WIP Pond

Calamity_J(z7bc)May 9, 2010

FINALLY!!! A dear friend has taken pity on me and decided to help me get my pond in...this is what we got done today. It is a 6wx10Lx4ftd pond, with a bog garden off it. There will be a 2000 gal pump and a 2000gal filterw/uv to get set up. Also a water tunnel that is the water fall, and a castle behind that and between the bog and pond...that will light up. WhooHoo!!! It's been a whole year that I have been looking at "The Hole" and now it's becoming a reality!!! It will also have a pergola built over it! And rock work on the walls around it!

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WOW What a fabulous pond that is going to be. Please keep us posted!!

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Yes, please do keep us posted. With pictures, of course. It will be fabulous.

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Looks Great!!!!

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This is the inspiation for my castle!!!

And this is the inspiration for the water tunnel!!!

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I am so excited for you!!!! :) Now you have gone and made me want a toad castle. Shame on you! lol The water tunnel looks awesome.


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I love the water tunnel.. I was in the process of trying to design a new bigger pond and now I have a ich problem to deal with. As soon as I get that taken care of I am going to go back to pond making. Good Luck!!! and keep us updated

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Okay, those castles are really cool. Can't wait to see your completed project!

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