Ow, ow, ow! (whining)

tandaina(WA (8))October 9, 2006

I hate whining but dang. My horse and I had a sudden and unplanned parting of ways on Saturday. Did you know deer are deadly dangerous creatures? Immy assures me they are and that if she hadn't taken off at mach 3 the other direction we'd both be deer food right now.

This would have been fine with me if I hadn't fallen off. #*($#*(. Good thing the grass was deep, the ground was nice and soft (lots of rain recently), and I didn't land on my head.

But oh my GOSH am I sore today. And to add insult to injury we walked through a patch of stick tights getting to a log so I could remount. My breeches were covered with thousands of the nasty things. NOT a comfy way to ride home after being dumped!

There, done my complaining. Back to icing my shoulder. *sigh*

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Ouch is right, I hurt just thinking about it. You must be younger than I am to even be at your keyboard after giving your body a jolt like that.

Animals. Don't you just wish they could tell you what they were thinking to make them do the things they do :) (Like why does my BILs lab think it's her job to grab all the towels on the dock the minute everyone is in the water and take them up two flights of stairs to the house?)

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tandaina(WA (8))

Yes, I would! Though I imagine if she could talk she would spend most of the time demanding peppermints. ;)

Image is fascinated with the barn cat's bed. She wants to pick it up, stick her nose in it, slobber on it, play with it. WHY? I have no idea. Goofy horse.

But she's terrified of water and thinks deer are scary monsters. :P She's young, she'll learn. We're getting much better at the water. Deer, not so much. ;)

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

That is so scary. I am glad you are ok. I wonder what we might be calling sticktights around here. Are they cockleburrs?
Please be careful.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Good Lord, you are lucky! You know you could have broken something. How are dear deadly? Sticktights, do you mean those little seed like things that stick to clothes and have to be picked off one by one? Very annoying.


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tandaina(WA (8))

Yeah, little sticky seed things that latch onto your cloths. They're prickly and NOT comfy to sit on. ;)

Its not the first time I've come off, won't be the last but last time was MUCH slower and into deep arena sand. Wasn't even sore that time. :P

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Outch! Poor Tandaina what a nasty spill, hope you fully recover from your aiches and pains soon.
Good job you both did not come into our yard, you may have made a good dinner - they eat EVERYTHING here. But finally, thank goodness we have a deer fence around our back garden - I am really trying to bring back my devistated roses!!!!

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tandaina(WA (8))

Deer aren't really deadly of course but don't try telling that to a horse. Anyone on four legs (or two) or wheels, or rocks, trees, etc is potentially horse eating. This is the key thing to keep in mind about horses. And the other thing to keep in mind is that when they are scared, they run. ;)

Its also possible she ran because the deer ran, not because she was afraid of it, but because she figured if IT had reason to run maybe she should too.

With lots of training and "miles" she'll get more confident and secure. My trainer's two lesson horses are "bomb proof". Nothing phases those boys. They're also 22 years old. Image is only 6, she's already very calm and level headed for a horse so young, in a couple years she'll be VERY calm and sensible. In a couple years I'd put my Mom on her for a trail ride, but not quiet yet. ;) I still bounce better if I come off. hehe

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I think we call tight sticks...seed ticks here. I hate them, Horsie gets them in the hay field across the street and brings them home..so I have some growing in my yard...

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triple_b(BC 5b)

My parents live in city limits in a small town. Dad has gone from the Great White Hunter of his younger days to getting up and seeing a buck and his harem in the back yard. He takes pictures.
My horse could stand dump trucks driving by with little more than a shiver. But a ten speed bicycle? OH MY, it must be a creature from hell!

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LOVE the picture of the 2 deer, like bookends, staring at the camera as if they are celebrities being annoyed by papparazzi!! And the image of IMAGE being frightened by deer, rocks, etc... poor you!!

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I've come off a horse twice, both times when the horse was running fast, but both times were before the age of 12. That hurt enough though I was basically uninjured. If it happened now -- YOW!

By the way that's out of maybe a few dozen times I've ever been ON a horse, so it's not a really exemplary record. :)

Ibuprofen -- ice -- hot bath -- extra whining -- chocolate pudding -- you'll feel better soon.

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