I need the wind beneath my wings

moodyblue(8)November 1, 2006

There was a little birdie called Jimmy Lee.

He flew into a window which was so hard to see.

He was dazed and stunned and lay very still

with his gossamer feathers and his little sharp bill

Alan picked him up and we both looked surprised

at the beautiful bird who was so mezmorized.

Jimmy's head hurt, and so did his mouth,

as "they" took the brunt of that little work out

He lay there still and the pain hard to bear,

we put him aground and he had such a stare

I whispered so gently to this little bird

and stroked his wee feathers - it seemed so absurd

I said c'mon Jim it is time to feel better,

We have both done everything right to the letter!

Fluff up your feathers, we gave you our smiles

now on your way Tim lad and take off for a while.

He looked straight at me and fluffed out his chest

He said Pauline and Alan I think you're the best,

You nurtured me kindly and spoke the right words,

I think I'll be off now and fly with the birds,

they'll hurt inside, I know very well

'til they have Jimmy Lee Back, and all is well!

Fly! FLY! F L Y!!............Good Bye! ...(He did)

Pauline - Vancouver Island

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

What a precious story, those pictures are so sweet, thanks.


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LindyB(z8 OR)

What a touching story. The pictures tell it all. I always feel so bad for the birds when they fly into the window. I think I've seen Jimmy's cousins at our bird feeder. thanks for sharing.


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Thanks Linda, You were on my mind when I posted it.:) Had this happen about three times this year, but we did not lose any of the birds which was nice.

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What a precious story---It looks like a young Goldfinch----I believe you have a birdie friend for life.


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matissesmom(SoCal z9)

It 'tilts' the precious meter.
Great pix. Glad you stroked his feathers.

Poor little guy.

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What a lovely story and I loved the pictures.
Thank You!!!


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Great effort. Great epic poem. Great pictures.

I think in at least one of those pics that the bird is seriously considering moving in permanently with Pauline! Like, how many wild birds get petted?

But we must identify the bird. I agreed with Florence, it sure looks like a Goldfinch in winter colors. But, the bill is not very finchlike and shouldn't there be some wing bars?

Could this be a fall warbler? Vireo? Or some other species which we have never seen in the east?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Wonderful! Thank you!

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Thanks everyone -

Now as for type - I had it in my mind, it was a pine siskin. Why I ever thought that, except for yellow striping in the wings, I have no idea as I usually pride myself on knowing the many birds that come to our feeders and I REALLY do know what a pine siskin is - I guess having him so close at hand, the look seems to change.

It was not until people were referring to it as a"Goldfinch" that I decided to look it up. Definitly not a pine siskin and did not think it really was a gold finch as the ones we have seen here are brighter.

I decided to send pictures to our local bird expert in the area. This was his reply:

Hello Pauline, thanks for the email. I have a question as to when the pictures were taken, summer or fall? My first thought is that this bird is an Orange-crowned Warbler, no wing bars, and an overall olive-green colour on the back.
Colin Bartlett.

I wrote back the date 23rd September when the pics were taken. So it could very well be a "fall" warbler as Harry suggested - hopefully he will get back.

You certainly know your birds Harry! - I do not think I have seen a warbler before!

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