Thanks for all your kind wishes-------

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)October 12, 2007

It makes my heart happy to read all your kind wishes.

My PT comes 3 times a week and he says I'm doing well----

walking with a cane now----graduated fronm the walker----

We had upsetting news which has all of us upset.

While my darling daughter was here from Lancaster to be with me for the operation----her DH cleaned out all the important papers------rented an apartment and moved out.

They have been seeing a counselor for about a year-----I could understand if he wanted a divorce but I do think it was sneaky and underhanded to leave while DD was here with me----

My DH and I have been very upset---We are unable to help DD because I can't travel while I'm on the blood thinner---

It really has been most upsetting for the whole family-----

Physically I'm doing OK but it was very difficult to be in the rehab and not be able to comfort my DD.

Thnaks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers---

Please add an extra prayer for my DD-----she is a gentle soul and this is hurting her a lot----

I'll be back ------It tires me to sit too long at the computer but I try to drop in when I can.

Love to all------Florence

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Welcome back Florence! You were missed. I am really sorry to hear about your DD but I am sure she appreciates your love and suppport long distance.

Don't over do it!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

It was so good to see your name pop up on one of the other forums. I scooted right over here to see if there was a message from you. So good to have you back and recuperating well.

So sorry about your DD's situation. She isn't ready to hear this yet, but the guy was obviously a jerk and she will be better off without him. That doesn't help the pain in between, however--does it.

You take it easy, Florence,--get fully recovered and let us know when you are ready to dance a jig. You have a big cheerleading squad here at GW.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

There can be no surprise that you received so many heartfelt wishes. You are simply loved by everyone on this Forum.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

So glad to have you back....I've missed you! Let your dear daughter know that I am praying for her (for ALL of you) during this difficult time. I am always willing to chat (you have my email & address) if she or you need to vent...I went through a bad divorce myself years back w/ 3 little ones to raise....its tough but she will get through it, one step at a time.
I hope "PomPom" rose is still putting forth new growth....I am sure you haven't been able to get out in your garden. Your roses must miss you!
We all care about you so much....God bless...lots of hugs,


An Angel for bring you love & hope:

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Hey Welcome Back and hope your recovery goes well!

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Florence, so good to have you back! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

So sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope things work out for her.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Florence, welcome back! I'm so glad you're doing better, and that cane must be giving you a lot more freedom than the walker.

A dear friend of mine had emergency hip surgery following a fall (which I understand is a more difficult recovery than our planned types)...her PT was making in home visits too and he told her to put on the music, and dance with her DH! Now doesn't that sound more interesting than isometrics or a treadmill - I wonder how your own therapist would feel about it.

And I'm so sorry for your daughter. I think that kind of behind-her-back-when-she-is-distracted type behavior is just the lowest. Very disrespectful. She'll be in my thoughts, and I hope she finds herself on the path to a happier life soon.

Please don't stress about things you can't change. Your best gift to her right now will be to get well and strong again.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, so nice to see you up and about and visiting here. Everyday will be better!


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi Florence: So glad you are able to be back with us, if just for short visits. And sorry to hear about your daughter. My thoughts are with your family.

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Dear Florence, it is lovely to see you back with us. I am so terribly sorry to hear about your daughter. Life is just not fair sometimes. Let's hope she can turn herself around as speedy as is possible and look forward to a better life without him. It obviously has not been that great for a while, so there has to be some true happiness out there for her. I sure wish her the best of luck to deal with this transition as painless as is possible and the best of wishes for her to look forward to a brighter future. She still has her mum, who needs to concentrate on getting better too so please do your best Florence and take extra care of yourself. Hopefully when the next door opens for your dear daughter, that it has the biggest welcome sign on it!
Hugs to you both!

Love Pauline - Vancouver Island

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

HI Florence. Prayers for you on your recovery. And I'm so sorry that happened to your daughter. I'm going through a very unexpected divorce right now and my DH was very inconsiderate just as your daughter's DH is. It's very hurtful I know. I'll say prayers for her.

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Hey Florence! Glad you are recovering. Help that DD of yours get the best lawyer she can find...courts don't take too kindly to the sort of underhanded behavior your SIL is exhibiting.

Thinking of you!


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I am sure your DD has your kind and gentle spirit. God rewards that. She will come through....and with you there to support her, she will have the shoulder she needs. I will tuck you both into my prayers.

So good to have you back!!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Florence, I hope you are feeling better and better RE your surgery :) I'm so sorry about your daughter :( It is better for her to not have to put up with him if that's how he's going to be, though... hard as that is.

And hugs, Maureen. I know that broken heart and it really really hurts :( You'll be better for it later, I'm sure. Freedom from that kind of guy is very refreshing after the hurt goes away!

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Just dropped to again read these lovely notes and pictures.

You have no idea how comforting these encouraging words can be

Maureen-----I'm so sorry to hear about your situation---it is a shame that these men don't have the courage to do things the right way---My SIL has caused us all a great deal of pain.

Celeste---I will be in touch----I love the angel in your picture--- and it gives me hope for my DD when I read about your wonderful life with your DH.

Thanks again ---I will be back

Love to all,


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Florence, I hope you are feeling better each day. Keep up the the good work of healing! I know it takes time and great patience is required so hang in there! Sending prayers up for your daughter.

You are an inspiration!


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