rescue needed of a 45,000 gal man-made pond

suefromuk(6b)May 16, 2012

9 years ago I had a graded hole 70 feet long 30 feet wide at it's widest...7 feet wide at the ends...3 feet deep in the middle 6" at the sides dug.

I covered crush and run and sand and blankets with 4.5ml rubber.Put plants in, fish in...frogs and dragon flies arrived in droves. The pond has no stream's water comes from rain and a little top up from time to time from my well

I was in a fool's paradise...a biologist told me I had nice bio-diversity but that was then...because I made no effort to pull out fallen leaves because I did not install a has caught up with me and is now full of algae.

I am wading into and removing so help me God all the debris, leaves, branches that I have allowed to collect over the years. The goldfish have disappeared...not enough oxygen...the frogs still thrive.

A friend is building me a sand filter....I have used a small amount of copper sulfate on one side of the pond to try to get rid of the pea soup look.....Is there any tool out there that will help one scrape up all the stuff in the bottom and floating....without tearing the rubber liner...

I never had a clear bottom...and did not aspire to one...the pond looks totally natural people think it's spring fed.,. but it would seem I have to filter and do more "ponder" type things...and then I could have fish again...also if I don't start pulling out stuff day I'll just have a large bog full of twigs.

Where can one buy a big net to put over pond in the fall...?

Please help.Thank-you!

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Home depot or any other home improvement store or the link below;hash=item564a49930c
for the net. Make sure the net you buy is black in color (I have one over my pond and its very hard to detect)

To remove the debris you can either use a pool net and poll (will take you ages) or rent a mini gas powered water pump to empty the pond.
Attached is a link to my pond covered with black net.

Here is a link that might be useful: My pond covered with black net.

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I hadn't thought about draining the pond. I was trying to think of something to drag thru the water attached to a lawn tractor. I haven't come up with a draging device yet.

You are going to need a large pump to maintain your pond anyway. If you wanted to drain this massive pond, I would suggest that you wait until the rest of the yard needs water and use the pump, a hose, and a large sprinkler. Then after everything is removed, and water added, use the pump to circulate water, perhaps including a fountain. You will find that I am a big fan of a stream instead of all these filters and other stuff. You could turn ond edge of your pond into a stream with lots of plants to do the filtering, by reshahping that edge into a ditch by adding a small berm under the liner.

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