Redid Pond Plants)Success!

Calamity_J(z7bc)May 1, 2011

So the fiasco of clumping kitty litter is behind me now, hauled the lilies out, cleaned the filters, let the pond settle, then added the plants/sans milky mess! Had a Garden tour today and the fishies did me proud, all right up at the surface saying: look at me, I'm beautiful!!!heh heh!

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Nice work! Your pond and garden are lovely! I am jealous that you can have WH already. We poor northerners have to wait another month for that. Your fish are adorable too.


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Lisa, I actually have the WH in there for a Garden Tour I had! It is actually pretty cold and frosty in the am, so I have them in a tub in the house at night! I was observing the fish checking out thier reflections in the floating gazing ball..LOL! I could imanjine them saying: "Hey! Look at that good looking fish! He looks just like me!!" ha! I hope the new middle plant survives, I haven't been pulling it out of the pond at night. I did put 4 oxygenators in too. Just dropped the bags to the bottom.

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contraryjim(z8 WA)

Beautiful, well done.

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