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jak1(4 Ontario Can)September 10, 2008

On Wednesday. A nice sunny day here, so maybe the housework won't get done after all...

I was busy yesterday so didn't get here, and didn't get working on photo posting either. DH says maybe today...

I already got Adrian off to school, did the laundry, ran the dishwasher (Phils will see it's full, put their dirty dishes on the counter). So the kitchen still looks uncleaned. Oh well, I'll just have to leave it until the dishwasher can be emptied....tidied the bedrooms. Looked around here and saw LEGO everywhere; so cleaned the office, took everything off of the project table and set the LEGO there. At least Adrian's bedroom, the living room, and the sunroom look better.

I am installing bricks around the edges of my gardens this year. I got the bricks for free from a construction site, so have no excuse not to have it done. I can barely face these gardens some days, at this time of year, so what I am doing now is edging and setting in five bricks each day, and weeding and cutting back everything that is in the area of those five bricks - when I'm done, the gardens will be edged and weeded! Then it will snow and cover it all up anyway *LOL*

On days like this, DH and I will often sit on the deck, have a glass of wine, chat, occasionally solve a problem, and nearly always laugh our heads off over something that InterPhil or JrPhil have said or done. It's a good life.

InterPhil. has said that he hopes to have a better job in the winter and if so, will likely try to get his own apartment nearby. MmmHmmm, I have heard this before. He does not handle his adult life particularly well, but it would certainly be less stressful here if he were on his own. And I have to say he would probably be happier too; he needs his own space. He is more of a big brother to Adrian, and we are the parents - even Adrian calls us that: "The Parents" and he crooks his little fingers to indicate the quotation marks. What hoot - he is six. He also comes in the house and yells "Yo, Momma" to let me know he is home. Cracks me up every time.

Well, the thing is almost over the thing (I think the real expression is"the sun is over the Yardarm, but as I don't know what a yardarm is, thing works fine for me!).

When I get to know you guys better, I will be able to write something to respond to your comments. I like it that many of you do that - sort of a line to each person. Nice!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Why not join and post on the numbered Idyll threads Julie? That brings continuity...and then we can find things easily later on when we look back.


I'll be away for a week or so.
Enjoy your gardens...but most of all the kids who touch your lives.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Indeed, many many welcomes, Julie -- and feel freel to join the idyll threads -- you'll find that sometimes we all get busy with events in our lives, major and minor -- so that the posts slow down to zero & then they pick up to 75 miles an hours...pls dont take offense if you dont get feedback from each of us -- it's not at all a slight.

I hear the echo of the refrain of never be "too busy to live" -- and that means our kids, our families -- and our friends --

No matter how long the friends are off elsewhere, we think of them and their families all the time and wish them well. Good speed on your journey, 'bug!

--So come on over to the #thread -- you'll see (if you havent already) that a lot of us have brick edgings and paths too -- Fall is a great time for projects.

I look forward to chatting about it all with you, Julie!


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