Dog guarding his pond.

goodkarma_(5b)May 4, 2010

This fellow has taken it upon himself to guard the pond. He lets the birds in for a drink, and loves to find any fish food that did not make it in to the pond. Was wondering if anyone else had a furry friend who loves the pond.


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My dogs want to swim in it and chase the frogs. Wish they were as well behaved as yours.

Beautiful dog

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Oh Lisa:

Remember when you first got Cosmo and were going to fill in your pond because you were afraid he would fall in and drown? Look at them now, they are best friends. If I try to go anywhere near your pond I know I'll get licked to death. lol Just love him, and your pond too.


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hardin(7 SE OK)

My dogs love to be around the pond. One will lay on my new skimmer dock and watch the fish. The other will step in on the rocks up to his doggie ankles, but he won't go into the water any deeper. That's a good thing. Sometimes he will stick his nose into the water and the goldfish will run up to him. The first time it happened and the fish nibbled on him, he was OUT of there. LOL!

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My dog also loves the pond, she loves to search out the frogs and just stand there over it waggling her tail. I thought I had a picture uploaded on the computer of her standing near the pond, but I couldn't find one, but here is a picture of my pond...this one was from a couple years ago, and it has changed quite a bit since then, but this is what it used to look like...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beautiful dog, beautiful pond.

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Good dog! I lost my boxer years ago, or I would be relying on her to guard the pond. I currently have cats, and one of them would definitely go after anything with feathers that approaches the pond, even if it was a lot bigger than him! Not sure how effective he would be, though . . . . ;-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

My dogs LOVE my little pond! Unfortunately I became frustrated with 2 Labs and 2 Golden Retreivers 'fishing', knocking pots over, rocks in, and taking WH out for 'play time' in the yard! I now have a loop of 'invisible' fence keeping them out of the pond but still up on the deck with me.

So now they have 2 kiddie pools to play in!

No more yelling at them :o)


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sheepco(MN z4)

Absolutely beautiful pond. I think I could sit on that bench for hours.......

And you either have 2 black dogs or there's a baby black bear following your dog. I'm sure it's just the photo, but I just had to giggle thinking of the dog leading the baby bear away from the pond! No fishing allowed....

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Ha Ha!!!! I see the baby black bear too. Love the pooch stories and the pics of the goldens.

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I cannot understand why my two Bichons will immediately run to the pond to drink that water when they always have perfectly good clean water in the house. And sometimes the pond water gets a little gross especially when the weather gets really hot and humid. Still, they run to it as soon as they get outside. Ugh.

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Goodkarma, Absolutely beautiful pond. It looks so
natural and inviting. The pooch is cute too, and looks like
he takes to being the head of security very seriously.

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I think everyone has seen my two fellows (Laddie, the Scottie is now 15 and Mickey, the Westie, is now 17):

This picture was taken while in the process of moving the pond. We had removed the rocks and the dogs could see in the pond better. They were so cute!


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My pond is right outside my kitchen picture window and I saw a dog from the neighborhood had come into my yard. He was over by the pond!! and enjoying the fish. He started to drink some water and all of my Koi came up and started kissing him. They are not shy! It was so cute. The next day he came back again. I am trying to get a pic but it happens so fast and then he leaves. So adorable.

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beautiful pond lisa. and dog! I'm actually going to buy a pond FOR my dogs. we're doing a flagstone area and will incorporate the pond into it for the dogs (3 boxers) to cool off in, since we have little by little taken over their backyard space with a garden, etc.

it's only going to be a 125 gal with 35 gal spillway. should be enough to entertain them and get their drinks. We have a kiddie pool but it has to be emptied daily and only 2 of them will go in it. I'm thinking with a pump a pond will stay cleaner and the moving water won't get stagnant like the kiddie pool?

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