For once I was glad I had a walker.

gandle(4 NE)November 20, 2010

Went out this A.M. to go to the library, it closes at noon Saturday and the sidewalks and streets were a sheet of ice, I know I would have been laying on the sidewalk if I hadn't had the support of the walker. Decided I didn't need any books til Monday.

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Better safe than sorry. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Good call, George.

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That first ice on the road always seems to come as a surprise. Be safe.

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I still have flowers blooming.
I'm glad you stayed home today George.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

The only flowers blooming here are the ever-durable snapdragons. No one told them they were expected to fade away during our summers, so they have bloomed non-stop since early spring. Neighbor has pansies, finally perking up.

Ice. Ice on sidewalks. Slipping across roads. Dripping from the roof. Encasing trees from branch to twig. I know it's coming, but I never quite believe it until I see the world glazed.

One of the biggest joys of retirement: never, ever again having to scrape all the car windows, slip down slickety walks, or refrain from swearing at the newest Northerner driver who is discovering that our local "snow" is most often either hiding under or over ice - most of those good folks making the discovery as they slide into a ditch or a nearby car.

Here's to ice outside, and here's to a cup of hot chocolate inside.

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