meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevationNovember 7, 2006

Hi there, Forum peoples :)

I've been AWOL and can't be on much but I had to sneak a peek!

BeeBee and the menagerie are great. I'm great in that I'm actually getting to work daily and feel USEFUL, but it is truly too much for my back, so it's all I do... and the pain insomnia is taking its toll, too.

After this translation project, I'm biting the bullet and applying for disability... but it's good to know that I've given it my best again and again before 'giving up.'

[Tell me I'm not a loser, she mumbles meekly.]

On the positive side, Oxford has started again and I love the new tutor and students, so that at least challenges the ole grey cells :)

Not to mention the beautiful autumn leaves and temps, La Marne forgetting we're frosty and blooming her fool head off; good friends, fur babies, silly kids and a really great new Mexican resturant, lol.

Oh, and a few dates with my boss! Bad girl, I know but he's been Dad's partner for years and I have difficulty resisting tall Latinos with wide gentlemanly streaks. Que romantico, what can I say?

Let me give my best to y'all - hugs and a shoulder, too, if needed. Thats what's so awful about being away.

How's everyone been?! And Happy Birthday Carla! I hate that I missed you.

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Susan Serra

Meredith, I can't keep track of you, you're moving so fast, and that's a good thing! School, job, I'm lost, but the romance thing....niiiiiiice, I'm hoping you're enjoying it all. Sorry you're hurting physically, you have a lot of courage. Woe to the one who thinks you can be kept down. Where are you now? Across the pond? Always good to hear from you.

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Hey Meredith! Nice to see you.

There comes a time when we have to realise we can't keep up with work due to pain. You could try a longer temp leave, see how that does. Trying to get SSD can be a long involved process. Took me years to get mine.

Not sure if you'r interested but I managed to find 2 forums that deal with pain.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Meredith, so nice to hear from you. I wondered how you were! I am glad to hear you got back to work, but sure am sorry you are still hurting so much. You are not a wimp.....get going and apply for SSD. There's no need to wait and you certainly have done your best. Good that schools is going well and that you have a chance for romance! Check in more often, we miss you.

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Isn't it ironic that those people who truly deserve SSD struggle for months or even years trying to make a go of it at work because they don't want to give up. But then there are lazy so-and-so's who claim they 'hurt their back lifting something' or some such feeble excuse and try everything in their power to go on disability so they can mooch off the rest of us.

Don't feel bad about going to disability, Meredith. You are sooooo not a loser - you didn't ask for these problems and this pain, and you've been to doctor after doctor to try to resolve it. You've given it your best shot, many times over, from what I've read here on the forum, and you need to admit that it's time to take it easier. Good luck on getting the SSD - I've heard it can be a difficult process. Hope it goes well for you.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hi Meredith, Nice to hear from ya. Rose Nutty's right, the people who COULD do things seem to get the breaks. I wish you luck on that issue and sorry your back is still giving you pain. I don't know if Sue's surgery (rslvr in Burlington County) has had a lot of success with her back surgery.
Does this post mean you might answer your e-mail? LOL. I do have something to tell you.


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HEY good to hear from you!

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Carla, so far no; but the doc said it could take a year.

Meredith, get an attorney lined up, make sure they are good. My divorce attorney ended up taking over for the attorney in the firm that used to deal with this. While she had no luck (she didn't fight for me either); he on the other hand got it on my last appeal. As I said, took me close to 4 years, so get on it.

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I'm like Susan---I can't keep track of where you are. Are you in England?

sorry about your back --I know all too well how painful it can be.

I had my surgery a year ago on Nov. 21----So far so good --I can't believe I can walk without pain.

My neurosurgeon is wonderful.

About SSD--It is sad that some people can get it easily--like some I've heard that get it because they are depressed---able body people who should be working and then people like you who have tried so hard to work.

It doesn't seem fair.

Good Luck--it is good to hear from you.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Dear Susan, it's always so great to hear from you! I'm in NC still, at 2 plants translting/training workers on new systems. Scool is online except for Summer School/ exams, which will be next August...I'm already excited!

Sue, you had your surgery?! Prayers that it brings such healing! I would like to b*ch with folks who understand about The Monster That Won't Be Ignored, lol. Mostly I'm having a rough time thinking there'll be no career :( But I always said that we are not our careers, so I get to prove that as a goal :)

Kathy, so great to hear from you and I hope your winter is going well! My sister has SAD and is ok this year. Thank you so much for saying I'm not a wimp, lol... my family is so industrious and unwimpy, it's so weird for them to begin to understand!

Rose_nutty, thank you so much for the support, too! I keep thinking about the moochers and if there is any other way, so I tell myself that it's temporary until medicine catches up :)

Thank you, Carla, for the empathy and hello! Is your hip all good to go, btw? Ugh, prussianblue is toast... try cafeaulait@juno.com [and I'm leaving juno altogether if their e-mail continues to have problems!]

Hey, Joe! Always great to see you ad give Edd and the kitties my best.

VQ, I've thought of you and hope your back and heart are treating you right! It is so great to hear how much better you feel than last year! They'll think up a nerve surgery for me one day, too, I'm confident. I can't be on much but if you hear a little bird say good morning, that's from me ;]

Hiya to other folks who didn't stop by, too!

This project lasts thru Dec and that's when graded work starts at Oxford. Still, I'll drop by more! I wish I could pull the PC into a hot bubblebath, lol!

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Meredith, no wonder you're in pain! Wow, sounds like you have a busy schedule.

Had surgery Aug 30th, still not driving far, only into town which is 10 mins if that. I always manage to get hit by someone or something when I do go out, so I don't do that much.

At the pain forum I found, there's a section for disability. If you're interested you know where to find me.

Nice to see that you stopped in. How's your friend that had the 3 grandchildren?

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

She moved to a border town in Texas to be closer to one daughter. I thought of you everytime I saw her [smile]. Thank you, Elfie ;]

I'm thrilled about your surgery!! Be careful and take it easy!

I'm still going towards the cyborg thing with wires coing out of my neck, lol... apparently I have to show no improvement for a while at the Pain doc first. I do hope BeeBee doesn't chew the wires while I sleep... that sounds like me!

I am busy but it's not for long each day... still rather part-time but I'm still 'proud.' I hear from folks about how ridiculously easy it is... ah, bite me, right? The degree gives me 6 weeks per assignment, with no driving or awful chairs, lol. It's SO about the chairs, you know?, lol.

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