Do you live in the moment?

iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)October 24, 2007

We just got through a weekend visit from the granddaughters who are still talking about their visit to "gama an gama."

We have visited them often in Chicago, but this was their first trip to Iowa. The eldest got to sit on gama's (with the hat) John Deere L&G tractor and make noises.

The youngest is still being nursed every two hours, and we got to walk the little one in between so my daughter could get some sleep. After my back gave out I creaked to the recliner and let the little one fall asleep on my shoulder.

I must of looked like I wanted to get up and "do something." My daughter said I might as well just sit there and enjoy it. If I moved or got up the baby would start fussing again. My daughter was right. It was kind of cool just to sit there and not do anything else than hold my granddaughter.

I am a great one for piddling around the garden. I should not feel guilty for sitting on the deck just enjoying the scenery, or enjoying holding my granddaughter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tai Chi in action

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Yeah,going Fishing tomorrow so I am wound up and won't be able to sleep.Since I go every other day I nap alot.
When I get old I will sit there like a mummy and the great-grandkids-oops great,great grandkids will be able to crawl on me.Gee I am old enough for great grand kids.23 year old grandson.

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In 12 step recovery it's one day at a time...often at the beginning of that recovery it's 1 minute at a time white knuckle pain. A painful learning experience that over time becomes practical in every day life and with use can become pleasure. I love Meg Ryan in Joe Versus The Volcano she asks "where are you Joe" Tom Hanks replies "I'm right here" she smiles and says "I'd give anything to be where you are"

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I was thinking Fog Horn has gone soft in his old age. Haha! Kidding of course! That was a beautiful sentiment from you and it felt warm and fuzzy picturing your dear little granddaughter snuggled against her Gama's shoulder.

I could not believe that I read all of "Living in the Moment" - it was lovely and I am glad that I took the "moment" to read it. I personally am reaching out for more things to make life pleasurable than I have ever done before. Then there are the little things, you do not need to reach out for, they are all around you, like the flowers, and the awesome nature we are surounded with as well as the ocean and the breath-taking mountains. I have had lots of years to get used to them and I can never tire of these little inexpensive things in life.

Coastal range mountain view as seen on my morning walks from east coast of Vancouver Island.

Thank you FH, I enjoyed your post.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Good Foghorn. There are only a few moments like that. So, get the most out of them. Holding a baby is just about the most pleasing thing I can think of doing.

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Isn't that what roses teaches us?

Here Today:

Gone Tomorrow:

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Exactly, Cupshape.

But that first fertile rose you picture, could be on the "sexy" rose thread!! :)
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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Thanks Iowa Jade, really good reading and also very true. Thanks T

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Pauline what a gorgeous scene to take in every morning....WOW! So beautiful! God has truly blessed you.

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Iowa Jade, thank you sooooooo much for the link. It was
great. I shared it with several people and they all loved
it. Thanks again. T

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