Don't recall moving

gandle(4 NE)November 23, 2011

but we must have. 65 degree weather and this is Nov. 23. should be shoveling snow and trying to keep warm but we will probably pay for it later. Probably in May when we should be warm

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Gandle, I think you must have clicked your shoes and been moved to California. We are about 53 high and 38 low. It is snowing leaves here. It seems that every kind of tree, except the apple and citrus trees are shedding at the same time.

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Yes, gandle, we're also getting up close to 60 degrees today. One thing you can count on about the weather is that you can't count on it. Aren't we supposed to be going over the river and thru the woods to grandmother's house, over the white and drifting snow?

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May get drizzle or light rain here. Glad to not be on the road even though the reason is we both have the flu.

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Just enjoy the moment and don't look a gift horse in the mouth. We were to have mid fifties and sun. It even said as much when I check the weather upon awakening. So, even though I was cooking for a housefull for dinner, I dug out the wringer washer and ran through four loads and hung them on the line. It never made it higher than forty degrees! and the fog just turned into dark cloudcover.

Thanksgiving could be anything here in Appalachian Ohio. We have eaten outside and we have been nearly snowed in and everything in between.

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We've definitely been in Indian Summer for the last week or so, temperature-wise, anyway. Most of the days have been cloudy, drizzly, or downright rainy--which is the way it was on Tuesday night. In fact, it rained torrentially for over five hours! We have a 24" long by 6" wide stain on our living room ceiling to show for it. Bummer!

Of course, once the leak is found, we'll have to decide if we should just have it fixed or go ahead and get a new roof. We'd probably do that in another year or so, anyway, since the shingles are going on 19 years old. The ceiling will have to be painted, too. :>( But yesterday and today have been glorious: cloudless blue sky, a slight breeze, and temps in the mid-60s--really perfect weather.

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