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maymo(6a MI)November 13, 2010

(Sorry if this is a repost; I didn't see my post show up). Shamelessly self-promoting here but I thought I'd take a chance and share my blog with all of you. I started it just over a month ago and I'm trying to "get it out there". It's humor/teacher stuff and I think, quite unique. I am just a lurker on this board so I really appreciate your time. Feel free to comment on my blog and I'm wide open to any constructive criticism you may have. And if you really like it; you can get a subscription! HAHA but seriously, if you know any teachers please send it on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Read it to the Class! blog

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I'm a retired teacher and am just wondering how any of these kids would feel if they saw their private notes on the Internet via your blog. Do you think they would be embarrassed,or are kids way different than they were back when I was teaching? What do you think?

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Oh my, that took me back to the misspent days of my youth. Remember the phrase "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll"? I had some kid that would write that on a piece of note paper to me, it seemed like every day. We would go back and forth. I'm pretty sure my answer was No Sex, No Drugs, maybe rock and roll. :)

I don't remember my teachers ever catching us, which is pretty amazing.

Hmmm, I can't even remember his name....but we spent an awful lot of time writing notes!


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maymo(6a MI)

No, mwoods, kids are probably the same. Some might not like it, others probably wouldn't care. That's why I don't use their names.

Lisa, that was a cute story. I love the term, "misspent days of my youth". So true for many of us!

Thanks for looking!

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So you don't ask them first? That's not appropriate. Might and probably indicate your lack of asking.

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