Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)September 24, 2007

Saturday night one of the GDs suddenly got excited about a frog that had leaped onto the breakfast nook window. I got my camera to take it's pic:

It appeared to be drawn on a preying mantis so I went outside to get more pics;

I discovered that the view through the window was more interesting that what was on the window:

I came back in, but the excitement was still on going :

Except for the oldest...she was back to 'the farm': LOL

This morning I discovered a big spider had captured a walking stick outside the same window :

Such is life in the 'boondocks' !

( BTW it was Saturday night that the company came... not Fiday ...:-( )


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Aaaaw, my favorite things captured in one post! Grandkids and bugs! And what a cute "giggle of girls"! They really are growing up.

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Now how the hell did that frog manage to stay glued to the glass long enough for you take his picture?! I don't see any of the little suction cups thingys you usually see on tree frogs' feet. But I'll bet you're right about him sizing up the Mantis for a meal.

The young 'uns made me smile, too. If we set the "way back machine about 35-38 yrs. any one of them could be me or my associates. :) . We marvelled at things like that, too.

I was never a huge fan of spiders but they were a fact of life in the barn. Big, fat, "Charlottes" with big webs in the corners of the post and beam construction. And yes, occasionally one would lower itself on a silken strand and dangle right in middle of nowhere. I learned to simply sidestep them and "leave 'em be". I learned a similar tolerance for the large black snake (4 footer!!) who used to sun himself of the granite threshold of the barn in early spring... no wonder I never had to worry about mice or rats! Ditto bats...

There isn't much in the natural world that freaks me out too much; except PEOPLE. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ah yes, but it is a tree frog, Chelone. Perhaps if my windows were squeaky clean they would have more difficulty sticking??? I see them on that window, and others, frequently.
Here are a couple more of a little closer up:

And another of the audience:

What a joy to have captured such wonder....

I agree with you about the spiders. It is only when I run into a web across my face, or in my hair, that I sort of freak out !

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I also agree with you about snakes and 'PEOPLE' ! :-)

Marie, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics, too.

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Oh yeah! now I can see the little suction cuppys.

I love amphibians, Marian. I think toads are about the neatest things on Earth, followed closely by salamanders, and frogs.

I'm OK with snakes, too, actually. I do the "dance and squeal" but quickly settle down and find them more fascinating that frightening.

Now, PEOPLE... hehehe.


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First thought, I can't help but imagine what Chelone would have done if she came face to face with a snake under Deanne's brug. LOL

Marian, wonderful spontaneous family shots, the best kind. I'm glad you were able to spend this time with your granddaughters.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Hi Marian! Those pictures were a nice glimpse into your world :-) It looks like you have a perfect ÂgrandmaÂs house with lots of interesting things around. When those girls are a lot older, IÂll bet theyÂll be telling their husbands and kids ÂI remember at my grandmaÂs house there was Â[whatever particularly intrigued her] and she used to cook big, delicious breakfasts for us. Pancakes are one of my favorite things because my grandma used to cook them for breakfast on an old, fancy wood stove on a griddle that was originally her motherÂs. I have her gramophone that used to be in the parlor and I can still vividly recall the print that hung on the wall nearby. About 20 years ago I found a similar print in Montreal and it now hangs in our dining room. You never know which of your things - or the things you do and say - that seem ordinary to you, will become the special memories for those girls.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Well put, Woody. One of my aunts had a miniature cast iron stove, and I think I spent hours playing with that whenever we went to visit her.

Marian, the girls are beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your time with them.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Michelle, I didn't think about Chelone encountering a snake as she slithered under the plants! ( Maybe Deanne doesn't have snakes in her yard?? )
I certainly agree, spontanious pictures are the very best. A couple of our GDs love to goof off when they know I am taking their pic. ( One of the ones I took that evening was spoiled because the youngest did just that.)

Hi Woody ! Good to 'see' you again. Thanks for the comments on the 'things' in my house. Most of the other rooms are adorned in 'stuff' also. I hope you are right about the girl's memories. I don't have many good ones of my grandmother. :-(

I have a large plastic container that contains many of the girl's toys that I have got for them over the years. Some of the larger ones, like the barn, and a toy shopping cart, have to remain outside of the box. No matter how late they get here...out come their favorites, from the spare bedroom. They have got good at picking it all up before going to bed.

Thanks, V. I did enjoy the time with them...and I agree...they are beautiful. :-) The oldest is looking more American Indian as she matures. She gets the blood from both of her parents, although Tim shows more of the Irish blood.


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I have a painting of farm fields hanging in my livingroom that hung over my grandma's sofa when I was a child. I remember many afternoons when I was supposed to be napping, lying there instead imagining what it would be like to be transported into the scene. I also have a couple of her cooking pots that I have such fond memories of her using to prepare meals.

Nice to see the girls and how big they're getting. They grow up so fast.


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What a lovely family Marian ! My grandmother lived in a desert area and it was always HOT at her house. I remember the huge trees in her front yard and the hummingbird feeders. She was from New Orleans and cooked gumbos and jambalaya which I absolutely hated ! But, she made great fudge !!

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It says a lot about comfort in a home when three girls can get so excited about a frog. Good for You, Marian!!!!

Time with both grandmothers are amongst my favored memories. Your GD's are lucky to have you!!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Fun pictures, Marian! Nice to get a glimpse of the idyller families. Everyone is obviously enjoying themselves.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks, Eden,Kathy, Martie, and Sue.

Lol, Kathy...about the jambalaya and gumbos, not my favorite foods either.

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