Shoot out to Debn of N/W FL.

phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)October 23, 2009

Miss Debn I was just wondering what part of N/W Fl. you live in. I visited your garden photos and they are Beautiful. My wife and I are located in Milton, FL. It's nice to find someone else in North Fl. that loves roses as much as we do.

Adele & Harold

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Hi Harold!

I live in Panama City Florida. Milton is just down the road isn't it? I see the location all the time when the weather map is being shown on TV.

I have mostly anitque roses on their own roots. I'm having a major problem with some unknown grass from hades that we just can't get rid of. It has invaded our rose beds and you honestly can't sit there and just pull it up. The roots go way down and have some kind of nut on them. I googled nut grass and it is not that. I probably got the seeds in some bags of cheap potting soil I used.

What roses do you mostly grow? Antiques? Moderns? Down here the Tea's are wonderful for the most part BS free roses. Sometimes my Teas will get blackspot but rebound without being sprayed.

I am a native of Panama City. It sure has changed over the years!


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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Miss Deb,yes I'm about two hours west of you. I'm sorry to here about your problem with that grass, seems like there is always something to make rose growing fun. HA HA
Me and my wife grow some of everything roses including HT's , David Austin's, Minis, Mini Floras,and climbers. We got serious about growing roses about two years ago now. We currently have just alittle over 100 roses. I'm glad we only have a city lot or we'll kill ourself.HA HA
Well it was nice to meet you and if you like feel free to visit our garden.
Adele & Harold

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