Idyll #281 - That Fall Feeling

martieinctSeptember 4, 2006

Another summer winding down ... what Will we do with ourselves?? Carry on .....


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

What will we do? Idyll ourselves to number 300 before the end of September?


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Well heavens! I turn my back for a moment and you've up and finished off the previous Idyll. :o)

Looks to be another laboring day here.....there are more fence posts that need to be exhumed from the ground. We couldn't do it, the tractor didn't have enough 'umph' to do it so we're calling in the big tool---yep, the excavator! DH positions the bucket over the offending post (all fence posts are offending ones), I do some fancy magic with some chain betwixt the excavator bucket and the fence post, DH lifts the bucket and VOILA!!..the post is out of the ground and we move onto the next post. Not difficult but sometimes undoing the chain magic so I can do the next post is a bit difficult. (I *always* have to find something to do a little snivel about!).

A flicker was pecking at our house this morning and yesterday morning. Both DH & I were having flashbacks to the woodpecker pecking on the house......we both began getting an eye twitch with the memories. :oP I don't know how we are going to combat the dastardly peckers if they return in the spring. I may just park myself in the driveway with a shotgun and blast my house to pieces during the attempts to run the bird(s) off. Yes, I remember that woodpeckers are a protected of course (of course) I wouldn't do anything to maim, injure or scare the poor little birdie. No, truly--won't try to kill the birds....but I sure hope they don't return. I guess we'll try one of those moving 'eye' deely bobbers if they do return. Or perhaps some sort of wind chime/twirly thingy. Won't that look lovely at every corner of the house? :o/ LOL Oh well, we'll worry about the pecker when/if it returns.

Kenzie and Bella are little girls fun they must be!

Well, I hope everyone has a great day!

Hello to all (I'm heading for more coffee, lol).


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T: The image of you shooting at your house is too much for a holiday morning. LOL Reminds me of the scene in "Steel Magnolias" when the father was ridding trees of birds for his daughters wedding.

Eden: Excellent link for begonia prop. Patience is the key but this method has never (knock on wood) failed me.

V: 300 before end of September means more tube time than garden time, I think. LOL Only if it rains ....

Mary: I'm jealous of your big mower. We could use it here to cut back about 20' x 160' of encroaching woods. Doesn't sound like a lot but it is to our yard. The good rains this year haven't helped this cause, at all.

Wendy: Do they make GPS systems for screwdrivers?? You'd think that with a contractor in the house tools would be safe. No way. I finally ended up going to a hardware store and getting my own tool box with my own tools AND a combo lock. Permission is needed to use the "house" tools. LOL

Thinking of Sue, Monique and Deanne on this gorgeous day. Half thought about joining them but would need to shower for a few hours, first. It's muddy out there.

Saucy: Sure sounds like this house has been a project! If you're close to Deanne and Wendy you're close to Sue, Monique and me, too. We'll let you know when the January Logee's trip gets scheduled. Would love to meet you!

Know I'm missing something important but if we are to meet V's goal, I'll be back later.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cleaning is done, swordfish is marinating, steaks are resting and the corn is shucked. I picked fresh cherry and grape tomatoes for the salad. Doug has smoked some salmon and Les is making fresh guacamole. Tom is out mowing the lawn and I'm ready to jump in the shower. It's clouding up a bit but as long as it doesn't rain we're good. Martie, if you change your mind, we have plenty of food.

Am I a social butterfly, Michelle? Not really but I do like company and things to look forward to.

Hot water calls.


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I'm hopeless. I had to go out and was near my fav nursery for tropicals. I had to stop in and see if they had any sales and of course they did. Ended up bringing home 2 alocasias, a xanthosoma, 3 begonias and a tiarella heronswood mist. Great deals but still...

V, 300 Idylls by Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving if we want to get really ambitious, but 300 by the end of the month?


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We needed groceries. What would YOU do,make a lasagne bed or actually go to a grocery store? I used newspaper,cardboard,fall leaves from last year and the ground wood chips from the tree we took down this spring. Since I was so busy Chris went shopping for me-he doesn't care for earthy lasagne I guess. lol.
Do I know what I'm planting in this new bed? Nope. I'll decide that between now and spring.

We're having steaks today and the most delicious sweet corn my mom passed on to me. I love when corn is so sweet and good you just don't need butter on it. Chris bought propane so we can use our grill.

Oops I came up here to gather laundry...HOW did I end up on the computer?: )


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Hi everyone

Babs - go for lasagne....bed of course;0)

Brrr - it really is Fall here, overcast and in the 50's. We've been back from CA a week now and I'm ready to see the sun again. I'm glad we hadn't planned any outdoor festivities here for today but hope the NE Idyllers have fun at Sue's.

Back to school preparations continue, we bought Annie new sneakers today (very cute pink and blue ones) and stocked up on lunch components. Instruments were practiced this morning to get us back in the swing and backpacks filled with supplies. I think we are ready.

We have a family walk planned in an hour so I might nip outside to get a little gardening done or pick some more raspberries which have been delicious. I'm having trouble staying away from my current book - In the Company of a Courtesan by Sarah Dunnant. It is set in Renaissance Venice and has such wonderful details and turns of phrase I can barely put it down. I woke at 6 AM this morning, but instead of getting up and being productive read under the covers for 3 hours. I might sneak in another hour this afternoon.


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Mary, I love reading in bed in the early morning. The house is so peaceful :) Glad you found a book you just HAVE to read....those are the best!

Just got back from shopping. Decided to save boating for later in the week since big black clouds kept creeping in. I'm looking for just the right set of chairs for my new living room....I painted the walls a very pretty muted teal and I want a chocolate brown set of chairs and one of those over sized ottomans to use as a coffee table.

Martie, you're right...the whole house has been a project. While I was away from Idyll, we replastered all the horsehair walls downstairs, sanded and refinished all the floors and then painted all the walls and woodwork. It is beautiful, but I don't trust myself to decorate it properly, so we've been living in empty rooms since last fall :) It is easier to clean this way :) We did the upstairs the year before - Idyll had to live through that one, too. Will we ever be done? I want to call Ask This Old House to come over and fix something minor when I'm done - do you all know the show I'm speaking of? They only show old "new" homes, which drives me nuts.

I have visited Sue and Deanne before....I am about an hour away from Sue's (am I correct Sue?) and the same from Deanne. Where are you? You can email me if you don't want the whole world to know :) I love meeting everyone, too. It was so frightening the very first time. Before we all met, we used to joke about how we could be a bunch of 12 year old boys for all we knew....

Remember the thread where everyone posted their picture for the first time....what a long time ago!

T., We remedied the woodpecker situation by tacking up large rubber snakes to the walls of our much more attractive than the whirly gig things, huh? It worked though! The woodpecker on my house liked to peck right above my headboard every morning at 5 a.m. What a pain.

Your work sounds like good hard work. How nice that you and your husband work well together. Nick and I do, too, and find that we fuss alot when we're not doing projects. Boating has been good because we have to work together to make it work.

Wow,'d you wrangle the guys into getting all that food together? Tell me your secret, please!

Babs, I'm working on a lasagna that will needs some plants next year, too. I am going to have a mostly sunny patch with some morning shade. What kind of light will your site get? Mine's going to be the view out of my bay window, so I'd like to have 3 season interest.

Told my husband that Mary makes her own corn tortillas and now he's wondering if we could get a press on the internet!

I love pickled and I love okra....and one of the best things in the world is pickled okra! Look for it at the store (next to the pickles corn and green beans :) and try it! I would love to learn how to make pickles. My friends grandmother always makes the best and I get two jars whenever I'm there - one is always gone before the plane lands. She puts whole cloves of garlic and two or three chile peppers in each jar! They are out of this world.

My grandma used to say my blood was going to dry up when I would drink the pickle juice from the jar. I try to control myself now :)

Better go find something to do outside, it's clearing up again.


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So Rich knows something I don't know about Okra :-) Can it grow in Z6 in short day length?

Saucy: Good For You to keep your old house old. Replastering walls is no fun -- I remember it being done at my grandmother's house in New Jersey in the middle of the summer. I grew up in a house that was built in 1780 and to this day expect things to slide down the bureau.

Sent Kyle off to college today and emphatically resisted the urge to pull something out of his bags. I was good, but it was hard. Oh, the days of cool sneakers and full book bags!

Have I missed Ei in the flurry of posts? Wondering if Taryn's dialup has dialed up, yet.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi its Deanne! Wow all!!!! You are doing a great job here!! I haven't checked in since I posted this AM. I'm at Sue's at the moment and we are going down to Monique's in a few for home made chocolate cake. I'm going to have to live at the gym next week!!! OK must be off. I'll post some photos of our roamng dnner party later.


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SHHH! I'm supposed to be making dinner while the boys go on a bike ride! So if I'm supposed to be in the kitchen(or outside since we're grilling)...why am I at the computer? It's the idylls!!!

Saucy-this is an odd garden-it's a small hillside that faces south-which means the flowers turn their heads away from the view from the house. It's the only full sun place I have so I consider it a gift to those walking by on the sidewalk below and I get to grow plants that like sun.

I love okra and considered growing it-though I wasn't sure if the deer would gobble it. I love it for my gumbo-homegrown would be so much better than the frozen stuff I've used or I can also get it at the farmer's market when it's in season. When we used to vacation on the NJ shore there was a great roadside market that sold it...I miss the shore!!
OH I see Martie has connections to NJ!How cool to have a home from 1780!! By chance is the house still in your family?

Lol I keep telling Chris in my best whiner voice, "I don't wanna go to work tomoooorrooooow." At least I don't have to be there early-I will count my blessings...I have a bunch of looming asthmatics on my agenda tomorrow-it's weird how many parents don't come out of the woodwork to inform us of their kid's situations-asthma isn't something to take lightly.

Hi Deanne! It's funny you sound just like Sue...; )


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi, just a quick pop-in while the guys are biking...

Sue, I am still planning to come down next weekend, I've been wanting to see Steve Silk's garden, and the others sound good too. I am sorry I missed today - I can almost taste that chocolate cake!

Saucy, I'd love to meet you - I'm guessing you don't live too far from me either, I'm about 45 minutes from Deanne and close to 2 hours from Sue...can you join us next Sunday? Will I be going by where you live on the way down, I could pick you up?!

Babs, I'd make the lasagna bed and send DH to the store...

V, did you mean Idyll #300 or 300 more idylls?

T, sorry about the return of the pecker...hope you can find a way to keep him off your house!

Have to run and finish folding laundry - later all!


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Sorry, Wendy, "keeping the pecker off T's house" is too funny, and I might have to be banished for that one :)

Love to meet you, too. I'm in Grafton, MA, close to Worcester.

I say we visit everyone we can and include Martie, too!

Babs, I always use cooking and laundry as a rouse (SP?) else do we get anything really fun done? They think the garden is magic.....he he he.....

I'm having a labor day cosmopolitan....and then I'm off to clean up and go to bed!

I want to see you all right now in the worst way! I wish I hadn't missed the last union....


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Wait. T's got a pecker on her house? Again? wow. T why are those peckers so attacted to your house?.......: )

Saucy I am so glad you are here again: ) excuse this time is that I am cleaning up the dinner dishes while they go pick up DQ!!
Most of the summer we eat on our screened in porch. But tonight we tempted the fate of mosquito hell and ate al fresco in the 'front yard garden room'...hey that sounds so cool huh. I'm trying to get the front yard secluded enough by plants that we can eat out there and not be distracted by the busy road out front. I have to say it *was* peaceful enough tonight.Maybe the wine was distacting enough?lol. Chris was the only recipient of a mosquito bite...ooh here they come gotta go look busy with dish soap!: )


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Inspired by Babs, I shall do a photo commentary on the last few days.

Yes Babs, I went to pot. Three little pots, two for my DS and the one on the right for me:

But today's job was grass, man. I have to talk about the grass on Saturday, so I thought some nice grass shots would add some zip to my hand out. Here's little bluestem with a liatris aspera hiding in the middle.

Oh, but I'm getting out of order. How can I talk about grass without mentioning "Up in Smoke"? Don't try this trick at home, kids, but here's a pic from the fish boil. To get the pot to boil over, one lucky contestant (my DH) gets to throw kerosene on the fire. The fire flares up (to put it mildly) and all the water and yucky fish oil and grease and stuff boil right out of the pot. This is the secret of the fish boil process. By the way, DH was not in as much danger as it appears in this photo.

Of course, he won't need a haircut for weeks...

As I've mentioned before, life has been in the pits lately, um, I mean fire pit. This is still a work a progress: we need to backfill behind the wall, haul away the stones (all of which came from the excavated pit area), landscape behind the wall (a moon garden is the request from DH) and get the large blocks of stone that will be the permanent seating in the style of a council ring. But we certainly can use it as is right now.

One last photo just because it's pretty. This is Heuchera 'Key Lime' and another one that are looking really nice right now:

We had a quiet day today. There was a lot of rain last night and off and on through the day, so most of the day was spent dinking around the house. Kind of nice for a change!

I shall post this and then go back and read. Tomorrow, the real world returns with a vengance!


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Hello, hello, hello!!! We worked ourselves too hard today! Pulled out fence posts (constantly thankful for that excavator purchase!!!), pulled out railroad tie corner posts (thankful for the.........yep, that excavator! ;o) ) and then I mowed. I mowed, mowed, mowed some more. I love my DR grass trimmer.....and my riding lawn mower. Couldn't do without them......nor the excavator! LOL

DH and I sat and talked over a couple of cold ones.....we sat for a long time and talked about everything. What a wonderful time it turned out to be. We talked about the kids and our hopes for them, for the grandchildren and our hopes for them (how did we get old enough to be grandparents?!). We talked about the world and how sad, scary it is at times. We talked about our families and how sad/scary they can be (LOL---just kidding on that one). We talked about retirement and if we would be 'okay' and ready financially when it happened. We talked......and talked.......and talked. It was wonderful. I'm so thankful to be married to this man. I am truly blessed (remind me that I said this the next time I want to throttle him, okay?! LOL).

Mosquitos? We've not had nary a one this summer......I didn't realize it until now. Must not be a bit of standing water to entice them or to keep their life cycle going. Hmmmmm, interesting.

Nope, no woodpeckers pecking at my house right now. Flickers........those are pecker wannabes---lol. They aren't as destructive (I hope) as the blessed woodpeckers were. Rubber snakes........groan......I hate snakes, rubber or otherwise! But they might look better than the other things I've tried (tin foil strips) and be much less expensive than the other deterrants. I'm just hoping this year was a fluke and that they've moved onto someone else's property.

Well........guess that is it for here. Hope that Sue, Monique and Deanne are having a wonderful visit. I'm envious of those of you who live close enough to another Idyll to visit.

C'ya wishes for a wonderful first day of school for those who are returning to work or to the children who are heading back to school.


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V so like,does your DH have any eyebrows left?: ) That does look like a fairly large blaze I must say.
That is such a great pit and I can't wait to see the moon garden in time!...will you have any red hot pokers growing there? Get it? lol.
Your pot...(s)are cute: ) I swiped a pretty japanese pot from my mom yesterday(she said yes)for a begonia plant my boss gave me when I started my job. Tomorrow it goes to work with me so it will be fun to have a plant there.Hmmm would it look peculiar to have my stash of fuchsia plants make an appearance in the clinic too? I need a place for all my overwintering plants.
Thanks for your pics-well done and very informative,V.

T-good for you to take time and spend quality time with your hubby-your life sure is busy now with the twins. Hope they are adjusting better.

BTW I had a small Reese's p-butter blizzard from DQ-it was quite good: )

Gotta go find clothes to wear for tomorrow...have a good MOnday y'all!

~B am I here TOO much?

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Never Babs!

T - what a productive day and how nice to end with such good talks. Those times are special.

V - we'll have to come back for another visit to test out the fire-pit Idyll style. Very neat! Love the other photos too.

Saucy - you made me feel like a cocktail reading that you were having a Cosmopolitan. I settled for a glass of wine.

I'm finishing up the last load of laundry before turning in (if I hadn't procrastinated it would have been done ages ago. The children start school tomorrow but I just found out I don't begin till Wednesday - a pleasant surprise. I'll be doing the Happy Dance on the driveway after the bus pulls away then spending a day in the garden - what could be better!

Nite all


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About all I got accomplished today was eating alot. We ended up going out for burgers and beers. We sat outside, up on the roof they have a patio. It was a perfect day for it. A little cloudy but nice and warm and no wind. Then I made the raspberry bars this afternoon and had to try one of those. Then we went out for ice cream this evening and I had a hot fudge sundae. Oh and I almost forgot about the donut I had this morning on the way to the nursery. I'm going to have to really watch it for the rest of the week. My friend's mom is here from Florida until the middle of October and I went over to visit for a while this afternoon. I always take her to bingo when she's here since my friend works nights and that was the first thing she brought up. So looks like I'll have to fit bingo into my schedule once a week for the next month or so, lol.

V, what a great firepit. I remember standing on the deck with Marie at IU3 looking out to where you had marked off on the lawn for it. We must have been standing in just about the same spot as where you took the fourth picture from. Your potted plants are very cute.

T, glad you had such a nice day today even though you did so much hard work.

It was nice to see both Babs and Saucy pop in so many times today.

I'm going to bed now I think. All that eating has me groggy.


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Michelle, Nice arrangement, they had to have liked that. I like the container it is in too. Nice that you could enjoy an outing with the family today.
Kenzie sure looks like she enjoyed it.

Deanne, we have about 20 acres of fields. The two fields that have hay cut off we don't have to mow except around the edges to keep the woods from encroaching on them. There are three smaller fields and a couple of clearings that we keep mowed so the brush won't take them over.

So today we got the shed moved in. I think the place we picked to put it will work out well. We sewed the rest of the grass seed in front and put the grill together. A lot accomplished for the weekend. Now we need a holiday LOL.

It sure is cooling down and feeling fall like. I will sure miss the longer days. But I know it is harder on the ones of you that work. At least I have the days to get things done.

T, sounds like you guys got a lot done too. You will be glad to go back and take care of babies. How nice you and DH had a good visit. We have been sitting on the front porch and talking more this summer. It is nice isn't it.

V, I'm envious of the firepit area. A moon garden sounds ideal. Cute pots. How big will your new miscanthus get?

Red Hot Poker, Good one Babs. I could send her one of my daylillys called Embers of Vesuvius too. And Atlanta Moonlight.
Good to hear from you several times this weekend. And you had some garden time too. You may find you get more done at home because you are working. I think I did when I worked. By the way , How is Ryan liking school?


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All right Mary. Enjoy your garden time.

Hi Eden. Everyone else too. It's doing the delayed typing thing again, so I'm out of here. Nite all.

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What a productive day. The lawn is mowed, all weeds seem to be under control, garden shed is clean, pots watered, veggies picked, compost turned and watered etc. The compost pile is huge and I have cut only a few things down. I sometimes wonder where it all comes from. DH turned it with the skid loader.
Gosh its so great to hear so much chatter this weekend!
We had grilled salmon, fresh garden beans, tomatoes, and grilled garlic bread for supper.

I wonder how the wedding went and when Marie will be back.

T, I met up with a small garter snake today pulling weeds. YUK! IÂve helped put fence posts in and take them out. I know about the chain magic.

Saucy, I wish you hadnÂt missed the last IU either. That was my first and what fun it was. I would have liked to meet you.

V, the fish boil looks pretty authentic. I made sure to show the picture to DH. He is much more interested in the Idylls since we were there this summer.

Mary, enjoy your "found" day.

Norma, will the new shed be used for garden purposes?

Night all


The day's bounty:

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

I just wanted to pop in here for a second to say good night to all and thanks everyone for making this such a great Labor Day Idyll weekend. What fun!

I also wanted to report that Monique makes the absolute BEST chocolate cake on the planet. Wow! That was good. Now I know that I'm going to have to live at the gym for the next week to pay for the food I ate over this holiday weekend.

We started at Sue's with Les' homemade, chunky guacamole and Doug's smoked salmon served with fresh dill chopped into sour cream, capers, pickled ginger and fresh chopped red onion. You can place the salmon on a nice triscuit then add any of the above mentioned garnishes to taste. Yummy!!! Then Sue and Tom served fresh swordfish, filet steaks, a lovely green salad with baby spring greens and fresh cherry tomatos, sweet corn on the cob. Mmmm mmm... Instead of "That Fall Feeling" I'm feeling like I have "That Full Feeling" LOL.

Saucy and Wendy, that sounds like a great idea. You guys can come up and help dig out a bunch more stuff I want to move out of the borders. Wendy, I've got a couple of those pink daylilies for you too.

Eden, I think you need a plant intervention!!! You bought six more tropicals in September???? You really are worse than I am. Of course I did take about two dozen cuttings from Sue's. ROTFLOL

V. great photos of your new fire pit and your DH having a 'hair cut'. LOL

Babs, how fun to hear from you so often today. Never too much!

Norma, 20 acres!!! Wow oh wow! Fabu!

T sounds like you got a ton of stuff accomplished today.

Martie, hope you had a great day in the garden.

Mary, how fun you were able to stay in bed and read for three hours. I don't remember the last time I did that. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

OK I'm turning into a pumpkin. I don't have the energy to do the photos tonight so I'll have to get to that tomorrow.

Nite all

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

We have a lovely day on tap here and then it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Im feeling really rushed knowing how much work has to be done here before the first frost. Yikes! Im going to be like Eden and start dreaming about it soon. LOL

Anyway, you guys only think Im the container queen. Let me tell you, the crown has passed on to Sue. She beats me by a mile and more! I just wish you could see her containers. They are over the top gorgeous and ENORMOUS! Here is a pic of Monique admiring Sues abutilon with Sedona. This plant was large last year but it is unbelievable this year. Sue claims she doesnt feed anything special so it must just be her magic touch.

Here we are enjoying our lovely alfresco dinner.

And here is one of Les modeling the latest in containers! ROTFLOL!!! He found these HUGE containers at Namco and picked one up for Sue. (I cant even imagine what behemoth Sue will grow in this next year)

Sue and Doug enjoying a rest after dinner.

And the gang touring Monique and Les lovely gardens.

Now I must tell you all that you cant ever believe either Sue or Monique when they say their gardens are a mess. Their gardens are chock full of color and interest and beyond lovely. What an enjoyable day!

OK must get the containers watered and get to the gym. Have a great day all,

PS Michelle, love your photograph of the luscious produce. It almost makes me want to grow vegetables. As usual it sounds like you had a very productive weekend.

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Norma-thanks for asking about Ryan.He does like school but today is the first full day so I expect him to be zonked when school's out for the day. Yeah I think he's doing fine-it's me that is missing him so badly! I'm not used to having NO kids here-good that I'm working. I want to spy on his room but with my luck he'd catch me lol.

Lucky duck,Mary! You'll be all rested for your first day on Wednesday-that's great. Do you work a full school day each day?

MMmmmm!Michelle your produce is beautiful!

Fun pics Deanne-love the one of Les lol. Sue,that Abutilon is huge! The Abutilon blossoms with that Sedona is a perfect combination-I hope we get to see that covered in blooms-is it just going to bloom or does it bloom more during summer?

Time to hop in the shower...have a good one!


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GOod morning

Fantastic photos Deanne. Those containers are incredible Sue!!! Looks like a lovely meal too. Is that little Emma at Monique and Les' ?

Annie is off - she was up at 6.20 AM and left by 7AM. David's bus doesn't come till 8.50 so there is a big chunk of time between. I'll have to make extra coffee;0)

Babs - I work 15 hours a week in September, then 32 hours/week for the rest of the year. For a part time job its quite a bit, and I'm not sure when I'll clean or buy groceries. Another reason I'm feeling a tad nervous. The good part is I determine the hours I'm there and do all the scheduling so I'm optimsitic I can make it work.

Time for David's send off

Have a good one


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Did my back-to-school bit this morning by seeing off our teenaged neighbor with her Mom and Dad. The idea was for them to hide behind a tree so her friends couldn't see, and have me take pics. I did my solemn duty then scooted off for blood work. The elementary-aged kids didn't care a hoot about Moms and Dads being there -- though one screamed out the bus window, "you look like a bunch of paparazzi!!!"

Ky made it into his dorm room and is set up for the semester. Five major classes and a sixth, "Manual Pottery" that will satisfy a fine arts requirement. He told me he'd make me something for the garden. Felt for a moment like he was five, again. Japan is still iffy given the international climate.

Great pics of the party yesterday, and of the fish boil. I never knew why a fish boil always ended with a flash and bang so I've been educated already, this morning.

Sue, that's an Abutilon??? Holy commoley, friend!! What is in the water mid-State? LOL

Wendy and Saucy -- Take Deanne at her word. Not wanting to be a piggy I did leave a few things that I'll just have to pick up at a later date :-) My offerings to D. were meager compared to what I would've come home with. Yes, I know, that's not the point, but the daylily was enough to keep me busy for a while!

Mary - Glad you have an extra day. Aren't those the best? I always seem to get much more accomplished when I don't plan what I want to do. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Michelle - How do you keep your tomatoes from cracking? Beginning farmers want to know :-)

Day off for me today but not really. Visiting my brother in the hospital this morning for his birthday, then a doctor's appt to follow the one last week (feel more for Rich than me), then a consulting appt for a few extra $$ this afternoon. Back to the real world tomorrow!!

Looking forward to Marie's wedding report.

Best to all -


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V - was going to email you but your member page doesn't have a link so all will have to put up with me for a moment :-)

Moon Gardens are my absolute favorite. The very first planned perennial/shrub garden I did was inspired by White Flower Farm's White Garden. I saw it when I was 16 and never forgot how incredibly beautiful mono-color can be.

My main bed garden has slowly morphed itself into a moon garden with a few added extras thrown in. The basis of the white is Iberis, White Coneflower, Shasta Daisies, Iceberg Rose, Tokyo Delight Hydrangea, Achillea (the low growing not invasive kind), White Iris, Climbing Peace Rose, Gold Standard Hosta, Chionanthus retusus, Guara, Coreposis Moonbeam, Biocova (sp?) Gernanium, 'Grosso' Lavender, White Lavender, white Buddleia, Siskin Clock Dianthus, Shirley Temple peony, light pink unnamed Japanese "tree" peony, Clethra, Viburnum carlesii.

It is also where my Della Robia containers are located.

For the deep blue: Hidcote Lavender, Salvia 'May Night', Delphiniums, Bell Clematis, Scabiosa, Hosta Elegans, and a few more I'm probably forgetting.

The point??? The white garden was where I started to learn about height and texture since flower color could've made it look like a true "wash." Have fun with it!!

By the firepit will be a perfect place to enjoy your garden. One of the simple pleasures in your June life will be when fireflies visit and it looks like the garden is sparkling.

Would love to hear your ideas. Email me through my member page if you'd like.


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Its going to be a lovely day here, too bad I have to work and then have a commitment this evening. Septembers calendar is looking pretty full. I see little time for gardening.

Martie, now dont you and V leave us out of the garden talk. LOL We love to hear your ideas. Sometimes I think I should have more of a color theme. Believe me I do have tomatoes that crack. The secret is even watering. Dont let them go too long without water.

Sue, that abutilon looks like a tree.

What fun the eastern Idylls had yesterday. What a card Les is in that container. It makes you wonder where his legs are. LOL We may have missed Moniques wonderful chocolate cake, but my mom did give 4 pieces of Better than "you know what" cake to us. Im not sure if it is permissible to say the 3 letter word here. LOL You guys really know how to eat. My cooking is terribly boring compared to what you all make.

Enjoy the day

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It's official...I ate us out of house and home :) I'm having one of those ravenous days. I hate that. I am eating good stuff, but it doesn't help when you're trying not to gain weight after quitting smoking. Aarrgghh! I need to find a project - a very LONG project :)

I went for my walk this morning and decided to head in a different direction. I must've stumbled into the neighborhood that Sue walked in the other day. I had absolutely nothing pretty to look at! And I had to dodge the ankle breaking bumps, cracks, and holes in the sidewalk! Won't go that way anymore.

Hey, if I walk all day, I can't eat or smoke....can't get anything else done, either!

It looks like everyone had a good visit in CT last night. I love the almost instant photographs from Deanne with perfect narration. The food looks as appetizing as the gardens are beautiful.

Tonight I go to Tower Hill to sign up for classes. I still haven't decided on which one, and hope that there will more information once I get there. I know I'll pick something I like, because they all sound interesting to me.

Sorry I'm such a downer today. I am in a funky mood today. I think I'll go rummage the fridge again :)


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Hey Saucy - I'm having an eating day like that. I just can't seem to stop feeling hungry and have had numerous snacks as well as lunch. Maybe its having the children gone. Or perhaps PMS. However, at the ripe old age of 45 my regular as clockwork cycles have gone crazy. I only had one period since May, does that mean I had PMS all summer? Perhaps its time to Google up Menopause, or I'm Getting

I've been fairly productive in the garden today - its wonderfully full of bloom but looking VERY jungley. As Sue and Deanne will be here on the way to GB's in less than 2 weeks I might need to put in some hard labor to tame it.

Michelle - your produce is picture perfect and delicious looking. My tomatoes were a big dissapointment this year - very slow to produce then lots of cracking. The Oriental eggplant were more successful and I just harvested an armful of Basil to make pesto. Cayenne peppers are just turning red so soon we will be able to spice things up a bit.

Oops, I need to get back to work, the clock is ticking and the middle school bus will be here soon. I wonder how 7th Grade was. The schedule looked a killer - six 40 minute classes in the morning without a break. Did we have to work that hard?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Time to scare off the male lurkers...

Mary, at the ripe old age of 51(me, not you), if you are missing those periods I have some I'd share with you! My clockwork cycle has sped up instead of slowing down and it really p****s me off!

Saucy, it's so nice to hear from you on a regular basis that I don't even care if you're in a bad mood. But I hope for your sake that your mood improves, and that you find some good classes at Tower Hill.

Michelle, you're right about that picture of Les. What a goof!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Another idyll gathering come and gone...ho hum. Oh, but wait, in a little over a week I'll be flying in to Mary's where we'll meet up with Deanne and go on a road trip to Marie's with a possible stopover at Woody's. Add a couple of more notches to the idyller garden

So, as you can all see, we had a good time yesterday. Can you believe the size of that pot? They're on sale at NAMCO right now for half price. My local NAMCO was out of them so Les picked that one up for me at another location. It's plastic so you can leave it out all winter. As much as my fingers are itching I'll wait til next spring to plant it.

Michelle, you only get the fancy food at Monique and Les's restaurant. My menu was simple-swordfish and steak on the grill, tossed salad and fresh corn on the cob. We polished off the leftovers for dinner tonight. That Abutilon was something I wintered over in the house. For some reason though it just keeps getting taller with very few flowers. Last year it bloomed much heavier and it bloomed over the winter. It must not be getting enough sun. For the past few weeks I've been feeding all my pots almost daily with a very weak strength Miracle Grow solution (half a tablespoon to two gallons of water). That seems to have jump started the flowering plants.

Saucy, do you want to join us on Sunday for the garden tours and brunch at the Pond House? It looks like the weather may even be halfway decent

Well this week is already turning into a blur. I spent almost 4 hours in meetings today, it's month end and I have to blow out early on Friday to get up to my brother's house, hopefully beat rush hour traffic and get the dogs settled before we swoop off to my friend's 25th anniversary party on Friday night. It starts at 6:30. Now if I could only decide what to wear.

When does Marie get back?

OK, I'm beat. Time for a snack then upstairs to regroup.



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Just a quick hello so I won't get out of the habit. My eyes are saying go to sleep. I've been wiped out all day. I did scrub the floor of the shed (looks brand new now) and sprayed it for any spiders that may be hanging around. I may paint the floor to make it easier to clean up. I can't remember who ask but it will be a garden shed but mostly for storing large items. Tillers, chipper shreder,lawn mower, carts, pots etc. I have a lot of garden related stuff. I hope to have a small potting bench in one front corner for a place to work out of the wind or rain in early spring. My other bench is to exposed to the elements. Hopefully I can get some of the clutter out of the garage and basement.

Like I said , I need sleep. G'nite all. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK dear friends, I am back as of about an hour ago. I am eager to pick up Charlotte who has been greatly missed.

Very briefly, it was a beautiful, beautiful, meaningful wedding. Only a few disfunctional family twists and they didn't manage to spoil a thing! The event was spread over 3 days with lots of emotional moments. For me a biggy was my DH singing 'Your Song' to our tough-as-nails daughter who cried buckets, as did the entire crew. Lynn outdid herself with the flowers, some of which DD grew herself. She grew the potatoes, tomatoes and carrots used in the excellent meals as well. Lynn's first comment was "Marie! He's GORGEOUS!" and on and on the events unfolded. More later of course!

I don't know if I'll ever catch up with Idylls, but I hope so. I haven't seen my gardens yet and wonder how much preparation there'll be before "the girls" arrive. Can't wait!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Not much to report from here. The weather has really felt like later September the last few days. Today is supposed to be cool and rainy again with temps not supposed to be going over 70. As I'm sitting here in my comfy chair in the dining room I can see the lovely 'Striptease' hosta Sue gave me a year and a half ago and am so happy I dug out those 'Stella d'Oro' daylilies that were in front of it. I'm going to plant something really low growing to fill the space so I don't obscure that view again. I really love that plant. The other thing I'm noticing in the last few days as I type my AM posts is that the dogwood leaves are beginning to turn red already. Doesn't this seem early? The Mountain Ash tree has had another stay of execution. As soon as the weather cooled off and we got some significant rain the premature leaf drop stopped and it is currently filled with berries and birds. I love the autumn show this tree puts out and will miss it when it eventually has to come out.

I had to do an emergency night out with one of my oldest and dearest friends. The woman whos daughter got married in June. Anyway, her dad lives in Dallas, TX, is elderly and has not been doing well at all since he returned from the wedding. DF has been trying to juggle her full time job as a nurse at a large Boston hospital with trips to Dallas to take care of her dad. She has finally convinced him to sell his car and move up here and has gotten him an apartment at a lovely facility here in town. Now she has to go back to TX to close up his apartment there and get him moved up here. Anyway, the story goes on and on and on. She lost her Mom two years ago. Over the last ten years her DH has had three heart attacks and almost died from a pulmonary embolism after an angioplasty while she was in TX caring for her Mom. She has had the most difficult life for such a long time but always seems to bounce back but lately, with her worry for her dad it is really starting to drag her down. So, she called and asked me to go out for a margarita and have an evening of girl talk so off we went. We ended up laughing our heads off over lots of silly things and I think we both needed that.

Bug, so very happy you are home and that you had a lovely time at DD's wedding. I love 'Your Song' from Elton John and have sung it at quite a few weddings myself. I'd have been bawling my eyes out too! HOw very special your DH sung the song for DD's wedding. Can't wait to see photos and hear more details.

Norma, I need you to come up and inspire me to clean out my shed. I really wish I had an area to build a permanent potting bench. That would be wonderful! Glad you dropped in even though you were tired last night.

Oh dear, Mary and V. this too shall pass.

Sue flowers or not that abutilon is WONDERFUL. Im insanely jealous and want to try to grow one next year.

So Saucy, what class did you wind up signing up for?

Michelle, my September calendar is getting fuller and fuller here too and Im beginning to get panic stricken with figuring out how Im going to get all this tender stuff in. I also have a magazine article due Oct. 1 Arrrggghh!!!!

Martie, LOL about the paparazzi comment about the parents clicking away at the children off to school. Too funny!

Mary, Oh yes, that was Oliver in that photo of the gang at Moniques.

Babs, so how did Ryan do with his first day of school and how did you do with No kids?

OK Ive got to get some stuff done here and get to the gym. Have a great day all,

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Thought I'd pipe up before the bus and walk this morning.

No class. You won't believe this. They sent me a flier saying "open house and registration Tues. Sept. 5th 5-9" so I go to Tower Hill, drive the long driveway, get to the parking lot and it's empty. There are lights on. I go into the main building (where we ate lunch). It was so creepy.

I bumped into a woman on my way out, but she was there to start her class on "the history of gardening" (not my first choice). She couldn't offer me any guidance.

I'm going back today to speak to someone at the information desk. Do you suppose you had to be there at 5 and then they departed to another location? I've read the flier several times and feel it is very vague....will voice my opinion today.

It's shaping up to be a crappy stretch of time....I can already tell at this early hour. Have decided to walk to "town" and buy something....don't know what yet, but it will be small enough to carry home. Am considering some Dr. Scholls since my foot is sore.

Hope everyone else is having a better time of it.


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Mary wow your work schedule will be tough! I'm already not liking my work hours because I start pretty close to noon and get out when the kids are dismissed then we plunge into homework,make dinner,rush to cross country practice.I feel like a drill sargeant. I'm trying to be open minded since I will have a bit of time in the a.m. to handle household stuff and errands if I plan well. Good luck to you-I hope you enjoy your job!

Deanne-Ryan was beaming ear to ear as he got on the bus-he just loves the bus ride. He says he does like school but admits he has moments of feeling sad because he misses me. When he sees me up at school he says he gets the pangs of sadness. He'll adjust and I feel like the teachers like his sense of humor and friendliness. It does sound like there are kids that are a handful so I think Ryan is going to do better than The funny thing is that even though yesterday was his first day-he still had enough energy to run the course at AJ's cross country practice-I want some of that!!
AJ's first meet is Saturday and it sounds like the meets are a pretty big deal with hundreds of people attending-so saturday should be interesting.

As for me and no's weird but not too bad-Chris leaves for work fairly late so I do have one kid still around...LOLOL.

I can hardly believe that Marie's DD's wedding came and went already! Glad it all went well and had some very sentimental touches-I liked that your Dh sang for it.

Oh you guys-what a fright yesterday-Aj was all full of energy and wanted to be helpful by getting the mail. He got it out of the box and carried it into the diningroom,placed it on the table...and then yelped-loudly. He had been carring a stow-away-a HUGE spider sat on top of the mail.(OH the heebie jeebies won't go away!). It was hairy it was large-the kind that crackle when you squish them. I was so startled I did squish it and later felt terrible because I should have contained it and put it outside. For a good half hour later he kept saying he had the willies thinking about carrying that thing so close to his body.(I had to agree!)

Saucy-I hope you feel better today. It's Ok to idyll when feeling down-we might be able to cheer you up.

I got a quick email from Ei-she's OK but sounds pretty busy. I hope she finds a quick moment to stop by.

Need to get ready for work!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Wow! 50 degrees this morning! So why am I surprised...nothing has been 'normal' this year. Good to see Marie back, and so glad her DD's wedding went great.

V, that blaze really does look scary! Throwing kerosene on a fire 'can' be very risky. I wouldn't want a fire that has to be started that way. Pretty liatris. Our late species is blooming now, and fall asters, goldenrod, wood's sunflowers, and flowering spurge. Nice pot trio..:-)

Teresa, you are going to hurt yourself! Pulling those posts sounds like hard work, and dangerous. I love your nice long talk with your DH. That is a rarety here.
Speaking of mosquitoes, my sister said that there is an epidemic of West Nile disease in Idaho. I checked the map of the U.S. outbreaks, and Idaho seems to have the highest. She said they avoid going out early and late in the day.

No, Babs, you are not "here TOO much". No one can be.

Michelle, your garden bounty is beautiful! I am in envy!
When I last talked to my sis she was in the process of canning peaches and tomatoes, and pears would be next. She bought bushels of all of them.

Wow! Sue's container IS outstanding! I hope I don't embarrass Monique, but she always strikes me as being so elegant! And lovely. LOL on her DH in the pot. I, too, wonder where his legs are. Such a good-looking, happy, relaxed group.

LOL, Saucy..."ate us out of house and home" ! I have 'hungry' spells like that. Everything looks good. ( It certainly isn't PMS with me!) Anyhoo...45 is NOT "getting old"!

The past 2 days did not get above 70. I LOVE it !

Deanne, sorry your friend has had so much difficulty. Hopefully things will inprove for her. Good for are a good friend.

I have an appointment to get my hair cut this afternoon. It hasn't even been trimmed since my perm the 1st of June. It is pretty wild looking when I get up in the morning!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh, its a long, long while from may to december
But the days grow short when you reach september
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasnt got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, november
And these few precious days Ill spend with you
These precious days Ill spend with you

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Marian-you are right!Monique IS elegant and lovely in person and very sweet to talk with. Don't blush Monique: )but that was a nice pic of you and the abutilon!

Well I got a lot accomplished so far. A load of laundry,cleared up all the dishes in the sink and started marinating some chicken for dinner-more than I normally get done this time of day! I think this work schedule will possibly make me be more productive if I don't slack off too much in the morning. I have a lot of clutter from putting things off so I could garden during summer...time to organize I guess.

Have fun!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

zzzoooommm! beep beep

Hi everyone!



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It's beautiful here today. We have thunderstorms popping up all around us though so I don't know how long the sunshine will last. I've been taking coleus cuttings while Bella's napping. I'm still on my baking binge too. I just took banana bread out of the oven. Honey and I got together yesterday afternoon for a little while and did some shopping at Goldner Walsh. It was great to see her. She's working hard on her front gardens but said to tell you all "HI". I wanted to let you all know that I may be scarce around here for a while, things are busy, so don't worry if you don't here from me. Speaking of, we still haven't heard from Cindy, since before Alberto. Hope everything's ok with her and she's able to check in soon.


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Another beautiful day here. Im very busy at work and have miscellaneous other "projects" on the plate. My DD is starting to sell Pampered Chef and I agreed to have a party. What you dont do for your kids! Im also supposed to go to the city this weekend with a group of other women and stay over. Rick is having a minor surgery on Friday, so things are getting real complicated. I guess Ill survive. LOL

Marian, no canning here. I have done it in the past but never cared much for it.

All this talk about kids going to school and riding the bus reminds me of my DD when she would get on the bus. The dog and cat always walked to the end of the drive and waited with her.

Babs, it sounds like the whole family is making adjustments. Im sure you will all fall into a routine.

Deanne, you are such a great friend.

bug, good to have you back. I cant wait to hear more details. It all sounds so interesting.

V, LOL about scaring off the men lurkers. I think that I have begun that time of life too.

Mary, Id like to see pictures of your "jungley" garden.


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Michelle, Pampered Chef is the one home party I love going to. They have great products that you actually use and there's the added bonus that at the party you get to eat. I use my baking stones from PC on pretty much a daily basis. Lucky me, I got an invitation a few days ago to a candle party my neighbor is having. Now that's a different story...


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My morning post seems very self absorbed as I look back on it. Some reflection on the past 2 or 3 days shows the following: I eat while the kids are at school. Mary was correct in her assumption. I've gotta get a new routine nailed down. Maybe I could do whatever Babs says she does everyday :) Babs, why don't you just pose it as Saucy's TO DO List!

You'd think I'd have so much done with the kids back in school, but there's laundry piling up and I rush to do the dishes just so we'll have something to eat on :)

Again, gotta get on a better routine shorts are getting tight in the waistband.

GB, you must be so happy to see Charlotte, and she happy to see you. I hope your travels were painless and can't wait to see more pictures of your daughter and son-in-law unfold.

Sue and Deanne are going to see GB? This sounds exciting. How long is the trip.

V., I keep meaning to tell you that our fire pit is a huge hit's not really a pit, but one of those little kettle deals. My husband enjoys entertaining on the guitar (he's no good, LOL) and makes tons of smores for any kid who wanders by. Yours is very nice and I (like Martie) want all the details on the moon garden. It will be pretty lit by the glow of the fire :)

Eden, you should log your hours in the garden just for amusement.....I'll pay you $5/hr. just for know I'm NOT serious, right?

I'm sitting here wondering/worrying about my husband's parents. They're putting their 16 year old dog to sleep tonight and I know that they're pretty torn up about anyone would be. She said she might call. I kind of dread these calls because I'm not sure if I'm the comforting type....never know the right thing to say. I'll give it my all.

He was a cutie, but I always wondered where they inserted the batteries :) He loved to play "hall ball" and was a bit neurotic. He hasn't been able to see much and hasn't been eating well for the last year.

When he stayed here, I hand fed him with a fork :) I liked him even though I know you've heard me complain about her dogs :) It's the little one who piddled everywhere.

Anyway. Someone's having a crappier night than I had all day. I will think of her and my FIL instead of worrying on myself.

Tomorrow's another try.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Saucy, my SIL and her DH had to put their 13 year old dog to sleep last week. I emailed them and said I knew it was a hard decision but also knew that the dog had been struggling for a long time and it was the right thing to do. I told them that I had been lucky in not having to make that decision yet; I hope that I never do have to make that decision and perhaps my DH will just go quietly in his sleep.

They did appreciate the little touch of humor!

You know, September is a difficult month. We sort of ease into summer as various school schedules and activity schedules come to an end at various times, but come Labor Dsy, BAM! everything is back to full tilt.

It was a crazy-busy day at work as I juggled too many commitments and a resentful employee. The good(?) news is that she was lashing out at everyone, so it wasn't personal, but it was still a pain to deal with. She's got three days of vacation now, so maybe she'll return in a better state of mind.

I need to go in early tomorrow, and that's tough when you're normal start time is 7:00 am. so it's off to bed with me now.

Here's to a better day for Saucy and I and anyone else who needs it. Marian, before I forget I really liked your poem!


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I need that better day too V. I wanted to smack myself upside the head today. I felt draggy all day, sorta like spring fever. Couldn't force myself to do anything, and I can't afford to waste my time like that with a to do list a mile long. Maybe its the full moon? Norma

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Good Morning!!! Sounds like everyone could use another one of those ...

Good Morning!!! LOL

I'm convinced that my "September downs" have to do with shortened day length. It was dark here at 7:45p last night. Much too early, IMHO. I love the cooler weather but don't like feeling like my days are squeezed. Yesterday was a really good day back at "real" work. Got a lot accomplished despite a twin to V's employee. I've been around long enough to respond with a smile a nod. Fortunately, I'm not in a position of authority so I can get away with no response whatsoever. That seems to quash most B&*ching.

Need Ei for the "Try to Remember" lyrics from The Fantasticks.

So, after being called Mary Poppins and a few other choice things, went on the road yesterday. Leaves are juuuuuuust starting to turn and am looking forward to the next month in Western MA. There isn't a lot of business out there, but there sure is a lot of beauty!

I've had one dog in my individual life (after living in a house where mom raised beagles and collies) and putting him down was one of the hardest things of done. The peace came when he looked at me and "smiled" during the injection. Think he would've asked for it sooner if he could. Comfort comes in a lot of different ways.

I wish I could come to the Pampered Chef party!

Good luck to AJ (and family spectators) this weekend. In CT cross country meets are huge events and tons of fun. You'll meet people from other areas that you'll see during AJ's entire career. It becomes a parents' fraternity and expect some long-term friendships to develop.

Saucy: I understand all about retail therapy. My fav spot is Salvation Army and/or Goodwill. Yesterday got an Anne Klein wool suit with dry cleaning tag intact, perfect fit and in perfect shape, for $7. That'll keep me going for about a week :-)

Deanne: Having met you, I would call you for an emergency night out, too. Good girlfriends are the best. LOL about room for the potting bench. Like you need one to create beautiful plants :-)

Hope everyone's fall routine gets into place, soon. Getting here each morning may be tough for a bit but will be popping in and out often. I know what it's like to miss the Idylls ... I'd rather not.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

Did you hear hysterical screaming from NH last night??? Well that would have been me doing that screaming. You know that overly curious, bratty cat I have? Well, he didn't come in before dark last night. WE looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Around 8:15 I was upstairs in our sitting room and I smelled the distinct odor of polecat. Yep, you guessed it, the @#$*# cat went and got himself sprayed by a skunk. Now it is bad enough when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk but dogs usually don't give you lethal wounds when you have to bathe them afterwards. This @#$%* cat simply will NOT TOLERATE having a bath and he has HUGEclaws. Oh well, I didn't bleed too badly. After the fiasco the house smelled like a skunk, Doug smelled like a skunk and I smell like a skunk. The cat still smells like a skunk and probably will for another several weeks. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Norma, I know exactly what you mean. Ive felt like a slug the last few days myself. Just like you described, draggy and could hardly make myself to anything productive. I sure hope it is something like the full moon and not that Im coming down with anything.

V. I did a double take when I read about not having to make a decision to have to put your DH to sleep. Jeesh. ROTFLOL I read it to Doug and he said "I take it she doesnt mean her cat!"~~ Sorry about your difficult employee at work. Im so thankful I dont have to deal with personnel issues like that.

Saucy, hope you have a better day today. Im so sorry about the class. That sounds really weird.~~ So now you need to get your act in gear girl and dont you dare gain back that weight you lost. Remember how good it feels to be thinner and tightening waist bands arent any fun. I gain weight at light speed. The desserts from last Thursday and the chocolate Cake at Moniques and the two margaritas and Mexican food from Tuesday night have put five pounds back on me. Arrrggghh!!! Technically it wasnt more than 2,500 calories of indiscretions (less than one pound) so Id like to know how the heck I put on 17,500 calories worth of pounds (one pound = 3,500 calories)? Ive asked my doctor, endocrinologist and nutritionist this same question. How do I manage to gain weight like that when the calories dont add up and none of them can give me an answer. Oh well, back to the trenches and counting calories again to get it off.

Eden, How great you and Honey were able to get together. What fun! ~~ Are you really going to go to that candle party? I absolutely hate those things. They play all sorts of hokey games etc. that assumes you have the intelligence of a boot. If it turns out it is one of those things where you dont want to hurt the hostess feelings I get the catalog, buy something to help her party out but cant make the party.

Marian, I love that poem. ~~ I agree with you 100% about Monique being elegant. ~~ RE Les legs, he was squatting down in the container. I still cant get over how large that pot is.

Babs, Im getting shivers about that spider. I absolutely hate arachnids. I dont mind any other creepy crawly things but just loathe spiders. Ill bet Aj is going to be really careful to check out the mail the next time he brings it in. ~~ Im happy to hear that Ryan liked his first day of school. Fun that he likes the bus ride.

Martie, what a FANTASTIC score on that Anne Klein suit!!!! You are a woman after my own heart. I actually get a rush of adrenalin when I find a great bargain. Good stuff cheap is one of my favorite things. ~~ I envy you your drives in the Berkshires in the fall but not the winter!

OK must be off to water the containers and get to the gym.

Have a great day all,

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Hi everyone

Work has started for me but its a light week getting things set up and attending meetings. I so agree with everything starting at once being a shock to the system. We're easing back into our school routine. David tells me 4th Grade rocks! Annie had a mixed first day in 7th Grade - the bus was very late, she was disappointed her two best friends were not in any of her classes, and the French teacher passed over her when she was giving an anwer as her accent wasn't good enough. However yesterday she found out her whole group of friends can eat together at lunch and she gave me a thumbs up on all her teachers. Also, the boy who used to tease her and made homeroom miserable last year has transferred to a different school. Such are the ups and downs of Middle School life lol!

Wendy - how did your daughter do?

Saucy - I find the more time I have for housework, the less I get done. Still haven't figured out why... I hope you can still sign up for a class as having those landmarks in a week are an incentive to clear other things out of the way. Perhaps you could start a book group, or a knitting circle to punctuate some of the time when the kids are gone. Hang in there, I'm sure things will get better. You'll adjust to the different schedule and your food cravings will hopefully do the same. When you described all the work you have done on the house I was in awe! Don't loose sight of all the things you have accomplished.

Need to run but am glad to hear Honey and Ei fine. Yes, I've been thinking a lot about Cindy. I'll try emailing her. Stay in touch Martie - we'll miss you too much if you are gone long. You too Eden.


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Saucy, I was looking around over on Garden Junk last night and when I ran across this I thought of you. Hope you have a great day today!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

PATTI PAGE : Try To Remember LyricsTry To Remember
by Patti Page

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a tender and callow fellow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow, follow.

Try to remember when life was so tender
That no one wept except the willow
Try to remember the time of September
When love was an ember about to billow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow, follow.

Deep in December It's nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow
Deep in December It's nice to remember
The fire of September that made us mellow
Deep in December our hearts should remember
And follow, follow, follow...

Marian-standing in for Ei ( But with Patti Page) :-)

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Eat a sensible breakfast

Toss a load of laundry in the wash

Put some music on and dust all the furniture


Notice that the windows are dirty and drag out the windex and start scrubbing,girl--inside and out!

Open a drawer or two and notice the clutter-start the decluttering process(In my house that would be at least a whole week project)

Drink a glass of water standing on your head(Oh wait that's for hiccups)
Just drink a glass of water; )

Toss the wet clothes in the dryer

Go for a walk

Do some cleaning away from the kitchen such as the attic,second floor or basement

My surest way of not eating extra is to just go outside and putter in the garden-I always lose my sense of time

Is that good enough Saucy?? Actually if I did all this stuff my house would look a lot nicer lol.
I'm noticing that the best way for me to lose weight is to be working part time outside the home! I've lost three pounds without trying. I only work three hours a day but just the activity of being at work gives me no time to snack and once I get home I'm so busy with the kids I don't have any time to snack so I eat a good dinner...well that is when we actually have food to eat...just kidding; )
Definitely find things to do to fill up the time you would normally be snacking. Sometimes it's just the decision to stop eating certain things. I don't eat cookies anymore because that became my afternoon snack at one point. My worst time for weight gain is winter-so I'm curious to see how this new work schedule affects me.
What a bummer about your class!

Deanne-yuck I can't stand the smell of skunk-especially on a pet!-that must be horrible to deal with! Why now that I recall, I do rememeber hearing a fairly loud shriek lastnight; )
Lol AJ and I joke now when we get home-I ask him to get the mail lol. He says "no way!"(now I'm very cautious when I get it)Each piece gets taken out individually with a shake to boot lolol.

Mary-that French teacher sounds like a snob!How is Annie to learn the 'proper' accent if she isn't given the chance to use hers: ( Well,at least she's got lunch with her friends-I remember having a different lunch than my friends...but I guess that's how we make new friends too. I hope both your kids continue to have an excellent year. Aj is very happy with his class this year-he's only got 11 kids but it's a very kind class so I wish the best for him(His class bully also is gone this year: )!!!!
Ugh Ryan got tackled by a football jersied classmate yesterday. He said the kid kept pushing him down then laid on him!Isn't that terrible? I wrote a note and will most likely see the teacher later today. Ryan was just so confused as to why this kid did it. We aren't wrestlers here so I know he didn't get it. I sure hope he's not going to be dealing with a bully-and so young!!

So how are our other idyll kids managing at school? Hope it's a good one for everyone.

V you are a crack up!

Well I need to go get ready-have a good day!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls! I havent forgotten you. In fact, I chat w/you in my head all the time! I havent had time or have been too pooped to read and catch up.

I need a new body. I cant tell which part aches more although my forearms are screaming! The front landscape is coming along. So far Ive moved a rhodo, azalea and knockout rose to the back garden, planted 3 Cornus alba "Bailhalo and Hydrangea Lady in Red. In the front, Ive planted 23 boxwood, 5 W&R Weigeilas, 12 Sedum Angelinas, 7 Azalea Silverswords, removed sod and black diamond edging and created new bed outlines in two areas and moved boulders into a new retaining wall next to the paver walkway. The latter is not as easy as it looks. Luckily, I havent smashed my hands or feet. Yesterday I spent all day on the retaining wall with an iron pry bar and hand truck, inching and/or tugging the boulders into place. Ive been working on it on and off b/c its so tiring and I dont want to hurt myself in the process. We still have 2 yds of topsoil in the driveway to finish grading the beds.

The 6 Weeping Norway Spruce (gorgeous!) was delivered "to the hole" yesterday at noon. So last night DH and I removed the wire cage and burlap, mixed in compost, topsoil and peat moss with the soil, and got it planted. We also added extra soil to properly grade the area away from the house. Since that was the area we had dug out to waterproof the basement wall from the outside, we left the rootball 4-5" above grade to allow room for it to settle in. I hope its happy there b/c it is such a pretty tree.

Deanne, we were bad for dinner last nite so I understand your frustration. At DH's suggestion, he got us carry-out coney dogs and fries! Oooooo, it was so yummy! We'll have to climb back on the diet bandwagon today. I agree, it's so discouraging when a little diet misstep results in immediate weight gain. We're in a 'holding' pattern now but hope we continue to take off more lbs after sweet corn and tomato season is over. We'll probably have to watch what we eat for the rest of our lives, too.

Tuesday, I met Eden out at a nursery near her and bot a Ninebark Summer Wine for the back garden. Eden, after much consideration, I think Im going to buy the Magnolia Leonard Messel we saw and use it instead of a tri-color beech. Its huge, perhaps 6 x 8. Hopefully, theyll increase the sale discount before I get out there again to get it.

On the way home I stopped at another nursery and saw a gorgeous Acer palmatum Fireglow. I think Im going back to get that today as well as a couple double knockout roses (half off sale at another nursery), and rescue a Daphne Carol Mackie I saw at one of the HDs Ive stopped at in the last couple days. Hmmmm. I wonder which store?

Of course, Ive picked up misc. plants in my travels -- 3 Polemonium Bressingham Purple, a couple ferns, Obsidian Heucheras, a Bergenia, Hakonchloa All Gold etc., etc. Im not sure where theyre all going yet, tho.

Today is the farmers market in town so I have to get this program underway. I also have to get another load of compost from the twp.

Thinking of you guys and especially the IU3.5 Ill be missing. Ill be back. TTYL.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hi, all -- finally popping back in - and am sorry I probably dont have much to say as a boatload of work here at office....

I had to run unexpectedly last Friday to PA as my mother was in the hospital w/ another case of sepsis & other problems.... poor thing. But she's got the mightiest (is that a word?) will of any woman I've ever met. She's doing better & will be released later in week if all is well... kind of put a damper on my life as I wasnt expecting to visit again so soon & garden, personal life now shot to heck.... no time even for lurking here!! All I can say is Im actually glad to be at work & praying for the weekend to get here soon - to relax.

I see you all have been in a whirlwind of conversation & idyll chatter - I suspect I can't even begin to catch up -- read quickly just a few things here --

Deanne -- yikes re the skunk - we talked about that & then you had to deal w/. Ugh - I seem to recall tomato juice (baths - for you and Doug) are pretty good at diffusing the smell.

Honey - wow, I fell off my chair just skimming what you have been doing - can I fly you to my house to work? I pay!! You're an incredible whirlwind of energy & design fervor - it sounds fantastic.

Yes, the answer for anyone's curiosity is that my area here got about 3 inches of rain in a day or so; another couple after that -- I think I heard them say we got about 5 inches for September so far.... I can't even talk about my gardens - what a mess they are. Maybe this weekend I'll have the chance to cut stuff back.

The rest of you seem to have the school year well under way - no quiet "glide" into that routine, is it? Already full of bullies & such? Sheesh.

Okay - just to say howdie and now I've got to shuffle my papers here. I hope I can find time to catch up & read what all have been doing. I'm always wondering what's going on (& what new photos there might be) - but no time to lurkie lurkie w/ the latest little "crisis". Such is life.


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Good morning!! :o)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm trying hard to keep up but am missing things anyway. I'm not concentrating well since the excitement of the wedding and obligations back here....

Anyway, I missed the Deanne/skunk story but DO HAVE THE RECIPE for anti-skunking which I'll post if you need it! It works where tomato juice does not.

Babs, wrestling has always been a part of our household and I hated it...but it is a part of the fun for DH and DD. I always felt it was manipulative and controlling behaviour, a power thing. But DD has rules in their household for it now.

I wish I had a photo to share of the football scene at the wedding. The guys were all tossing the ball about and DD, in her gown, caught it and began participating. That's my girl!

I have more phoning and laundry etc to do today. I wish I could be out preparing the garden for my Idyll friends though. I see that the caryopteris is gorgeous this year and am pleased about that! The sprinkler is running too.

Love to all! (I'm very romantic these days...)

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LOL, Babs! Windows, too? Actually, they do need washing!

I did something really ambitious this morning. I walked 5 miles up and down hills. It took and hour and twenty minutes at as brisk of a pace as I could stand with my aching foot (it didn't start hurting til I was so far from home....) I saw all sorts of good things and concluded that you really need a large purse to hold all the things you need on a hike like this....water, a camera, paper and pen for notes about things you were thinking, and food, and more food :)

I have seen more dead things in two days....a opposum nearly made me jump off the road. Lots of garbage on the side of the road, too....mostly cigarette packs, LOL. I NEVER EVER threw mine out the window :)

Lots of beauty right now....the joe pye weed is pretty with the golden rod and some white bloomer that looks like a stattice (sp?). Fields of it. Walked by Tufts University and got to see all the farm to smell them, too, but that is a good smell if you're a gardener.

I'm too tired to do my chores and I really did eat all the food :) Not even a carrot stick is left. I think I'm having major pms problems this month. Luckily I don't like sweets, and have been keeping the house stocked with lots of veggies since I quit smoking, so what I was eating was bags of celery and carrots and tuna with lo cal mayo, big salads with grilled chicken, homemade soup, etc.....It just seemed odd to just want to sit and eat. LOL at the laundry list of food I just named!

Today I have decided to clean up my bedroom and make it cozy again. It's the time of year when I like to sleep with the skylight open over my head, but I don't have the proper covers on the bed. My room needs a good dusting and general cleaning, too. And it's far away from the kitchen, LOL.

V., hope work is a little easier while employee is on vacation. Maybe she's having a bad week, too :)

I'm planning on sitting out in the sun a bit this weekend to combat the shortness of the days. Hope you all can, too.

Nice that GB is so romantic these days :)

HONEY - my goodness! That's quite the project you have going on, and quite the accomplishments! I'd say the body you've got is working out quite well for you :) We had "dirty dogs" from an ex-New Yorker who claimed they were authentic and I loved em! Similar to the Saucydog I might add....probably a distant cousin.

Well, aren't I chatty today? Better than the bah humbug of yesterday, I hope. If you were smart you skimmed over this post and just extracted, "have a good day everyone!"

I'm off to my room

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good afternoon to all,

Bug, Sir Rahjii, now known as "Stinky Boy" got sprayed right in the face by a skunk last night. You know it is the absolute worst when they don't really smell like skunk up close, just this horrible, awful, indescribable smell. When he was still out and about last night and I smelled eau de skunk wafting in the upstairs window I had a really bad feeling and I was right.

I found a recipe for a de-skunking formula that uses hydrogen peroxide but you have to put it on them and leave it on for a bit and as I said earlier, there is no way on this earth to give this cat a bath or cover him with stuff and then leave it on.

Doug found a product at the pet store that you can saturate their coats with and it did a pretty resonable job although you are supposed to pour it on them until it soaks their coat and I couldn't do that with him. I had to put it on a washcloth and rub it on that way. I've got battle scars as it is even though we didn't do a very thorough job it was the best we could do. Hard to believe that two very large adults can't hold down one fourteen pound cat. LOL

Anyway, We are going to try to treat his coat again tonight to see if we can remove a bit more of the smell. What a pain!

Cindy, great to hear from you and I'm really happy to hear you finally got some rain.

Honey, Wow! sounds like you've been really putting in some heavy labor time. I'm looking forward to seeing photographs of the finished project.

Ok got to run for now, hi to everyone!

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Here's a quickie before I head back to work.

Babs, a few weeks ago I took the mail out of the box and put it on the car seat. Out comes a big spider and scurries under the car seat. I didn't find him for several days.

Deanne, LOL "Stinky Boy", but seriously what a bummer.

Cindy, good to hear from you. I was getting worried with the hurricane and all.

Martie, I wish all the Idylls could come to my party. A hostesses I'm not and I'm terribly nervous for DD as it will be her first party. Its like going along on the first day of a new job with your child.

Work calls...


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Babs your school needs the baby program if you're dealing with a bully. Apparently it helps to reduce the incidence of bullying. Bullying can be so detrimental to a child's psyche that if I suspected my children were being bullied I would remove them from the school immediately. I know the damage it did to me, and wouldn't risk that happening to my kids.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I can't seem to get my mind organized enough to post...... so I am letting song lyrics say it for me.
This is one that has been going through my mind as I set at the dinningroom table doing jig saw puzzles:

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,
Do not wait to shed your light afar;
To the many duties ever near you now be true,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Brighten the corner where you are!
Brighten the corner where you are!
Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;
Brighten the corner where you are!

Just above are clouded skies that you may help to clear,
Let not narrow self your way debar;
Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Here for all your talent you may surely find a need,
Here reflect the bright and Morning Star;
Even from your humble hand the Bread of Life may feed,
Brighten the corner where you are.

I am hearing this as I drive to town and back. Nolon's 3rd cousin lead a lot of such songs, and recorded them. The teacher at the Golden Year's class re-recorded them for me. Although the tape is a little wavery in spots, it is a comfort as I drive.

I 'do' want to say to Honey...Wow! what a big job( jobs) you have cut out for yourself. I am in awe! All I can think of,( when I hear of you and others doing so much), is: I used to 'be there' and 'do that'. I am really in the doldrums this year, the worst yet. I truely hope that "this too shall pass"!

I am so going to miss the beauty on my deck. I will preserve as much of it as I can.

I'm glad some have heard from Ei. I hope her burdens will soon be lifted.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

And yet another post from me today. I'm doing my PLAT thing. (Perfectly Legitimate Avoidance Technique) I'm supposed to be downstairs working on a magazine article. For some reason I'm having difficulties going downstairs when it is perfectly gorgeous, sunny and 72 degrees outside.

Yeona, how terrific to hear from you!

Marian, great to hear from you too. I've been thinking of what to save and what to let go this year. There are so very many plants that I simply cannot save them all. I can imagine you are going to really miss all that color on your deck.

Michelle, How awful about he spider in your mail getting in your car. Yikes, I don't know if I'd have been able to drive the car safely if I knew there was a big spider roaming around. ~~ Bummer about the skunk thing is right!!! The worst of it is that we just can't get him washed up. He fights 'tooth and nail' so to speak. LOL Here is a pic of his formidable equipment and he didn't even have them fully extended here. I've NEVER seen a domestic cat with claws this big before.

OK off to try and accomplish something.


PS has anyone heard from Taryn? I wonder how she's doing with the new house.

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Oh Deanne, you need some of those big leather gloves that go up past the elbow - you know, the kind the guy at the zoo wears when he wants the hawk to land on his arm!

Wouldn't hydrogen peroxide make him a bleach blonde? Or doesn't fur bleach like hair? They need to make a cat "wipe" for skunk problems....just threw out a million dollar idea there, didn't I? Something like a baby wipe to neutralize the odor.

Michelle, I have nearly driven off the road when a spider is found in the car. I would have killed myself! And a spider in the mailbox carried in? Scarred for life.

Mary, Jake's in the 7th grade, too. Life is still okay for him, but I'm noticing that he's still very boyish and some of his friends are starting to look a little manly. Troubles could be rolling down the pike.

Sarah is in the 2nd grade and life couldn't be more perfect for her. She came home all excited because she got to straighten up the second shelf of books all by herself and then was allowed to pick a book for herself to read.

I don't like bullying either, Yeona. I worry for my children because I was picked on, too. Our school has a good program which was implemented the year Jake went to far, so good.

Time to check homework and quiz on tomorrow spelling test :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, how do you save your Brugs over winter? I am afraid with the colder weather and shorter days mine will never bloom this year.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Tired - soooo tired. I spent most of a gorgeous day working outside with a group of college students. It was good but very busy and I'm pooped! And I do it again tomorrow!!! I thought a glass of pinot grigio would relax me but instead I'm melting into a senseless blob.

Sorry to hear about Stinky Boy. I can't imagine de-skunking a cat; that would be harder than putting my DH to sleep. LOL!

Saucy your 5 mile hike is impressive.

Michelle, I love pampered chef parties and have used a lot of their products. In fact, there is one that I need right now. I would be happy to order it through your DD if shipping it to me makes sense. Let me know.

Cindy, it was good to hear from you and I hope you get some down time this weekend.

Honey, maybe it was your post that made me so tired? You go girl! Can't wait to see photos of the finished project.

Good evening, T!

Babs, Mary, I wanted to tell you...zzzzzzzzzz


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Just a quick post...I have to leave work at noon today and get up to the Boston area for my friend's 25th anniversary party tonight. We're staying with one of my brothers-dogs and all. I still haven't definitively decided on what to wear or what to give. Black dress dressed up with dressy but not formal jewelry and shoes is the way I'm leaning right now. The other option is pearl and rhinestone evening like jewelry with the dress. What to do? Something tells me there might be a professional photographer there and since I was in the original wedding party, I may have to pose for more than a few pics. UGH!

Hi to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mornin' everyone!
Thata girl Sue, talk about weddings. :) I'm STILL remembering all the fun moments from last Saturday and Sunday. Will I ever get down to business? Very soon! The man is coming in a half hour to discuss the mildew situation in our basement. BLARGHHH! Reality hits.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I know, I'm being very selfish and talking about only one thing...but it was so much fun!

I wanted you to see DD's so very special beautiful friends who did the main organizing of her wedding. They cried at every was very emotional.
Sara, the mastermind who also did my DD's hair.

Jill, mother of two, on dishwashing duty here.

And a bum shot of course!

Then a bum shot of the groom, helping with outhouse installation. ;-)

Here the ribbon wands have been placed, before the flowers were attached. Each one contained a water-filled vial so I will show you a close-up of that too.

OK, I'll stop for now. Back to mildew solutions....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Neato! Great friends! The ribbon wands with the vials for flowers is such a nice idea. Why was I never able to think up such things!

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A quick one from me. I'm not working today and it is a fabulous day. I spent most of the a.m. in the garden. DH goes in this afternoon for a colonoscopy. Just routine. He's way past the age where you should have one. After that I leave for the city and will spend the night. The dryer quit heating yesterday, but the repairman came right away. I hope there aren't 2 more things to break.

'bug, I've been there and know what fun it is and how special. Thanks for including us in the special moments.

V, I'll let you know. I'll have to check with DD, but I would almost think that they could ship directly to you.

Sue, you will look fabulous whatever you wear.

Marian, you are doing a great job filling in for Ei.

I think with all the spider talk I'll leave you with a picture. Do any of you find these guys in your garden?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Michelle, didn't see one last year, and haven't seen one this year, but used to see them every fall.I think they are a pretty spider.
Here is a pic I took with the camera Jain gave me:

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Marian,your choice of song lyrics are very fitting. I know how you feel about missing the beauty on your deck. My patio pots have given me so much pleasure this year.

Yowsa! Deanne those are some scary looking claws. I had a friend whose cat actually liked baths. I can't imagine even trying to give a cat a bath.

Cindy, sorry to hear your mom had a bad time. You have a lot to take care of without worrying about the garden. I am happy to hear you had some rain.

Honey, wow I wish I were accomplishing as much as you are.

Eden, sounds like you are extra busy. Do try to pop in to just say hello if you can.

Hi Yeona.

T, does DH still have you working up a storm? How are the little guys doing?

Bug, just keep on sharing those memories and pics.

Some of my energy returned yesterday and I planted several things in the new bed. But that got cut short with a phone call from DIL. She was at the doctor with Wyatt and was checking to see if I could watch him the rest of the day. He has broncihtis sp? Poor little guy coughed and coughed. He had kept them up all night. He kept saying he was tired but wouldn't take a nap.

GS Jake is in 7th grade this year too. Usually when I ask him how school is he says fine. But when I ask this time he said crappy. He has algebra and the teacher is really pouring it on. He says shes not very nice either. Hopefully it will smooth out a little for him.

Michelle, you inspired me with your garden shed. I was going to just paint the floor in the new shed so it wood be easier to clean. Then I decided since I have all kinds of left over paint from other projects to have some fun with the whole inside. Like I have time for this LOL. But I figure its now or never since its empty.

Hey, its the weekend already. Now don't you working gals shoot me. LOL.
Enjoy. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

We are having a lovely day here and might get some rain later on this evening but for now it is going to be sunny and in the 70s. A perfect day for getting some more plants cleaned up and back in the house. I only have a half dozen more orchids to repot and get in the house then that job will be done. Id like to get the rest of the house plants in today too. When we get weather like this in September it seems unreal that we will be looking at a frost in a few weeks. Incredible how fast time if flying by.

Doug has been trying to destroy a wasps nest thats in the hemlock hedge for the last few days so unfortunately weve got some half dead wasps all over the gardens. I found one in the breezeway last night and I have no idea how the heck it got in the house. Yukky! They seem to be hanging about all over the place now and Im going to have to be careful or Im going to get nailed.

Norma, I cant imaging trying to give a cat a bath either. LOL Glad to hear you have your energy back but sorry to hear that poor Wyatt isnt well. I hope hes better soon.

Yukky spiders!!! Beautiful photos but I really have an arachnid phobia. I really hate these things. We used to have the Argiope spiders here in the gardens but Ive not seen them in several years now.

Marie, great pics from the wedding. It is so wonderful that it was such a joyful event for your family.

So Sue, what did you wear to the party???? Inquiring minds would like to see a pic of you in your finery. ~~ Did you have a good time?

Marian, I cut back the brugs, strip the leaves off them, spray them for bugs then bring them indoors in the basement for the winter. Bummer that it doesnt look like it is going to bloom before the frost. It definitely will next year.

V, Im still laughing over your putting your DH to sleep. Yep, deskunking StinkyBoy was not fun and I never really got all the smell off the top of his head. The funniest thing that happened is Thursday night around 8 he was in the window in the dining room and all of a sudden he started growling, then he slunk off the window sill and slunk into the spare room and hid under the bed. He wouldnt come out for over an hour. Doug and I managed to get him out from under the bed (wanted to see if there was something wrong with him) and we brought him upstairs. He stood up looking down into the living room for almost two hours. That cat was totally freaked out about something and the only think I could figure out is he probably saw a skunk out the window because I found fresh skunk scat that following morning. I guess he wont tangle with any polecats again.

Saucy, yes, indeed I could have used some of those leather, elbow length gauntlets! Even then he probably could have bitten through the things. LOL ~~~ So how goes the walking program??? Ill tell you I think there is something in the air lately. Im having the worst difficulties with keeping my eating under control. It must be some kind of mechanism for telling us to gain weight for the winter when the days start getting shorter. Doug and I went for a nice 16 mile bicycle ride yesterday and Im thinking I need to do that again today to try to get a handle on this food thing. I still havent worked off the weight I gained from last weekend.

OK it is a lovely day here and Ive got to go and get things watered then talk Doug into taking the bicycles out for a long ride. It is going to be a long winter so weve got to get out there while the weather allows.

Enjoy the day everyone,

PS Honey, photos of your work in the front of the house would be greatly appreciated.

PSS, Eden, have you gotten all your house plants in yet?

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Good morning

Lovely weather here too. This time next week I'll be in Canada visiting GB - I hope it holds till then. But as we all know, Idyll have fun together whatever the weather.

Sue - a couple of emails I sent regarding the trip were bounced back at undeliverable. Is your email address having problems? Hope the party was a lot of fun. I agree, pictures of you in black would be fun.

Deanne - enjoy your bike ride. Fall is the perfect time for enjoying a long ride. Are you and Doug driving out to Rochester together?

Babs - hope the meet goes well. Annie is doing the fall swim team and we just got her schedule - gulp! It looks as if we are going to be rather busy;0) Oh well, a day at a time I guess.

Speaking of which, I need to get going and put away the produce from my market trip before rounding everyone up for music lessons.


PS - very cool spiders!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning All!
We have been to breakfast at the local store. I have been awaiting to hear from you all.......:-)

Deanne , thanks for the info on the brug. Another question: How cool and dark is your basement?
I sure hope you put antibiotics on the cat scratches. Cat scratch fever is 'not' something you would want. Yowey! What claws! Sorry we bummed you out with the spider pics.The only way they bother me is if one gets on me...then I may go ballistic! lol
That is funny about Rahjii's behavior thursday night. I guess he is really paranoid about skunks now. lol
We have never had that experience. I finally saw a live skunk this year, when coming home from town. It was crossing the highway in front of me, headed for someone's woodworking shop! They aren't normally out in daytime.
Good to hear that your Doug is back bicyling. How did his foot do?

Still cool here, and rain in forecast for this eve or tomorrow. Sure hope it materializes. We are needing it again. I am reluctant to trek around the yard to water things. I am STILL scratching the last batch of bites!
I am avoiding using the spray repellent. I am pretty sure it is what caused the numbness in my legs and feet.

Norma, thanks...on the song lyrics. Knowing the tunes really helps with the 'feeling'. I have known and loved the September Song for most of my life. Autumn leaves is another of my favorites, but then, like Ei, I have many many favs. Mine are mostly oldies, and hymns.
I am almost at the point of crying when I think of dismantling the deck scene. :-(
Sorry Wyatt has bronchitis. I hope the meds will nip it before he gets worse.

V, I am chuckling too about the 'putting to sleep' remark. Your DH had better keep a sharp eye on you..LOL.

Saucy, you are almost inspiring me to go for a long walk, but getting up our first hill would probably do me in. :-(

Harrison is having it's yearly Hot Air Balloon State Championship. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to see them. Last night was the Tether Glow. This morning was the Key Grab. This evening is the Hare & Hound race. Tomorrow morning is another Key Grab. This evening's event is early enough I could go and get home before dark, but don't think I feel up to it. If we are lucky, one or more may pass over us at some point.

Michelle, your pic is of the spiders back, mine is of the under side.

I guess that's enough from me. I'll post then go back to see if anyone else has.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

We're baaaack! The party was fun-lots of memories shared. My friend is a real lover of pomp and ceremony so planning something like this is right up her alley. I had to wear a corsage and get announced and walk into the reception just like you would do in a's been a while since I've had to do that. In total, I would guess the number of guests was close to 150 people. It was quite the affair. As I guessed, there was a professional photographer. We forgot our camera so no pictures from me. For my outfit I decided to go with the dressy black and silver jewelry over the pearl/rhinestone stuff. Tom was afraid we were going to be overdressed by my friend was wearing a floor length black halter gown so no problems there. Of course there were people dressed quite casually but nowadays you can get away with wearing almost anything anywhere.

Staying at my brother's with the dogs is not the most pleasant time. His dog isn't socialized with other dogs and constantly attacks my dogs, especially when my SIL is around because she is protective of her. Consequently my dogs are afraid to walk anywhere in the house and want to be carried everywhere and be in your lap when you sit. Last night they stayed in our room while we were gone to the party even though the door was open. My brother said they would peek out every so often but basically stayed and snoozed on the bed with an eye on the At least the yard is fenced and my brother and wife are dog people so it was as good a place as any to leave them. We did leash walk them in the yard last night though because my brother said they have resident skunks. Don't want the dogs following in Rahji's footsteps.

This day is wasting away. I need to get motivated so I can get the pots watered and my walk and workout done in time to shower and meet our friends for dinner at 7. Tomorrow Wendy is coming down for three open gardens and brunch. The fun never ends, does it?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Loads of rain and lightning and thunder here last night! Quite dramatic! We worked on removing carpeting from the basement stairs and DH removed wainscotting that was affected by the mildew situation. We're trying to do as much of the clean-up as possible to save expense.

This morning we fiddled around and eventually got to the post office to collect music sent to DH, then off to pay for his new hockey season. Then I grocery shopped. Not my favourite activity, but on the radio coming back home they played this song. Anyone remember it?

Happy Together
- The Turtles
Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight
So happy together
If I should call you up
Invest a dime
And you say you belong to me
And ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine
So happy together
I can't see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life
Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together
Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together
Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together
So happy together
How is the weather
So happy together
We're happy together
So happy together...

A feel good song for sure!
I bought pumpkins and some mums/asters too.
Enjoy your day everyone!

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My five mile walk caused a little (internet diagnosed) tendonitis on the top of my foot! No walking for the last two days, but the eating binge has subsided so even-steven.

Gotta buy some new shoes.

Had a bad day yesterday. Had a good day today. Life is a roller coaster, huh?

Sue, I have a couple of "dress up" affairs to go to on the 17th and 23rd....I'm considered "family" and will probably be in pictures. Hate to say this, but I wish they'd let me take the pictures and stay out of them :) I don't like getting my picture taken, but I do love the chatter that goes on at these things. I hate gossip, but I love to know what's going on with everyone!

My foot feels better....hope to hike tomorrow. Might go shoe shopping if the budget allows.

Speaking of budget, LOL! I OWN my first car on Monday! I make my last car payment on Monday. It only has 60,000 miles on it and it's 6 years old. It has a 100,000 warranty. I feel so proud. I don't think I've known anyone who owned their car in a long time

I know lots of peers who have debts in the 10s of thousands....I feel choked sometimes and we don't have that do people do it? Does anyone know anyone who is poor anymore? Everyone I know has a car and a t.v. When I was kid, I knew people who didn't have those things. Standards have changed.

I know there are a select few people still without electricity and running water.

Wish these people would (could) vote.

You'll all have to forgive me....I've been reflective on lots of "crap" lately. I know it's important stuff, but I also know it can start some pretty heated debates, which is not my intention.

Kids are fighting over bedtime now, so gotta go.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy I hear you loud and clear on the shoes and money issues. I spent years and years wearing the ugliest Buster Brown brown lace-up shoes because they were "Good for you". I wasn't supposed to sleep with a pillow, because that "isn't good for your neck". And so on. Today I have a sore neck and bad feet. Go figure. I've not been able to use my treadmill because of plantars fasciitis. My shoes cost $200! That's an obscene amount of money and means I go without other things for them. Now they don't suit me after all. Where do I go now? Brother!

I think many people live with incredible debt loads and don't understand planning or doing without. I'd be miserable with debts. Mind you, we need a new car etc...but those things will wait. First repairing the basement. It seems it is never the new couch or rug, but rather the roof, the furnace, the plumbing that swallow up the money. But given our ages, I am glad that we have savings and a pension.

I too am pensive. Our long term friend who was to visit us next Friday has cancelled. Why? Stage 2 lung cancer. He says 6 months sounds rosie....I guess this is only the beginning of watching our friends decline.

On a cheerier note, some agastache to share from a container planting:

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well Doug and I did a 32 mile bicycle ride today and we are both a bit tired tonight. We really wanted to do 50 miles but, unfortunately, even though Im fit enough my bum isnt! LOL Id not been on my bicycle for six weeks and I need to toughen up again. Doug snapped a couple photos during one of our breaks and I thought you'd like to see these.

Bug, we got that line of thunder storms through here around 6:00PM or so. What a light show. There wasnt a whole lot of rain with it but a lot of lightening. ~~ I dont envy you the mildew problem there. I just hate having to deal with something like that.

Sue, sounds like quite the shindig Friday night. So can we see a photograph when you get the pics back from the photographer? Ill bet you looked smashing. ~~ I really wish I could come for the garden tours and brunch tomorrow but if I did Id have to nix next weekends festivities.

Marian, my basement stays between 55 and 60. It would be better if it was a bit colder. There might be a small bit of light that comes in the two very small windows but not too much. ~~ Thanks for your concern, the cat scratches are healing up now. ~~ No worries about the spider pics. The photos are great, I just dont like spiders. LOL ~~ Dougs foot is pretty much all healed up now. I think we are going to be able to start dancing classes again this fall. I sure hope I can convince him to begin again soon. Ive missed it.

Mary, yes Doug is driving to Rochester with me. He is going to be working out there the end of the week and he decided to join us for our drive north to Maries. ~~ I dont envy you the schedule you Moms have with children and after school sports and activities. I know MJ has been running around for years now. The oldest started college this fall and the youngest will probably have a drivers license next spring. She cant wait!

Saucy, congratulations on your car ownership. That is a great feeling isnt it? How neat that you have a 100,000 mile warranty on it. ~~ Glad to hear your foot is feeling better. Definitely get yourself a good pair of walking shoes if you are going to start doing longer distance walking.

Bug so sorry to hear about your friend. That's so sad. ~~ Love the photograph. That agastache looks right at home with the coleus in that container. Lovely.

OK, Im about ready to turn in early tonight. Have a great evening all. Sue and Wendy, have a terrific time tomorrow.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Saucy ...What a coincidence, my last payment on my 6 year old Ford Contour, with 69,000 miles on it, was made this Tuesday 5th. I wish mine had a warranty on it. I bought it secondhand, and it had been in an accident. It was sold 'as is'.
As for your foot pain, I may very well have the same problem with my left foot. The pain in mine is on the top, also. ( My right foot has a differant type of pain.)

As for your question about knowing anyone who is poor...I guess it depends on the definition of 'poor'. Around here there are lots of people who are poor at today's standards.
Although we are below the standard, there are many not far from us, who are much 'poorer' than we are.

I am always saying " We have plenty to eat, and plenty to wear, and a roof over our there is no reason to feel poor ".

I do a lot of "reflecting" while sitting working a jig saw puzzle. It is very conducive to thinking. :-)


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning! It's gray and rainy here today, but I have a fully booked day so I'm not losing any garden time. Let it rain! I face a new crop of 3rd graders this morning for Sunday school, then I have to head to the city for a bridal shower. My BF from high school is getting married for the first time. I haven't seen her in quite some time, so it will be interesting to hear the scoop. I should also see a lot of folks that I haven't seen for a long time, so it will be interesting.

After that there is a family gathering for my nephew's birthday. Like I said, a busy day.

Yesterday's talk on grasses went well. The customer was pleased with the turnout, the audience was attentive and appreciative and most people purchased plants before they left. Unfortunatley on the way home there was a bad accident just ahead of me and I got trapped in the traffic backup. As I said to my DH, it's never a good sign when the police close the road BEHIND you... Oh well, I was patient and eventually got through. It didn't look like there were any bad injuries but it did look like it involved many cars so it took a little while to clear. My reward was a stop at Trader Joe's where I bought carne asada to grill in the fire pit last night. Yum!

Michelle, we just saw a spider like that in the prairie grasses a couple of weeks ago.

I better figure out what I'm doing with those 3rd graders. Later!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! It's a brisk one here today but sunny. Perfect weather for garden touring. This will be a drive by post because Wendy will be here within the hour and I still have to eat breakfast and get dressed.

Marie, I'm so sorry about your friend. Cancer just seems to be everywhere lately and it doesn't discriminate.

Saucy congrats on the car ownership. We always buy our cars too but it seems like lots of people fall into the leasing trap these days. I agree that lots of people who appear to be doing well are drowning in debt. One of my rules here is credit cards get paid in full every month.

OK, off I go. Enjoy your day!


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Good afternoon

We are having a lovely fall day and I'm wishing I were able to get out and garden. But somehow the day has been taken up so far with cleaning, school prep and household organization. I'm trying a new technique this school year for staying on top of household chores and clutter. We're trying a small daily dose of clean up instead of letting things build and having to dedicate an entire day (or more). Thus far the house is a long way from being perfect but is getting a little better each day. Today my mission was to empty and sort the linen closet. It used to be crammed to the gills, with sheets and towels likely to land on your head when you opened the door. A couple of bags are now ready for Goodwill and the closet is looking rather Marthaish!

We also have friends coming for dinner. We're making Sushi together as an appetizer and corn tortillas and chicken for the main course. We will have 5 children here who all want to be part of the cooking so it should be a fun if messy evening.

Saucy - congratulations on making that last car payment - you must feel a great sense of satisfaction. We paid off both our cars a few years ago and are enjoying that middle period between paying off the loan and before a lot of things start going wrong. We're planning on driving both cars as long as possible. The only reason I'm looking forward to a new vehicle in any way is because our next car will be a hybrid, or something better for the environment.

Deanne - that is FANTASTIC that Doug is joining us in Canada. I'm so looking forward to the weekend!

V - I'm sure you we're great talking about grasses. Have fun teaching the 3rd Graders.


Need to go rustle up something for dessert.

Have a great day everyone


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi right back at you , Mary! :-)

Hey ya'll, I have been pondering my responses to you, and am concerned that I have been treating you like I am treated at home. When you comment on something important to you, I think I have been following up with a report on myself, as if I were competing with you. I really resent it when my DH does me that way, and yet I may be coming across as doing the same thing!

Take my response to Saucy's glee at having her car paid for. What I wish I had done, was rejoice with her! Naturally, at my time in life, I am well past having my first car.
What I really meant to get across was the similarities, but I did it poorly.

Now I want to share a scare we had with one of our dear friends. We have known him for almost thirty years, since he was a teen. I feel almost as if he were my own son. Monday, as he was working with a front end loader, the Bucket fell, hitting him on the head. It cut a long gash in his head, broke his neck, and broke a couple of bones in his upper back. He managed to get into his truck and drive to the woman's house that he was working for. She was afraid he would bleed to death before help could arrive, so drove him to the hospital! His condition was so serious all the family was called in. He was air-lifted to a Missouri hospital and operated on immediately. Two days later he was released! He was at AM worship today! Naturally he will be in a neck cast for some time. At least 3 months.
I am so very thankful that his life was spared. His wife is the one that lost both her mother and grandmother this spring. He has a teen-age daughter, and she has a teen-age son. I am sure the fact that he is a very athletic man is one reason he is bouncing back so fast.

Today is somewhat warmer than the past week, but still no rain.I will need to drag out the hose tomorrow. I have sort of reached the stage when I will be glad when I no longer have that worry, but then there will be the watering of all that I have brought in !

I hope all had a nice weekend.


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I'm back. I had a great time in the city and got a few bargains to boot. Rick's uncle (the one who gave me all the bricks) came over for dinner today. We walked out to see the garden, but didn't linger as it was lightly raining.

'bug, so sorry to hear the bad news of your friend.

Deanne, great pictures of you.

Marian, great news that you friend's life was spared and that he seems to be doing well.

The Canada trip sounds like fun.

Rainy here so I have accomplished a few things that have been piling up around the house. The PC party is Thurs. so I'd better do a little cleaning.

This is the aerial photo of our farm that was taked the first part of July. Unfortunately you really can't see much of the gardens. Some are on the side of the house that you can't see by the trees. The garden shed it just to the right of the house. You can see part of the grove in the upper right side. The pasture is in the upper middle area and the curvy line thru it is the creek.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Boy, slow day here today. Looks like we lost that Labor Day weekend momentum. If everyone is getting the same gorgeous weather we had here today I'm not surprised at all by the silence. Soak up these last few weeks of late summer weather while you can.

Wendy and I had a fun day today. We visited three private gardens, perused two nurseries and had lunch at a cool little bakery/deli. Tom joined us for the lunch. The first garden was just OK. It looked like a garden that was designed to peak earlier in the season. The house was antique and the property sported some distant views of tobacco fields and shacks. For some reason nobody seemed to be home so we just wandered around with a couple of other people and wondered if we got the time wrong. The highlight of that garden was a huge Magnolia grandiflora on the front lawn. I wish the gardener had been around so I could ask about it. They aren't fully hardy here but this one was obviously fairly old and showed no sign of winter damage at all.

The next garden we visited is one of the ones featured in Sydney Eddison's book, Gardens to Go. It was mostly shaded but filled with cool iron work and garden art, unusual woody plants, container combos and neat deck and patio areas. I had been to see that garden a couple of years ago but you can always get something new out of a garden filled with so much detail. Lunch followed garden #2. We had to improvise somewhat because I hadn't wanted to make a reservation anywhere so we played it by ear and went to the Grist Mill (where Tom and I had our anniversary dinner last month) but they had a half hour wait. As it turned out the little cafe had excellent sandwiches and was much cheaper.

The third stop was Steve Silk's garden. What a masterpiece! It helps to have lots of acreage (and money) because you can create all these endless garden rooms and structures. I still love his patio area the best-walls of tender and tropical potted plants. It's just a cool place. Wendy took some pictures. Hopefully she'll have some to share.

Marian, good news for your friend. You're right about people who are in shape being able to sustain a bit more in the injury department. Pain threshold is usually higher. Strength is an asset.

Michelle, cool aerial shot of the farm. Tell the pilot to zero in on the gardens better next

OK, the salmon I bought for dinner tonight is about to come off the grill. I've been eating way too much lately and it's time to rein it in.



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Michelle, Interesting picture of the farm. How many acres do you have?
I imagine Ricks Uncle was impressed to see what you did with the bricks.

Marian, The way you post is fine. I think we all tend to compare similaraties.
Your friend was fortunate to survive that accident. Wow !
How do you reflect while working on a puzzle? I would just be thinking about where the piece goes. LOL

GB, Sorry that your friend is going down hill. I agree it is one of the tough things about being older. Dealing with sickness and demise of many people we know and love.

Mary, your household is busy with all the kids activities and school, plus your working. But they are things you all enjoy so don't sweat the house not being perfect. A happy house is bound to get messy. I love a clean house but am really more comfortable with a few things strewn about.

V , what is carne asada ? Hope you had fun at the shower.

Cute photos Deanne. I think 32 miles is quite impressive. But I have no doubt you and Doug will make it to 50 one day.

Sue and Wendy, can't wait to hear about the garden tours.

I painted some more in the shed. The walls are done and the floor is primed. I really wanted to get the floor painted today while the weather was dry but didn't make it. Had to water lots of stuff this morning. There is a chance of showers, which we sorely need.
The leaves on the dogwoods and sumac are giving hints of color change already.

Talked to DS this morning and Wyatt is doing better. But still coughing.

Nothing exciting going on here. Later, Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oh...I forgot to thank Mary for cleaning out her linen closet in advance of my arrival. Closets are at the top of my list of places to check for cleanliness when I visit someone elses

Also, I heard a rumor at Steve Silk's garden that he has an article in the next issue of Fine Gardening that will cover the how-tos of wintering over various tender plants.

That's it. Carry on-speak quietly amongst yourselves though because I'm heading to bed.


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Good Morning!!

Crazy weekend full of surprises.

1. Rich's main loose tooth finally disjointed itself and we made an emergency trip to the dentist on Saturday a.m. He told the doctor it was injured by kissing his hard-headed wife. All teeth and appliances should be intact within three weeks. This is a milestone since he absolutely won't eat in front of anyone but family. Socializing and restaurants -- Here We Come!!!!

2. Ky and Keeper GF showed up unexpectedly to help me move shrubs. That didn't happen, of course, because the conversation turned to fresh apple pie so while she made crust, I headed to the heirloom orchard and we made the best pie ever.

3. Brother in hospital had yet another major setback. I am very carefully examining his records from previous agency and am making some decisions .... Many trusted pros feel that a lot of this is unnecessary had he received different (read: any) true treatment for the last 12 years.

4. Went to a major fair for which I did a lot of marketing and by Saturday night, with one day to go, they had 80% attendance from last year. YIPPEE!!!!! Can only imagine what it was like yesterday. Weather was perfect for Fairs.

5. Received word from best-Florida-girlfrend that her husband, age 54, as advanced tumors all over his body. They'll know for sure on Wednesday what's happening and the plan is to refuse treatment, hook their tryke (three-wheeled motorcycle)to a trailer behind their biggest car and head north. Their doctor has assured them that he'll set up pain management throughout the East coast so they can get here and back. They are so matter of fact about the whole thing that so am I (at this point).

6. Did manage to get a few things moved and took more cuttings. Have decided not to do much with the main nursery this fall other than moving a Hydrangea macrophylla that's getting way to much sun. Swapping that with a few Clethra that are getting too much shade. Anyone want some awesome cocktail tomatoes???? I'm almost ready to ship them to anywhere. LOL

Does anyone know if tender Verbascum will overwinter under lights or otherwise??

So much for me and why I haven't been around lately. Have been reading and hope that everyone has been gardening their little hearts out!! :-) CT swap is in two weeks and I will be digging. It feels SO GOOD to have something to bring!!

Best to all --


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Doug and I worked outside in the yard all day yesterday and got a lot accomplished. Doug cleaned out a mess of weeds on the other side of the fence then we took all the containers and the bench out of the container garden garden then put a fresh edge on that area (I gained another foot of space and Doug didnt complain at all! Woohoo!)Then we put several inches of fresh bark mulch and put it all back. I took a couple large containers out of there and rearranged things to space them better. Theyd all grown so much that you really couldnt see them well. My Charles Grimaldi brug is getting so tall, its probably seven feet or so now and is throwing a ton of buds. Im hoping this cold weather doesnt cause any bud drop. Oh yes, it got down to 44 degrees last night!!! Jeesh! Im afraid it is going to be an early, early frost this year. Ive got to get in gear and get my cuttings this week.

Sue and Wendy, sounds like you had a great time yesterday. Wish Id been there. Im looking forward to Steve Silks article in FG on wintering tenders.

Norma, glad to hear Wyatt is doing better. ~~ RE the 50 miles on the bicycles, well probably be able to get that under our belts before the end of October. The real goal, however, is to do 100 miles in a day but that probably wont happen until next year. It is so much more fun bicycling than doing the stairs at the gym.

Michelle, love the aerial photograph of your farm! How neat! Did you take that yourself? ~~ Great to hear you had a good time in the city. What did you find for bargains?

Marian, you need to stop worrying about how people view your responses to things. When you answer and give an anecdote from your life experiences that means you found a connection to what the other person is saying. This forum is the most open minded, fair thinking group Ive ever participated in and gets better every year. :-) ~~ So sorry about your friends accident. That is frightening but I so glad to hear hes doing so well. You are correct that people who are fit and healthy do have more resilience when it comes to recovering from accidents. They also have stronger immune systems and dont get sick as often.

Mary, what is the dress code for the thing Friday evening? Are you sure it is OK for us to come? I dont want to intrude on you folks so we can just find someplace for dinner that evening if it is a problem. Doug is looking forward to the trip. DD is going to come and stay here and take care of things while we are gone so that is a good thing. Oh yes, I almost forgot to ask, do you have a Starbucks anywhere nearby? ~~ So how did the sushi night go? ~~ MJ invited us for dinner last night and made a feast! She cooked a few chicken lobsters and served lobster tails cut into bite sized pieces for appetizers! Then she fixed herbed lemon salmon on the grill that she wrapped in foil and cooked to perfection, roasted fingerling potato with onion, sweet corn and tossed salad. Yum! Im glad I only had a protein shake for lunch so I had lots of room for dinner.

V. so glad to hear your talk on grasses went well. ~~ Sorry about the accident and the ensuing traffic mess.

Saucy, were like Sue, we decided eleven years ago that we would NEVER again carry a balance on a credit card. My car will be paid off next year and I cant wait. It currently only has 24,000 miles on it so I should be able to keep this one going for a long time.

Martie, glad to hear the Rich is going to get his teeth fixed soon!!! Good news for you guys. ~~ Sorry about your brother and your Best GFs DH.

OK time to get my day started. Lots to accomplish this week before we hit the road.

Have a great day everyone,

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Oh my gosh, what a busy week Im going to have. We have a family gathering on Friday and Sunday along with my party on Thurs. and Im going with Rick to the specialist on Tuesday. I need to make food for Thurs, Fri and Sunday as well. Of course with all this going on I now have a cold. It is cold and rainy again today. Fortunately the gardens look pretty good but the lawn will need to mowed. The boss and his wife are gone all week so I will be doubly busy at work as well.

Deanne, how nice that Doug is willing to help you in the garden. The aerial photo was taken from an airplane. This company actually takes the photos and then comes around with them trying to sell them. We have one from the 60s, 70s and 90s. The last was 1993. I have them all on one wall in my computer room. It is fun to see the changes in the farm. Buildings come and go, trees go from very small to large. Maybe Ill have to post one of the others.

Martie, so sorry to hear the news about your friend. What a positive attitude they seem to have. You are a great sister, your brother is very fortunate to have you as his advocate.

Re: credit cards, I have never carried a balance and actually rarely use one. I mostly use a debit card.

Norma, we own 160 acres and also rent additional farm land. The picture shows probably 25 acres. Poor Wyatt, I had bronchitis last winter and it is miserable to cough so much.

Sue, it sounds like you and Wendy had a fun day. We never have garden tours at this time of year around here and of course never any really cool gardens.

Wendy, we want pictures! LOL

Have a great Monday!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhhhhh! We have been blessed with a life giving rain. So far 1/2 inch, and more may be following. So, I am reprieved fron having to do the hose brigade.

Marie, I love the pastel colors in your pic. Great combination. So sorry about your friend. It just gets worse and worse doesn't it? I am thinking I need to get a second line for my computer so it does not tie up our phone. I am thinking we will be getting lots more bad news. The friend that tried to call about the front end loader accident was unable to get through, it delayed our finding out, and I feel badly about that.

Deanne...looking good! I notice you do not have on the type of shoes that a biker, who came into the store yesterday, had on. They had two 'cleats'(?) on each shoe, one on the toe and one on the heel, and really made a racket as he walked around the store. He must have been riding for some time, and was very dry. He bought 2 bottles of drinks and sat outside drinking them both.
Your 'bum' must feel similar with our preacher's wife's. She spent last week riding her Missouri Fox Trotter in a Championship. She came in 7th in the world's show. She needs to take a page from your 'diet book', as she is rather over weight.
Thanks for the info on your brugs.I keep the utility room at about that temp, or a little lower, but it has lots of light. Mine has no sign of a flowerbud, but I notice that the local Daturas are just now blooming, so maybe there is still hope.

Michelle, I love your aerial view. My sis had that done of their place in Idaho a few years ago. I have a copy of it hanging on my dinningroom wall. Her yard has matured considerably since then, so there would be little resemblence if a new pic was taken. If one was taken of our place about all you could see would be trees! :-)
Our son got rid of all his credit cards, and only has a bank debit card.
Wow! You have a sizable acreage! Is most of yours in cutivation? If I remember right, Norma's have a good-sized farm too.

V, good to hear that your talk went well. Will you be doing more?

Mary, how did your 'cooking with the children' go? You are braver than I.

RE: debts; except for medical bills and my car payment, we have been debt free for years. I have never had a credit card, and do not plan on getting one.Maybe if the time came where I could do some traveling I might get one.

Sue, how nice that you and Wendy could spend a day together. It sounds like a very fun time. LOL on Mary's closet cleaning. There are some people that are pretty snoopy. I have a few female kinfolk that are. :-(

Norma, I have no problem thinking while working a puzzle. I do a lot of listening to the news on TV also. I'd rather listen than watch, most of the time.

Martie, I like your numbered list of the happenings in your life. So sorry about the illnesses, but I enjoyed the humor that you inserted in the appropiate places.


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Good afternoon!

DH has taken the day off (he is able to use his vacation one day at a time). We are redoing the fencing at the top of the backyard retaining wall. Lifting the fencing up and putting gravel behind the wall up to the same level as the top brick. It is exhausting, hot, dirty, tiring work even with using the old dozer's bucket to bring the gravel to the wall. There are lots of wasps/hornets out today and I'm scared I'm going to get stung again. I was stung in the wrist twice a few weeks ago while picking blackberries with my daughter and was stung again, twice, on my ring finger of my right hand 2 days ago while clipping the grass along the top of the retaining wall. Darn bees!!! I'm not allergic, but I'm having quite a bit of swelling and pain with the stings this year so I'm twitchy and over reacting every time anything flies by me. Flies, bees, dandelion fluff, butterflies.......if it floats or flies within 10' of me I'm looking like an idiot with my flapping arms and running. ;oP I do not want to get stung again. (guess that is obvious, lol, as no one wants to get stung).

It is hot here again today.

I guess I'd better follow DH and go back I can help and do the 'funky bee' dance as needed. :o\

Hope it is a good day for all!


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Hi all. Sorry I haven't checked in, but I've barely turned on the computer in the last couple of days. Today was pretty rough with trying to dodge the big elephant in the room so to speak.

Deanne, that's some serious bike ride. I have never been able to sit on those seats for too long!

Marian, I'm with Deanne - I don't think there's anything wrong with your posts. I way over analyze mine, too. I think I kind of do the same thing you're talking about. Maybe because southerners are a story telling people :)

Sue and Wendy, sounds like you had fun!

All the Yankee idyllers are going to Canada - I can't wait to hear all about Charlotte, and GB, too.

I've gotta cut this short....I've got company.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi guys - Just a quick one to put up these pics from yesterday. Many did not come out well, especially the ones on Steve Silk's sunny patio.

Jan Nickel's garden is very shady, and so lush. Some cool window box ideas:

and this:

Sue loved this structure, she was trying to describe it to Tom at lunch so he can build her one

Here is a really great sculpture/water feature from Steve Silk's garden

I was also treated to a personal tour of Sue's own garden, which was a real pleasure.

Sorry I can't stay now, I have to run out to instrument rental night - my DD has band this year, she chose percussion! First they get bells, then later they trade up to a snare drum. Joy.

Hi to all, and I'll try to stop by tomorrow.


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Hi everyone

Wendy - great photos. That water sculpture is amazing isn't it. I'm glad you had a chance to see Sue's garden which is good enough to be on any tour. With percussion will you build up to a whole set of instruments? I imagine it will be a lot of fun to play though listening to the practice might be somewhat harder;0)

Wow T - if you're not looking after two babies you're out lifting rocks or some other form of hard labor. You'll have to talk your DH into taking you for a nice day out next time he takes a vacation day. I think you've earnt it!

Marian - so good to hear you are getting rain. The cooking last night was fun and everything turned out well. The Sushi looked almost professional. And best of all, the mess was confined to a small area of the kitchen and was a breeze to clean up. The children even swam in the pool but with our night temps dropping to 42F it must have been mighty chilly brrrrrrrrr.

Deanne - I asked DH what the dress code was for Friday and he told me "clothes". As I don't think any of us were planning on going in our birthday suits I think we're covered. I'll probably wear some nice trousers and a jacket. Both your names and Sue's are on the invite list. By the way - where will you be staying?

Martie - it was nice to read your highly organized post but very sad to hear about your girl friend's husband and your brother. Both heart rending situations in such different ways. The apple pie sounds delicious. What apples varieties did you end up picking?

Michelle - I loved seeing the ariel of your farm. It looks so fertile and green - quite Idyllic!

Hang in there Saucy!

Today was an early start - I gave a presentation at the beginning of our staff meeting which started at 8 AM. The one bad thing about my new job is you cannot get a decent cup of coffee and I was really missing it this morning. The stuff in the staff room is thick and undrinkable and there isn't a Starbucks for miles. It's very different being in such a rural distict after working in the city. The compensation is that my morning drive takes me through some beautiful contryside.

Wondering how Taryn is doing in her new rural setting.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Boy, it sure is disheartening to lose your best post ever. I paid special attention not to write about myself or the wedding. I focused on replies to Mary, Wendy, Saucy and more. I don't have the energy to recap.

Oh well, here's a photo of the sun which began my day at 6:30.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning all! Another beautiful day on tap here but it was 42 degrees out when I got up and thats getting a bit too close to a frost for comfort for me. A bit early for temps this low. They had a hard frost north of here last night. Brrrr Too soon!

Michelle, Id love to see earlier pics of the farm too. Thats really neat to have those photos. It is kind of strange that Ive never taken a photograph of our house from the airplane when I go flying with Doug. Ill have to do that sometime.

Marian, I dont wear those kind of shoes with the toe clips. Those actually clip your feet to the pedals of the bicycle so you can pull up on the pedals as well as push down. Id kill myself if my feet were attached to the pedals! So heres the thing, if your utility room stays that cool and has sun you have a perfect location for wintering over a fuchsia! ROTFLOL Not that youd want one of course. :-)

T, great to hear from you but that is awful that youve been stung so many times this year. I do know that the bees and wasps get pretty aggressive this time of the year. Doug was pruning the hemlock hedge this weekend and found an enormous wasp nest in the bushes. Holy cow, did he ever run for the hills when he disturbed it. Hes very wary around bees too now. ~~ I cant believe you are still having hot weather. That is just too strange. ~~ How are the new babies and mom doing?

Hi Saucy, great to hear from you and glad you are posting more often. We did miss you when you were gone you know. So do you want to come over again for some plants beginning of Oct sometime? Ive still got that large peony and hakone grass you can have as well as many hybrid daylilies.

Wendy, you too, I can dig that Catherine Woodbury daylily for you now. They are showing some nice new growth and are at a good place to get divided. That is that true light pink one I told you about. I dont remember what else you wanted from here but Ive got lots to divide at the moment. Also, if you can come beginning of Oct. sometime I can dig out one of the Fuchsia Beacon out of the garden and show you how to prune and pot up for winter storage, then if you want you can take it home and pop it in your basement. ~~ Great photos! Thanks for posting these. ~~ So your DD is doing percussion? Oh my, do you have ear plugs? LOL

Mary, thanks for the info about dress code for the reception. I have this neat top and jacket I wanted to wear with a skirt with matching shoes. What can I say except I have a closet full of neat things I bought on sale and look for any excuse to get a bit dressed up. Ive emailed you the information on the hotel were staying at.

Bug, so sorry about the lost post! I just hate it when that happens. Ive taken to writing ALL my posts in word these days. ~~ That is one stunning photograph of the sunrise.

OK time to get my day started. Enjoy the day everyone,

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We went to see the Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. yesterday. Rick will need a CPAP machine. He either quit breathing or his oxygen level dropped to an unacceptable level an average of 68 times an hour. When he had the sleep study they put him on the CPAP for part of the night and he said he slept like a baby and felt good when he woke up, so he actually is looking forward to the machine. We had chinese food afterwards. We then looked at what Menards has for dryers. The repairman said that its on its last leg. It does seem to be working for now. Its 27 years old, so I guess you cant ask for more. Actually, dryers havent changed all that much. This one is a Maytag, so Im leaning that way again. I wouldnt have to get another until Im 73! LOL

Babs, I thought of AJ the other day when I got the mail out of the box. There was a huge spider web in there. No sign of the spider though. I did take each piece out separately.

Deanne, I havent even thought about cuttings. Must we get you one of those chains to hold your glasses around your neck? LOL Seriously losing your glasses is a bummer. Several years ago Rick lost a pair, got new ones, laid them down at work and someone took them. I teased him about getting him one of those chains. Actually, our homeowners insurance paid for the pair that was taken. Now who would take someone elses glasses? He was working in the meat dept. at Walmart at the time, so that may explain it.

V, when my kids were growing up I had one of those sofas that had a skirt. When I would pull that thing out I couldnt believe the stuff my kids had hidden under there. It got pretty nasty at times. No skirt on the next sofa that was for sure.
I can just hear your DD asking for an orchid. Did she talk you into a car at school? LOL
I liked the garden quote. Now that would be a shower worth going to!

Honey, wouldnt that be fun to be close enough that we could all help each other out? Im so curious to see pictures of your project. I hope all goes well for your DD.

Saucy, your poor son, the dog sure isnt very encouraging to him. I remember on time in college I was at a grocery store and realized that I didnt have the checkbook with me. The store allowed me to charge it. I was shocked. I got my checkbook and went back within the hour to pay them. I was so grateful that they didnt humiliate me. Needless to say I continued to shop there.

Wendy, I remember those days of running the kids here and there. Fun but hectic years. Thanks for the pictures of Steves garden.

Marian, yes most of the land is culivated. You cant really see much of that in the pictures. The 2 very dark green areas are bean fields.

T, bummer about the stings. We have wasps here too, and I get goose bumps when one flies in my face. I havent been stung but am keeping my fingers crossed. That was one thing that I had to battle in my garden shed is wasps. They would like it to be their home. If I see one, I have a can of that wasp spray handy.
bug, the sunrise picture is stunning.


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