Is there an age limit on Trick or Treating?

carla17(Z7 NC)October 26, 2006

No, I'm not gonna dress up. Two people have told me that if you're over 11-12 you're not supposed to TOT. Who said this, the TOT police? I just wondered if anyone has heard anything similar. Maybe it's my crazy sister who has bats in her head and I'm sorta serious about the sister.


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I wear a costume every Halloween that I get the opportunity, including this year. Always have, always will. I do not TOT, because a) I don't need any candy and b) it's a kid's opportunity, not an adult's opportunity.

I wear the costume if I'm taking my daughter out, and also for answering the door purposes.

The last time I actually went around trick or treating and got candy I was in my mid-teens, but I recall feeling a bit too old for it. We get lots and lots of kids at our house, and the older ones are generally in their young teens, maybe 13 or 14, tops. But if a kid who looked old enough to drive came by, I'd still give them a piece of candy. It's hard to say goodbye to some parts of childhood.

As for your sister, join the crowd!! LOL!!!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I don't think there is any real rule, seems to me that most children start to lose interest about the 'tween' years...around 12 to 13. (I can remember going with my girlfriends in 7th grade, but it was more to be out and be silly than really collecting candy)

We have somewhere around 125 children at the door unless it's really stormy - then it's fewer. Some are so cute, I love the really little ones who don't know what Halloween is about, they just know they're having fun and being treated to stuff their Moms don't give them. And I try to keep a supply of M&M's for those, just can't bring myself to hand a candy bar to a 2 yr old.

And each year there is the group or two of high school aged boys (sometimes girls but usually boys)...then DH grumbles that they are taller than him and need a shave, and he usually gives them a bad time which they don't take seriously.
DH LOVES Halloween and really enjoys the kids...making up for a 'deprived' childhood I think, being one of 10 and raised on a farm, there weren't neighbors close enough for trick or treating.

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tandaina(WA (8))

Bah, we went out until we graduated high school. There is no "rule". I'm being a grinch this year though and not handing out candy. We get literally HUNDREDS of kids (I live in town). I can spend $100 on candy and still run out half way through. A few kids I wouldn't mind but they bus the little monsters in. The lights stay off this year. *sigh* I'm such a humbug.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I still get dressed up and go out. Instead of a bag, I bring an empty 6-pack carton.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

People throw candy at me because I'm scary all of the time...

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

I remember being 13 and going out with a friend "one last time." We were both tall girls, 5'8" by that age and I remember being mortified by the person who answered the door and told us we were "too old to be out trickortreating, now shoo!" That did it for me. I went home in spite of my friend's pleading.

Nowadays I think as long as the kid is costumed and having fun (and being polite about it) I don't care if they're 8 or 18. Of course, we don't get mobs of kids here "on the hill" - our record was 26 about 10 years back. Last year there were 8.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

We get far too many kids. We live in a housing addition in the suburbs, and kids from the city come out here all the time.

If someone is over about 10 or 12, dresses up, and wants candy, I give it to him/her, but wonder why they would do something designed for the kids.

This is a big time of year for vandalism, so I don't want to make the kids mad. Also my 16 year old students who talk about TOT are often up to no good. I try to avoid the door so they won't know where I live.

The people in our neighborhood get together and walk as a group. Many of the parents and teenagers dress up, and supervise the younger kids. This is a lot of fun, and I think it is great. What I don't like are car loads of kids that wear a mask, and come to the door wanting candy. I know they are ready to vandalize if they get mad. If I had an older child going out after the time that the little kids were out, I would be afraid that he/she would be falsely accused of keying a car, TP a house, or destroying decorations or flowers.

Just my opinion!


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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Hey--I don't believe in an age limit for trick-or-treating. BUT--you've got to wear a costume. And a good one, at that.

Both my boys went trick or treating Freshman year of HS...ELder Son went as a Spanish Inquisitor (NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!) Can't remember what The Boy's last trick-or-treating costume was. He was Alice in Wonderland on Franklin Street last year. This year he's going as Hermes--and Elder Son is going to be The Dread Pirate Roberts from "The Princess Bride."


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

"Cardinal Biggles, read the charges." Oh Melanie, its great to know others enjoy such sick humor. I might just put you in the comfy chair and poke you with fluffy pillows.

It has finally reached the point where teenagers drive into your driveway with no costume, not even a mask. I saw people complaining about that on the news this morning. Yup, many are afraid to turn them away.

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tandaina(WA (8))

I didn't hand out ANY candy this year. I live in town, in the only town/city of any size in the county in a nice quiet little neighborhood. So where do you think ALL the kids in the whole dang county get dropped off to go ToTing? You guessed it.

It gets worse every year. Last year I handed out $100 worth of candy and still ran out half way through. You literally just stand at the door and the kids file by in an assembly line. Yes the little ones are cute, even the bigger ones in costume are cute but I'm sorry, I'm not a candy factory.

So I left the lights off, and curled up in front of the computer with a pizza and some fall candles burning and skipped the whole mess this year. How refreshing. I noticed a number of houses on my street were dark as well, I'm wondering if I'm not the only person sick and tired of the hordes. If the hordes catch on and leave I'll go back to it. If it were just our neighborhood kids I wouldn't mind.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I had one uncostumed 50+ year old drunk who was escorting a group of teenagers. He talked in a high squeeky voice. I gave him a candy bar & a laugh.

We had a very nice holloween. Two families who had moved from our neighborhood, brought their kids over to cover our area. Everyone was outside and we had a grand party. It was good to see how much all the kids had grown. The adults had lost weight, looking healthy, and were doing well in their jobs. They missed DW but she had to teach her class.

It was a fun evening. I hope yours was enjoyable also.

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