Pond Vac?!?

Craigger7May 22, 2012

Hey all, well I'm ready to upgrade! I've used the Muc Vac this past year and did not like it. I don't have muc in my pond but I do have a protein problem with foam. Another lesson learned to a new pond owner, cover the pond in late fall and spring with netting.

I don't mind paying for a product that will last, and works. Do you have any suggestions on past success stories with pond vacs.

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I used to use vacuums a lot and also once made them for sale. I don't any more. Here's my page on pond vacuums.

But if the pond bottom is clean I don't see why a vacuum would help. Google "pond foam fractionator" and/or "pond protein skimmer". Easy to make and effective. I integrate a fractiontor into the pond by making a catch basin for the waterfall. Foam collects there and never on the pond surface.

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