Anyone here have IBS

carla17(Z7 NC)October 26, 2007

My nerves have caught up with me and causing stomach pain. The drug the doc gave me is Levbid I think. It causes a dry mouth which can be very annoying. Do you know anyone who takes meds for this and if so, what meds are there?



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Carla -nope, not yet. Took me a minute to figure out what it was, but I don't have it. I know the Darvocet and norcotic meds I took forever gave me an awful cotton mouth. I was constantly drinking diet cokes (for the caffeine too!); and at least 2 gallons of water a day. I have noticed a real decrease in my liquid intake since I have been off those meds - sometimes it takes me 2 days to drink myusual 2-gallons of water!

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Yes, Carla, I do have it. No meds though as my doctor won't diagnose it, as I didnt have spasms during the test. He is truly a quack and I need to change docs. The technician diagnosed me and recommended I take Citrucel tablets. They have really helped but every once in a while, there is still a problem, if you know what I mean.

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I donÂt take Levbid, but from what I know this drug can cause many side effects, among them is dry mouth as you experience. It may help if the dosage and/or dosing frequency are reduced. For Levbid, the usual recommended dose is one tab (0.375 mg) for every 12 hours, and I believe this drug does not come in other dosage strengths. Tell your doc about the side effects. He/she may adjust the dosage or switch med for you.

Some other equivalent drugs in this class with less dosage strength:

Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.125 mg (generic of Levbid)
Anaspaz 0.125 mg
Cystospaz 0.125 mg
Levsin/SL 0.125 mg tab or 0.125 mg/mL solution (drops)

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Carla, is this what Elizabeth Hasselhoff sp. on the View has? She said that when she was on the Survivor, she felt great, that she cannot have gluten. I am not sure this is the same condition.


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jody(7b - NC)

Carla, I have had this problem since sometime early in 2004. A couple of times I've had to resort to meds to get the spasms under control (for some reason, it often takes a long time to get diagnosed). I found a website reference to soluble fibers and started fiddling with my diet -- adding the soluble fibers. It makes all the difference in the world for me. I can pretty much control it with diet.

The soluble fibers are:

Pasta and noodles
Fresh white breads such as French or sourdough (NOT whole wheat or whole grain)*
Rice cereals
Flour tortillas
Corn meal
Sweet potatoes
Squash and pumpkins
Avocados (though they do have some fat)
Papayas (also digestive aids that relieve gas and indigestion)

You'd be amazed at how far a bowl of oatmeal can go towards settling a spasm. I try to make sure I eat some root vegetables every day. If you are on the lookout, you can find them even if you are eating out. I've included the link to the website for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diet Help for IBS

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Jody, thank you for the link. I'm looking for something for the pain. I may try some teas.


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Carla---My DIL works in a library and she just brought me a book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but perhaps you could check it out at your library

The name----of the book is

" A New IBS solution "-----

by---Mark Pimentel---MD--

He is director of gastrointestinal motility program at Cedars-Sinai Center

Hope this helps--


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Thank you Florence! I will definitely check this out. I looked and Barnes and Noble has it.


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I've had this problem off and on. When it was on, the stomach pain would be so bad that I couldn't work. The doctor told me to increase my fiber. That didn't work. So then he prescribed Hyoscyamine SU 0 which is the generic form of Levsin. Maybe Levsin is what you are already taking. This drug is an anti-spasmodic. It works really well, but it takes a while (1 or 2 hours) to start working, at least when I take it. I just use it as needed.
I read an IBS book, I think it was the one Florence was talking about, and it said to change my diet.
I stopped eating sugar and flour in any form which means no processed food at all, just veggies, fruit, unprocessed meat, and slow cook oatmeal, and the problem went away. Every once and a while I get off my diet and within a few hours my stomach is hurting again.
An all natural food diet like that is really hard to stick to, but the good news is that you'll lose weight. I wasn't all that big to begin with, but I lost 20 pounds (down to goal weight- 115 lbs at 5'2") and felt better than I can ever remember feeling since I was a kid. I felt so good that I wanted to take off running or skipping or jumping, whereever I went.
Most of my allergy symptoms went away too, you remember how bad I get those - so bad that I had to have surgery last year.
That reminds me - I've taken a 6 day food vacation because my anniversary was this week, and I have got to start eating right again because I feel like crap.
It's funny so many people have mentioned that it is hard to get diagnosed. I went to the doctor lots of times and got no relief. Then I mentioned it to our company nurse who mainly just gives flu shots and checks blood sugar. She said that an antispasmodic would work. I asked the Dr. for an antispasmodic and he gave me the prescription. Problem solved. It's funny how male doctors seem to think we are making this pain up or something and it takes a female to get it fixed.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

The solution must be diet because those stupid Hyocosamine sp? doesn't do a darn thing except dry mouth. I'm going to have to give up coffee, I love coffee, lol. On the site that Jody provided it says coffee is a NO NO.
Gosh Carrie, you are going to blow away if you lose more weight!


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sometimes the pain is so intolerable, I take a nap. Going to look for that book Florence mentioned.


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Have you ever tried Librax ??------It can help with the spasms----

but it sounds like Carries has had success with that diet----I know it sounds difficult but if it helps ---it is well worth it-----
Not one of us need any of the junk foood anyway.

Please let us know if the diet works---

My DH has Ulcerative Colitis and I wiah I could get him on a healthier diet but that is very hard to do.


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The diet is hard. Once you are on it, though, you feel so good that you don't want to go back to how you used to be while eating bad-for-you food.
Once you start sliding, it's hard to go back to it.
Weird how diets work like that.
I tried to think of it as not being a diet. I ate all of the olive oil and healthy stuff like avocados that I wanted.
The book did say no caffeine.
But I'm a diet coke aholic and no caffeine just isn't an option. I think caffeine affects everyone differently, and coffee really isn't that bad for you because of all the good things that are in the coffee bean. Diet coke probably isn't all that great for you, but I can't help myself.
Think hard about trying to eat right. It is good for you on so many levels.

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Karla, I will pray for you. I hope you will feel better
soon chere. Bonne chance, ton ami. T

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Carrie, please send me the diet or where to find it.
I was up half the night last night with problems, IBS.


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jody(7b - NC)

Carla: I did NOT, I repeat NOT give up coffee. Admitedly on occasion it bothers me, but if I stick to eating adequate amounts of soluble fibers, I do fine with coffee.

My initial experience with all the antispasmodics was that they took awhile to be effective. In the end the dieting thing worked better for me, although I am nowhere nearly as devoted to the diet as is Carrie. I mainly just keep an eye on soluble fibers and try to cut down on fats and fried things.

I am absolutely sold on the soothing properties of oatmeal. Even if you don't like it treat it as meds or learn to cook so you find it tolerable. If I get seriously out of kilter, I start with oatmeal twice a day and get myself back in shape.

I know how miserable you are. I could not sleep, I walked around with my elbow stuck in my side trying to hold the pain in, etc. Initially the meds did little or nothing for me.

The diet thing gets automatic after awhile. If I'm reduced to eating fast food I can usually find a plain baked potatoe (avoid cheese if you are having spasms). Almost all oriental places have root veggies and rice, so they are always a safe choice for lunch or dinner. Rice noodle dishes are good - I've become a patron of all the aisian places - now I'm a big fan of Thai food - they make shredded salads from exotic root vegetables and carrots that are to die for. I love applesauce and bananas and mangos. When mangos are in season I keep them in the house and have one for breakfast. The rest of the time its bananas. I eat applesause as a snack or for desert. I keep the snack packs of applesauce and carrots in the office fridge so I have something helpful nearby.

Just remember, if you are having spasms avoid non-soluable fibers like lettuce, bran and whole grain breads. Its like adding fuel to the fire. If you are having spasms, the fat based foods will make matters worse: cheese, gravies, etc. Alcohol can be a trigger too, so we are right back to "moderation in all things" :-). Made myself sick for days one time after a night at a tapas bar - the culprits: red wine, a platter of exotic cheeses and various whole grain breads and crackers.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Jody, ah the coffee pot you left for me at Ann's. Might have saved my life. Lettuce is my enemy and I love salads.
I'm convinced by the info. here that my meds are no good and the diet will be helpful.


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