Idyll #402: where IS everyone?

cheloneSeptember 27, 2008

Lookit! I'm stuck inside today and there is virtually no word from the people I've come to rely on for some silliness, reflection, daily blather...


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I'm sitting here "refreshing" my browser waiting for someone to start a new Idyll, since I started the last one :)

(ps, the compound looks awesome!)


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I went "to the packy" (the Liquor Store) yesterday afternoon and picked up cartons to box up the books we haven't looked at in nearly 10 yrs. and make way for books that are more meaningful to us. I'm doing laundry (2nd. load), have cleaned up the kitchen, and been outside with the Huge One. But I was really hoping to read something exciting from one of the recently "missing". :(

The present load is in its final spin and I can busy myself with coathangers, my grandmother's drying rack for the time being. Time to strip the bed, too. (that means 4, count 'em!, loads this week which is very unusual).

'bug, it's no surprise to me that you don't "do" details right now. Silly goose! why would you waste time even thinking we'd care about that? ;) . It's more important to me that when you read something that tickles you, you smile, chuckle, or laugh. If it's forgotten a few minutes later, who cares? it doesn't matter. All that should "matter" for you (and Eden!) is that reading along is an enjoyable, low pressure activity. And that you know we are here to give you moral support when a tidal surge of grief threatens you. That's all.

Cynthia, I cracked up at your You Tube link. So you're "16 Idylls" behind? big deal. It's not like this place is "work"! blow 'em off and jump back in, I miss you! and we need your special brand of dry humor.

Time to hand the next load, and hope that someone will post something soon...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It is another beautiful sunny day here.Container plants are needing to be watered again...a rare occurance this year. I have burned the trash, carried the compostables to the pile, and dragged in a few more of the large containers.
Now I guess I'd just as well wash a load of sheets/pillowcases, since you reminded me, Chelone.;-)
The dishes have accumulated by the sink. I 'should' do them too. :-(
The low last night was 53. I am sure there will soon be lows in the 40s. I had better get the coleus in that I want to keep. I think they are some of the more sensitive of what is still outside. The Fishnet coleus on the deck are becoming as dark as the ones out with the Elephant's the sun. The one out there is getting so dark there is hardly any 'netting' left.
The geraniums (Pelargoniums) are pretty tough, so I will wait to bring them in, also the asparagus fern and the cacti.
LOL, Chleone...funny title. Let's hope it does not apply through the entire thread. :-)
BTW, nice pics of your 'compound'. I usually call our place 'The Poor Farm'. ;-)
I am anxious to see how you fill in the 'blank'.;-)
Marie, Chelone is so right. Just do what makes you feel good. That is the most important thing at this time. I hope your weekend will be satisfying, and not too taxing.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Saucy! It arrived! What a lovely issue of Container Gardening! And of couse, congratulations, Deanne! I bet Gardening Life could easily do a whole issue just on you. DH says "Hmmph! They sure didn't show much of the Potty Lady's stuff"! (He has been exposed to all of your Idyll photos...)

Wondering where I am? Did you see my post on the last thread? At something like 4 a.m.? I've been abed since about 8:30 this morning - grey wet crummy looking day out there, I have accomplished zip.

DH and I have to take Adrian shopping for the birthday party tomorrow - read my last post - you'll see why (smile).

The Phils are watching.....GOLF! It is just not exciting to me and on t.v. even less than in real life. Especially when the commentators whisper or so quietly so they won't disturb someone's t-shot.

Saucy, I will send you an e-mail...gotta run, DD is on the phone.



Oh Chelone, your house looks lovely!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Julie, yes, I saw your post on the other thread. and was empressed at your resourcefulness.
I have been meaning to tell you how amused I am at your nickname for your family...the 'Philistines', LOL. My son used to call me and the girls 'Troglodytes'. LOL
I haven't heard him say that in a long time. :-)

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Checking in to greet the house-bound Chelone. In view of your autumn-miasma to come Chelone, perhaps we need to come up with suggestions/ activities that will keep you occupied, such as one really sophomoric/and or classic comedy once a week .The First Annual Compound Mel Brooks Fall Film Festival ? Something About Mary ? Airplane ? Sideways? The Big Lebowski? So is that the silver dichronda draping gently down out of the Casa Compound window boxes ? So New Endland-ish to my California eyes. And I see bare dirt ! Opportunity, thy name is Bare Dirt .

Drove upvalley this morning to return some plants that I borrowed from the garden center and kicked myself all the way that I hadnt brought my camera to take you all along on the drive. I also bought a flat of pansies and have duly planted a portion of them. Went with a purple, yellow, white scheme, with true blue accents. Back garden for this batch. Going to go a bit warmer on the color wheel for the front.

LOL Julie, hope you still have energy to burn after that whirlwind of activity .

Ok, since Marian and Chelone are doing dishes so will IÂand IÂll be back with more scintillating details of the chore-filled day !

Todays Pansies, some planted, some not From Garden Sept 08

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Kathy, you "done my heart glad". We have nearly every single one of the movies you listed in the "li-berry". I'm getting better about "fall". I'm a practical person and know that much of my immediate reaction to "fall" is based on a time when I had no control over much of anything that was important at that time. Memories carry powerful emotions and fall bears connotations that are less than "warm and fuzzy" for me. I'm better than I used to be, but it still makes me really sad. Funnily enough, the first snow usually lightens the mood for me!

It hasn't rained much today. There is a bit of a washout on the east side of my car, the gutters on the barn have already been inundated (we'll call on Monday!), but the places on the driveway circle that had been weak before the latest round of "work" seem to be holding and some digicam shots will help the contractor fine-tune the parking area, where the "washout" occurred.

Funny how memories of times when you had no control can forever tint the way you view a particular time of year...

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Lunch with the Idylls..or lunch with Chelone ??
Ive cleaned the kitchen and almost cleaned 1 bathroom. Am moving water around outside and resisting the temptation to linger. Must clean this house !

My DH passed away in fall, but oddly I dont associate the season with that event at all, I fact if I did not know the date he died I would have trouble remembering exactly what time of year it was. I think my brain disassociated the garden and the natural world with that time of my life.

Marian , I always referred to my children as the Screaming Meemies, and still do to this day even though they are both adults. lol. I have a co-worker who always asks me when am I going to stop calling them that? I guess I now have a Screaming GrandMeemie ! Conjunction is The Meemies or simply "The Meems".

Back for my 2pm beer (probably a 3 or 4 pm beer today)

Ted helping me Idyll.

From Garden Sept 08

Kathy in Napa

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It's boring old "vinca" that spills from the second storey windowboxes, Kathy. We're able to winter to winter it over if we put it in the garden and mulch the dayslights out of it. I've never bothered to try. But it HAS actually flowered for us! I'm into easy-peasy, the sorts of plants that thrive on benign neglect. Vinca and Geraniums head the list.

It's POURING outside now.
I haven't touched the book shelves.
I've tarried too long with "costume drmas" today...

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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

'bug I heard the news and thought I'd log in and say hello and thinking of you. I've been away for so long but wish you and your family the very best.

We are all doing really well. Too busy to be able to contribute or follow along any more. Both steve and I received big promotions last year which keeps us working a lot. Kiana plays 3 different sports plus music and homework so she is occupied. She is 11 now and just getting a first taste at a little bit of freedome.

Had to hire a gardener I'm too busy to keep up with all the work so I'd be ashamed to share my garden pictures with you all. Lots of new faces here and so nice to see the ones I remember still here. Sounds like there has been a lot happening in everyone's lives.

Perhaps I will try to come back every now and then when I grab a few quiet moments.

Best wishes to everyone. I couldn't even begin to go through and catch up and comment. So hello from the west coast where it is sunny and warm this weekend and we're busy mountain biking and trail running and doing a little gardening today.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Here I am! Flat on my back with back spasms. I feel like a topsy turvy turtle. I don't know what I did, except drag the hose around on Wednesday but for some reason this morning instead of being better, it is immobilizing me. Ice every hour and hoping for a better day tomorrow. Missed saying hello today. We'll see if tomorrow will be comfortable enough to sit up long enough to get on the computer. I did at least see Ted and some pretty pansy photos...that blue almost looks like a petunia the flower is so big. [g]

I'll be back soon I hope. :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Barb, do drop in whenever. We also love photos of kids...and gardens too, no matter who works on them! She's 11? Impossible...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It was a gray day here - I had hoped for rain but there was just enough overnight to dampen the surface of things - we need a lot more now. We seem to be in line for a dry fall after the wet spring and summer.

We picked up the new computer this morning so that has occupied most of my day. I've got most things working but have to fix up a few things.

Tomorrow is the garden tour so that will occupy us tomorrow. We drove by all the locations Thurs. and Fri. From the street, nothing looks too impressive but there might be surprises in the back! I think they had trouble getting people to open their gardens at this time of year. There are only 7 gardens on the tour and there are usually about 10. Also, one of the gardens belong to a Hort. Soc. officer and two of them are the gardens of the two organizers who were our contacts back in 2006 when we were a host. So I'm guessing that they had to host because of a shortage of other options. It should be very interesting though to see those gardens because you'd expect them to be perhaps at a higher level than average, so we'll see...

Chelone - the compound is looking fabulous from the pictures you posted on the last thread. If the risk of incurring outrageous US medical costs weren't so high, I'd be awfully tempted to check it out in person next year!

The neighbourhood dog pack is mourning the loss of its Alpha female - Roma, the malamute, died of cancer. As did Chewbacca, a Leonberger. We didn't see much of Chewy because when he was a puppy he had been attacked by Max, the nasty beagle that bit Misty. The Max attack on Chewy left him permanently afraid of other dogs so he wasn't part of the daily meet-and-greet-during-walkies that goes on between the other members of the neighbourhood pack. The loss of Roma is particularly sad because her owner also has cancer and the two of them were constantly together. This past winter we all thought walking Roma several times a day was what kept her owner going through his last bout of treatment. Losing dogs is certainly less tragic than losing people but sad nontheless.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Barb, do drop in whenever. We also love photos of kids...and gardens too, no matter who works on them! She's 11? Impossible...

PM, that's just awful. Backs are terrible things when you really NOTICE them.

Aaaw, Roma and Chewbacca. Yes indee Woody, we still talk daily of Charlotte.
I hope things go smoothly with the new computer.

I'm exhauted.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hey dodgerD! I laughed when you called your kids the Screaming Meemies! We always referred to our two as "Ratty and Tatty, our two kids"!. What a beautiful shot of the pansies! It is so miserable here....rainy and dull...if we are lucky the maples will turn this week and we will have glorious colour. I am sorry to learn that your husband passed away at this time of year, but you have done well not to be too unhappy with the season. I think I would be too stunned to remember all the details, too, and live life large as possible!

Went to Wally World to buy another birthday present for the party tomorrow...Got something that Jr.Phil really really liked so all afternoon we have been listening to the whining about "one for me too o.k.?". His BDay is Nov. 2 so we will get him the same thing but we will have to put up with him for the next four weeks while waiting....he needs to understand that It Is Not Always About Him....But we are planning his party. We think we will have it here - limited to 7 or 8 kids...last year we combined with his best friend whose birthday is the same day, rented the town pool (I know we're nuts) and the two kids invited 35 boys between them...we did hot dogs and a few games, everybody got temporary tatoos (not my idea) and everybody went swimming. It was crazy! If we hadn't had our two adult children for the whole three hours it would have been a disaster. Not going there again....

This year we will do the party thing BEFORE Hallowe'en. We are thinking of getting a dozen pumpkins and cleaning them out the day before and then letting each child meet with DH and the Dremel tool for 15 minutes to design and create their own Jack'O'Lantern to take home. We will also provide those battery-operated tea lights for each...Sheesh we ARE nuts...Aren't you guys glad I can now sort of post photos? This should be rich...Four weeks to plan....To avoid a replay of Friday for other folks, I will send the invitations early and then phone everyone who hasn't RSVP'd. I am too OLD for this....(but I love it too).

Have just finished a book called "Kill Me" by Stephen White. Couldn't put it down...Will have to try to find more from him.

Well, BBQ is on, DH is outside in his poncho seeing to the steaks, potatoes, asparagus and corn are just about ready...InterPhil and Jr.Phil are eating Kraft Dinner while they wait...Going to watch a movie tonight, forget the name but it is something about crime families and InterPhil says it is not gory...See y'all tomorrow...

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Popping my last bottle of Curve Ball, a beer run will be required tomorrow. The weather pundits have made a u-turn and our cooling trend has become a warming trend. It will hit the 90s today and tomorrow. Must keep a close eye on the pansies. Thinking of Sue, boating in the rain-it is just bone dry here and I welcome our first rain of the season, though who knows how far off that is. Julies DH is BBQing in the rain and Ive decided to ax the grilling plan I had , its too damn hot to stand close to the BBQ.

Retro-ing back to the previous Idyll, I was thinking about Tumbleweed Connection and it made me think about LPs that absolutely everyone had-that was one of them for sure, along with Abraxis, Déjà vu, Cheap Thrills, John Barleycorn, Its a Beautiful Day, Sweetwater, Surrealistic Pillow, etc etc

Wondering if Drema laid her pavers ?

Hi there Barbthinking maybe you are from b-4 my time on the Idylls. Sure would be nice to have another Pacific Time Zone voice around here once in a while.

Mary, I wonder if your clients are looking for the traditional Mary statue , and I wonder if anyone has come up with some Marys that are in more natural type poses ? Seems like every single statue of BVM looks the same, same pose, same clothes, etc. We must be sure to try to plan IU6 when you are at liberty to attend, as I was unable to meet and greet in person this year- I did hear some shocking stories however.

PM, sorry to hear you are laid up- back things are so debilitating arent they ? About all you can do is wait them out, and be ultra careful not to overdo before you are back to rights.

You are right Woody, losing dogs (or any beloved pet) is sad, especially for those of us who make them such an integral part of our families. We await the report of the garden tour. Maybe some photos ?

Should also mention to Denise that having gotten my speakers back last night I listened to Cold War Kids I rather liked them , and sent the link to DS.

Better finish laundry chores before baseball time.

Kathy in Napa

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Woody, think about it, once the dates are decided you'll be able to minimize the "risk" (and I sure understand your fear!). You'll have to make the call, but it would be fun to have you and Randy here. There's plenty of time yet, though. And if there is an "exchange program" there is a hospital in my town.

RSVP will be required for IUVIforME (I scewed it up the last time I tried to get fancy with Roman numerals). How many will sign on for bunk beds, porta-potty, and "navy showers" will be crucial. (Except for Marian, who will be secure in the Biddy Suite). RSVPS are important!

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So will there be a 'standby list' for the Biddy Suite ? This could turn out to be a sought after accomodation.. Perhaps the 1st person on standby should be the one who travels the farthest ??? heh-heh.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Kathy, what happens at IU, stays at IU. ;)

I'm taking a break from major decluttering in my 'office'. It will soon be an exercise and meditiation area. I will happily paint over a 'decorative' paint treatment that ended up looking more like old wallpaper backing. :-\


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Allow me to RSVP much much later. The spirit is willing, but...

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Hi everyone

It was a fun evening here. DH has returned home after an extended trip so we treated ourselves to an excellent Mexican supper out (fish tacos and margharita) and just finished watching Amadeus, one of my favorite movies. David is playing Mozart in an orchestra he has joined so I hunted up a copy at our local Blockbuster.

Annie had spent the afternoon making chocolate eclairs - no mean feat when they have to be gluten free. They were delicious, and enjoyed with the movie. Weather here was grey and drizzly but even so, I ditched further work on the bathroom to play tennis with David who beat me with no trouble. He is very patiently trying to teach me how to slice on my backhand.

Denise - (I think) I forgot to tell you how much I laughed at the Anglo Files and definitely want to puchase a copy for DH.

Kathy - don't believe a thing they tell you about me LOL!! (especially at the "after hours" room parties). In checking out statues of Mary there seem to be less than a handful that are reproduced all over. I too much prefer the idea of a natural pose and would love to find something a little more unique.

Chelone - I don't think I'd post photos of the job here but will take some when things are completed and email if you are interested. I agree with your take on some of the male comments. I tend to respond that I'm just doing my job and move on. One guy asked if he could work for me as I'm always smiling. I still haven't got to the point where I'm comfortable hanging out with the males on mass at coffee and lunch breaks so tend to work right through. Our book shelves are in a constant state of flux as books are rotated, lent to friends and new ones added. Our library takes books all year for their fundraising sales and is also an excellent source for quality second hand volumes which I like when I travel.

Julie - your Halloween party sounds very cool and so organized. The kids will have a blast!!

PM - rotten to hear about your back. Mine gave me a few twinges on some of my longer days gardening but seems to have held up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours starts feelign better soon.

Woody - a close friend of mine has had a terrible time with her health that culminated in a major operation to remove a tumor from her spine. Throughout it all her beloved German shepherd hung in there despite earlier in the summer being given a week to live. She is recovering from her surgery and resigned to the fact that their dog is near the end of his days. However, he was such a huge comfort during the past few months, still taking pleasure in life and really helped her through the toughest time.

Barb - nice to hear from you after all this time. Hope you can stop by again.

GB - rest well tonight!

In fact, its time for me to turn in.

Nite all


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Good morning Idylls.

The coffee is brewing. I'm looking out over a happy lawn and some perky plants! They're loving these dreary drizzly days.

I'm ready for sun, though, and I see none in the forecast too soon. I am going to trudge ahead with bedroom cleaning, and maybe move into the office for some filing and cleaning under the desks where the dog hair likes to hide.

We saw Cirque du Soleil Friday night and it was fabulous! Jake left knowing what he wanted to be when he grows up, LOL!

Last night SunnyD had all of her girlfriends over just for the fun of it....we sat around and belly laughed until 10 or made me think of you all :)

The bulb garden assignment needs to be laid on paper today. The rest of this week is looking busy. I hope I can get the vision in my head to come out on to the paper....

It was nice to have coffee with you all this morning :) I'm sure I'll be back....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy, a friend of a friend has gone to Macao to be part of Cirque du Soleil.
I have seen several performances. They certainly are astonishing and quite beautiful, moody, and incorporate so many emotions.

I'm glad to have a day "off" today. My body is not feeling well and my sleeper isn't working either, so I'll work on those aspects of recovery...with Phoebe's help.

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Well, as promised, Im back :)

I wish I were as far along with bringing plants in as Marian. I am hoping to winter over quite a bit this year and that task is looking pretty daunting.

PM, I used to suffer terrible from back trouble. Sometimes one muscle relaxer can get you to relax enough to move past the excruciating point. My doc used to prescribe me 3 valium and that would get me through the worst of it.dont know if that is an option for you.these days lots of stretching keeps my back in working order (Im finding some wood to knock on).

Chelone, your fall blues are understandable. I still get sick everytime I come home from a long trip away because it is how I felt when I would arrive home after a weekend with my Dad. I never knew what would be waiting inside the house.

GB, Id say anyone who works for Cirque du Soleil earns their pay! Im still playing bits of the performance over and over

Julie, Im glad you got your magazine. Funny how long it took. Your party sounds like it will be a blast. I love pumpkin carving (I know, I already said that) and a dremel tool sounds like an interesting way for me to carve! Jake will love it, too, and I could mass produce carved pumpkins! Hmmm

Mary, your job sounds like fun! About harassmentI joined the Navy and Tailhook happened. I have had Sexual Harassment training out the wazoo, but it didnt stop the "shop talk." I really dont get the need to talk like that. When I turn it over in my head and think what I would say to sexual harass a man, I think its ridiculous sounding and just really cant imagine where theyre coming from. Annies éclairs sound like fun since Ive been in a baking mood. I was thinking of a key lime tart that I saw on PBS yesterday :)

Well, Im going to leave you all with my really loud pot that I planted up at the first of is full of 50 cent annuals and things that Deanne gave me as a start, as well as a 2 dollar abutilon!



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I've never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance but it's on my to-do list! There is an offshoot of it that has done a horse based one in Niagara and that's the one I want to see first. We tried to get tickets for it last summer but left it too late.

We just got back from the garden tour a little while ago. It was quite disappointing this year. The best garden was the first one - it was the garden of one of the tour coordinators. Her street address happens to be 1066 and I liked the whimsy of her street address sign:

We asked her why the tour was so late this year and she said they couldn't get enough people with interesting gardens willing to participate inn July. That certainly surprised me as there are a lot of gardeners in town! I don't think the ticket sales were good this year, probably due to the late timing of the tour. There definitely were fewer people in the gardens. In one garden, we were the only people there. They usually sell aboyt 700 tickets.

Surprisingly, the worst garden belonged to the past president of the Hort. Soc. - it was on a hillside and very poorly terraced so it was inaccessible for me. Also, some of the teracing was very shoddy. The only thing Randy bothered to take a picture of was this sign in a pot:

Looking at the list of the executive and officers of the Hort. Soc., I realized that 5 of the 7 gardens on the tour belonged to people on that list. Hmm - it sounds like public interest in gardening may be falling in our community and/or the Hort. Soc. is too inward-looking!

I shouldn't be too critical though because my garden wouldn't have looked very good if it had been on show today! There was one garden that would have looked great I'm sure in July but, not surprisingly, looked a bit tired today.

Probably the best thing in my garden at the moment is still the Queen Elizabeth rose. I'm definitely adding at least one more of them next spring, and maybe more if I can figure out where to put them. It is still blooming its head off, with not a sign of blackspot or any other pests or diseases and it's approaching 7' tall. It was cut back to about 14" this spring so it's a very vigorous rose!

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Just a quick drop in here ...Saucy , I LOVE your loud pot and wish I had a loud pot too! Sometimes goulash turns out pretty good ! I'm planting pansies and snapdragons this afternoon before it gets too hot. Back Later, wave to all..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Enoying the different topics everyone is posting...

So where is everyone you ask? Well I just got off a conference call to Ulan Bator, Mongolia! Elana is the woman distributing OLPC computers to various schools there and she was answering our questions. Thrilling to be in such a world where we can communicate so well. (I was not allowed to phone my parents from university in the early 1960s because of the expense!) She will be sending more footage from her projects in the next few weeks.

I hope my body feels better tomorrow. I've tried resting ALL day long with varying degrees of success. I don't know enough about grief to know if I have a medical problem or if I'm just following the natural course of things.

Looking forward to talking to Sarah tomorrow perhaps. DS will phone tonight. He says he has been very sick for the past 2 days or so.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I have seen a horse production by Cirque. It was interesting to a point, but very different from the usual productions. Not that any of them are "usual".

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Saucy, I LOVE your loud pot! It's almost a color wheel ! The brighter the better, to my opinion. I hope you manage to bring in all that you want to. I don't have too many left out. I lugged around some pots that were too big for me yesterday, and am paying for it today. I am not as bad shape as Pm2, but I sure needed my pain meds this morning.

I think I have figured out where to put the huge canna and it's container. I will use Nolon's mower carriage to hail it into the utility room. (I hope). He took the motor off the carriage and it makes a great hauler, and not too high off the ground to get things on to. I think with a ramp we can slide the canna's container on to it. If not...out of the pot it will come! The container will fit between the washing machine and the stairs and little porch that go up in to the kitchen. I usually put the Brassaia, aka Schefflera, there, but(as I said earlier)I keep threatening to leave it out, because of the scale that infests it every winter. I 'could' put it on the other side of that porch...... Maybe if I procrastinate long enough a freeze will get it. ;-)

Woody, I really love that rose. I hope I remember to look for one next spring. It could be something else for the deer to eat. LOL
Sorry the garden tour was a disappointment. I have never went on one of those. I think Harrison has one every year. I get enough ideas here, without more from wealthy gardeners that I cannot begin to imitate(and don't even want to). :-) When I saw the sign in the pot that your Randy took the pic of, I thought of Chelone...LOL.

One of the Harrison florists lost his life yesterday. He had been operated on in Little Rock and something went wrong with his system following the surgery. A very stong effort was made(for several days)to save him, but did not work. He was a member of the congregation that we attended when we lived close to Harrison. I always patronozed his shop when I wanted to send flowers to someone. He was lots younger than I, and a very kind generous man. A son, who is a Doctor in Little Rock, is feeling so guilty because he could not save his dad. Naturally sons do not have that be their dad's doctor. :-(

Sorry about the fall blues, Chelone. I am not one to associate events with dates like that.

Pssst..Kathy..I 'still' have not got those dishes done, and more have been added to them. :-(

BTW, I have been thinking of my 'dibs' on the "Biddy Suite". In the very rare possibility that I can make it to Maine next summer, I am wondering....couldn't 2 or more share that 'suite'? How about Marie and/or Norma? Unless their DHs go with them? They are the 2 that I know of that are closest to my advanced years.
I have been given a lot to chew on. Hopefully the prospect of such an adventure will help me get through a long difficult winter.

I am bemoaning the fact that it is 5 more weeks before the clocks turn back to 'normal' time. I had been thinking it was Oct 26th and was informed today that it is the 2nd of Nov.! Yaargh! I hate getting up in the dark, and I need to get up early to tend to all that is expected of me.

We have apparently seen our last hummingbird for this year. It was friday. Not one has been seen since. I will bring in the feeder.

I don't know what all I brought in with my containers. I know at least one millipede, and some snails! Hopefully no snakes. EEEK !

I have about ran out of ttyal ..


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Hi ho there Idylls.. such as we are this weekend. I had a very laid back sort of garden day, and Im having the 2pm beer while watching the last regular season baseball game ..Looks like we are Philadelphia bound , and I just hope we are not totally humiliated . Also very grateful that I am not a Mets fan.

I started planting my Iceland Poppies , so far Ive only purchased and planted 12 starts. Im thinking Ill do a major display on my hell strip- with the good ol employee discount I can put in 60 plants or so for around 25 bucks. IPs are usually planted in fall here and will bloom a bit in winter and then really kick a** in spring(defined as Feb, Mar, Apr, May) and the bright colors are nice to view during our gray rainy season.

Woody, what a shame that your garden tour was not up to par ! Gardens can be so beautiful this time of year, but I think you have to plan for it up-front . Have you ever seen Allen Lacys book "The Garden in Autumn" ? I think it came out in the early 90s but still has lots of valuable info for creating fall interest in the garden. I got it for 50 cents at a used book sale !

bug, how I remember the days of expensive long distance ! I had a friends when I was a teenager that lived about 30 miles away in orange County, but to phone them was long distance so we wrote letters instead . And also bug, I do think that grief can effect ones physical well-being. Sometimes we dont sleep or eat well , and mental stress takes its toll too.

Marian, Ive done dishes twice since yesterday ! But only a few each time ..for some reason I cant stand the kitchen to be messy on Sundays. I guess I like to relax on the day before I go back to work and looking at a big mess in the kitchen ruins the ambience ! You really ought to consider going on a garden tour sometime.. I know where you are coming from re: impractical gardens of wealthy folk, but many times you see ideas that you can use in your own garden, however modest; sometimes its just getting to see a plant you never knew about. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of visiting both elaborate estate gardens and small town or suburban gardens like my own.

Mary, Amadeus is on my all time top 25. I try to watch it once a year during the winter. (Guess its kind of like "White Christmas that way,lol)

Im not sure if Ive posted any of these pics before, but Saucys loud pot made me think about them. These are taken at a nursery in a rural area of Oregon, probably about 45 minutes from where I will be living (eventually) called "Fergusons Fragrant Nursery" .I took them in 06. They had a couple of greenhouses there devoted to putting together container combos for both consumers and municipalities / businesses. What a colorful place !I though about it because they had one huge pot there that was all Callibrachoa with every single color that plant currently comes in. It was huge too. I could have sworn I took a pic of it but I can't find it. They grow their own stock , and have beautiful display gardens too. Anyway, here are a couple of their containers.

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well I'm sitting in my favorite chair and enjoying a much earned, extra dry, Tangueray martini with jalapeno olives. My feet are up on the ottoman and all is well with the world, the project was finished in the nick of time, the class is done and over. Woohoo! back to the gardens tomorrow. I don't have a new painting to be finished until March. Such a lot of time to procrastinate and play with my plants. The class went really well until about noon when the three gals from northern Vermont announced that they would be leaving by 3:00PM and would I please be able to cover all the remaining material about how to paint the fuchsias before they leave. Now in the real world and not the decorative painting world one would tell them that the class ends at 5:00PM and if I hadn't finished covering all the classroom material before they opted to leave at 3 that is their own problem. The reality of the situation is that they are a dwindling body of customers and if I want to continue to earn my living doing this I have to 'jump through hoops' to keep my customers happy. So, I did manage to push things along and get everything covered by 3 and then it turns out two of the students were holy PO'd because they felt rushed. You just can't please everyone. Maybe I should go train as a barrista at Starbucks. LOL

So we must have gotten five inches of rain since Friday and the gardens look bedraggled. Stuff is dying off and I've not done any cutting back or anything but water for more than a week so I had to wear blinders to get in the house to keep myself from picking stuff up and starting to dead head the dahlias etc. The coleus are dropping leaves at light speed after the cold nights we had last week and I'm thinking of cutting the whole mess back and starting to put it all to bed for the year. The shining stars in the containers at this time are the fuchsias, hibiscus and acalyphas. Oh yes, the euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' is gorgeous everywhere I've used it including in the flower beds. What a performer that plant is. I'm still dealing with a problem with broad mites on quite a few of the annuals and I don't get where I'm picking up the 'beasts'. Everyting was fine until about three weeks ago when I started noticing the problem with the new growth. I'm wondering if the bees carry the mites or if they have an insect vector for traveling around the gardens. They showed up on one of the brugs, several of the fuchsias, the strobilanthes and a few dahlias. Nothing else and the plants are not anywhere near each other so I just don't get it.

The story of the hour is the 'excitement' in our neighborhood last evening. Now those of you who've visited here know we live in an average, middle income, suburban neighborhood. Nothing particularly strange or different, just a normal type subdivision. Well last evening around 9:00PM (I'd just gone to bed) a large vehicle pulled across the driveway of the house across the street, an entire SWAT team poured out of this vehicle (seriously, I'm not making this up)there were eight and probably ten men in fatigues with weapons, night vision gizmos on their camo helmets, they skulked around the houses around the house where this guy was supposed to be. (really,seriously, I'm not making this up) then a detective in the vehicle turned on a searchlight and lit up the house next to the one they were parked across the driveway. The next thing was they got out a huge bullhorn that would wake the dead and called for the son of the person who owns that house to come out with his hands up, 'The house is surrounded" thing. Good grief! I couldn't believe it! They eventually broke into the house and searched it but didn't find the kid next door. They also had cruisers blocking the street so if I'd wanted to get out I couldn't have. It looked like some scene from one of these TV shows. I have no idea what this kid did to warrant the city deploying a SWAT team but I surely would like to know. I do know there were at least 8 and probably ten members of this swat team three detective types in plain clothes and six or eight uniforms. AT one time in this deal there were four cruisers, three unmarked police vehicles and the swat truck and I still have no idea what the h e - l this kid did. I'd like to know if I see him again should I go running for cover? So anyway, I'm sitting here tonight, my kitties are tucked in, I'm done the latest seminar and life is good. Poor Barry (the neighbor who's house was broken into by the police looking for his son.) I'm counting my blessings that I've never had to deal with anything like that.

I told Doug that I should have gotten out the camera equipment and tried to get pics of all of this but he said they'd probably have shot me by mistake..... I've checked the news and there have been no murders or drug busts in this area that I can find so who knows.

All righty, I'm going to put on some comfy clothes, kick back, enjoy the evening and count my blessings.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Well, here it is, Monday a.m. Fall is officially here: I put on the fire this morning, sat at the table with the paper and coffee and had to put lights on. Time to switch into my "winter mode" of housework.

Here's what I do: I run around in the morning doing the housework thing - dust mop, make beds, toss in a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen (which is often not much as we do a clean up each night), 15 minutes in the office (it's a huge mess by now) and 15 minutes in the storage room (everything has been chucked in there topsy turvy all summer). Then I do one, and only one, extra house-type job: it might be cleaning the ceiling fans, or cleaning the cold-air returns, polishing the silver candlesticks, something not very big, some little detail that catches my eye and bugs me. But only one each day - not a big marathon! This usually takes me to lunch. The rest of the day - well, until school bus time anyway - is mine for whatever. At this time of year it is usually doing the last of the garden stuff. Tidying the shed, putting up birdfeeders whatever - today it will be going to the library. This way my house looks great by Christmas, bigger stuff might loom on the horizon for the New Year, and by March I am gearing up for the garden again.

Today's "extra" will be the windows - spraying the outside with the hose, using vinegar and water inside.

We are likely to buy our bamboo flooring today also. DS will soon be laid off and he is our installer. On Wednesday, the carpet cleaners are coming for the basement. Then all of our floors will be in decent shape. Whew! My plastic cards are going to take a beating!

Doger, I am so jealous of the beautiful colours and flowers that you still have, and that you can actually plan a winter garden! I must have indoor plants because outdoors is usually under tons of snow (literally!)

Saucy, I love the loud pot too!

And Woody, that is a beautiful rose. I wonder if it would be hardy here...I'm not much on roses but that one is very nice indeed.

'Bug, indeed grief will take it's physical toll, but this time of year your body may also be going into "hybernation mode"! Go with Flow I guess - it's nautrue's way.

Deanne I cracked up at your SWAT story - not the story itself but the "seriously, I'm not making this up!" interjections every few lines! Not so funny for the neighbours I bet.

BTW, I read the Fine Gardening Container Issue all the way through last night - I am already planning a few large planters for next year. I will have to start most of the stuff inside because we have such a short growing seaon - but I am already looking forward to this so much!

Gottat run - my day "officially" starts at 7:30 when I get the little up and off to school!

Have a great day, all!



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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...

Not much change here. Still not having mobility or out of pain yet. My muscles never want to cooperate and always take a lot longer than anyone else to finally get back to normal when they have a problem.

Saucy...I normally try to avoid pain meds, because they sometimes mess up my digestive tract. But...the doctor gave me muscle relaxers and pain meds yesterday. I found the muscle relaxer didn't do anything even after a few doses, so half way through the night when it was clear I wasn't going to sleep otherwise, I took a pain pill and was comfortable enough to get to sleep. So, hopefully another couple of days of this and I might be moving more comfortably. So you don't have trouble with your back any more Saucy?

Gardenbug...stress/grief absolutely will lower your resistance. I think it's pretty common to end up being physically sick. I agree with Julie...cozy with tea and Phoebe and a book, might be just the ticket. Hope you feel better soon!

Quite an exciting neighborhood you live in Deanne! [g]

What really pretty containers Kathy, I LOVE that last one...

and Saucy... the hot container is such a bright spot of color for this time of year. That abutilon is growing well for $2.

Marian...I hope you will be very careful moving pots!

Mary....hope your back holds up to finish your garden work. I would also love to be included in any email with photos.

Gotta go...


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Not much to add here this morning. I am glad to see blue sky peeking through the clouds, but I don't know how long that is going to last.

Julie, I'm actually going to try doing things your way and see what happens! I get so caught up in whatever I'm doing in a certain moment, that everything else falls to the side, and when I look up, I'm overwhelmed.

Deanne, that is quite the story, and I can't wait to find out what the guy did to warrant such a raid! You getting busted for taking photos would've been too much :) Good for you on getting your class completed!

I've got to move this body to the gym. I woke up this morning feeling like a stuffed sausage. Whatever is going on with my body is not fun. I had my checkup last week, though, and I'm healthy as a horse :) Now if I was svelte as a horse....

Pearly whites polished for lunchtime's shaping up to be quite a Monday :)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Deanne - that was quite the drama in your neighbourhood! You'll have to finish the tale when you find out what it was all about/what the kid was suspected of... Randy had an interesting experience on Saturday when he went for his guitar lesson. When he got to the apartment building where his teacher lives, there were several police cars around. Just as he was about to go in the building, his guitar teacher was escorted out and into a police car! So he's not sure what that was about or when/if guitar lessons will resume!

Julie - I checked a couple of sources and the Queen Elizabeth rose is only listed as hardy to zone 5, but if you have a sheltered, south facing location, I'd give it a shot with good winter protection. Roses are generally too finicky for me - if they are disease-prone or otherwise fussy, out they go! I have tried a few ones and have a few now that I consider relatively trouble-free. My rose 'collection' is now:
- Angel roses - these are some of my favorites. I grow them from seed. Vessey's was my original source but now I save hips from the ones I grow. They are supposed to be hardy to zone 5 but, since they are so easy to grow from seed and bloom as soon as the seedlings are about 2-3" tall, you have nothing to lose by trying them in your zone! I'd bet they'd survive fine. No winter protecting is required here at all.
- Blanc Double de Coubert - this one is hardy to zone 3 so you could grow it easily. It gets wide and tall so give it room! The flowers are messy as they fade so place it somewhere where it is easy to walk around it to deadhead. The scent from this one is fabulous. When it's blooming, you can smell ours from hundreds of feet away!
- Therese Bugnot- another shrub rose. I planted this one last year so it needs more time to prove itself in my garden, but so far, so good... It is on the -Canadian Rose Society's list of most disease resistant roses and they list is as hardy to zone 1-2 so you could grow that one easily!
- New Dawn climbing rose - very vigorous. This is the one I am in the process of swagging down the south alley. It put out a bud in January this year!
- The Fairy - small, polyantha rose, hardy to zone 4. Not too spectacular yet in my garden but tough and trouble free.
- Hot Cocoa - this one is dubious and hardiness is listed as zone 6, sometimes 5. It has been hardy for me but the color is difficult and it does get some blackspot on to bottom by late summer. I keep saying I want to yank it but always end up changing my mind!

PM2 - I hope your muscles start feeling better soon!

gb - undoubtedly the stress and grief of the past while has taken a physical toll! Give yourself some pampering and cozy time with your furry companions and as much time in the garden as you can - very healing activities, both of them!

I'm off to a slow start this morning. I'd better get moving and take the little beast for walkies...

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Deanne, Recently in Maryland, drugs were delivered to a small town Mayor's house and police tracking the package broke into the house and killed the innocent owner's two dogs who were doing what labs do - greeting.

Drug traffickers select addresses where people aren't home during the day and have drugs delivered there. They watch for delivery and take the packages off of the porch before the residents arrive home. It was a little different in this case, as there was a FEDEX employee allegedly involved. In this case there was a lot of publicity because a mayor's house was selected (he and his wife were cleared) and his dogs were shot and killed when the police swarmed the place. Lesson: If there's a package on the porch that you didn't order, don't bring it into the house. This could happen to anyone.

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Im here Chelone. Since my computer is in the repair shop I cant post or read on the weekend. So of course Im behind. Thanks for the pictures of the house and bahn. I love the traditional New England look of your house and the trellises and window boxes are the perfect touch well done!

I had a productive weekend and was able to get nearly all the backside of the butterfly garden edged with brick. I scrounged around and used all the bricks with the most patina LOL Meaning excess mortar, bricks with 3 holes etc. Not many go around the backside anyway only true gardeners. I had 9 left when I ran out, so I bought some brick shaped tumbled pavers to finish up. I think I need to scatter them through out so I dont have a real new looking stretch. I also took 90 cuttings, which fit, into 6 trays to go under lights.

Its busy here today so Ill cut it short.


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So how many lights do you have set up, Michelle? As many as Deanne? I would like to take some cuttings, but I'm not sure how much I can fit under 3 lights, LOL!

Cynthia, interesting story. We need Deanne to check in with details....

Well, here's another loud/cheap one....I'm really liking the Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' (trying hard to throw those plant names around for class!) and will look for it again next year:

PM, I hope you feel better soon. Yes, knock on wood, my back pain has not visited me in years....a lot of year, actually. I have found that weightlifting and mega stretches afterward are helping out with a lot of ailments.

It's time for dinner: Flank steak sliced thin and served with new potatoes and broccoli.


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Here I am Chelone. I've been fighting a cold all week but have managed to take around 50 cutting and have been trying to organize which tropicals I'm bringing in this year. I have lots more than I have room for. How'd I end up with 9 abutilons, 6 bananas, three semi-large topiaries and way too many semps and succulents to count, among lots of other things? More lights will be needed.

Tomorrow is Bella's first preschool excursion. That's what they now call a field trip. I'm going with Meg to take her to Big Red Apple Orchard. It may be raining but will still be fun I think.

I'm way too far behind to comment on anything that you all have been up to but wanted to check in.


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Very impressed with Julies housecleaning schedule, as I sit at the computer drinking beer and Idylling. Now if I resolved to do one extra chore every day when I got home from work I bet this place would rise to a new level of cleanliness. Since I have not been actively marketing the house Ive let the bar lower considerably ! And even when I go back into the MLS does it really matter ?? The biggest issue will be if the potential buyer can secure a loan. My normal spirit of optimism is sorely tested.

OK Saucy, I have made a mental note: at least 3 loud pots next year ! In fact you could be a trendsetter-loud pots being the next big thing in garden design.

PM, If Id taken multiple doses of muscle relaxers Id either be asleep for about three days , or up-chucking! I hope you are feeling better soon though, I miss your long chatty posts !

Woody, I guess its a good thin that Randy was not actually in the process of his guitar lesson- guilt by association, and you may have been called on to bail him out of the pokey !

Hi Cynthia ..what a story . It certainly provoked a lot of thoughts around drug policy in my mind. Not a simple issue by any means.

Eden , good to see you too ! Will you have to take in that whole succulent display ? Sounds to me like you will have to do some redecorating to accommodate the horti-kids. Id be tempted to take that whole thing and set it up inside just like it is set up outside . You dont really need furniture do you ? Imagine this in the living room strung with lights, and Christmas presents stuck in strategic locations betwixt and between.No one would be able to snoop for fear of puncture wounds ! From Idyllunion 5 July 2008

Off to assemble dinner...

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just received this email from our Book Club "secretary" and was about to share it with Mary. Then I thought others might want to see it as well.

The list is:

Oct Home A Short History of an Idea Witold Rybczynsky
Nov The Lace Reader Brunonia Barry
Dec The Open Road Pico Iyer
Jan the Book of Negros Lawrence Hill
Feb The Icefields Thomas Wharton
Mar- PLAY TBD (waiting to receive the program for the Stratford Festival)
Apr Barneys Version Mordecai Richler
May Commitment Hour James Alan Gardner
June Remembering the Bones Francis Itani

Perhaps Mary can show us her 2009 list as well?
Other suggestions for the keeners, or next year are:

Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society Brunonia Barry
Closer to the Falls -????
The Art of Aging Sherwin Nuland
The Girls Laurier Lansen
An Audience of Chairs -Joan Clark
The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams
Assasins Song M G Vassanji
A Fine Balance Rohinton Mistry
The First Light Peter Ackroyd
Hominids Robert J Sawyer
Folly Laurie R King
Better than Life Margaret Gunny
Red Tent Anita Diamont
The Stone Angel Margaret Lawrence
The Origin of Species Nino Ricci
Silence of the Songbirds Bridget Stutchbury

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Traveling all over the east coast, Chelone :-)

I've now seen late September from Raleigh NC up to Hancock MA with three stops in between -- one about every 200 miles -- and Autumn still astounds me no matter where I am.

In between have lurked and visited California, African schools, Canada and Maine. Without a Passport!!!!!

Life rolls along with frequent thoughts to Idylls. Must say that no matter where I am, there You All Are in every unknown plant and beautiful view!! I'm in love with Crape Myrtle.. LOL

Running again,


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Good morning

We are off to a running start here. The bus came 8 minutes early (rather unfair) so Annie and David had to sprint to the finish, or at least the main road where the bus stops. In fact there was a line of racing students coming up the hill in the dark. From my view at the kitchen sink I think everyone made it.

GB - looks like some interesting reading. We're still waiting to vote on the rest of our list. I noticed two of our all time favorites on your suggestions - The Red Tent and A FIne Balance. Infact, I think A Fine Balance remains our group's most talked about book. We are reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society next month and I have a copy. Let me know if you'd like me to pass it on when I'm done - it was too recent and popular to get from the library.

Saucy - I'm loving your loud pots!!

Kathy - what a beautiful abundance of succulents!

Julie - I'm in admiration of your cleaning routine and imagine you have the sort of house that always looks neat and shiny and ready for visitors. My housekeeping is a far more haphazard (and sometimes hazardous) affair. I go into whirling dervish mode with vacuum and mop when things are particularly dire. But I'm usually rescued fairly quickly by someone needing me to help with something, drive them somewhere, or a creative project. We do pull out all the stops when company is coming as as there is a pretty consistent flow of friends coming for dinner and houseguests, we've so far kept the board of health at bay.

Deanne - the SWAT team - OMG!! It reminds me of when I worked in the inner city. Certainly not what I'd have expected from your neighborhood.

Woody - quite a surprise for Randy too! I agree, the timing would have been way worse had he been sitting in there when the Police arrived.

Eden - I just loved those Pre-School field trips. They are a fond memory now, especially as Annie and David are at the age when having Mum chaperone anything school related is not exactly cool. We still have a lot of fun together outside school and on Sunday had a fabulous time at a musical based on the life of Ella Ftizgerald. We were humming and singing all the way home.

Tonight I am going out with my book group to hear David Sederis. He is so funny, it should be a blast. We are meeting up for pizza (wings in my case) first and driving together and I know there will be many laughs.

have a great day


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Good Morning, So far a bit dreary here. Brad got a flat tire just before making it home last night at 1 am so he got up at 7 and is outside changing it now since I was planning on taking that car this morning. We got new tires a few months ago and this is the second flat since. Lifes little annoyances I guess :)

Kathy, what a very cool succulent collection! I think if I displayed mine in the livingroom the cats might put out an eye or even worse, lol. I usually keep the agaves in a east facing kitchen window but the new stuff acquired over summer will have to go to the basement this year.

Deanne, I've had that same experience once here. A drug raid a couple of houses down that happened just after all the garden club ladies had left my garden. The excitement of living in the city!

Julie, I too admire your organization in regards to housekeeping. I try my best to keep to a schedule but sometimes, actually many times, Brad, the kids or the gardens end up taking priority. My days fly by too fast.

Marie, thanks for sharing the reading list. I'm reading Julie and Julia. OK but not great. I picked up The Shack the other day so that's up next.

Saucy, great job on your pots. Lots of color and how can that be bad? I'm looking forward to hearing more about your garden design projects. We have a garden school here, Michigan School of Gardening, that I've taken similar classes from pre-Bella and I always enjoyed them alot. I took a botany class once and that was really interesting too.

Hi Martie, sounds like you're back to your old self only better :)

OK Brad's done with the tire so I'm off to the apple orchard. Hope the heavy rains hold off. Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Mary, isn't it fun when you have a planned "fun" get together, so you can have fun before the party actually starts just thinking about it.

I missed Randy's near miss with the police and had to go back to find it. He made it out just in time - or maybe the police planned it that way.

Eden, the "excursion" sounds like fun....rain or not. Rain will make it more memorable :) My kids are going with Nick on Saturday - I see pie making in my future.

Kathy, that was a fun display, and it'd be better than a dried up conifer in the front room :) I'll never forget the most photo'd cactus on the far left of the display ;)

My final site drawing for the bulb garden was nothing like I started out envisioning. I took it in a totally different direction and added it in amongst existing summer perennials.

Martie, that's quite a bit of travelling you've done there...gonna keep your feet on the ground for a while, or are you playing catch up from your convalesence? I know you must stop and smell the roses, though, so I won't worry too much.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well we are in for another dreary, overcast day here but the dogwood is brilliant red and quite lovely right now. I brightens up the whole back yard even with the cloudy weather. The foliage on so many perennials is yellowing and browning out including the hostas so I'm thinking I'm going to do some major cutting back this week. I was absolutely exhausted all day yesterday for some reason I couldn't figure out but I went to bed early and am feeling better this AM. These three day seminars tire me out for some reason. I must not be as young as I used to be.

Still haven't found out any further information about the 'doings' across the street and the neighbor whose son they were looking for is avoiding me. Probably embarassed.

Cynthia, now that's some scary information. Thanks for posting that.

Saucy, Doug and I just bought tickets to the Cirque you went to. I'm glad to know its a great show. ~~ I'm loving all your 'loud' pots. They are such wonderful splashes of color. Don't you just love how the containers really keep the color going in the gardens this time of the year?

Woody, unreal about Randy just missing being there when the guitar teacher was taken by the police.

Eden, good grief! You have six bananas???? as much as I'd like another there just isn't room to bring them in. I ROTFLOL when I read you had six. I have to confess that I have way more abutilons than that though. Probably closer to twenty or thirty and they aren't small. te he... The Souvenir de Bonne are both (yes I have two of those monsters) five to six feet tall now and my Pictum 'Thompsonii' standard is absolutely enormous as well the trunk is almost an inch in diameter. I have no idea where the heck I'm going to put it all. I do need to start getting that stuff in or I'll just shoot myself when we get the first frost. Then of course there are the fifty or so fuchsias. Hmmmm.... I guess you'll be laughing a lot harder than I did over your six bananas. I told myself I was going to let a lot of it go this fall but I'm really fighting with myself over that. ~~ Hope you are over your cold and that you are feeling much better. ~~ HAve fun at the orchard!

Kathy, your succulent collection is stunning! Makes me want some... .Just what I need is another plant collection. LOL

Mary, I remember the days of DD dashing for the school bus. Glad they made it. You'll have to let us know how you enjoyed David Sederis. Where is the lecture?

OK no more time here I'm Waving helllo to all! Have a good day everybody.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

"Neat, shiny, and ready for visitors"! HAHAHAHAHA!

Have you forgotten the Phils? (and the dog and the cat)? I do keep up pretty well, but we also live, and I mean live, in every part of our home. We eat popcorn and pizza and drink wine in the living room. The area meant to be a dining area is small so we have the stereo and the desk there, and I have a solarium window there too so there are always plants with all of the various dirt and leaf things happening. The kitchen is an eat-in - and the homework, newspaper reading and a variety of other stuff goes on there daily. Oh yeah, and eating...the younger Phils are not good tidy-uppers. I could ramble on about this stuff but my BP would rise too fast *grin*

I am a champion of hooks and bins. There are places to hang stuff up everywhere here - over the door things in all bedrooms, fancy hooks on oak boards by all three entrances, two sets in the laundry room...and baskets and bins by every entrance too. Plastic bins labelled with masking tape for the zillion toys in the family room...Get the picture? I really work hard to control the clutter. I would like to eliminate a lot of it, but it just ain't gonna happen!

One thing I do though is to make sure I have the best tools and materials to get the job done. If a man takes on a project, that's the first thing he does - he prepares his tools and materials. Well, this is my project, same as starting a garden. Good tools, on hand, when needed. Ones that work. Ones that are not killers to use. And a nice handy place to keep them too. Don't many men have a worksohop? Well....

I came from a not well kept home, so I guess I am still doing the rebellion thing by haveing a well kept home. But I don't want to spend all day keeping it clean, so that's why the routine. Yeah it is usually pretty reasonable, but I do like to garden and read and visit too, and so I make room in my life for those pleasures.

That's the Tuesday rant! *LOL* Off now to take care of my routine! Today's special job: Bill Paying. Yuck!

Cheers guys.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I responded earlier and lost it...:(

Saucy, I am hoping you can share the mental process of transferring your vision of the bulb garden to paper and tell me about the changes you made- and why you made them.

Julie, you never cease to entertain me. That goes for each and every one of you. Thank you so much!

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Brrr, 39° this a.m. Bean harvest has slowed. More sunshine and dry weather is required. We got ½" of rain on Sunday.

Saucy, you could throw that Acorus in the ground to hold over the winter, its hardy to zone 5. I do that with things such as lysmachia Goldielocks and the Black Scallop ajuga that Ive used in pots. Just dig it up in the spring and put it back in your containers. I wish I could do that with coleus etc. I like the orange and pink together in your pot.

I have 20 of lights, which Im sure is pretty amateurish compared to Deanne. I did resist a huge agave at Lowes the other day that was marked down to 9.99. My thought was, where will I put it this winter?

Somehow the apple orchard doesnt sound like nearly as much fun this year without Kenzie and DD to go with me. I told DH to go get some for eating (Honey Crisp) we have our tree here for baking and applesauce. I talked to Kenzie the other night and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was making applesauce so she asked if she could come over and have some.

Winter is the time to get my house under control. I do try to do a few chores before work each day and a few in the evening. Julie, I like bins and baskets too.

Interesting how the generations go, my grandmother is what I would call a cleanie, my mom rebelled and was a laid back housekeeper, I fell somewhere in the middle and now my DD is a cleanie, at least at this point in her life. I got more laid back after a few years of marriage.

Enjoy your day

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

How 'bout a disjointed post? I'm good at those, lol! I'm reading along, catching up and making notes in a text document, so if I remark on something that was "so last week", that's why :)

Chelone, you make me ROTFLMAO! I strapped my chesticles down as best I could and made the leap again.

Hey, it's not a beauty contest, alright?
I'll be a "camp cook"...I'll even bring groceries!! FOR REAL?? YAY, I WANNA GO TO MAINE!! :)

V-around here, they call "bags" "cornhole". Lol, I hang with some fairly unrefined folks :)

Marie, reading your account of Wayne announcing Skyler's baby brother or sister was just wonderful. Those are the moments that get you through the tough ones yet to come. They are fantastic parents.
Your 'Fireworks' goldenrod is so pretty! This is only the second season for mine, and it's becoming a favorite.
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my DD's favorites. She used to read it aloud to me for practice.

Marian, I can't imagine what I would do with so many containers. I'm terrible with plants in the house. I have kept a lemon tree alive for three years, but DH is pretty good about checking to see if I've watered lately.

Denise, I don't know what I'd do without dvr (tivo)! It's what got me through the conventions in record time-FF thru the cr@p and commercials :)

PM2-I ordered bulbs from Scheepers. UPS is supposed to be bringing them. I don't have the heart to look up the order and see what my insanity has wrought, but I know there are a bunch of crocus and allium. I think I made notes somewhere about what I was planning to DO with them.
Oh, so sorry to hear about the spasms...the pits!

Hey, congrats on your first picture, Julie!, I was EXHAUSTED by the time Adrian got to the bowling alley!
I, too, do not understand watching golf on tv. I believe I would truly rather watch paint dry.

Saucy, class sounds like fun. It'll be great to hear how your assignments come along. "Saucy, quit playing with the bees and do your homework!"

Deanne, sorry to hear you're in the "salt mines" so much lately. I'd love to see the picture! What?? I can't imagine them asking you to cut two hours off the class! There is a good and valid reason why my job does not include much dealing with the random public ;)
ROFL! Okay, that is serious business with the SWAT team, but I'm picturing you, all dressed in black, with your camera, darting from spot to spot to get just the right shots. I can't wait to hear how all this comes out!

Barb! So good to see you-by all means, pop in when you have a second!

Woody-lol, I need a couple of those little signs. Queen Elizabeth is beautiful!

Eden, kids go on excursions now? Eh, give me a good ol' field trip any day...that makes it sound like there's a good possibility to get dirty! Have fun :)

Michelle, I've thought of you so many times this past week, and wondered how Kenzie was doing. Coming over for applesauce kinda got me.

Okay, this has gotten QUITE long enough. I'll leave you with a picture from Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI. Perhaps some of the Idylls have been there and can identify it?


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I'm going to guess that Brenda was looking through one of those plant kaliescopes at what I don't have a clue.

PM, sorry that you are dealing with back issues.

Deanne, that is quite a story (are you sure you aren't making it up?) Seriously I feel for the family.


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Hayride, apple picking, cider and donuts and the petting farm. And the rains held off until after we got home this afternoon. It feels like autumn here today. We baked chocolate chip cookies this afternoon after a nap. It's a good day to be cozy.

Deanne, you always make me feel better because you have more plants to drag in and deal with than I do. Which means if you can do it so well I should be able to at least do it. I'm shooting for getting most everything inside this weekend.

PM, so sorry that you're having back problems. My back's been a little touchy from the long car rides up to my parents. Nothing a hot bath doesn't loosen up though. My stomach doesn't do well with pain meds. Hope you feel better really soon!

Brenda, great skydiving pic. The garden one's pretty cool too. So where were you visiting in MI? I missed that you were coming here.

Michelle, I wish we could transport little Kenzie to your kitchen for applesauce. You must miss her so.

I come from a line of cleanies. My grandma, my mom and me to a certain extent, especially when company's expected. My girls are a little more relaxed but also they both work alot.

Tomorrow I think I'll pull out the autumn/Halloween decorations and let Bella help me decorate. And maybe a pot of chili for dinner. My cold's much better today. Did I tell you that we're in the process of kitchen painting? Brad's doing some drywall repair which means the kitchen is very dusty. I also took off the cupboard doors to get them sanded, primed and painted. It took us all last winter until just a few weeks ago to finish the livingroom. Any bets on how long the kitchen will take, lol?


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Well, I'm glad you all liked my succulent collection, but Saucys good eye recognized it from the wonderful gardens at Stonecrop.

Ok, my Julie job for today is taking out the garbage, and making a nice primavera sauce that will last 2 dinners and one lunch, doing a small load of laundry (due to dribbling salad dressing all over my shirt yesterday) and watching Twins-White Sox game.

Michelle, chores before work ? Wow, that would not work for me ! Im behind my desk between 6 and 6:30 in the am , and need that morning energy to organize and get my workday started.

Brenda , welcome back ! Great photo too..I think that over ordering bulbs is a common affliction, but when spring comes and they bloom it still seems like there should be more .Im going to buy a bunch of dutch iris tomorrow since they are so cheap and small enough that its easy to tuck them in here and there.

Eden, there is nothing worse than painting a kitchen ! Thats why I hired mine out this time. Are you changeing all the nice little whimsical touches you had in yours ? Whats the new plan ?

Ok, time to start the primavera

Ta ta Idylls

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sister-in-law Nancy lost her oldest son to cancer a half hour ago. In his 50s, but it is still against the law to die before one's parents.

Time for good news.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sister-in-law Nancy lost her oldest son to cancer a half hour ago. In his 50s, but it is still against the law to die before one's parents.

Time for good news.

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((((Marie))) and family. Against the law indeed.

Kathy in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh Marie! You must be saying "Enough already!" My condolences to your family.

Funny Kathy, my "Julie job"!. Gave me an early morning chuckle. On this topic, you must all remember two things: 1. I am retired, I don't work at an outside job; and 2. living in the frozen north means that we are in the house, that is IN the house, for at least five months every year. No outside work for me at all, although the Phils snowblow the lane. Keep these in mind,now.

Yesterday morning was rushed. DGS didn't wake up unitl 7:50 and he has to be on the bus by 8:30. We wears his Jr. Phil personna for about 10 minutes after waking, so movement in the "getting dressed and eating (?) breakfast" direction is slow. However, his lunch (?) got packed, his backpack was ready, his gloves and hat (frozen north remember) had been dredged up from the depths of the family room and by 8:20 things were moving along. Then the phone rang. Best Little Friend, who has us on his speed dial...Can Adrian come over to my house after school? Let me talk to your Mom....yada, yada, yada, arrangements made. Unpack the backpack to write a note to the teacher, allowing Adrian to leave with BLF. Yell at Adrian to leave the Lego and brush his teeth. Finally he starts with the shoes, hat, jacket, gloves, and...doorbell. "Hi ! It's Home Hardwork with 22 boxes of bamboo. Whered'ya want it?"

Now, InterPhil was already gone for work and Sr.Phil was still abed, so my reply was "Open the garage and stuff it in. Bye." I keep a nice house, but Sr.Phil's garage looks almost exactly as it looked on the day we moved in here. I left the HW guys scratching their heads and we ran to the bus. While there, the town park maintenence crew arrived in the park beside my house and opened the fire hydrant to flush it out. So I stood on one side of the flood and watched the HW guys stuff my garage with 22 boxes of bamboo, and the subfloor and the whatever else you need to put down floors. Yesterday's "Julie job" was to find mats and space for the Phils to lug all that stuff into the living room. When are we going to actually do the floors? Oh, sometime. The price was good.

Today's "Julie job" is to phone someone for an appointment - but I forget who! Maybe I will experience a synapse after my second java.

Garden-wise, I still haven't gotten the monster hosta out of the front bed. I need to do this so they can be planted at DD's house before winter. I have only two more plants to bring in: the clivia miniata from the front porch, and the Hibiscus from the pond. Seeing as we are moving the pond next week and the temps are going down to 2C (35F) this week, maybe I will make those my "Julie Jobs" today, the pots I mean, not the Hosta.

Eden, painting the kitchen. Doesn't that just make you want to run way screaming! But it will be so worth it when all is done and complete! Pictures, of course!

Flowerluvr, I don't know what the photo is, but it would make a kinda neat wallpaper! And aren't you the brave soul! The adrenaline rush you get must add at least ten years to your lifespan by invigorating every single body cell!

PM, I hope your back is healing. So difficult to do anything, and boring too, if you can't easily Idyll!

Michelle, have a hug (()). Maybe you could courier a few jars of applesauce to Kenzie?

That's enough for this morning guys. Have a good day, all!


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I think that I see the tips of an agave in Brenda's picture! You look so happy when you jump out of a plane, LOL!

Julie, you're not retired, not matter what you've got your hands full :) We'll need pictures of your new floor as well as Eden's kitchen.

Kathy, I have thought about you a lot when it comes to the current housing market. I don't like to be in limbo, and I don't guess anyone really does.

Today is jam packed, right through tonight's design class. GB, I'm thinking on your question, and I will give you an answer when I can articulate. Quite honestly, I'm trying not to visit my plan to often so that I don't feel the need to change it (like I always do).

This weekend my class is taking a trip out to Western Mass to see Berkshire Botanical and the Bridge of Flowers. It's always fun to go on garden trips :)

I'd better go get ready for the bus stop....I see that we need rain gear today.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just checking in quickly here - I can't seem to catch up or find the extra time to post anything - not that I have anything interesting to post -- I always say, appreciate the boredom, for fear of what you might get otherwise....

'bug -- I agree -- your family is way way over their legal limit for family pain. Im so so sorry.

Im working on bringing the plants in - those too many agave and succulents -- I seem to have an infestation of mealybugs awaiting them in the house - something came in w/ something earlier in the year apparently and all the african violets are wearing those things... not sure what's going to win out....the things brought in already are not looking so great - o well, assuming the pocket can afford it, there might be replacements next year, right? One can only imagine what the costs of plants is likely to be next year, though, eh?

Love your shots, Brenda -- great fun you're having one can tell !!! and that's a cool plant shot.

I should feel better when I think of Deanne and where in the world are you going to keep all those standards? You sooo need a greenhouse - dont imagine Doug would give up his garage for a greenhouse would he, super guy that he is? Plants in need, in distress??? I've got a few more big pots to clean & bring in this weekend, the dish gardens may have to winter on their own outside.

O, I do dream of a clean house, but doubt even living in the frozen north would make me actually perform the necessary acts to make it like that, LOL...

Glad to see lots of folks checking in though....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

((gb and DH)) Good heavens! You guys are definitely way over your pain limit - I hope good things are waiting to come your way soon.

On the subject of clean houses - my mother was a cleanie - I tend towards the slob category :-) I am SO not motivated to clean beyond the minimum basics! Julie's approach is so sensible - but I'm not too sensible :-) The best way to ensure the house gets reasonably tidied up is to invite someone over to dinner!

Painting the kitchen is on the agenda here too - and has been for about a year! There have been paint chips taped to the walls for a year and that's about as far as we've got! I hope we can do it before Christmas....

Brenda - you're the picture of happiness there! Did you pull the cord this time? Was it noticeably more cooler at this time of year? (although I notice you are still in short sleeves...)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wonderful pic Brenda! Love that you did that and get such a kick out of it.

Woody, I'm so like you in that the quickest way for me to get my house cleaned up is to invite someone for dinner. LOL

Julie, Sounds like you're busier than ever. Doesn't sound like retirement to me. LOL ~~ I need to start getting plants in, I've only done cuttings so far and it's gettng down to deadline time.

Saucy, you'll have to let us know how the BBG is as well as that Bridge of Flowers. Sounds pretty intersting. HOpe you get some breaks in the rain we're getting here. ~~ Ah yes, "where in the world are you going to keep all those standards?" Hmmmm a good question. You are so right that I really could use a good greenhouse or at least a cold storage area out of my basement. I'm gritting my teeth but I think I'm procrastinating on getting plants in because I really need to let about half of this stuff go. It's really all too much.

Marie, so sorry for your family. THat's terrible news.

Kathy, LOL at myself, I thought I recognized that fabu succulent collection.

Eden, I'll bet your house smelled cozy too with those chocolate chip cookies. Glad to hear you had a good time at the orchard and didn't get rained on. I've made a couple batches of soup lately and Doug baked the first loaf of bread for the fall season. Autumn is truly in the air.

Michelle, so sorry Kenzie isn't with you this year to go to the orchard with you. I know she'll be missing you as much as you miss her. ~~ 20' of lights? that's impressive. Maybe I should send you some of my abutilons. LOL

All righty, I'd better get to the basement and get an order filled and finish the class sample from the seminar last weekend.
Have a good afternoon all

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

(((Marie))) I just don't even have the words, Bug. Your family is much in my thoughts.

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bug, so sorry to hear the news that is just too young.

Eden, the orchard trip sounds like so much fun.

Deanne, I had one abutilon last year and I kept it alive all winter and it died shortly before I got it outside.

Ive gotten the ingredients together to make vegetable soup. I figure I might as well get that done with some of the fresh garden vegetables. I have these awesome carrots. Last night I peeled apples for 2 pies for the freezer, baked an apple crisp and made a batch of applesauce. Theres just so much wonderful produce to consume or preserve. I dont do canning anymore only freezing.

I havent brought a thing in and theres a frost warning for tonight. They are saying 36, but you can really depend on that. Ill probably cover things and shoot for Sat. to get things in. The rest of the week looks decent.

Im quite pleased with my "fall" containers that I made to go on the front pillars. No pictures to post these days as Im still without a computer at home.

Kathy, I dont leave for work until 7:45. I get up at 6:15 that allows me a little chore time as well as a 15-20 minute stroll through the gardens. These days theres just not enough daylight.

Best get back to work


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I'll attempt a short post to tell Chelone I'm still out here too.

Marie, I will vote for that law. My condolences. I did enjoy your good news thread, How sweet of you Woody to send Pheobe cookies.

It must be soup and apple time. LOL . I made a huge pot of vegetable soup and an apple pie today. Decided I needed to invite best friends over to help eat it. I didn't clean house, but they know I'm an outdoor person . I usually clean on rainy days or when DH makes me PO'd.

I'm waffleing back and forth about bringing plants in. I just don't want the hassle this winter, but as Cindy said, who knows what plants may cost next year. I might be happy to have a few on hand.

Things still look pretty decent outside but the window is narrowing for getting them in before a frost.

We had a fun little trip to Oklahoma to watch Best friends grandchildren ride in a couple of rodeos. Word has it that two of them will be getting all around champion buckles in the Central OK JR Rodeo Association.
Brought back a lot of memories of hauling our own kids around.

Kathy, I was thinking of Adrian learning to crawl, and your love of baseball. Our same best friends have an eight month old grandson. The one I helped take care of a couple of weeks ago when his mom was in the hospital. Anyway he was selected to crawl the bases at Bush Stadium (home of the Cardinals). He was one of 21 babies in the race. Unfortunately he was overwhelmed by all the comotion and couldn't even locate mom to crawl to. They are big baseball fans as well and at least got to enjoy the game with free tickets afterwards.

Saucy, you have really been getting around to a lot of neat gardens this year. You should be stoked with new ideas for your own.

Michelle, I know you miss your little peanut. Did they find a place to live before they went down? What area are they in? Our DD lives at Tarpon Springs.

Eden I too was wondering about your nicely decorated cabinets. I bet you have something cool planned.

Julie, I think there must never be a dull moment at your house.

Thinking of V on vacation. Nice Trip.

I am still frustrated with my internet connection and feel like ditching the whole thing sometimes. But I sure would miss not hearing from all you people.

Since there is more indoor time again, I have been trying to get back up to where I left off with the guitar. To bad I can't play when I wake up at 3 am. But I don't
think DH would appreciate that . hee hee.

Speaking of Chelone, Where is she?

I'm going to post before I lose my connection. Waving hi to those I misssed. I nodde my head with all you said. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I dropped a can on my big toe while fixing dinner tonight and the thing crashed into my toe nail bed and it hurts like the dickens...... Currently elevating and icing. I don't remember the last time I did something this stupid that hurt this much.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good evening.... :-)

My back is improving! Not quite there yet, but moving around more. Using the computer and typing are still uncomfortable, but thought I could at least post a nice photo..

Hello to all...from 'Bored Silly.'

At twilight, the illuminated outer walls of Caernarfon Castle loom over motorboats moored at the mouth of the Seiont River in northern Wales. Edward I began construction of Caernarfon Castle in 1283, and in 1969, it famously served as the site of the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.
Jim Richardson

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Yes Chelone, where are YOU??? It's been chilly here today and a little drizzly. A trio of garden club friends stopped by this afternoon to view the gardens. I have everything torn apart and in a total mess but showed them anyway. I got Bella a set of little Cinderella characters while shopping at Target this morning and we watched the Rodgers and Hammerstein version on dvd this afternoon and acted it out with our little characters too. That was pretty much my day.

I'm planning on painting the kitchen a pale green, water spout is the name, and the trim and upper cabinets cottage white. I may try a color called cinnamon cherry, a dark red on the lower cabinets.

Marie, I'm so sorry to hear there's been more sadness in your family. September was truly an awful month. I'm glad it's gone.

Deanne, ouch. Hope it stops hurting soon. Your mention of Doug's bread baking reminded me that I need to make a batch of the artisian 5 minute bread dough.

Norma, Brad's been picking up his guitar a little more recently too. He's been working on a few of Jack Johnson's songs. I've been hearing Banana Pancakes alot lately.

Michelle, but we need to see those fall containers. I bet they're really pretty.

Woody, I keep meaning to mention that I have Queen Elizabeth too. I yanked quite a few roses this year but like you say, that one's a keeper. So what color will your newly painted kitchen be?

Cindy, I had a mealy bug infestation a few years ago that got all of my coleus cuttings. I hope you're able to save your agaves.

Saucy, waiting to hear how design class went tonight.

Julie, sounds like those three men of yours keep you hopping. I'm enjoying your stories about them.

Kathy, I must have missed that Aiden is crawling? That was fast. I have to admit I never enjoyed the crawling stage. I always felt under too much pressure to try and keep the floors spotless.

Well that's about all I have for you guys tonight. Time to read Bella a few stories. Night all!


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PM, great that your feeling a little better. Hoping for even more improvement for you tomorrow. Nice to have you posting your beautiful pictures again too!


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I am here, I am alive, I was "called away", I have been reasonably productive, and I've read about 2/3rds. of this Idyll.

But now I'm tired and will share details later.

n-night, friends.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The other day I heard "Blackbird" as I drove into town. Eden, I thought of Brad!

Deanne...Oh that poor toe.

Today I spent at the doctors. This is really stupid stuff that annoys me, partly because I'm not fond of the doctor. Hair loss(grief,) hemorrhoids, colonoscopy...Could anything be more romantic? Yes, the mammogram and bloodwork for my physical in November. Oh bother! Yet, Dr S came out well in the end, very nice after only 10 years of not looking at me. He owns dogs, so he can't be all bad, right?

The Veterinary clinic sent a lovely bouquet to us...very sweet and surprising. HUGE yellow roses and orange daisy like flowers and really really pretty! Of course I'd rather have Reed. :( We haven't heard from Sarah for a week and I miss sharing with them terribly. All in good time....

Phoebe needs a grooming BADLY. I need to organize that. It is hard to do simple things like that these days.

Tonight we had small Brie and mushroom pizzas with a nice salad, fresh raspberries for dessert. Reed adored raspberries and would approve. Picking them gave me time to "chat" with him..Sigh. We ate by our first fire of the season. We waited for October to start.

Again, thank you so much for all the kind cards and truly meaningful messages.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Eden - pale green is the planned kitchen color here too - but we've been staring at paint chips for a heck of a long time and still haven't picked the final one!

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Marie, sounds like today was a tough one. Know that I'm thinking of you.


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and there will be no Julie Job today, as I was stuck in my office shooting the breeze with my boss till almost 5 (having been at the office since a little after 6am) and had to turn on the baseball game at once upon my arrival at home. Viewing this game tonight, it is just as well that V. is out of the country. My team is beating her team.

Cindy, mealybugs are miserable little b*&%*rds arent they ? They must have some purpose in the great scheme of things, but what that is escapes me. I get them in my Alchemilla , and I just dig em up and toss them if they get too bad. It was once suggested to me that I pour some cheap vodka in the middle of the plant. I have not as yet wasted my booze in this manner.

Norma, so very nice to have a chatty post from you ! Aiden is definitely not ready to crawl the bases at a MLB venue ! according to DD he has very limited range thus far. I have traveled to St Louis many times on business and I remember the revolving bar on top of a hotel that overlooked the original Busch Stadium-you could see right down to the field. I always enjoyed going there.

Deanne, you mean you dont wear steel toe work boots in the kitchen ? An ounce of prevention you knowOnce you get the bucks for your new lens, its time to start saving up for the greenhouse-something that you could move the plants into that would only require a hand truck ! Of course by the time this happens , Charles will be so huge youll need a forklift to move him.

PM, a cool pic from you signals you are on the mend !

Eden, now Im singing Cinderella stuff in my head! In my own little corner, Ten minutes ago.." etc. Lesley Ann Warren ? Celeste Holm as the fairy godmother ? Dont remember who the Prince was .Maybe Agnes Moorehead as the stepmother ? LOL the crawling baby and spotless floors- I am going to be pretty interested in this because DD is my slob child. I will be going up for a visit in a few weeks , and he will probably be pretty mobile by then. There will be pics Im sure.

Chelone ! there you are , after asking where are you ?

And, where are Marian, Denise, Babs, Anita , Cynthia, who did I miss ??

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning all.

Last night's class was a look at great gardener's of the past (did you know it was pronounced "jee-kel"? or is my instructor just pulling our leg, lol). Then we studied and took apart the English long border. Lots of the pictures were from his personal collection.

My bulb project is not due until next week - I was mistaken. Now I have one more week to obsess over it :)

GB, I honestly have never planted a bulb. I enjoy what is already here, though. Anyway, I decided to use a Scheepers catalog (since that is what was mentioned here) so that I could "see" the final layout (I kind of got an idea of foliage shape/color that way, too). You mentioned liking Fritillaria, so I added persicaria, and p. alba....and a color scheme was born. One criteria was that we had to use 5 varieties of one species, so I went the easy route and picked tulips! All in black, white, and deep plum. I picked your "green tulips" too. It was suggested that we make "flash cards" (I used my catalog and added the pictures with a description and price to each card - voila! quick reference) that we could lay on the ground if we had trouble with the final vision, and I ended up making them since I'm so unfamiliar with bulbs.

I changed my placement because I originally had it by the front door and felt like after blooms had past that it would be a mess to walk by everyday. So why not move it to the SGOG and put the bulb garden near the Spring statue? I priced it'd be $190 in it's current state....but honestly, that's affordable over a couple year's time!

Maybe I can show you a picture of the final plan when I finally get it done (now that I have another week :)

I saw the podiatrist yesterday (another reason to think of you, GB, and you, too, Brenda, LOL) and got my bad foot taped up. " feels great" I say....doc says, "that's not means you need orthotics!" Only "not good" because orthotics are not covered by insurance. I'm proud to wear orthotics with my friends GB and Brenda, :)

Poor Deanne....that's a painful injury! I thought of you yesterday, too...when's your toe surgery?

Kathy, DH is over my shoulder on his laptop saying, "good, they won the first game." and some gibberish about J. Bay. Good gibberish, but he hasn't finished his coffee yet :)

I think it might be good that V. is away :)

I hope to make some major headway in office filing today. I am the worst: I let things pile up to an unmanageable level and then I have to waste time getting it put away. I hope this will be my final lesson, and then Grasshopper (that's me) will finally change her routine :)

I need to get out in the garden and work on SGOG and bring in the tropicals! We're headed for 30's for lows next week!

What happened to the fine art of killing your mealy bugs one at a time with an alcohol soaked q-tip? Now you have to buy the plant a drink first? I hope she respects you in the morning :)

Ta ta!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

What, no Julie Job? Tut tut, the earth will cease to spin!

I brought in all two of my plants yesterday, but the hibiscus was so big I had to call on the Phils to do it.

The carpet cleaners came for an estimate on the family room and will do the cleaning on Monday.

Adrian's music teacher has moved him on to Jazz, Blues and Rags, so we are going to be truly entertained this week!

Really freezing here now - 0 C this morning and that translates to just plain cold in any system!!

My garden friends/helper of the expensive gloves is too busy to work on the hostas etc. until late next week - I may try to conscript the Phils and DD to get them the heck out of there!

Oh Marie, don't you just hate the round of doctor stuff we old ladies have to go through? Been there done that in August.

Deanne, the thought of your toe gives me the willies! Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Orthotics? I'm in the club too. Reminds me, I need new ones - my hip lets me know when it's time...

I have a big 12 bulbs to plant. There are few if any here, so I picked up some Hyacinths and some pink daffodil-type things recently. Haven't a clue where to put them but I better figure it oput fast. $190 for a bulb garden? Oh I am green with envy - not just for the bulbs themselves, but for having all that wonderful space to plan/plant such a bulb garden!!

If it isn't cold and rainy today I might do that...

Taking the cat to the vet for shots today.

Still forget who I was supposed to call the other day; must be something I am repressing.

Jr.Phil wants the computer for a while, so I am off to paper and coffee. I will find something nice for the Good News thread later.

Cheers, Guys.


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Think I've managed to catch up with the latest and send hugs to Marie in particular. Applesauce does travel well, Michelle, and when V gets back I can give her the names of LOTS of local Yankees and Mets fans with whom to commiserate should the Cubs get blown out. Around here the sports minds are predicting a Red Sox/Cubs Series. Come to think of it, Kathy can pack an extra bottle of local wine when she comes to Idyll Camp. LOL

Anyway -------

If you really like the idea of bulbs by your front door, Saucy, interplant them with something fast growing and late spring blooming to cover them up and then whack the foliage when needed. It works.

If dremels at a Halloween party make you cringe, Julie, pumpkin paint is a fine alternative :-) Ky's B-day is mid-October and this became a traditional part of the party, to the point that when everyone was 14 and they weren't there because I thought it was a little "young" they were sorely disappointed and we schedule a second party just for that purpose.

Did you ever find out what neighbor's kid did/might have done? These folks are trained to instill fear and sounds like they did a great job, Deanne.

PM2 -- if all else fails try a warm lavender bath. It may be a chore getting in and out of the tub, but in between your back will reeeeeeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.

Good to hear from Brenda, T, Marian, Jerri, Eden and everyone else I missed.

I want pansies, now, since the rabbits decimated the self-sowns and they're (the plants) missing from the garden.

Staying within 70 miles of home for the next two days sounds perfect, though I can't say I missed the office and this means I'll need to spend some quality time with coworkers. Where's the headphones???

Thinking of everyone ...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well it looks like the sun will actually make an appearance today and that is a good thing. I'm feeling like I"ve got chronic mildew. For some reason I've totally lost interest in the gardens at the moment and haven't been able to dig up enough enthusiasm to get outside and start bringing plants in. Le sigh... If I let this stuff go you can all yell at me in the spring when I'm whining about the cost of plants. LOL The fuchsias continue to look good but the poor coleus are at the end of their days. They simply do not like nights in the 40's and have been dropping leaves at light speed. I'm thinking of cutting them all out of the pots and hauling all that plant material to the composter this weekend. Actually I'm ready to start getting quite a few of the pots cleaned out and put away for the season.

My poor toe is no longer throbbing like a tooth ache but just sore when I walk on it. I wouldn't be surprised if I lose the darned toe nail.. Kathy, steel-toed shoes in the kitchen??!!! LOL that will be the day... I'm a total barefoot girl and rarely wear shoes in the house in the summers. Half the time I don't have shoes on in the gardens which is how I injured the other foot. Yes, I'm a klutz...

Saucy, I've still not scheduled my foot surgery. The last time I talked to the doctor I wasn't too happy with the description of the operation that would be necessary to fix the problem. It involved fusing a joint and that makes me a bit jittery. I've been keeping those two toes taped together and that keeps me pain free so I've not had that constant reminder that I need to do something about it. Knowing me I'll probably wait until its a chronic problem again.

Martie, I've still not found out what the heck the neighbor's kid did to warrent a SWAT team. The only answer coming from the NashuaPD is "It's an ongoing investigation".

Julie, do you ever have problems with mites on your hibiscus in the house? I stopped growing them because they seemd to be magnets for spider mites. ~~ I sure wish I could hire you to organize the housekeeping around here.

Saucy, how was the bridge of flowers?

Kathy and Cindy, If I had room on this property for a greenhouse I'd probably already have one. I seriously don't have any space available for one except for the area where we park the utility trailer and if I used that I'd be back to no space for the trailer so I've given up on the greenhouse idea. Our property looks much larger in pictures than it actually is. WE only have a third of an acre here.

Kathy, Yes, yes, yes, surely remember the Lesley Ann Warren Cinderella and the 'Ten minutes ago...." Jeesh, that song is now going to be running around in my head all day. These lyrics just popped into my head when I read your post and I've not seen that movie in years. Now I'm going to have to find the rest of the lyrics.

Ten minutes ago I saw him,
I looked up when he came through the door
My head started reeling
My heart started beating
The room had no ceiling or floor,

Ten minutes ago I met him
and we murmured our "How do you do's"

(don't remember anymore except)

And for all I can tell
That I like it so well
I may never come down again,
I may never come down to earth again.

Marie,'Brie and mushroom pizzas?!!! Yummy!" ~~ I hate doctor's visits these days myself. You know you are getting old when you're visiting with friends and comparing notes on colonoscopys. LOL

Cindy, mealybugs are a bear to get rid of and in fact I've never successfully eradicated an infestation of them. Now if I find any I dispose of the plants. I found that I was having to do the alcohol thing and debugging routine every ten days and they just kept coming back so I don't bother to try anymore.

Eden, did you ever post pics of the finished living room??? Did you do any stencilling on the walls again? ~~ Sounds like Bella has a dream grandmother.

Woody, I've grown 'Queen Elizabeth' too and it's one of the best pink roses. A beautiful performer.

PM glad you're feeling better.

Hi Norma, your trip to OK sounds like it was fun. Great to hear from you. ~~ I'm doing the waffling about bringing stuff in myself. If I don't get to work here the weather will take care of the whole thing.

Michelle, what do you use for a stock for your vegetable soup??? ~~ Bummer that your abutilon died before going outside. I've had really good luck with wintering over my abutilons and do have way to many now. I bought this new one this year called 'Voodoo' that is the most gorgeous red. I should try to get some cuttings from it. ~~~ Hope you didn't get a frost last night.

OK I've got to get to work here, have a great day everyone.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

(Ok - rant below re headphones/earbuds - ignore if you wish, LOL):

Aarrgh, headphones -- being a veteran office worker, I have to say I despise headphones -- the latest person they placed me next to in the musical ofc alcove moves of the summer -- was a young paralegal guy, very nice, but he grunted all the time -- seriously -- he grunted every 10 to 15 seconds -- for the 6 weeks I sat next to him I thought I'd go insane -- he had the earbuds on as soon as he got in and it stayed that way all day -- to his credit, I dont think he knew he was doing it - I never did figure out if it was an automatic response to reading emails or printing documents (which he did a lot of) or in response to whatever music he heard -- I truly do not think earphones foster much good office etiquette - people do not know how to relate to others or interact w/ the concept of isolating one's self and being totally absorbed in their music, blackberrys, cell phones...

Glad you hear you're feeling more the thing, PM -- Deanne, you better watch your toes; I too was wondering when you were scheduling that foot surgery you needed? I bet it's still hurting today from that can too. Ouch!

Eden, that sounds lovely (as always) for your kitchen altho I hate to think of those wonderful whimsies disappearing from the cabinets - perhaps you'll be putting something else in their place?

Saucy - sounds like lovely color combos for the tulips - I cant believe you've never planted any bulbs? You never went thru that "phase?" The hardest thing about them, I think, is getting the bloom times right - whether you want the colors to bloom together or in succession (as always like most plant combos one attempts). Van Engelen's is the wholesaler of Scheepers so if you "buy" larger quantities from them, the prices are a bit cheaper and would bring down that $190 a bit I think... gotta find the most bang for the buck, we thrifty gardeners.

Hmm, re mealybugs (Im sure they're related to the cockroach and will survive the end of the world) -- I dont get the q-tip thingie -- have tried and failed that route & gone to bigger guns -- various combos of soaps, sprays, dowsings,etc. -- apparently they have a cycle of within 5 days of laying more eggs, etc., so you have to keep dowsing them after 5 days -- I truly hate to throw all my violets out (which is where they seem to be lurking the most) as a friend gave me most of them.... I may turn them all to toxic soup w/ the household combos - or Im finding a few of the succulents really dont like some of these sprays/oils....

This region is now up over 10 inches above norm for the rainfall -- which is good for going into winter -- so I guess I can put my hoses away for the season. I am finding it very hard to believe it is October though.


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Norma, Happy Birthday, sorry it's a few days late. Hope your day was good!

And Ei, don't know if you're back yet but hope you have a wonderful day for your birthday today too!


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Oops! One more we're late on. Happy Belated Birthday to Wendy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

BIRTHDAYS? Oh how lax I've been.

To EVERYONE, from our garden!

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It's hard to follow that beautiful bowl, GB :) From Idyll Birthdays! From Idyll Birthdays!

From Idyll Birthdays! Saucy

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Birthdays, and I have pictures! How often does that happen, lol!?
Happy Birthday, Norma


And Wendy

Deanne-As one shoeless chick to another...OUCH! I did the same thing when I was little. I dropped a peanut butter jar on my big toe and clipped the end of it right off. The doc just taped it back on, and now I have a funny little hump on the end of my toe. Fortunately, I was young enough that I don't remember it, but I bet it hurt!
Oh, and thanks for emailing me that link. How BEAUTIFUL! A set of eight would be a treasure!

PM, it's good to see you up to posting another beautiful picture. I'm sending good vibes to your back :)

Eden-I think you asked at some point where we were in Michigan. We came in from Marinette, WI., and went to St. Ignace. We kicked around up there for a few days, went out to the Island, and came back across the bridge and took the straightest shot possible to South Bend to retrieve the dogs. I was surprised at how much fall color there is already. We don't have any at home, and I'm not really ready for it. They always put me to work when the leaves change!
My DD got me started listening to Jack Johnson, and Banana Pancakes is a favorite. Good People is my very favorite.

Oh, gosh! I had forgotten all about that version of Cinderella. I remember it being on TV when I was pretty little, and that I liked "My Own Little Corner".

Saucy, sorry to hear you need orthotics and that they're not covered. Bummer! I had to buy mine out of pocket, too and all I could think about was all the COOL stuff I could be spending that money on, lol!
Having the internet down when we came home was just what I needed to clear the monstrous pile of crap on the desk. It's amazing how much recycling a weeks worth of junk mail creates.

Cindy, I agree about headphones/earbuds. It's one of my "old fart" things, I guess. It bugs me when I'm out and about that more people don't make eye contact or smile or anything. Earbuds seem to make that worse.

DH is actually talking about starting to pick some corn. They started running soybeans, then we got a little shot of rain that put a halt to that. We've got some corn on sandy ground that could be picked, and it's not going to stand well, so I guess we might as well get it out of the way. Seems awfully early, though.

Talk to ya all later!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O my - birthdays and multiples of them!!

Happy belated, Norma:

Happy, happy to Ei:

Happy Birthday to Wendy too:


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yum ! That got my attention! Marie, what a beautiful picture. I used to have red raspberries, but they have all gone the way of so many of my plants, espacially those that bare fruit.
Everyone are so right about what grief and stress can do do your system. Do take it easy and let time be the cure. Of course, you will never be the same, but I am hoping there will be lots of joy in your future.
I am so sorry about the loss of your sister-in-law's son. Much too young....

I am recovering from another rerun of the virus I had a couple of weeks ago. Either the same one, or curtesy of another bug. I wasn't feeling too great Tuesday, and got increasingly worse as the day progressed, by nightfall I was really miserable, and remained that way most of yesterday. I got up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time, but it is wearing off...:-(

We have needed a fire in our stove the past two mornings, and looks like again tomorrow, then warming up again.

I have brought in almost all the plants, except the cacti, geraniums, and the asparagus fern. The utility room MAY have space for the rest. If it doesn't, I may weed some out.

We are in a dry spell, and my rain 'barrels' were either running out, or very low. I refilled them with pond water today. Nolon will soon be disconnecting the pump from the pond, before a hard freeze, but now I have an outside hydrant to the community water.

I see I haven't posted since Sunday, so I have a bunch of catching up to do.
I want Kathy to know...I finally got that pile of rinsed- off dishes washed. LOL. I do wish I would get over that habit of letting them go until I run out of anything to eat with, or off. It is a terrible habit. I started it many years ago, then when we moved here, and very seldom have visiters, it just seemed like an unnecessary chore. Besides I was so very sick so much of the time, I really didn't care. Now I wish I would change. Neater people would really frown on the practice.
I love your colorful container pics. That is the look I strive for, but generally do not acheive.

Deanne, so glad your painting job is over for awhile now, but shocked at the SWAT activities next door! How scary! I have never experience anything like that. There have been police activities nearby, by really mild compared to that.
It is a good thing you resisted taking pictures. You could have been in BIG trouble! Ouch! The can on the bare toe would be excruciating! Makes me hurt to think about it.

Julie, the area that I was born and raised in, in Idaho, has had freezes...some at least two weeks ago. It is in a high valley, near the Rocky Mountains.
I like your daily routine too, and wish I would make myself do that. Our ceiling fan definitely needs cleaned, but I am getting so 'unbalanced' ( in more ways than one) I am almost afraid to get up one a chair to do it, and Nolon certainly would be of no help. My windows all need the inside and out treatment also.

Pm2, I am glad you are slowly recovering from your back pain. So far I have not been totally down with mine. I am thinking your muscles may be like mine. But with Fibromyalgia, mine are never really totally painfree, and the slightest wrong turn can set them off.

Woody, what a lovely gift you sent to Phoebe. I can see she loved it. :-)
So, your DH came close to a bad moment too. Have you found out if those lessons will resume?

Cynthia, that is awful about the police killing an innocent man's dogs!

Goodness, there is sure a lot of computer woes going around. I sure hope mine doesn't get hit again.

Saucy, I chuckled about you throwing those plant names around "for class". I am forgetting a lot that I once knew. :-(
But not 'Dizygotheca elegantisima, and Metasequoia glyptostroboides' !!! LOL
Your bulb garden sounds like a great plan. I can hardly wait to see the results. I bought a couple of bags of Tulips Tuesday. I am thinking of planting them in pots..setting them in the little red barn until spring, and growing them on the deck, where they will be safe from the varmints.

Good heavens, Brenda! If I did that all of my crepe paper skin would blow completely off ! But I can see you had a great time. Soo, do you really think you have convinced us that this was your last jump ? :-)
That Kaleidoscope pics is beautiful. I have always loved looking in kaleidoscopes. I still have a really el cheapo that I bought when I was a child.

Eden, we need to see pics of Bella at the apple orchard. :-)

I am sort of envying all of you who do so much reading of books. I haven't got involved in a book for a long time. At this stage of my life, I could re-read all of the ones that I have in my collection, and not even remember how they went...:-(

Woody, we have the housekeeping ideas in common, but I am fortunate to even get the bare basics done. My mother was like yours. If we so much as dropped a bit of lint on the floor she would say, "Pick that up and put it in the coal bucket". ( She burned coal, and that served as the waste basket also.)

I will be motivated to grub out the part that shows before tuesday next week, because we are expecting company from Oklahoma. They are friends that we knew in Idaho. Nolon hasn't seen them since we left in '77. I saw them once after that, when I was visiting out in Idaho. The husband was my boss when I worked at Gibson's Discount Center as bookkeeper. We knew them before that...they are members of
our faith. They plan on meeting me at the Golden Year's class, and following me home. They will spend the night, before returning home. I am trying to imagine what they will look like now. :-) ( Of course,'I' haven't changed...LOL )

My word! I have typed a thesis ! And still only touched on some of the high points!

Enough for now !


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Happy Birthday to Ei, Norma, and Wendy !

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Happy Birthday Ladies!! :-)

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Resisted the temptation to sneak a post at work-I did a skim this morning but my day quickly spiraled south . And we have a whole boatload of birthdays too.We have a 90% chance of rain for Friday night here-Im hoping it will be measurable. It will be our first rain since at least April, maybe March.
Julie Job for today : dishes. Dont think that counts. I did however pay one bill . Baseball playoffs are distracting, and I have to watch the Dodgers/Cubs and the VP wannabees at the same time.

Ok , Saucy, what the h**l are orthotics ??? Never planted a bulb? Wow Saucy, that may be more shocking than me never planting or, Kale. Not even Daffodils? Bet your DH was mumbling about the Sox ? They beat the Angels last night. And the Angels are THE team to beat toolol buying the plant a drink ! you are too funny..

Martie, I would gladly ship a case of fine Napa Valley wine ahead to the compound for summer camp, whatever the outcome of the Fall Classic this year ! After we whip up a couple of birdbaths, get our Bach singing lesson, and learn to make a really fattening chocolate desert (Monique) we can have a wine tasting around the campfire.

Good brain function there Deanne on those lyrics..I think the bridge went something like: ..

I have found her
Shes an angel
With the blah blah blah blah
In her hair/eyes ??
We are dancing
Blah blah blah blah
And shes taking me up to the skies

Hi Marian, sorry you were under the weather for a bit. And hooray for the dish-doing completion ! How fun that you will have visitors that you havent seen in so long.

And now for the birthday gals:

Happy Bithday Brenda From Napa Valley Tour

Happy Birthday Norma

From sedona

Happy Birthday Wendy From Yachats

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep so I finally gave up on it and got up at 4:45. I'm not going to be doing any partying tonight!LOL I've been feeling a bit 'off' lately not sick but not 100% and I think its just the change of seasons and the shortening daylight. I'm such a sunlight driven person you'd think I'd move south where the winter nights aren't so long. LOL

Kathy, you are brilliant.... of course

I have found her
She's an angle
With the look of the stars in her eyes

We are dancing
WE are flying
And she's taking me back to the skies.

I'd forgotten that the lyrics go back and forth between Cinderella and her Prince. I'm mulling on it and bits and pieces keep floating back.

~ Break~

Speaking of Kale, you should see the gigantinormous Kale in my mailbox garden. It is currently about 4' x 4'. Not kidding here. This is the one that survived the winter last year and I couldn't bear to pull it out. Well it's a star but will have to go in the spring as I can't use an ornamental Kale that wouldnt' be out of place in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. ~~ Surely hope you get some rain there. I can't imagine going that long a time with no rainfall.

Cindy, is that last pic from the last garden on the IU5 Garden Conservancy day? I seem to remember that combination. ~~ I hear you about earphones, I go through that at the gym with folks singing along off key to something I can't hear. Like fingernails on a blackboard. ~~ I agree with you re mealybugs and cockroaches. Have you thought of taking some leaf cuttings of your violets in case they don't make it? I used to propagate mine that way. Takes a while but you wouldn't lose the plants altogether.

Brenda, love that combination with the Fuchsia 'Autumnal', Begonia 'Bonfire', Coleus 'Inky Fingers' and sweet potato vine. That also looks like that variegated boston fern I coveted at Monique's this summer. Did you put that together or was that from your vacation pics?

So I guess if we are going to to IdyllCamp in Maine next summer I'm going to have to start practicing my guitar now for the singing around the campfire. Speaking of Chelone, would love to see a post from her soon.

Hello to all, hope all the birthday ladies had great days for their celebrations...

Have a great day all

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Happy Birthday to the Trio!

Cindy and Brenda -- LOL about your take on headphones. I work in an office where there are seven TVs going at the same time (turned down low but there's still drone), where because we all travel our cubes are close enough that four people sit within 5' of me and everyone who's working is on the phone, and where we sift through tons of TV ads pretty constantly for our client's use.

So, in times of complete chaos, which is often, headphones are a necessity -- especially when one is writing a proposal that requires any amount of concentration. I WISH I could only hear the person next to me grunt :-) We all talk to each other pretty constantly, too, but when the "flag" is up everyone knows it's do not disturb.

Different offices require different means of helping sanity. LOL

By any standard Autumn has arrived here at The Park. This weekend we're doing windows inside and out, and the treat for completion is reassembling the seeding/growing on area downstairs. Can it really be time for That??

No experience with Vista .... My DBiL the Mac guru still has trouble looking at my lowly six year old Dell without cringing and suggests I not delve any deeper. lOL

Happy Friday!


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Good morning!

According to the Sarah report, it is chilly this morning. She has on flannel pjs, fuzzy slippers, and a blanket draped around her shoulders while she eats her breakfast :)

I have to get some plants in today.

Deanne, I'm heading out to the Bridge of Flowers tomorrow. I'm kind of bummed that no carpooling was arranged. It's a couple of hours in the car by myself. I'm already making a musical list to sing off key to! :)

I think it is funny that those same people with earbuds in their ears probably go home and plug into the internet to be with their "friends." What will be left of us real people when all the others are playing in the virtual new world?

I've got to get going. I need to find extra articles of clothing for the bus stop :)

Later friends! (Oh yeah! I just figured out that it is Friday and Sue will drop by! Chelone will be so happy to see you!)


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning all!

Kathy, if the dishes are bugging you and have become a "gumption trap", and you decide to get them out of the way, then that's a Julie Job.

Mine for today - dusting the light bulbs in the bathrooms. Now Wait! I know! Who in their right mind would dust the lightbulbs in the bathroom? Well nobody, but that opens a whole 'nother discussion. In my case, our bathrooms have those long banks of round lights like a Hollywood dressing room, no shades. They do collect dust. And when I'm, um, sitting there with nothing to read, I look around, and these dusty orbs catch my eye. When I start looking at them every day and it starts bugging me, then I start with the "I really should clean those up some day". It takes about six months to get to this point. Well, it's a very small job and I want to do other stuff today, so...bathroom lights it is. Probably about a three-minute job.

Up here in the frozen north, I have about 1 more week to get everything done outside. I NEED to get those Hostas out and help does not seem to be enthusiastically flinging itself in my direction, so, I am going to give it s shot myself. Probably wreck the garden and myself at the same time....You'll hear, folks, you'll hear!

Also going to mulch the rock bed and fill the bird feeders. If there is still time, the veggie gardens will be emrptied. Then if there's still time AND money (it seems these two things are mutually exclusive) I will get multi bags of triple mix and some garden sulpher and treat all the raised boxes.

Who asked what triple mix (or three-in-one) is? It is a bagged mixture of soil, peat moss and compost. It is just great for amending beds and I add a bit of it to my pots also. I also mix in a bit with the soiless mix for seed starting. I used to buy the soiless mix by the bale and the triple mix on pallets when I had the greenhouse, sometimes 100 bags at a time. The neighbours always thought they were bags of concrete and wondered what we were building!

It is obvious to me that you people are not only great gardeners, you are also wonderful photographers! Every day I see such beautiful floral and garden stuff when I come here - and you all have such interesting lives, yet, well, ordinary too. Down to Earth is probably a better term Haha, no pun intended!)...This is now the first place I come in the morning. Thanks friends!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Friday!

I love birthdays around here. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures!

Without further ado:

Happy Birthday Ei!

Happy Birthday Norma!

Things have been busy around here. DS is gearing up for a scout camping trip in the mountains this weekend. We had to go buy long underwear! He seemed thrilled with the concept, and modeled them with much enthusiasm. His gear has been packed and waiting in the living room since Tuesday.

On the garden agenda for this weekend is to finish dividing some stuff, and decide the exact spots to plant the tulips I've ordered. They haven't arrived yet, but I figured I'd try to be ahead of the game for once instead of my usual wandering and staring with a shovel in one hand and a bag of bulbs in the other.

Waving hi to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm so glad you joined us here much better than our scattered emails of the past.

My solution to the Hollywood bulbs, which by the way were expensive and constantly burning out, was to buy two new fixtures instead! I really hated all twelve of them, and after over 10 years of them, DH agreed. Now there are 4 bulbs.

It is a sunny morning and I'd be more enthusiastic if things were a little different here. But we are OK most of the time. Just that it is a long road. It is good having DD posting and sharing emails with us.

Tomorrow is a dinner/dance to support our efforts in improving gravel pit licensing. If you knew me, you would understand how I dread it. I do not feel like dancing EVER, and meeting up with acquaintances in large numbers, all of whom will be treating me like an exotic species after our tragedy gives me the willies. DH really wants to attend, so it is all for him that I'm going. Well maybe for the food too. ;)

The ex-wife is already up to her garbage with my dear little family and I had to laugh when DH suggested they put her in the dog crate for disciplinary action. She truly is a number.

I think I need a nap already. I've been up since...well, since Deanne got up!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Dealing with personnel problems and almost forgot this morning. All this interaction and diplomacy just wears me right

Looks like I missed some birthdays. Hope the days were enjoyed by all.

With any luck I'll get to spend two long days in the garden this weekend. In a couple of weeks the gas company is scheduled to arrive and dig a line to my house from the street. Unfortunately there are quite a few plants in harm's way that I would prefer not to lose so I'd better sharpen the shovel. Even though my containers still look decent, I need to start putting those to bed as well. Then there's the leaves...ugh!

My weekend in Maine went well despite the rainy weather. I came back to water in my guestroom again. It's not coming from the ceiling-that would be too easy. Gotta figure this one out before winter. It originates near the window but I'm never home when it happens. The gutter maybe?

OK, time to get cracking.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning! :-)

Thank you for all your well wishes. I seem to be on the mend, just not quite there and trying to be careful not to try to get back to normal activities too fast. I ended up getting over the worst of it with one night of muscle relaxers and one pain pill, but just like you Kathy, I am very sensitive to these types of meds too. The muscle relaxers really didn't help much at all, just made me feel spacey and the one pain pill had my stomach reacting. So that was the end of the meds. Makes me wonder how anyone gets hooked on pain meds. [g] sorry to hear you have had yet more bad news in your family. I can't imagine how any of you could handle more stress. It does seem like when it rains it pours sometimes. We have had that happen more times than I can count and I usually end up feeling like what choice do I have, but to do the best I can with it and not expect too much from myself. From the little you have posted, you seem to be doing just that. is great to see you posting. I always enjoy hearing about what is going on at your house. Yes, long car rides are really hard on my muscles now. I used to really love a good long car ride so I find that really annoying. [g]

A 'Julie Job'....I like the latest Idyll-ism. :-) I like the way you organize yourself Julie. My mother liked to have everything spic and span, especially the kitchen and baths, but clutter, was always something she struggled with. Company coming would always spur us on to get everything just so. She used to tell me stories of how her Mom used to be a very fussy house cleaner. They would do Spring and Fall cleaning every year and everyone helped. They had feather mattresses, that would be taken apart, the fabric washed, dried on the line and then sewn back up, all the curtains and throw rugs would get washed and everything was ironed. The kitchen would get pulled apart and put back together again. It was another world, wasn't it?

Our son made cookies this week. Just what I need while I am lying around doing nothing. :-) Oatmeal, coconut, walnut, chocolate chip. Very hard to resist with the fragrance floating through the whole house. I think I have done well to have had two out of the whole batch. Still, I was already putting on weight before my back. Really need to start moving again.

DH has helped out and made a pot of Minestrone Soup, which was delicious and nutritious. We have started adding chopped up leafy greens...Kale...for the added calcium. Makes a wonderful lunch with a Tablespoon of Grated cheese. Very fall like too. Soon we will have to make a Pot Roast.

I can't catch up, I'm too far behind, but I have done some reading and enjoy very much, hearing about everything going on with all of you.

Friday again...amazing how fast the time is going by. October! Three more months left of 2008, anyone have any 2008 goals they are trying to finish before the end of the year?

Hope to be up and out early tomorrow to 'watch' DH and son play musical plants for me. It is supposed to be gorgeous weather.

Enjoy the day!

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Ladies I hope you had the best of birthdays.

Its been a crazy week with limited Idyll time at work so heres a very disjointed post.

Today I sent Kenzie a large envelope. She loves mail. One of the items was a combine picture to color as well as a letter from gramma and grandpa.

Eden, Ill have to wait with the fall container pictures until I get my computer back. I love your solidago and aster combo. I painted my kitchen green and have a lot of red accents.

Norma, they are living in the Orlando area so she gets to go to Disney for her birthday to "see the Princesses"

During the garden tour this a.m. Im pleased to see some nice purple berries on the callicarpa for the first time.

We have hollywood lights in our bathroom, but I am planning on replacing them when I take the wallpaper from 12 years ago off. When that will be remains unknown LOL

Im sure Im missing much but thats all I can come up with for now.

Its a beautiful fall day here I hope you all have an equally nice day.


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Happy Birthday Norma!

Happy Birthday Ei!

Happy Birthday Wendy!

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HI, I'm just doing a quick skim but had to mention to Michelle how much I love that container by the potting shed door!

Off to make lunch. Kitchen ceiling is almost done being painted thanks to Brad.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I'll chime in too -- Michelle, that is certainly a wow container arrangement - beautiful!!

So how would you, Michelle, fill in a container that has a boxwood ball topiary, and ivy that's growing draped over it? I've got them on either side of my front door, and guess it's time to rip out the few annuals I had plunked in there -- but I always have trouble thinking of things that wont harm the growing things -- maybe I need to go hunt for some grasses like you did - I've got the hydrangea heads... hmm, i'll have to see what I can hunt up from the beds.

Gardenbug- I hope your dance goes pleasantly and people treat you civilly and "normally" !

Deanne, those are all IU5 conservancy shots -- I really did like that combo of echinacea (vintage wine do we think?) and other things... I would love to somehow duplicate 3 or 4 of those things together...Of course, Im very fond of classic ornaments too and loved that garden that had all the classic touches of urns and balls, etc.

Sounds like a few of us hope to get out to the garden -- me too - dont know what all I'll really accomplish - there's really lots to do; it should be cool but sunny at least.

Julie jobs -- I do relate, Julie -- I usually make mental notes too of "fingerprints on doors" spiderweb in the upper hall corner, etc., -- things that if I did that old Fall/Spring cleaning from top to bottom as PM talks about, would take care of them all... but like you, Im lucky if I get just one of them done a month, LOL...

Sue, - good luck on finding that leak -- they can be from such weird spots -- like a window caulk missing from outside, punctures in the vinyl siding -- eeek, all kinds of things - I think water leaks are one of the hardest house maintenance things to identify and cure.....

On that note, Im hoping for a dry dry weekend for a change, LOL...

Thinking of Saucy off on her venture to the Bridge of Flowers -- what a quaint name - hope she brings pictures.


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