Some more Ogden Nash on food.

gandle(4 NE)November 17, 2010

A gourmet challenged me to eat

A tiny bit of rattlesnake meat,

Remarking, "Don't look horror stricken,

You'll find it tastes a lot like chicken."

It did,

Now chicken I cannot eat.

Because it tastes like rattlesnake meat

The hardest food upon the planet

Is easily the ripe pomegranite.

I'm halfway through the puzzle game

Of guessing how it got it's name.

The pome part turns my cowlick hoary,

The granite part is self-explanatory.

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Love it!

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Right on!!! Steve S.

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I tried to reply to this earlier this afternoon, but my computer was acting up and it wouldn't post. What I said was: "OMG, George, chicken is the preferred protein in my house! Will I ever be able to eat it again without thinking about this poem?!!!"

I have a silly (perhaps) but VERY real phobia about all things "creepy crawlerish" -- and Ogden Nash's poem doesn't help one little bit! However, as always, he was very witty. :>)

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It's funny how many unusual foods are described as "tastes like chicken" wonder if chicken tastes like chicken?
and chicken what? Fried? Baked? Caccitore? Maybe it's because chicken is so versatile.

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rattlesnake really does taste like chicken. I had it once when I was teenager and we were living in Arizona.It was just kind of bland,like chicken but I'm remembering it as a little more salty.

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Lol, it's a good thing that Ogden Nash did not have to be in a survival situation. I've eaten snakes and eels and both have the texture and taste of chicken.
I agree about the "ripe pomegranite." quote, IMO, it has the pucker factor or 10+ no matter how ripe it is. There are boxes of free fruit all over the place around here.

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Is "It tastes like chicken" an American food preference? I don't remember a similar comparison in German or in Britisch literature. For me it means that I hope it don't tast like chicken.

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Ogden Nash is a long time favorite of mine. I've loved his clever "poems" since I was a kid, although I think they might more properly be called "limericks". I'll have to look up he definition.

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I checked it out - this is not a limerick. A limerick consists of five lines only...I learn something new every day!

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