Bad, bad dog

kathy9norcalOctober 21, 2007

When this became a habit,

What did I do to this one?

She started with Scientific Americans, moved on to garden magazines, and here, she hit the travel guides. I yelled and screamed, hit her with a newspaper, and it did nothing, but made her pee on the floor. So, I encased my coffee table in a dog corral and things seem to be fine now.

Do you spoil your dog and put up with all sorts of nonsense, too?


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Take the dog for a walk 1 hour each day. It will do you both good. Don't let the dog tug on the leash ahead of you. You are doing what is good for you but not what the dog wants. The dog needs a pack leader.

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I agree with Sam and also watch the Dog Wisperer on National Geographic Channel. My cats every once in a great while will poop on the floor instead of the litter box, I get so mad at them but then I forgive and forget and everything is calm.....its very trying owning a pet but don't give up, your dog is adorable, how can you not love that face?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Isn't she cute! We have one too. Ours is a year old, and gets into everything. I found a gardening glove in their yard, and one in the utility room. Ours gets into the trash, and pulls out whatever he wants to chew on.

Walking is a very good idea, as is Obedience Training. It hasn't helped us, but the pros say it helps. Ours went through Puppy kindergarten, Beginning Obedience (failed that one - couldn't handle the 3 minute sit), and is now in Advanced Obedience (designed for those who failed the other). Ours doesn't jump as much as he used to. That is good.

We confine ours in the kitchen and recreation room unless we are with them. That is how they have trained us.

The Dog Whisperer is awesome to watch, but not realistic. A team of dogs pulling a man wearing skates down the public road? It is a gimmick.


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When my dog was a puppy she used to chew on the spines of books. Usually our signed books. In fact, I had two copies of one book next to each other and she chose the one signed by the author. There is this stuff called something like green apple spray that you can find in pet stores. It smells bitter and tastes really nasty. We had to spray a lot of our books with it and then she wouldn't touch those. Also, keeping books and magazines out of reach will help a lot. Our dog did grow out of this phase and the only thing she destroys now are her toys.

As for discipline, have you started a puppy training class? Look for one that uses positive reinforcement only. It's a good idea to start a class right away so the dog gets to meet other dogs, and starts to think of you as the boss. Also, it helps you to think of yourself as the boss. We would give our dog a 'time out' in her crate when she was bad. We didn't leave her in there for more than a few minutes, just long enough for her to get the idea that it was something bad that she did. But you have to catch them right away or they won't know why you're upset. Most of the time you have to sigh and move on.

Regular exercise, and a toy she can destroy will help her channel her energy. I recommend trying a type of rawhide or one of those toys you can put a treat into. And in answer to your question, yes, this is something that you put up with and get through. At least it wasn't a library book - my brothers dogs got one of those.

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We have watched both seasons of Dog Whisperer and ARE the pack leaders here. Both doggies get about an hour and half of walks each day--no kidding. 1/2 hour, 3 times a day. Every day. They now walk right beside us. We leave and enter the house before they do. I adore Cesar Millan and don't think it is a gimmick.
Lacy is not a new dog, we have had her 2 years almost. This is somewhat new behavior. I personally think she is bored. She needs little sleep compared to the older one we have, who is totally zonked out all the time. This behavior happens when we are at work. Aside from this, she is very well behaved. Really. She does, however, take shoes and moves them from place to place if we leave them out. No chewed ones, yet. She certainly is a scamp.
Thanks for the responses.

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Kathy - best of luck! We watch a lot of the Doh Whisperer here also. Max is generally very well-behaved - he get's plenty of exercise for his short little legs! (Sammy - witnessed 3 dogs pulling a skateboarder down the road the other day - and have seen dogs pulling roller bladers! Max doesn't know it, but that is in his future!!)

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cajunrosegal(10 south florida)

What an adorable face on the post destruction of your media. Shes cute but its not so cute when they chew on things! Give her something to chew on that is hers. I found that a water bottle works wonders as well or a jar with pennies in it. Shake the jar when she does something naughty if by chance you catch her doing something. They learn quickly and all you have to do is reach for it and they scamper off.

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I didn't realize your dog wasn't a puppy anymore Kathy. She still looks like a puppy in her picture. Anyway, you could try crate training if she starts to make a habit of this. My brother has his dogs crated all day when they aren't home - otherwise there wouldn't be much left to come home to. You get a crate just a little bit larger than her bed, and then put her bed and water in there. Lock her in during the day when you are gone and she won't be able to destroy anything. It sounds cruel, but it's not really that bad for the dog and even if they make a fuss the first couple of times they'll eventually learn that nothing happens and they'll relax. One of my dogs can't sleep through the night outside of her crate, but once she is in there she knows that she is off-duty and can sleep. I don't crate the dogs during the day anymore though as they're both well behaved now but I did use it when they were younger.

I think you'll probably be able to get away with a treat-filled toy and moving some things around though. If you do try that apple spray be careful about touching the magazines afterwards. The spray lasts for years and comes off on your hands so you have to be sure to wash your hands after touching the books.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

What a sweet face. She couldn't have possibly done all that destruction. It must have been someone else. Look at that innocence!

And yes, I spoil my dog too. He doesn't chew up things, but has other annoying habits that I live with. Like barking whenever any neighborhood dog barks. Just gotta love 'em.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Kathy, I wish I had not been flip about a show that others have expressed an interest in.

I get discouraged sometimes when an expert does not have an answer for me.

My dog is almost 80 pounds, and can counter surf easily. This morning we found a chewed up hot pad and dish cloth on the bed in the recreation room. Finding these articles has been a daily occurence, and it is not something that I have heard Cesar Milan deal with. My dog is a year old, and may not complete the puppy stage until he is three. I really do not have an answer for either of us, and have not found answers on Dog Whisperer. That does not mean that there is a problem with the show, but that he does not direct his show towards "me".

Our dogs get a long walk once a day, and that is it. In this part of the country the walks have been short until recently because it gets so hot that Golden Retrievers should not be out for long walks. They simply have far too much fur. That is my opinion not a fact.

Cesar Milan deals with more fierce or violent behaviors than what my dogs have, and I am sure that when people see the woman who allowed her dog to nip at her son, they can identify with that. Fortunately for me I have taken my dogs to Obedience School, and have learned many things that others are learning on television.

I don't know how to keep the dog from chewing up whatever he finds. I thought the same thing about jumping and nipping at us, and that suddenly stopped. Yesterday he had a hot pad, and I spent about 3 minutes trying to get him to give it to me. He also takes papers and things out of the trash.

Well, I have gone on and on, but your dog is really cute, and I hope you find a good answer, and can share it with me. I may laugh at some of the things that Cesar Milan does, but it is really the roller skate thing that was over the top with me, and that is just my take on him.


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They are just young dogs having fun. Enjoy!
Rawhide is good to channel energy. I get one called Dingo big chew with chicken meat in the middle. My dog almost puts herself into cardiac arrest she is so happy.
I love you guys from the rose message boards. I feel safe here, And it is nice to escape from the harsh people I have to deal with every day..
That said, This Dog thing is fun easy for me. Give the dog a job so he can be happy. (Cesar's 1,2,3) It is so easy.
Exercise, Discipline, then affection. One can overcome these little behavior problems with the dog before they turn into anger and violence and bigger problems.
for Example; A retriever should be retrieving. Have fun. Go hiking.
There is a arm tool that helps you throw the tennis ball very far. It is in pet section at the grocery store.
that will solve your problems.

After exercise (A long time ), you can work on discipline (Use repetition. 5 or 10 minutes.)
And remember, only deal with calm assertive energy. Anything else and you are wasting your time.

Then the last part. The hugs and kisses.
Then let him rest and let it sink in.

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Sammy and Samuel, I love your posts. Samuel, I can tell you certainly agree with Cesar. I do too.
Sammy, I just think some dogs are chewers and we have to wait til they outgrow it. My son's mini Aussie chewed a hole in a flat wall when she was a puppy. She has gotten much better. I have also had friends that lost lots of shoes, remote controls, and yes, even table legs! However, you can't deal with a problem that happens when you are not home. I guess crating would be the solution to a continuing problem like that. I don't want to do that. Lacy is hopefully on the way out of puppyhood. Hopefully, yours will get better soon, too.
On one of the DW videos, the producer was saying that sometimes Cesar would go out and solve the problem so quickly, they couldn't even film it or get the dog to repeat the problem behavior again. I am going to watch both seasons again soon--I enjoyed it that much. Sammy, one long walk sounds great and is alot more than many dogs get. I really feel sorry for the ones confined to yards, day in an day out, nights too. Those poor babies.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

In our neighborhood we have two neighbors with dogs. One has her dogs in small pens and as far as I know pays them absolutely no attention unless they are being fed and watered. There are 4 of them, and they howl and bark all the time. The other neighbor has a beautiful heeler tied up to a doghouse by a chain. All day long the dog gets no attention except for barking at cars that go by and when the owner brings her food and water. Whenever I take Freddy for a walk, I bring her a treat. These dogs are not being abused. They have plenty of food, water and shelter. But I feel so sorry for these dogs. What in the world are their owners thinking to keep them isolated and lonely with no way to exercise or get affection. Why have a dog at all if you aren't going to do anything with them except let them bark all day and night. It is maddening! I would like to tie these owners to a chain, or put them in a cage and leave them year after year and see how they like it! Is my frustration showing? Anyway, I know that I can vent here and you all will understand.

And yes, I have called the Animal protection people. They came out, but said there was nothing they could do because the animals weren't being abused.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Kathy, years ago I had bus duty with a teacher that I dislike to this day. It was very cold on that day, and she said she felt so sorry for her dog on days like this because it is an outside dog. I asked if she ever brought it inside. She said, no, it is an outside dog. I said that when it is so cold, it might be nice if she could take it in to the Utility room or some small location just until the weather got better. She gave me a dumb look, and we have not really had much to say to each other since then.

She teaches kids. How could she be so stupid? I just don't get it. It is like declaring that a dog is an outside dog, makes it a fact.

I wish there were some stricter laws.


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On a lighter note (dog abuse and neglect hurts me so much), I say a man walking a medium sized dog yesterday in my neighborhood. It had on a backpack with water bottles in it. It was trudging along looking very serious--doing its job. I thought--another bad, bad dog.
Cesar fans know what I mean. :)

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

We had to put our beloved Cookie down yesterday (fast growing hemangiosarcoma). Over the years she put us through a lot. How we miss her now. Your dog is so adorable. Whatever she is doing, there will be a time when you remember it fondly.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Kathy, I have to laugh at that, sorry.
Peachie, I am so sorry for your situation. I'm facing sending my dog to doggie heaven soon too. Very difficult!


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Kathy, I think you're absolutely correct about the boredom. Since she likes to chew when you're away, you might try restricting her to a safe space at those times (or put the mags up high where they're protected). When you're home, perhaps you could consider bully sticks, meaty bones, treats that require lots of chewing so she can meet that need.

As for pups who chew your slippers, hot pads, whatever, here's what we learned from school: take all of your pup's toys and a couple of your things (slippers, socks, hot pads, whatever is at risk), pile them all in a circle on the floor and sit down with your dog and a big bunch of nibbly treats. Then hand the dog her toy and give her a treat when she takes it. Praise "Good dog." Give her a few of her toys one at a time and do the same thing each time. Then hold out an item that's yours, but when she reaches for it, say "Mine" and pull it back to you. Give her a treat and "good dog." Begin to switch around between her toys and your things, always giving treats until she grasps the concept of "mine." We use it successfully with everything from wastebaskets to clothes to magazines to food. Our pups have learned that "mine" means "leave it alone." NOTHING is ever damaged here and that's after four years of puppies!

As for "bad dog" - dogs don't know what we're yelling about. Punishment is cruel and wasteful - that doesn't mean time-outs. Dogs want to please you and they just need to understand what it is you want them to do. It's we who need training so that our communication is clear with them. When you watch Ceasar, he always makes a firm correction and then proceeds with his objective. When we see bad behavior about to happen, we make a harsh "Ack!" sound to alert the pups that they need to pay attention and change course. It works. I've yelled at poop on the floor (and felt damned silly doing it, too), but the offending puppy watched me be upset and made a decision not to poop in the house anymore. With this method it takes about two weeks to housebreak a new puppy/dog.

Hope it helps.


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Carla, it was meant to be funny, don't worry. I find it very difficult to get mad at Lacy, to DH's dismay. She is spoiled.

I already addressed Mary on her own post. Losing a dog is horrible, any time.

Sue, thanks so much for the hints. I will try them out. What you said is very logical and informative.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Kathy, MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope your holidays are bright and wonderful!


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