I think Rozanna is lost in the snow

carla17(Z7 NC)November 20, 2006

Hey Rozanna, long time no hear. Are you buried in a snow bank?


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I wonder where Rozanna is--
I hope she is OK ---has anyone e-mailed her????


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

She sounded very busy. Hiya, Rozanna! Check in soon if you can!

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rozannadanna(8 TX)

I am actually in Denver for Thanksgiving. Been busy as a one legged soccar goalie in a playoff game. The boys sent the helicopter to get Jeremiah and I at the ranch so I didn't have to drive down here - man I loved that ride. I think I may learn to drive one of those things myself.

Lots of writing - most unfit for publication on a rose forum.

But no, I am not lost; keep finding more and more of myself every day. I often have to cook 3 meals aday and run errands and try to keep peace between the guys working there - appears to be a lot of personal conflicts between some of them. Same as working with only women I suppose; everyone wants to be the top of the heap.

All the painting is complete except the living room and front hall and I am still not sure what color I want to paint that - it will wait.

Flying here we flew fairly low; less air turbulance that way and we went over a ridge in the mountains. The top was bare. Just granite that nature kept swept clean of any plant life. There must have been 30 elk standing on that bare ridge. They were outlined against the sky when we dipped lower. I guess they knew they were safe because they didn't run - they just stood there and watched, guarding their bare spot of ground. They say elk once were plains animals and could be found in herds of thousands when Lewis and Clark came across. Humans pushed them off the plains and now they are high mountain dwellers. I am not sure I want to be pushed from my Texas place and to grow old in this high mountain country. I guess my feet are webbed and fit only for the rainy weather of East Texas. But I am still good and get better every day.

My divorce should be final around the early part of Feb and Jeremiah and I are planning on spending a large part of the summer in Texas. By then maybe I can manage what I need to do for the Ranch and my grown sons from Texas. If not - my truck seems to have memorized the way back and forth.

And did I tell everyone that my oldest son is going to make me a Grandmother about the end of May. Granny Rose - I cannot wait.

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rozannadanna(8 TX)

And although they won't know the sex of the baby until about Christmas, they have names picked out.

Noah Michael (son #2 is Michael) or Sophia Rose(I am kind of partial to this name myself) I am betting on a boy since we appear to run long on boys.

so we will have a Noah or a Sophie

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It is as I suspected.

I tried to be worried about "kitten" but deep inside knew it wasn't necessary.

Behold! She's helicoptering over the Rocky Mountains into Denver.


Happy Thanksgiving Rozanna.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Beautiful names. Congratulations!

OK being picked up in a helicopter is too cool! I wanna ride one.

Do you ski? I've never been out West but we are always jealous that y'all get powder instead of ice.

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Laughing my head off at the one legged soccer golaie comment. Am delighted to red that your are free and finding the your in you!

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