That smells really goood

gandle(4 NE)November 12, 2010

Our witch hazel is blooming more heavily this fall than I can ever remember it flowering. Love the light smell from the blossoms.

Grandad used to use witch hazel on his face after shaving with his straight razor. The smell takes me back 75 years to that time.

Pleasant memories.

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I am envious. Witchhazel don't like our climate and soil and after four tries I gave up.

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Very pleasant memories George. I'm envious too, I haven't smelled witch hazel in a long time. I remember it being used on us when we had a sunburn after our long days at the shore. When the fish were 'running' Pops would stay all day and half the night. I can also remember men smelling like witch hazel after a shave or haircut.

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we have a witch hazel too but it only blooms in the spring,but what a powerful scent. Your's sounds especially nice. I always have witch hazel in the house which is a great astringent among other things.

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