Question about the DWTS contestant !!!!!

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)October 30, 2007

Has anyone seen the man who was recently voted off Dancing With the Stars-

He claims to have had a hip replacement seven and a half weeks ago after a five and a half hour operation--

Did I hear this correctly ??

First of all it is necessary to follow "hip precautions " for 3 months after hip replacement surgery.

I can't in my wildest imagination understand how he can be doing those dances after such a short time

Maybe I misunderstood what he said but a few of my friends heard the same thing.

Did anyone else see him on TV ???


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His name is Mark Cuban. He is a wealthy business man who sold his company for big bucks and bought the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. I know his hip bothered him while practicing. The way he walked down the steps, you could tell it bothered him. I can't imagine the dancing helped his hip.
Take care of your hip and no dancing for a while.

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