Another Farm Report

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)September 18, 2009

When the weather man said "cool and cloudy" he forgot to mention "rain" today. But he timed it well!~ I managed to finish outdoor things and WALAT with my camera without getting too wet.

Here we are near our bridge looking at Helenium and Angelica gigas

Here's how the barn looks from here:

This side of the bridge got reworked this week but I am still on the lookout for more stones to fill in the bare spots.

Phoebe joined me to do her tricks...this in our willow tree:



Looking back toward the house you can see the smoke bush growing up to the second storey.(Bottom left window) It dies back pretty much every year but returns like mad every spring!

In one of the island beds I added a new coreopsis a few weeks ago and it seems to be doing well.

Sienna Sunset

Near the hellebores, the hostas are blooming nicely and they have a nice scent too.

For Reed, DH and I have made a small garden. (No not crop circles!) Lots of grasses, the small bird bath and Hydrangea "Twist and Shout".




At last some nice roses. This is Rose Marie.

This week we also managed to finish spreading wood chips in the vegetable garden:

And the sure sign of Fall, Verbena bonariensis in bloom with the grasses.

Granny photos will have to be another time. ;)

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Thanks for sharing Bug. I like your Sienna Sunset. I just planted one called Red Twist, I think it was.
I'm glad you showed your smoke bush, now I have an idea what mine might look like someday.
Love all the views of your farm.
Such a nice little garden for Reed. I can see a little lion statue lurking among the grasses.

My veggie garden should look so nice as yours. We did mulch some paths too though. Bad enough to have to weed the veggies, without having to weed the paths too.


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Lots of interesting things happening at your place. Even though Reed's garden is small you've made good selections for it. I like Norma's idea of the lion. The coreopsis looks nice with the tiarella, at least it looks like tiarella. I find it interesting that your smoke bush dies back when mine doesn't. I planted mine the year Kenzie was born and since it was the only tree I planted that year its know as "Kenzie's Tree"

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I never tire of looking at your gardens, bug, or I should call it an estate, to be more accurate. Beautiful memorial garden to Reed. I am imagining that garden getting bigger and bigger each year, you won't be able to stop yourself. :) I can't remember now if my smokebush dies back each year or not? I'll have to pay attention this fall.

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So nice to see A. gigas, and the glamorous Phoebe, Reeds garden is good ! I do love the little birdbath, I am partial to such things.

Kathy in Napa

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I don't think I've seen a view of the house sitting in the landscape like the smoke tree photo, which is such a beautiful view of the house and borders and then the trees in the distance too. I can imagine Phoebe bounding across that grass, not to mention you criss-crossing it in the mower. The new coreopsis is smashing, and what a beautiful little birdbath for Reed's garden.

Another gorgeous farm report!

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