protein and veggies) but eating as much as you want of these foods.

That's the nutshell version - you can e-mail me if you want more info and Good luck!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I have been a part of it for years even though I don't attend meetings anymore.

What I like is that the instructors have all lost weight using Weight Watchers. I went to a hospital program once, and the instructors were 23 years old. In WW, the women have been there, and know what we are going through.

Calories are hard to keep track of, but points aren't. When we lose a couple of pounds, everyone claps (they don't know if you don't tell), and you say how you did it. When I first went, I held on to my drinking about 3 real cans of soda a day. Meeting after meeting members would say that they dropped the soda. That is what helped me drop the soda and the pounds that went along with it.

When you go to the meetings, you weigh in. Nobody sees that number except you.

They will give you a final weight number for your height. Choose the very highest number you are allowed, and then when you reach that number, you can attend meetings free for the rest of your life. You just have to weigh in once a month, and stay at or below that number. Even if your goal is 10 pounds under that number, free is free.


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I always wanted to join the WW program but just thought it was too complicated. I lost all the weight I needed to through the American Heart Association Diet. I had to. I had a stroke back about 3 years ago and lost the vision in my left eye, which only 25% of it came back. So I just keep on this diet and I am able to maintain. Exercise is an important part of losing weight too. A few of my friends have just started this new diet called The Weigh Down Workshop. And they have had alot of success with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Weigh Down Workshop

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98 percent of all people who go on any kind of diet to loose weight will gain it all back again + more.

Only longterm life style changes will give lasting results. And one has to stick to these changes the rest of the their lives. What is the point of going on any concept diets like Weight watchers to loose weight ..only to return to the habits that made you overweight after the diet is over and you have lost the weight. You will for sure gain all that you have lost back again + more.

The body resist most effort we do to loose weight ... We only loose weight when we are in Energy deficit. But we also risk destroying our metabolism and damage or lean muscle mass. A weight loss achieved by dieting alone will not make any body look better. You will just become a smaller softer version of what you look like now.

Stop the Insanity. Stop starving yourself and eat healthy (plenty veggies, fruits and lean meat, poultry and fish) and begin exercising to improve your aerobic condition and exercise with weights. Start using this tool:


Determine what you eat and gain awareness of what to eat.
Weight watchers is all about selling you products and points and you can use your points to eat cake if that is what you wants. It is insane....

But if you want to destroy your bodies and get more fat in the long term by starving your self and paying for it. By all means go ahead ....

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I think your Weight Watchers instructor mislead you, cupshaped. Ours spoke constantly about the total philosophy of WW, and the fact that eating all sweets is not part of what they are talking about. She always spoke about good nutrition as well as using the points, and also talked about the importance of good nutrition. I think WW is all about life style changes, and that is why they have the required meetings.

They do sell books, but you don't have to buy them. I think it is a good deal to be able to go to the meetings for free once you reach your goal.

Were you ever part of WW or are you comments just what you think of all programs?


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Cup has a point - losing weight on a diet without making long-term lifestyle changes will not result in permanent weight loss. when I did my research I compared several diet programs and techniques. WW emphasizes keeping a food journal as a way to keep track of the amount of food one eats. This was cited as the most effective technique of any of the 'tricks' or 'gimmicks' used. Logging food makes one aware of exactly how much one is eating, and awareness is the key.

I like going to meetings and getting the support and comraderie I find there. (If I could do this by myself I would already be skinny.) I am an awful emotional eater, especially when in pain. It is nice to realize I am not alone in that. I am looking forward to going back - how silly is that??

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I'm thinking about joining it..pagan, the cameraderie and support sound good. The Core diet sounds like the ATkins diet..is it? I lost 70 pounds on the ATkins diet in 2004, then I gained back about 30 pounds and stayed at that weight for a year or so, and now I have almost gained back all I had lost. When I was on the Atkins diet I was working out with weights, swimming and walking. I really felt good. 20 years younger. My husband says that according to a recent study it is more healthy to exercise than to be thin. I guess both are good, but I think it's true that even if overweight, you can feel a good bit better by exercising.

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Linda - CORE is similar to Atkins. The difference for me is that I prefer keeping track of what I eat, (counting points) and with CORE you dont keep track as long as you eat CORE foods. I know myself and my weaknesses - I have to be abe to indulge my sweet teeth or I will binge big time.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I have lost 38 lbs. and it's been over a period of 8 months. I DON'T plan on it coming back. If anyone's interested, Green Tea Extract helps lose some.


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Well I know WW works! I lost 50 pounds years ago,but it found me again. (gotta learn to hide better). Anyway I just thought the CORE would be easier as I do not want to count food the rest of my life. The support and meetings let me talk to people obviously in the same boat as I am. When I was in WW in the mid-late 80's it was alot different. You could have so many breads,so many fruits,so many proteins blah blah blah. I miss that way,but anyway is good if it helps you lose weight. I HOPE this rubs off on my 11 yr old who has a weight problem as well. Julie

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Don't want to annoy anyone but I agree with the Danish gentleman.No crutch-willpower,a healthy diet and exercise.That leads to a lifestyle that becomes habit.28 pounds here-gone.

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Pete - BRING ON THE CRUTCHES FOR ME!! the more the merrier!!! I think being healthy in whatever way works best for you is the key. As I recover more from surgery, I hope my lifestyle does get healthier and more active... but I will likely still need/want my crutches of meetings and support. that's just me, your mileage may vary.

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cecily(7 VA)

You grumpy old men are missing the point: WW is a lifestyle. Attending the same meeting each week allows women to make friends with the group and it becomes a social activity. There was a newspaper report a couple of months ago that suggested you will be thin if your friends/spouse/coworkers are thin. Its that idea. MIL and SIL are WW lifers. They are both outgoing, social types and enjoy the meetings. I'm an extreme introvert and prefer to diet/exercise/eat healthy alone. Find what works for you.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I belonged to WW twice after I sold my horse and went from 185 to 205. I was in Kendo/Kumdo and solid muscle; playing 1 1/2 hours three times a week, but the doctors thought I should still lose some weight. Bummer!

WW works and the group support is good. I think that one of the main benefits is that it makes one aware of what you eat.

The Troll comes from a family that is rail thin and live to a hundred years old every one of them. My family looks like a Falstaff convention and if it wasn't for modern medicine are lucky to make it past 60.

DW gets her knickers in a binder (gets upset) when I would attend WW and it was causing too much grief dealing with her ire.

One thing nice about our form of Martial Arts and WW. After you get your Black Belt; the lessons are free. I never got my BB from WW. I look like a white belt for sure, like a great whale!) I am the thinnest whale in my family. Foghorn happy bird- whale - thingy.


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Sammy: I have never been to a WW meeting. But coming from a family, where most are morbid obese I have heard about some of their experiences. I also understand that WW have more programs and ways to loose weight than they did earlier.

Over the years it has been a constant struggle for me to keep my weight down. (6 month of mindless eating and I have gained 50 pounds!!!). Over the years I have studied treatment of obesity, both because of my personal interest in keeping my weight down, but also because of my former profession (I was a medical doctor ... had to stop because of brain damage that caused complex partial seizures).

It is not loosing the weight that is hard!!! Any change in ones diet and exercise habits that causes one to be in energy deficit will make a person loose weight. Many sort of diets will make people loose weight. Some are more healthy than others.

But all research shows that more than 98 percent who looses weight on any kind of diet will gain it all back + more. So yes people can loose weight ... but keeping the weight off is the problem. If Weight Watchers can help you to loose the weight and make the lifestyle changes needed to be constant
vigilant about eating and exercise habits I certainly support people going there. Many do however only go to WW meetings to loose weight.

Maintaining the weight loss is really important and for most it is a life long challenge.

Many mention the social support going to meetings provide. It does help during the weight loss phase, but remember that most will need to keep up the lifestyle changes the rest of their lives.

Getting more knowledge about nutrition, physiology and exercise will help. But even those who know it a lot about these subjects will become overweight anyway. Knowledge do not necessarily lead to action ..... People over eat for many reasons. Psychological, sociological and cultural factors also play their part. It is highly individual what will help different people to loose weight and keep the weight of.

A good place to look for online support is this forum:


I also recommend learning to use this site:


The sad truth about many of our efforts to loose weight is that the body actually try to counteract these efforts. Many who want to loose weight eat way too little and loose too much lean body mass and actually ends up slowing their metabolism down. Many loose weight but they actually only become smaller softer versions of what they look like now.

I am not saying that people necessarily should strive to reach their ideal weight. I hate that term ... ones ideal weight is highly individual. Some can carry more weight than others and the "Ideal weight" as 25 yo is different than 50 yo.

The most common mistakes in loosing weight are:

- People eat to little ( the body will counteract that by slowing the metabolism down) but the worst part is that people do get enough nutrients (macro and micro nutrients).
It is important to get enough protein.

- People are not exercising enough and in the right way ( Aerobic exercise and weight exercise).

I think I better end my rant here. There are many ways to loose weight that is for sure. Keeping the weight off and actually live healthy and build a better body is the real challenge. I sure wish all of you well in your pursuit of
your goals to loose weight and get in better shape. And gardening is great exercise!!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I went to our local hospital that had a weight loss program a number of years ago. I weighed 145 pounds, and wanted to get down to 125. The women there told me I was obese, and I was devastated. Now I know that the wieght of 125 was unrealistic, but at that time, it really hurt me.

I ended up gaining up to 160, and went to Weight Watchers. The high end of my level for my body size and height is 142 or 143. That does not make me slim and trim, but is a logical weight for me.

Cupshaped roses made me think about Osteoporosis. If we are not very careful, and if we do not exercise or use weights (gardening) we run the risk of developing Osteoporosis, and really hurting ourselves when we try to lose weight.

Dr. Oz (Oprah's doctor) talks about the weight in the thighs and hips is not nearly as damaging to our health as the weight in the abdomen.

I think there is a lot to think about in weight loss programs, and we have to be wise enough to check with our doctors if someone tells us that our ideal weight is too low.

Also weight training is good, but in my opinion, had I not had proper training, I could have injured myself. I think it is well worth the money to take a class, not work with a trainer, but take a class where everyone is going through the same procedure of lifting weights, and you make proper procedures a habit. (For example, keeping your back straight).


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I am a carb addict but the Atkins diet works for me until I get off, then I binge on carbs. I think I'll check out that other points system because I think that I might do better if able to eat some carbs but still stay within a limit that will result in weight loss. Currently when I go off my diet I throw up my hands and say what the heck, I am going to eat something good today since I already "blew it".

One thing about losing all that weight in 2004...that was 3 1/2 years ago and for most of that time I felt lots better, even though I gradually gained most of it back. I am aware of the statistics about gaining weight back but I just don't want to let the statistics tell me what I will or won't do...I think there are many exceptions and possibly they are not counted by the statisticians! I think it was Lewis Carrol who said he tries to do 7 impossible things before breakfast! ( just try doing them after breakfast..hehe)

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Cupshaped, I don't mean to sound like I don't appreciate your expertise on weight loss. I just don't want to be fatalistic about it. Also, I am sorry to hear about your seizures and having to give up your career. I hope you're doing well regarding that.

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Linda - have you joined yet? I plan to start back this week - looking at a Friday meeting. I have been to that one before and I like the leader bunches. she joined, hit goal, quit, and joined 5 times before becoming a leader. she has certainly BTDT.

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Pagan, No I haven't joined yet ( want to save money) . I am back on my version of Atkins which is heavy on vegetables and salads. I do pretty well on it and am happy with my diet but once I go off it's hard to get back on. I do think I'd probably like Weight Watchers..and the points plan might work better for me long term. Is it expensive?

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I do pretty well in spite of my health problems, but I hate all the meds I need to to take and their side effects. But I feel better on the meds than off it for sure. Only the weight gain surprised me a lot.

I have been on my diet now for 10 weeks and have lost 32 pounds. I am on a rather low carb diet ( basically 4 oz of fibre bread each day, 5-6 pieces of fruit and 12 oz of vegetable for lunch and for dinner + dairy products and about 12 oz of fish, meat or poultry each day). It sure works for me and I also like the weight maintaining programme.

I know it is not just about loosing weight. Every body can do that and gain it back again....I focus more on getting healthy food and enough food and getting in to shape. I will not starve myself and I eat the right things when I am hungry. And yes there is room for healthy desserts and some dark chocolate too.

I hope those of you that also have a problem about compressing the soil in your rose beds too much will find solutions that works for you long term. I should have started this way of living years ago .... Now I feel much better and stronger.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

My daugher, who takes after my side of the family, is working on Niel's recommended book; "You on a Diet." She is incorporating a lot of the good ideas found there.

I have reached a new plateau, and sooner or later, I will get a new plateau to walk around on for a while.

It was right painful to give up my Kendo/Kumdo, but I was lucky enough to find a practioner in the internal arts. I leave the boxing to the youth and satisfy myself with the Tai Chi & Push Hands.

With a nasty case of the flu getting done, I need to get back in the traces.

Speaking of traces (Horse harness,) I had always hoped to get into Standardbreds after I retired, but they closed the local track. I have been worring DW by looking at saddles. Hee! Hee! Expensive ones!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sifu Kenny G's blog site

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Well Doug I am also on a Plateau after loosing 60 pounds ... I have not lost anything the last 4 weeks. (I have quit smoking ...again ...again ... again!). Quitting smoking is however a battle I want to win. But it is the hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes the cravings hits me like like a Mack Truck ... and snacking seems to be the only things that can distract me. But I really am getting in better shape. I no longer have any problems with my back and shoulders ...even when working up to 8 hours straight with strenuous garden work projects. And I can now do 50 push ups. 5 month ago I could (barely do 2! LOL).

I hope we will beat this plateau Doug! I also hope every one else that are on diets and trying to loose weight are doing well.


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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I hope you had a chance to visit Sifu Kenny G's site. He has a lot of wisdom and is a good person, even if he is scrawny. I try and overlook the fact that some folks are naturally boney. They are still good folks. I think a few of you have called me to task about some of my insensitive remarks in the past.

One thing nice about gardening is that is is good for us physically and mentaly regardless how our creator made us. It helps feed my happy feet. No, I haven't seen the movie - the ads were enough - thank you very much.

Even reading about some of my overly numerous weeds (violets) the other day made me a happy bird and gave me a warm feeling. No, I hadn't filled my Depends (adult nappies!)

I just pray my health continues so that I can direct DW in her many upcoming toils and enjoy the coming flush of roses this spring.

I also tried the The Weigh Down Workshop. When I play in my posy patch, I feel am very close to my higher power as I understand her, him ---er. No, it is not DW as much as she would like me to believe so.

Be nice to eachother and yourselves.

See you at Pete's fishmongers!


Here is a link that might be useful: Is that all you can see;

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