Idyll#399: Autumn arrives

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)September 12, 2008

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.

~Stanley Horowitz

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Last night DH helped me lay cardboard and mulch between the garage and the new sidewalk. When we ran out of cardboard we went to town to eat and then went dumpster diving behind the strip mall for more cardboard. Sounds like a fun time huh? Luckily they have separate dumpsters for cardboard.

Marian, sorry to hear about the bites, I didnt realize that they are so painful.

I doubt that DeanneÂs garden looks bad at all. IÂve been moving containers into the beds to cover areas where IÂve cut things back. I also move the garden art around too.

I felt like Rajhii the other morning when it was 38° here. Yikes!

"It's beyond shameful the amount of junk that accumulates on a farm!" Brenda you took the words out of my mouth!

Mary, you are amazing, starting your 2nd bathroom project and designing gardens plus being the great mom that you are!

I still need to check out KatieÂs tribute when IÂm at home to have the speakers on.

RE: brick edging, IÂve not used any edging and I donÂt have problems with the grass coming in. The first I put in was probably 5 years ago.

T, great to hear from you. What a brave soul you are taking the twins shopping LOL


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I'm going to try and get back into posting-though each time I do, something comes up that gets in the way and I get too behind to resurface.It kinda feels like quicksand.

OK so the kids are back at school and seem secretly happy to be back. I,on the other hand, am yearning for garden time rather than doing all the paperwork,etc. required as health aide in the clinic. It didn't help that the week before school started the boiler room across the hall oozed sludge from a failed sump pump(again)-naturally the clinic was hit first and wasn't able to be sanitized for me to occupy until the first day school started. I lost one whole day and still,my bulletin board is blank and dreary and nothing is in order as I need it to be to work smoothly. You wouldn't believe how many kids these days have asthma or severe allergies-I often wonder why as a kid I don't recall these issues at school(OK so that was 100 yrs ago).

AJ is in 7th grade now and is a gangly almost-13-yr-old. His big focus these days is on his artwork,devouring books(He reads them-doesn't eat them; ) and running on the CC team for CYO. He's shaved 60 seconds off his run time since last season so we've hoping he shows some nice progress this year. It figures that tomorrow's meet promises to be a soggy mess...I can hope for thunder: ) I can't believe that this year he'll be looking into what high school he'll go to.

Ryan is a second grader now and holding his own quite well. He's still got wit and charm and tons of energy. He's another sensitive one and wonders why his entire class can't all be friends together. Apparently several of the kids tease and don't get along.Maybe he'll become a diplomat or anger management counselor: )

My garden has come along this summer and did quite well until Aug with the lack of water. At least the fall plants should be boosted with this rainfall. Would you all be shocked to hear I've been to my local nursery only once this year just for shrubbery and not one perennial? I'm trying to scale back and prepare the landscape for moving-I I pretty much figure who ever buys this place is not going to want to tend the plants like I do and I don't want to scare away buyers by having labor intensive plants to keep alive. I keep thinking whoever buys this yard is going to learn about deer repellant quickly-without it I don't think I could have much to look at here.

Chris(DH)is working hard as a Stats Professor and has begun his second semester of teaching at his new job. He doesn't enjoy grant writing but loves the classroom. Believe it or not students claim he makes statistics FUN? wow. lol

Honey-it would be great if you started idylling too! I think of you often and wonder how you deal with having your husband across the ocean-I bet you miss him terribly. I also wonder how your garden is these days...any pics?

Eden-those harbor pics are so serene-I'd just love to crawl into that pic with the lighthouse,set up a chair and read...and sip some wine!

Nice to see some new people here too-hi and welcome Julie-though you might be thinking, "Who's this 'Babs' chick?", since I haven't been a regular in quite some time.

Also, Hi and welcome to Jak. Does your DD know what she's gotten herself into buying a century home? Lol~I say that because I've got one of those too and really do prefer very old homes simply for the character and craftmanship they offer. I look forward to seeing pics of your garden-once you figure it out posting a pic is a snap.

Michelle-a while back the last time I heard of Kenzie moving it was to FL-is that where they're relocating now? Will they plan to come up for many holidays? I'm trying to remember,is she in preschool?-I'm thinking she is around Bella's age? Time just seems to fly well and...then there's my memory; ).

Saucy I wish I could come and make Tufa for your demonstration! That's still one thing I haven't done yet.

Brenda & Michelle at least you can use the farm excuse for accumulating too much stuff...I need legitimate excuse and a large dumpster: )Now that the weather will be blecchy I hope to work harder at tossing and cleaning out closets.

Deanne-your fuchsia/coleus legacy is perpetual! I still have two coleus offshoots from you that I've used for the second year now and somehow I've managed to keep fuchsia 'Beacon' alive for it's second year as well-there is hope for me.

Hi Mary!

Gotta go-the kids noticed that I haven't started making dinner. Foiled again.


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Hi Babs!!

Hi to everyone else too, I just haven't had a chance to say so to Blabs for a while. Glad the boys are doing well. David too is a sensitive one and a natural negotiator, except when it comes to teasing his big sister, in which he has become quite an expert. One of his current favorites is waiting till Annie is in the shower, then rushing to flush all the toilets which result in diverting the cold water. Funny thing is I think I can remember my brother doing just the same thing.


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Lol! and I remember times when I was lying on the floor watching TV & my brother would stand on my hair then tickle me so I'd pull my own hair! Brothers are so mean but somehow they grow up in spite of it! ; )
My younger brother might of had it worse(he would kill me for saying this)but my older sisters dressed him in a pink tutu when he was maybe five yrs old and curled his hair with rollers and named him 'Paula'...years of therapy...

I bet Annie has some good ones up her sleeve?!
: )Blabs

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Welcoming Friday here, though the distractions of work do tend to keep one from dwelling on troubles. How insignificant some things seem.
I want to go to Saucys tufa class.

Michelle, I wish you had taken along a photographer to capture the spectacle of you and your DH dumpster diving for cardboard, lol..

Brenda, I would have definitely been right there for beer and Mexican food with you and your friend , especially if the second choice was power-washing the hoghouse ! Tonight being Friday there is no food in the house so I am having ,leftover rice with Mole sauce , raw red onions and a little avocado. I overdid the Mole so the Kleenex is standing by. You reminded me of my DH , who refused to drive in LA. Every time we went down there , he would drive as far as the wide open interstate held out and as soon as we came over the Grapevine it was Okay, you drive now" .

Babs, we are all cheering you onward to more frequent posting ! We even accept a small paragraph . I wish you all the best in your house selling venture, it has sure been the pits here. Im preparing to hunker in for the winter, though I will keep my house listed I dont really expect to see any action till next spring. It is however a great excuse to get rid of excess crapola ! I did have a dumpster and will probably do it again this winter.

Well, this is about all I have tonight .. wishing you all well , and will have coffee with you in the morning !

Kathy in Napa

Before long, we'll have scenes like this. This was taken in the Carneros appellation, think the vines are Chardonnay. From Nature

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's been raining here most of the day, and we should have two more days of rain to come, with Sunday being the remnants of Ike. But I guess I'd rather have the remnants than the real thing!

Woody, I saw your comment on the last thread about your sting two summers ago. It likely was a yellow jacket, because they sting without provocation and they do hurt quite badly.

Michelle, you and your DH sure know how to have fun!

Not much new here today. Work went well. We had a great group of students this year who were very interested in what they were learning. My heartstrings were tugged at by one older man who said he had worked at a factory for 15 years. He started on the plant floor, worked his way up into management and figured he would retire from there. Then the plant moved overseas. He went to the local college and decided on a new course. We encouraged him several times to come back and fill out a job app; he was quite personable and very interested in what we were doing.

That's about all I have tonight. Until manana,


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well, I feel about like something the cat dragged in, just showing up here after being away so long, but here goes:

I have a lot of catching up to do, but did see Edens Moms beautiful view. I have thought of you and your mother often and want you to know that you are all in my prayers.

Hi T! I'm excited for you about the screened in porch.:-) That is on my "Dream House" list (the one when we retire). Well I *do* like to dream! :-)

I was also sorry to read that Marian got stung horribly the other day, but glad to read that you are doing a little better. Did you see the news about lazer therapy and fibromyalgia on the news? It's still in the experimental stage, but so far seems to be doing wonders for those in the study. The lazer somehow stimulates the endorphins and other good stuff (okay, I didn't listen carefully enough...LOL)that help to relive the pain. I hope it's something that really works and that it becomes a recommended therapy soon. The woman on the show said that she had tried all kinds of medications but had found no relief until joining the study.

Anyway, your being stung reminded me of a little episode I had about a week ago at a Starbucks. Keep in mind everything I said and did was in honor of Saucy! :-) So, I'm in the Starbucks and I see this young girl batting her hand in the air and going "oh, oh". The young server (I know, I'm suppose to say "Barrista" but can't bring myself to do that...I also ask for small medium or large) is also flapping her arms about. I now see that there is a bee in the building. The server is "looking for something to kill the wasp with". Now here's where I know I'm becoming an old lady. I pipe up, "You know, it's really important to know the difference between a wasp, a hornet and a bee...that's *not* a wasp...that's a *bee*." "Bees are very important to our survival....they pollinate the vegetables and fruits and Honey Bees especially are in really *don't* want to kill a bee!" She looks at me with a blank stare and goes "uh huh', all the while still swatting at it with her paper. Now I'm getting a little hysterical watching her swatting at the bee and my voice is getting higher and highter. I sputter out "*Hornets* and *wasps* are the nasty ones, *they* can sting multiple times, but bees can only sting you once!" I can see I'm not making any impression. So I finally say "Can I have a cup?" She hands me the cup, I catch the bee and release him outside. I never did get my medium cappuccino....I was too embarrassed to go back in...LOL!

Anyway, as I say I have a lot of reading to do, but it's nice to see *all* of your wonderful "faces".

My life is hectic (as I know all of yours are too so I'm not making excuses). I don't know how you guys keep up with everything. Anyway, I started working back in April. In many ways it's my dream job. I am working for a local landscape/garden design company. They have been in business for about 25 years and have built a wonderful reputation for themselves. The pay is great and the hours are even better. I work all day Mon.,Wed.,Fri., which frees me up to take care of my mom & sis things on Tues. & Thurs. I started out mostly doing the payroll for the company, but in spring they had me create and install the container plantings for some of their customers. They liked what I did, which made me feel good and doing the containers was so much fun, but I kept thinking, what they *really* needed is Deanne...she'd blow them away with her talents! :-) Anyway, I'm also in charge of taking care of the stock. Lately they've assigned me other duties, like preparing slide presentations for their customers (which is a lot of fun you get to be a little creative). Most of my work is kind of...I hate to say it...well, a "Gal Friday" (I know that's a terrible term) but it suits. Actually, I remember Paul Newman talking about his wife once and said "She is one of the last great broads". I can't help it...I'd kind of like to be thought of that way! :-) I think it's the most wonderful thing that they have stayed happily married all these years. They seem to genuinely love, admire and respect each other. Anyway, sorry I got side tracked.

Back to the job....I can do any number of different things on any given day and do *lots* of errand running as well. The plan is for the boss and/or her head designer to teach me their style of graphing designs over the winter with (hopefully) a chance to create a few designs myself. I really do like many aspects of the job, but there are other issues I don't want to get into here (you never know who reads here). Anyway, they close the business from early December through January and I think I might look for another job when I am off.

Anyway, the point of me bring *that* up is that I just got overwhelmed with my life and found it hard to keep up with you all. I know lots of you work *full time* and still manage. Maybe I just get overwhelmed easily. That's certainly how I've been feeling this last week.

Thursday is my day off and I tried to do some gardening. But Thursday is my sister's chemo day and I'm always struggling to keep my spirits up for Anita's sake and trying to stay positive, even though inside I'm a quivering crybaby. I try to stay strong because Anita tells me that it was my being with her through all the chemo last time that got her through it. That she would have given up if it wasn't for me. I don't believe it. No, my sister is the most amazing and strong woman I have ever personally known. This is her 3rd bout with cancer and she is still fighting the fight. I am humbled.

So anyway, I was just emotionally drained by Thursday night and thought I'll just climb into bed when I get home, which is exactly what I did. LOL! I lay in bed, but couldn't fall asleep. Finally at 8:00 I decided to put something educational on the T.V. to numb my little pea brain and help me fall asleep! :-) Well, I chose the history channel which has always worked like a charm in the past. I am *not* putting down the history channel...I'm just saying my pea brain can only take so much education). Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how I look at it) it didn't work this time. The history channel was featuring all the video (by professional and home videographers) of what they caught on 9/11. The documentary was amazing, moving, gripping, and sad (I really didn't need sad). Anyway, I was mesmerized by the whole thing which didn't end till 10:00. I tossed and turned all night and was almost late for work this morning.

Gee...I bet you are all just thrilled I showed up here. Not quite the cheery "Hello" I was hoping to send...I'm sorry. I really do miss you guys and I know I won't be able to post as much as I use to, but I would like be here more often than I have.

Maybe this will make up for my not so cheery post. I worked on my garden a bit on Thursday as well and here are a few pics of what is going on in my garden right now.

I worked on the area I call the Red Bed:

I had a welcome companion:

My picture doesn't do him justice! He was *huge* and very handsome. I tried to get a pic of him observing me (which he did quite a lot) but all my close up pics were blurred.

Close up of part of the red bed:

Here's a picture of something I had fun with this summer. I know the picture isnt the best, but its a bird bath I constructed from a red bowl I bought from The Maxx. I also bought a large candleholder to attach the bowl to. I then mounted them on a piece of slate and added the glass fish just for fun. I was so happy with the way it turned out that I made *two* more birdbaths; a blue one and a purple one.

This is a shot of my favorite hangout this summer....I call it my Hippie Den of Tranquility:

I *love* the little cement block that says "Breath". My dear friend Katie made it for me. I love where it's placed too because every time I come home from work and walk up the back stairs, it's the first thing I see and then I do exactly what it tells me to do! :-)

More shots of the hippie den:

The vine winding around the trellis is a moonvine. It has been a pure pleasure for the last month or's lovely perfume wafting through the air. Sometimes I come out here at night and just sit....sniff...breath...and take it all in! :-)

Here's the other trellis I've been having fun with. These are wall pockets and I really like them. I find them at local garage sales and on Ebay. I've been filling them with sedums and succulets that my BFF Anita (I know, that's corny, but she really is) sends to me:

Anyway, my goal is to someday fill every hole in the trellis with a wall pocket. Hope I can live to 110....LOL!

Not the most beauteous pic in the world, but I got such a kick out of this volunteer bronze fennel that I had to show you. That is *1* bronze that outrageous or what? :-)

Anyway, thats it for me for now....

Signing off with a "Go Cubbies!" for V...

Good night all!


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Eileen, it was a pleasure to read your post and see your wonderful photos .. please come more often ! We miss you and your big heart... Your garden looks fabu !

Kathy in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good morning all!

Thanks for the welcome, Babs, just so you know JAK1 and Julie are both me!

It was also nice to get a heads up on the Summer is Winding Down thread about quitting after 100 posts. Indeed, things were getting pretty slow to load.

DS got up and off to work at 5:30 a.m. on this dark and rainy day. DH has an end-of-season golf tournament today. So they both will spend all day on golf courses in sopping wet clothes and come home with a variety of ills: DS will moan about his job - which will end in about three weeks anyway - and DH will moan about his game - which mercifully is over for another season. I think I will have the fireplace warm for them later...

I am really getting antsy now to bring in plants and shut down the gardens. Maybe this week I'll get more done...
I was glad to see Michelle say her bricks are o.k. without the metal edging. I put some in at my old house and they were fine when I left. Yes, DD knows what she has gotten into with her old house...she grew up in a centurey old home and we did a major project every year for 25 years! But her house doesn't need as much work - a lot was already done. She is doing lots of cosmetic stuff - flooring, painting etc. This summer she has concentrated on cleaning up the lawns and has found a lovely stone garden under the overgrown shrubbery...thank heavens she likes some of the plants that I want to pitch - she will even help me dig 'em out! Next week-end she is off for three days so I think that's when the big garden reno will take place!

I hope to spend lots of time with my little fella today. We still haven't gotten well into the homework/music/reading routine, so perhaps a little cath-up will happen. When you have lots of time you can even make these things fun - I bought him some new colored pencils so I will suggest that he practice his spelling words by writing each letter in a different colour. He enjoys stuff like that. Lately he has been asking about his "actual" mother, who has been out of our life since he was 4 months old....hard to say the right things without gilding the lily....but I take comfort in knowing that he is secure enough to ask.

O.K. Enough for now - I'll be back!



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Well, I for one am loving old home week around here :) Please, please, please, don't feel like you have to catch up - jump right in with both feet. You know I speak from experience....and I know it is down right daunting staring down an Idyll with 99 posts knowing that by the time you read to the end and absorb all the information, they'll be on post number 50 on the next thread, LOL!

Eileen. I am so honored that you would do such a thing for me *blush* I think it's funny that you didn't purchase coffee from them and I are alot alike :) I like the sound of your new job, too! I'll bet you are a great support to your sister - don't discount yourself in that dynamic duo :)

Your garden looks great! Wish things looked that great around here.

Hi Babs! I was visiting a friend who reminds me of you and her boys popped in, and I realized that they're around the same ages! I hadn't realized it before. Anyway, it made me think of you and how long it's been since I've seen you, and here you are, um, in the "type", LOL. Someday I'll see you in the flesh, right?

Mary, my last house had last been remodeled in 1968, and the previous owner went to great lengths to make sure everything about her remodel was kept pristine. I had vinyl flower power wallpaper in my bathroom! I hope you got the granite project started (finished?) and that you'll be showing us after shots, soon!

Kathy, I love the shot of the vineyard! I'll save you a spot in my 'tufa class! This is how it worked out: I have a one hour time slot at an Art fair. My class is limited to 8 people that will need to sign up in advance. It all worked out beautifully once I voiced my concerns to the administrator of it all :) If no one signs up, I have 2 friends standing by to come "demonstrate" for anyone who might not want to get dirty on that day, and any leftover materials can be used by me! I'm happy. I've been offered money for my hour, but I don't know how much I'd charge for having fun, so I'm going to ask for $50 and donate it back to the fair.

Do you think I could bring some Terrapin Station Creations business cards even though I don't have a business? My thought is to just have something with my name and number in case a good opportunity arises. I'd like to do more of this....

The rain put a damper on my path work yesterday, but today is a new day. I am putting pictures together....I am, I really am.....

It's so nice to have us all together here, even if it's not possible to do all the time, it's nice. You all mean so much to me....and to think you're just "invisible" friends :)


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Wow, Ei. your garden shots are terrific. I'm especially partial to the trellises and the "pockets". Very cool. I love the urn sited in between the perennials, too. I have a chronic case of "urn yearn". How's your Mom doing? I have only one brother and I know how I'd feel if I had to watch him deal with cancer. Hang on tight. I love the fabric on your "hippie den" pillows. So bright, cheery, and perfect for an outdoor setting... wonder how it would look with cat hair all over it? Nice to see you drop in. Know what youmean about "life getting in the way".

Nurse Ratchett, wow, kid! "long time no see". Which makes it even nicer; hope you will make this a regular stop(like "t" and Ei. (Norma and Honey, too?!). So what if you "can't keep up"? truth is, most of us can't. When you first started posting here your kids were little... hard to believe the gangly stage has been achieved. Time, she does move on, huh?

We had dinner with dear friends last night. We laughed and laughed about a ton of different things and the helpmeet and I were reminded that there are lots of people who still enjoy thoughtful movies, like to read, paint, garden, and don't object to working "dub" jobs to further their own leisure time. Two more "old time hippies", and those two actually did move "downeast". Can't wait to have them come here for dinner, prob. next week.

High on the list of today's activities is to get out and take "after" shots of the recently added and spread stonedust and loam. We walked the paths early this morning with Rex and the kitties, and there was the first deposit of toad scat. We laughed and laughed over it, and noted the fresh fox turd, too! The nightlife on the Compound is rich and diversified.

I plan a reflective morning, doing little things that please me. And I've thought today may be the day to plant one of the groundcover evergreens that so delight me; a small way to note a lovely late summer's day. It's beautiful here, last night's rain is gone and the sun is out and it's wonderfully still and sparkley here.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well OF COURSE it rained when my company came over. LOL She was a real and true gardener though, When I came to the door to let her DH in she was standing outside in the rain with an umbrella. I grabbed my umberlla and we walked about for almost an hour in the rain. Oh what fun it is to meet another passionate gardener.

What fun it is to hear from T, Babs and Eileen...

Eileen, your gardens are just gorgeous! I love it that we have that exact same urn. Your job sounds fabu!

Julie, I had a major anxiety attack thinking about getting plants in when I read your post. I play roulette and don't start bringing in anything until October. But, boy oh boy do I have a lot to bring in this year. Yikes!

Kathy, lovely pic of those Chardonnay vines.

Babs! how fantastic that you are still keeping that fuchsia and coleus cuttings going. Neato!

Michelle, I love it that you and DH went 'dumpster diving' for cardboard. LOL ~~ I've been rearranging pots into the garden beds also and things aren't looking as bad as they were a week ago.

Jerri, great poem to start the thread. Love it.

OK I've got to get to the store and pick up a picnic ham. I promised Doug I'd make a boiled dinner and that has to be started by noon or so. I can tell fall weather has arrived. I'm feeling like making soups, stews and having home baked bread.

I took a ton of pics yesterday with the cloudy weather which makes for perfect light for garden pics and will post some later as soon as I get them sorted and uploaded. Michelle was right the garden didn't look as bad as I thought. LOL

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Thanks Deanne, for the reminder.

I was another laughing person at the mention of Michelle and DH scroungeing for cardboard. I have a mental image of Michelle getting "ten fingers" from DH and disappearing into a dumpster... too funny.

And Kathy, the shot of the vineyard was wonderful... green background and golden vines. Just lovely!

Time to hang laundry.

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Sometimes I think there are 'parallel lives' going on here.

But I'll bet none of you went to a rest stop on 95 north this morning to welcome a bunch of Florida greyhounds to retirement in Maryland. Nice bunch too. I like to see how they come off the truck after a 14+ hour ride. Says a lot about their confidence levels.

Ei, it's lovely to 'see' and read you this morning. I liked the bee story. And you'll never know, but they may remember it.

Saucy, No doubt there will be a waiting list for your class. I've been looking for one around here for years. And yes, take your 'life' cards for Terrapin Station Creations with you. Maybe you're next creation will be a business.

Spectacular shot of the vineyard Kathy!

And I'm pretty sure Deanne's worst gardening areas are stars compared to my best spots.

Thank you for the update on your life Babs. Especially the boys, egads they are growing fast.

So Mary's off refurbing an entire bathroom, and I'm putting off cleaning mine. I guess it's a wrap and will take myself out to the yard now, saving housework for this afternoon when it's muggy and hot. Autumn will be a while getting here. 90F tomorrow.

Hi to all, Cynthia

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good soggy Saturday here! I'm being very self-indulgent this morning. Slept in until 7:00, and now I'm sitting here sipping coffee and listening to the rain pour down. We got somewhere near three inches last night and it is still coming down. Water is ponding in all the low spots. I've moved my agaves and other succulents into the porch so they don't drown! Nothing will be done outside today - even if the rain stops this very second (and it let up just as I typed that) it will be far too soggy to do anything.

We have another couple coming for dinner tonight. We're going to do beer can chicken on the grill (DH will get wet!) and the farmers market should have the last of the sweet corn today. We're going a little later to the market so we can do a few other errands at stores that open late morning.

I'm pleased to see Ei, Babs & T post again, and I will echo what Saucy said - don't worry about catching up, just jump in. I usually find out that if I missed something, others will bring it up and if it's really important, I go back and track it down.

Saucy, definitely bring some Terrapin Station Creations cards. You may not have a business right now, but you just may by the end of the fair!

Ei, sounds like you are enjoying the job for the most part.

Time to refill the coffee mug. It's pouring again...


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Cant take credit for the vineyard pic-another DS creation ! I m hearing of all the massive flooding in Houston , and that the rain will be pounding the environs of V for a couple of days.Ship ahoy there V. !!! It is overcast here this morning and temps are in the high 50s , it was cloudy till noontime yesterday. That will be okay for garden chores. Im going to renovate my horrid looking strawberry pot today. Unfortunately I will be forced to Buy a Plant. Maybe Ill do a before and after pic

Cynthia, how is your lovely patio looking these days ? Has Villa Cynthia taken in any of the Hiway 95 traveling greys?

Ill be back later , I really have a messy kitchen that I can avert my eyes from no longer. Kitchen 1st, deadhead zinnias next

Hi Babs !

Kathy in Napa

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I've done some dumpster/bin diving in my day too. I found our kitchen swinging door with the glass diamond-shaped "peep hole" set out for the trash in an alley near by. And of course the big blue agave. And then there's the trestle foot table the local church put out on the curb...good thing we have a small garage!

On the idylls it's Mexican food and Coronas, and yesterday's job in Koreatown it was Korean BBQ and a Belgium beer called Chimay which I'd never heard of before but will check out upon the advice of the Argentinian interpreter. By the end of the day, all we talk about at breaks is what we're going to eat when work's over.

I just got back from breafie with Marty, who returned yesterday from yet another hike up Whitney. It's turning into his "white whale." This time he made it to the top, even tho he probably should've turned around mid-day. There was snow and slush this late in the hiking season. The hike back down was under starlight, with a miner's lamp on his head and crampons on his boots, and with a newbie in tow who was left behind by his "friends." The guy had a couple bad slips on the way down, so Marty sat him down and clamped one of his crampons on the guy's boot, so they made it down fine after that, one crampon a piece, making it back to base camp about 1 a.m. Of course, all this is dragged out of Marty bit by bit, and he's not really forthcoming until he feels on "safe ground" with me, when he knows I'm not going to ask incisive questions like, "What the heck are you thinking, giving your crampon away and hiking at night!!!"

I've been busy doing a real crap job on the brick pathway leading to the window gate, trying to get it done before the rains come and turn the whole area into a mudbath. Not much leveling going on, didn't make a "screed," just quick and dirty. I'll be lucky if it turns out "rustic."

An awful day for commuters in LA, with the fatal commuter train pile-up. I did take the train, a different line, and sat next to a Buddhist monk, filling him with the wrong directions, which he thankfully was unable to absorb due to language difficulties for both of us. I kept thinking he'd have to change trains. What a happy fellow. Like many people, he mistook me for a New Yorker. (I have no idea what vibe I send out that gets a native Angeleno mistaken for somebody from NY but happens all the time.)

Ei, I so enjoyed hearing from you and seeing your photos. Love the trellis!

Babs, always a treat when you stop by.

Wave to all, I've just done a light skim but have to get a rough draft out to yesteday's group since their trial date is imminent.

Enough mindless chatter from me. Look what started blooming this week:

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What a timely picture, Denise. Very pretty!

I spent my morning driving north on Rte. 95 and then taking a leisurely drive through some of the remaining open fahmland in southern Me. with the windows down. It was absolutely glorious; warm, spicey late summer air rushing through the windows. I sang along with the radio when they played "Mack The Knife" by Bobby Darin. I really kicked myself for not bringing the camera because you guys would probably get a kick out of the lay of the land and salt marshes. And to think the destination was having a sale! doesn't get much better than that. I have returned with one "Kimberly's dbl. Pink" azalea (wish I'd gotten a second, but can go back) and a favorite of mine, Juniperus procumbens, "Nana". I grabbed a pretty grass, and little piece of statuary that really struck a chord with way I feel these days. I thought about every one of you on the drive and my solitary wandering through a very nice nursery. You would never had let me leave without another Azalea! "Invisble friends" are special, indeed, but most of all in deed. :)

Cynthia, you can learn so much about animals just by watching them, can't you? Whenever we've wanted to adopt an animal we've always watched them carefully before saying, "yes". Behavior in stressful times can be useful in peeling away a lot of "unknowns" and providing clues to what's needed to smooth the transition to another way of life (how many beatings will likely be required to achieve a good result). Your rescue group is very lucky to have you on their team.

I heard about that dreadful train crash this morning. The footage was pretty horrific and I DID wonder about you, Denise, because I know you've mentioned using the train to get to your gigs. You are, no doubt, extremely chic and confident, that's why you're pegged as a New Yorker. ;)

We're due for rain Monday-ish, I think. Don't know about you, V., but sometimes a good "rainy day" suits me just fine... kind of like a good snowstorm, a good reason to just move more slowly and more reflectively.

OK, I'm going to go out and see I can't match the helpmeet's "before" shots with some "after" ones. No promises there will be pictures today, but you have me stoked to focus and get busy out on the Compound. It's important to me that J.procumbens, "Nana" goes into the ground this afternoon. It will provide superb ground cover (in a few years) and it's a perfect day to plant.

I forgot to buy bulbs, too! (what a dope).

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Jak/Julie,so um,do you have a split personality then? lol,thanks for clueing me in-I'd be talking to 'each' of you for years before I figured it out!

Kathy, yes, I'm pretty worried about how quickly the house will sell too but our hope is to be out of here sometime during 2010 giving us some leeway if it's a slow sell. There's a house about 1/4 of a mi. down our street that is kind similar to ours and it's been on the market for 2 yrs. but it's overpriced. The owners have been paying a double mortgage all this time! If,(that's a big IF)I can get the house shaped up and cluttered out we might be listing the house this spring-initially it's got to be when the yard has curb appeal.

Saucy,That's sweet that you still think of my kids and me even though it really does seem like a zillion yrs since we met in person. I certainly hope we ALL hook up again-I do think we will. Hmmm so does your friend have a blabbery way about her?-can there possibly be someone else as quirky as me??; )
I just know your tufa demo will be a fun success. That's another case where if we all lived close to you we'd be lined up to tufa with you!

Chelone-hey girl! Wow that pushy customer story really amazes me. It seems like these days so many people have no capacity for thinking beyond themselves;I just don't get it.I was almost surprised he even apologized.
Are you sewing anything for your home these days?
I'll eventually be constructing a suit for Ryan this year since he's making his 1st Communion. He decided he wants a kelly green jacket and aqua trousers(his favorite colors). I think I'll be working on his color choice selections with him just a tad. At least he enjoys wearing a shirt and tie so this should be fun.

What a mucky morning we had at the CC meet. It rained the whole time but at least it was a warm rain and that made warm....mud(not a place for anal people). AJ finally got his wish to run in a rainstorm and still made a good time. The dirtier the better!

This afternoon Chris' mom is coming over to celebrate his Bday. We'll order take out Japanese-his favorite.

Ei-that hippie den is the perfect spot for the moonvine. I love your fennel-the deer slurp that one up here so I've only tried it once-everytime it started to get height they'd chomp I dug it up.

Well, I do want to blab to make up for lost time but I need to clean a bit before MIL comes over.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Wow! Is that a Floria Seiboldii? If yes it sure looks a lot better than mine did this summer...

O.K. now I am starting to get it. This forum doesm\n't have a gallery - no little camera on it in the forums list. So, I have to follow different directions. The first thing says to find a place on the web to store your photos. Great, now I must get DH to set up a site for me. When that is done, I can start to figure out the actual posting steps. It will come. It will come.



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Denise, a friend of ours is a huge fan of Chimay and he turned me on to it. Where most folks bring a bottle of wine when they go to someone's home, John brings a large bottle of Chimay. In fact, he gave us two last weekend. A nice little twist.

DS called with exciting news this afternoon. They have decided to go ahead with the original wedding date of next June, but to have a smaller wedding at a small banquet room. They decided the cost to rent everything and have it outdoors was prohibitive. I'm so pleased that they made this decision. Perhaps we'll have the rehearsal dinner here instead.

Yes, it is pouring here. We are getting the lighter side of it, but that's still plenty. We also heard that our friends in Houston are safe and sound, although out of power. He had his daughter email everyone so we would have an update.

And have I mentioned lately that this is an amazing group?


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Cynthia, I'll bet no one here sat in the rain in a playhouse either.

Yes, the whirlwind is here this weekend. We picked tomatos, peppers, onions and apples. She thought the apple picker was pretty cool. She was also amazed and asked how the tomatoes had turned red. She is amazing, unlike any kid I've known. She ran to her garden as soon as she got out of the car. She was so excited and said "look my tomatos have turned blue, how did they do that?"

Ei, Kenzie and I found 3 caterpillars on the bronze fennel today. The main reason I grow it. I loved seeing your garden again. Its been too long. I love the bird bath you made. How clever!

Babs, who wants a plain old navy blue or black suit?

Denise, that is a stunning flower.

We actually didn't have to get into a dumpster as they were pretty full, but as I stood with the flashlight I couldn't help thinking what I would tell the police if they stopped to investigate..."for my garden officer"

Well, I'd best go, the sun is peeping out and my little charge is still napping.


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I did it! I planted the Azalea and the Juniper! I took a bunch of photos of the new materials in situ, too. I am trying to focus on SHRUBS for the new area and I'm OK with mulching for a few seasons (any chance Michelle would come for a week and dumpster dive with me?). But there are going to be gaps and when you see the pictures I'll be interested to hear what you suggest. I'm still kicking myself about another Azalea and Narcissus (dummy), so I kicked Wrecks instead.

V., that's great news about your son and his fiancee. I have always regarded lavish weddings as the first step off the cliff of reality (that's just me, the one who IRONS and faces in ascending order bills that go inside cards). It's my opinion from the vantage point of 16 yrs. of marriage (and 7 yrs. of "courtship" and "betrothal"), that the actual ceremony is the easy part. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party (esp. if there are bendy straws), but parties are few and far between after the ceremony. Economize on the wedding, bank the money for a house, and throw the big bash when you celebrate #5,10,25, whatever. The hardest part of marriage is finding that special someone who "gets" you and is tolerant when you're at your worst, but then gently calls you "to task". Marriage AIN'T about the ceremony and the party that follows. Refreshing to see young 'uns that give themselves time to work it all through and make a decision that works for them. Sounds like a really good start. I can't wait to hear about the rehearsal dinner plans.

Blabs., I can't honestly recall the last thing I actually sewed for US. And I thought about that sad fact as I was sifting rocks out of the planting holes this afternoon. I hae wanted to make boudoir draperies for some time now. I have the fabric to recover the ageing/threadbare awnings for the southside of the house (that never made it up this year). I want to reupholster the slip seats of the dining chairs. I want to recover the patio set and the sofa on the deck. Clearly, the prudent course of action is the use the fabric on hand to make the awnings so they'll be ready for next spring. Then move to the slip seats so they'll look spiffy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.. Who KNOWS? but there will be at least one Christmas shirt for the helpmeet. I rather like the tourquoise and Kelly green combo.; very "tropical". I think you could tie them both together with a neat print on the shirt and solid necktie (what about white "bucks"?). And you could really milk it in another 4-5 yrs. when you haul out the photographs. I say, "go for it". The helpmeet has a fabulous pink sportcoat, he looks sensational in it. It screams "summer!" and I love watching the ladies look at him appreciatively when we go out.

Ei., we do a lot of "bee" rescues at the shop, too. My co-worker was deadly with a folded newspaper until I convinced her to use a glass and a piece of cardboard, instead. :) I know zippo about bees but I think of Saucy whenever I see one now. I'm OK with hoHnets, wasps, and Yellow Jackets, too, but I give them a very wide berth, too. I do not believe in pissing off something that could inflict MAJOR pain (never "backtalk" a cop, for the same reason).

Time to shower, I'm pretty grimey. I may be neat and organized when I sew, but I'm a slob when I gaHden.

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2pm Saturday afternoon beer time, had coffee with the Idylls this morning might as well have a beer with them too ! Todays selection, Curve Ball Blonde Ale from Pyramid Brewers in Portland . Who can resist a 6 pack with a pic of guys playing baseball on the carton ? Its been a pretty laid back day here, DS is off on his annual trek to Earthdance in Mendocino County so I have the whole estate to myself. Very pleasant weather; the heat of last week is gone and temps are mild. I diligently did my weekly fertilization of the d*#ned Brugmansia (still bloomless) and pulled up the annual Nemesias that I foolishly planted about a month ago, only to see them shrivel up during the hot spells weve been having. Remind me not to do that again. The roses are finally starting to look decent again, I think the cucumber beetles have de-camped to greener pastures and I have been working on stripping off all the old crummy foliage with wounds to prove it.

Denise, Im not sure what the identifying factor would be for us native Angelenos- flip flops perhaps ? Sun bleached hair ? I think people just assume that everyone in LA is from somewhere else-which is true in plenty of cases ! If you are that far beyond rustic you can always define your installation as quirky or edgy. As long as you havent created a trip hazard , lol nice pic by the way.

Chelone, how can you tell us you bought a piece of statuary without further details ? Too cruel. I smiled at the vision of you be-bopping along to Mack the Knife as you directed the chariot to the nursery.

Julie, many of us use PictureTrail or Photobucket, they are both pretty easy. We are confident that you will prevail .

Well Deanne, I m glad to see you are feeling better about the gardens. Sometimes a little clean-up and rearrangement can work wonders. Its frustrating how one ratty plant can make a whole bed look sad. I hope you get a chance to put up the photos you mentioned-we could use some Deanne garden photos around these parts ..

Waving hello to all ..

Kathy in Napa

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Julie, yes, that is Clematis flor. sieb. For my photos, I use Picassa (free from Google) to get the photos from camera to computer and to organize them, and then I use Photobucket to upload the images on the computer to the Internet. I think Kathy uses Flickr. From Photobucket or Flickr, you just copy the line that says "HTML Code," paste that into your post, and voila, you have a clematis photo embedded in your post. If you need more details, ask away!

V, that's excellent news.

Would I LOVE to sit in Kenzie's playhouse in the rain. If you had a movie camera, and if you had a smidge more time and weren't busy with a million other things, wouldn't it be nice to have a movie of Kenzie giving a tour of her garden, especially those blue tomatoes? This has been an amazing summer for butterflies here too.

You know those movies that keep getting kicked further down the queue? There's a trilogy by the Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski I've always wanted to see, and Blue, one of the trilogy, came in the mail and was available for viewing. As usual, knowing the plot, I thought: Too sad. Well, this week, too sad seemed an OK choice. What an amazing movie, gorgeous and stunning and yes, very sad, but healing too. Foreign with subtitles, if that doesn't turn some off.

Chelone, hat's off to you. One shrub at a time, my dear!

Marty's out shopping for Chimay ;)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI there,

Well what can I say except that it is truly amazing what 45 hours of garden work, seven cheapo asters, rearranging the containers to fill blank spots and one blooming phlox (lavender David) can do for a garden. I wish I'd taken "before" pics so you could see that I wasn't making up how bad things looked. Anyway, Kathy, I just happened to go through those photographs from yesterday so I have some pics for you. (You're going to wish you hadn't asked for them LOL)

Without further ado....

This is the view of the driveway from across the street. I thought it would be fun to get some really wide angle views.

Now looking northeast toward the container border. Guess who was following me around, in fact I think I've got bits and pieces of this cat in about fifty of the photographs I shot yesterday. Kind of like 'Where's Waldo'

The driveway garden from across the street

This is going to be pretty when that aster opens up

Driveway garden from the garage

I'm loving the mailbox garden now that the dahlias are finally blooming. They are still only about half the size they were last year.

OK I'm going to call it quits for this installment. I'll put a few more on another thread so it doesn't bog this one down. I've got company coming over for dinner in ten minutes so I guess I'd better put my company face on. LOL


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

I forgot to put this one in as its another view I don't normally take of the lenght of the border.

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So Glad to see Denise check in. Felt awful as I could only look at the Google maps and try and figure out if the train that crashed was anywhere near Watts, knowing that she didn't always go that way.

New York and back went fine (thanks Deanne for the luck) and did another 140 miles yesterday. Today my "ladies" and sides and arms hurt. Not used to driving that much!

That said, managed to hear my guilty pleasure favorite sing while driving tune, "Good Love" three times on three different signals. Bopping, I looked in the lane next to me and there was a young woman bopping in time. We caught each other's eye for a moment and just laughed. Yes, some tunes are timeless!

All of a sudden my Roses and Clematis are back!

Julie -- I use Photobucket and if I can do it, you can do it.

So good to hear about the boys, Babs. If you can't bring yourself to a green and aqua suit, perhaps the tie??? I really, really like this kid by osmosis :-)

In 25 or so years when Kenzie is a hybrider and the newest and latest is a red, white and blue tomato, I'll remember this day. LOL

Have You Ever Been To: the Arboraetum at University of North Carolina in Raleigh? I'm going there on business in a few weeks and have three hours to use up before my flight home. My client happens to be a member and offered me his pass for the afternoon. Worth renting a car? My immediate feeling is "of course" and given the alternative is to sit in the airport after cabbing back, will probably give it a shot unless someone says "Don't Bother."

Not much going on, thankfully. Selling off the remainder of Ky's leftovers and so far a wonderful little girl is now the proud owner of his computer desk. Her plan is to paint it pink ("very, very pink" according to her Mom) so of course we went out and found some flowers to match.

Until tomorrow ...


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Deanne, you are such a drama queen about your gardens! You crack me right up. Nice try with the comment about "before" photos to document how crummy they looked, lol. Who do you think you're talkin' to? :) Everything looks so pretty, so lush, and nicely fussed over. Rahji cruising around while you snapped photos is great, too. I noted similar feline supervision while I was outdoors today, too. (don't you just love that?)

We still have 2 kitties outdoors and it's, "wicked dahk" out there. I may just go outside for a nocturnal cruise around the newly installed pathways... the helpmeet is going to scalp me when I ask about installing lighting... probably better focus on the attic door for the garage and the stairwell railings, huh?


Hey, Martie (or Ei.) give me a clue about "Good Love"... can't seem to regurgitate it.

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I'm thinking the Young Rascals, Good Lovin', but I could be wrong...Check this out and see if it's your song. The video harkens back to simpler times, when you didn't necessarily have to be telegenic and spectacularly good looking to be in a hit band, lol.

Deanne, uh-huh, sure, I bet you were about to get cited by the city for an unsightly yard...Spectacular! And what hybrid cleome is that? I can see the Rahj is definitely garden-proud.

Lord, Martie, isn't that the arboretum that Plant Delights is affiliated with? I'd say absolutely go.

Final post today, almost done with this dratted transcript.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Greetings to all! It's good wine night here. For me that means a better chardonnay than the usual every night swill. I'm a few minutes from tossing a chunk of chilean sea bass on the grill. Oops, gas grill just ran out of gas. Fortunately I keep a second bottle on hand and just made a quick switcheroo. Anyway, the dogs are at daddy's for an overnight. Life is good.

Lately I've had zero motivation to work in the garden. Today I managed to clear the path from the house to the garage because I was tired of getting soaked by rain covered plants every time I had to walk to and from. The sun set at 7:03 tonight so available outdoor time during the week is evaporating quickly. Somebody remind me that tomorrow I have got to clean the gutters on the garage. I've been procrastinating over that task for for more than a couple of weeks. Yuck. Where is that rent a husband service when you need it?

Nice to see Ei and Babs hanging around and I don't believe I've given Julie a proper welcome.

Yellow jackets...I've had a terrible time with them this year. They insist on making nests behind the shutters on the front of my house despite my repeated effort to blast them with toxic chemicals. A couple of weeks ago I opened the umbrella on the patio and two of the folds were just filled with little bastards. More spraying. Dead bugs all over the patio. Speaking of the patio, a toad has taken up residence. Last weekend I tried to move it outside the fence (away from the dogs) but he/she came back. Last night Nick almost took it out but I intervened. The last thing I want to be cleaning up is dead toad parts. Gotta love dogs, right Chelone?

Deanne, I'm willing to bet that your garden still looked better than mine before you spent 45 hours cleaning it up.

OK, fish is ready. Enjoy the night!


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Going to enjoy an obscure movie tonight and I thought of Denises recommendation, which I have now added to the queque. I do like foreign films, my fave in the last few months being La Moustache ..excellent IMHO. Tonight is Romance and Cigarettes , Ill give a capsule review tomorrow.

Sue, hoping your garden funk passes, if not this fall then next spring ..these life disruptions do take their toll. Hows the foot / leg ?

Thought I lost my Felcos today (again) I always have a second pair, still in the package in the wings in the garage (thank goodness for the employee discount) but at the 11th hour when I was sick of using my cheapo spares and was ready to break the new ones out I found them in a spot where they of course did not belong. Imagining admonitions from Chelone. And speaking of feline supervision Doobie is laying on my arm. Slow typing becomes slower. Im going to extricate myself, do a WALAT with a cheap Pinot ,and then watch my movie..

Goodnight to all my invisible friends ! Sleep well, dream well

Kathy in Napa

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Shots of the GG just make me cringe, but I'll give you a peek. I need more end results before I divulge more, I'm afraid, so I'll provide you with a link to the fun day I had at Tower Hill. Another piece to the trellis arrived today, though :)

Deanne, I new you were pulling my leg about your garden being a mess :) Everything looks as fabulous as I knew it did! Wonder what the dahlias will do next year :)

Ei, the bee shots are for you :)

I need to research more, but it seems France has won a law suit against one of the systemic pesticide products as the reason for Colony Colapse Disorder....again, needs more research on my end. Apparently this pesticide was just introduced to our country a couple of years ago. Germany has a pending lawsuit.

Oh those crazy know how they talk. If only they were as crazy as the gardening folks....

There was a hive opening today, that's why we went. Where you see the bees up close on the hive, that is uncapped honey - it still needs moisture evaporated (think lots of little wings inside of the hive) before they'll cap it with beeswax.

It was a good way to pass my time today.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....Nice to see everyone enjoying each other's company. :-) Look at Babs and Ei showing up, what a treat!

Babs....I really enjoyed reading your post. Your kids sound great. Love to hear that your son Ryan is worrying about his class getting along. We need more of that in the world. And I wish I could get my daughter to spend some time on her artwork. She has the ability but not the patience. Maybe you will post some photos of his artwork some time?

Ei....I'm very sorry to hear that your sister is going through chemo and repeatedly no less. I'm sure it must be hard to watch and being a quivering mess on the inside and holding someone up on the outside, is a hard and very brave thing to do. You're both doing great just to keep keeping on.

I thoroughly enjoyed your story of the bee in Starbucks. Still smiling. Just imagine how many people in the store went home and told that story over dinner. :-)

Well....I can't take the time for a long visit this morning, wishing I could. Lots going on around here lately. In the garden, my son suddenly had time and offered to take down a tree for me, that I have been on the fence about removing. I had to make up my mind fast, so I went for it. A few, 'what am I doing?' moments when the lower branches were off, so we stopped while I went to the nursery to make sure I had something to put in it's place right away, because the new view is not going to be pretty. So Friday it came down, roots and all. He did an amazing job getting the whole thing out. It was some kind of weed tree about 15ft tall that was dropping seeds everywhere. I have a tree being delivered Monday, so we have been busy getting the area ready and moving a few things.

Enjoying everyone's photos this morning and I have been meaning to say I just loved the slideshow of the Whirly Twirly Girl, Cynthia. Your dogs are very lucky to have someone so devoted to them.

Sending good thoughts your way Eden and wondering when Kenzie is heading South, Michelle.

Thinking of everyone, maybe later I will have a chance to check back in.

Happy Sunday! :-) pm2

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Saucy, I see good things happenin' in the GG. I did, however, look twice at the goddess in the shot, she looks as though she's tapping her foot... impatiently waiting for a more suitable stage. The first stages of any project are the worst, I think. The idea/concept is there, but the reality of the basic work can get tedious when the results are meagre. Keep at it, it's going to be great. I loved the slideshow of Tower Hill; what did you have for lunch? Gratifying to see you didn't forget the important shot. :)

Wow, big doin's at PM2's house, too. Another logging operation. What tree is being delivered on Monday? Are we going to get some photos out of the exercise? (I should talk).

The statuary isn't very big, more the size of a large paperweight, actually. Nor is it in any way "classical"; it's actually a cement baby raccoon. As I said, it touched a sentiment and it came home with me. I haven't decided where he will reside in the garden, but will get a shot of him.

Sue, I wouldn't be thrilled with Yellow Jackets in the umbrella, either. Talk about a good way to clear out any unwanted guests. We have taken the plunge and hired the gutter company to come twice yearly and clean out our's. The barn is tall and the roof is on the steep side... don't need the helpmeet takin' a header from a ladder. As long as they're coming they may as well do the house, too! Are toads toxic to animals, or what? I never see our's mess with them, but we have one cat who will hunt frogs in the little wallow here. But they never mess with garden toads. Weird.

Cloudy and foggy this morning, and rather warm (60-ish) but on the clammy side. I have thought I may just do a return trip for another Azalea this morning (before the crazies hit the roads), so need to confirm the opening hour and get about my "biniss". Later, gators.

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Good morning.

I was feeling less than myself when I posted last night. I don't know why I didn't wait until this morning.

So, Chelone, I've properly labled the photos now and I want you to know that I had an incredible swiss and shitake mushroom quiche with a sesame rice side :) I chuckled at myself breaking out the camera at the table.

"Winter" has been quite impatient, but she helps out, you know....she lets me lean the shovel on her, I can throw my gloves on top....what's she gonna do about it? I had to move her over there so that the tree that came out wouldn't fall on her :) I did find bronze paint for all 4 of the ladies! I plan on testing a sample on the base as soon as I get a free minute....LOL, that could be next spring.

The rain will keep me in today. The house could use a once over - especially my bedroom. I need to reorganize the stack of books that has fallen over on my side of the bed and get Nick to take a look at the dresser on his side :)

I fully expect magic this week. Perhaps just the threat of magic works? It has been looking pretty good around here (she says as a dog hair tumbleweed rolls by).

Well, it wasn't my intention to chatter away, but I did it anyway. I imagine I'll be here later, too.


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Yes, Denise, that's the one! Bop along!!

Com'n Deanne!! "It'll look good when it fills out"??????? I'd say it looks pretty darned great right now! I've always liked maroon/pink combos.

Saucy -- Please chatter. Lots of progress on the GG and I think Winter will be quite amused at the goins on.

Sue -- I get your feelings about the garden. It won't hurt it to let it go. Heck, it'll look all different with the self-sowns next year. Enjoy your dogless weekend!

Brenda and Michelle -- Out here in New England farm "trash" is treasure. Perhaps you could load up a truck or two and set up a yard sale? We've got plenty of room. LOL

Chelone - For some reason kept thinking about your proximity to the Atlantic this weekend and wonder if you have a seawall nearby? I'm really liking your shrub choices.

If the weather clears up at all today it will be shrub moving day at Cornfield Park. Many are babies that are now three years old and are outgrowing the playpen. Where to put them is now the question. They looked so little when they came here. LOL Neighborhood kids will be padding their allowances if they'd like (what 13 year old kid doesn't like an extra bill in the pocket???) and since I'd like this to be "final" placement, will need to move some other stuff as well.

So, Away We Go!!

Also will probably completely purge the veggie raised bed as the sun angle doesn't allow enough sun and it's looking pretty spent. It's been fun to have it this year, and now that my veggie skills have been brought up-to-date I'm looking forward more than ever to seed catalogs arrviving.

Yes, upon further research the Arboraetum is a definite go to. No, I can't rent a van in which to drive home plants. Yes, I will bring something home that can be carry on. No, I cannot become a member in case this trip becomes routine. Yes, I'm hopeful for spectacular weather! No, I'm not forgetting the real reason for the trip :-)

Coffee is running low -- a definite problem on Sundays. Later!


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Good morning Idylls. :)

I was glad to see updates from Ei and Babs, you've been missed. Even though I've not been writing much over the course of the last year, I do try to skim through the posts and miss seeing names.

Mary, I loved your bathroom remodel! Saucy, your GG is going to be lovely and I admire the amount of work you've obviously already put into it. Ei, your gardens are lovely and I wish I could get you and so many others here to help me with garden designing/planning. I'm ready to buy---just still haven't a clue what to buy (I don't want to make any design mistakes, which is very foolish of me, I know). always, your gardens and photos are wonderful. Michelle, I enjoyed your photo of the huge watering can---was thinking what a clever and fun person must have designed that one. I'm sorry to read that Kenzie is moving soon.....I hope you are able to go see her often. Marian---ouch on the stings! Thankfully you didn't have an allergic reaction when hit so many times. I was stung, by a hornet, in early August. I ended up in the Emergency department with an anaphlactic reaction and now have to carry an epi-pen. Scary business. Ei, I'm sorry to read that your sister is having a recurrance of the cancer, has to be so very scary and difficult. and your mother are often in my mind.

Ah heck, now I've gone and forgot what else I've read over the last few days! I wasn't planning on commenting on everything written since I last posted, but I didn't want to exclude anyone either.... Mental-pause brain strikes again.

The gutters will be put up on the deck and the little barn on Tuesday afternoon. Hooray! The fellow said he'd also beef up the gutters on the shop (small screws were used to hold those to the building instead of the long spike/nails).

James spent the last two days with us and I hear him stirring, guess I should get off the computer.

Hello to all.....

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Can you tell what it is? It looks better smaller and "life card" sized.

My kids said they didn't know what it was at first.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well we are having a laid-back morning sitting in our favorite easy chairs with lap tops in their respective laps. (and how nice to have my lap top up and running again) My tureen sized coffee mug is filled with fresh brewed French Roast (yum), conveniently located at my left hand. The rain is pouring down at the moment so I'm not feeling compelled to run outside and do anything in the gardens. I'm thinking the day will be one of relaxing, reading and maybe taking in a movie. Even the kitties are still upstairs sleeping, unheard of at this hour of the morning. They are normally out and about by now. At some point I might just repot some of the orchids as they've not been done in a couple years and a few of them are teetering out of their pots. I've decided to try the Rex Begonias in the orchid window over the winter as I'm thinking they'd like the same kind of treatment (water once a week if necessary) and the humidifier in there keeps the humidity in that room at 50% over the winter. I've managed to pick up quite a collection of Rexes this summer and I don't want to lose them. Hopefully this will be the trick.

The boiled dinner last night was a smashing success. I'd included rutabagas as I quite like them and was surprised that every bit of them were devoured. My mom used to get the big woody ones and I hated them as a child. The trick is to buy the smallest ones you can find then peel off the outer 1/8" or so of the skin to get rid of any of that bitter woody stuff they can have. Anyway, the ones last night were sweet and delicious.

Chelone, I am NOT a 'Drama Queen', LOL. I'm just a type A, completely OCD person and have expectations for myself that are always too high. I know that perfection is not ever atainable and really doesn't exist but that is where I set my bar so I'm always a bit disappointed in myself. I can't help or change this ingrained personality trait, but, I do just sit back and have a good laugh at myself from time to time because I know that I always have unreasonable expectations. I know I'm a bit of an obsessed goof ball but that's just who I am. ~~~ Sounds to me like you are making really great progress on your shrub borders. They are going to be lovely and so suited to your land.

Denise, that cleome is a new non-seeding variety put out by Proven Winners called 'Senorita Rosalita'. It's by far the best I've ever grown and I even like it better than the 'Linde Armstrong' I grew for a few years. This one keeps its lower foliage better and has looked wonderful the entire season.

Sue, did you marinate your Sea Bass??? We've done those scallops in the Soyvay sauce a couple times since you picked that up for me so thanks! They've been a hit here. ~~ LOL about clearing that path to the garage. I recall heading straight to the driveway last weekend to avoid getting soaked. LOL ~~ Don't forget that you have to do the gutters on the garage today. ~~ RE the toads, I thought that they tasted really bad so the dogs would only have one little bite then give up.

Kathy, OMG, another person who loses her Felcos. I've now lost two pair so have given up trying to have good ones. I buy the cheap pruners by the half dozen so always have at least one pair I can find (most of the time) Glad you found yours.

Wow, Saucy you are making some real progress on those paths! Thats a lot of work and I know its going to be gorgeous. I love the brick edged paths with the stone dust centers at Tower HIll. Marvelous. ARe those bricks on end? It looks like that in the photos. I also really enjoyed your whole slide show from Tower Hill. How neat to see them open a hive up but sad that one of the hives was empty. It seems that there is always some kind of insect to wreck anything we do. ~~~ I've been meaning to tell you that I've been noticing a lot of honey bees on my flowers this fall. I don't know where they are coming from but it's so nice to see them around.

PM what kind of tree did you buy to replace the one you removed?

Martie, looking forward to pics of what shrubs you moved to where at the 'Park'. ~~ My lavender continues to thrive regardless of how good care I take of it.

T, re gardens, just find stuff you really like, take the plunge and plant it. It can always be moved around later or removed if you don't like it. Nothing ever stays the same here except for the hosta garden and we even moved that around a bit last year.

So I thought you'd all get a kick out of these Rahji in the garden pics. I'll put one here and the rest on a link. He was so very funny the other day and it seemed even though I tried to avoid getting him in the pictures he kept popping up when I least expected it like this one where he blasted up the hill just as I was snapping the shutter.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

This is the weekend of my every month when it seems Im running around and doing homework, so little time to check in here -- investment club mtg today (boy are we in the tank these days....) but am so glad I took just these "couple" minutes to see what's happening - and see marvey garden shots and familiar names.

I know it will now take me another 15 mins to write this post, LOL -- so many things/people to comment on.

Ei -- so wonderful to see you and your gardens and to catch up -- life intrudes too often for most of us in one way or another and sometimes we all just have more to do than seems possible. Your life sounds as though it's been full of changes - new job -- that in itself is hard, hard -- and your family situation is heaps of stress too -- you have a perfect right to feel overwhelmed and down - but hope you can pop in from time to time - believe me, we can all relate. As always, Im bowled over by your creativity with those glass bowls in your garden -- the borders look wonderful; and you indeed have a lovely quiet spot to relax in. I always think of your gardens as being so tranquil but full of color and life at the same time.....

There seems to be lots of people to send 'net hugs to -- and quite a few families w/ illness and problems to surrmount -- I think of you all every day and hope that things are peaceful however they can be.

Deanne, the front gardens are so glorious no matter whether before or after -- and your OCD provides you (& us) with great rewards -- it's a good thing to understand oneself and how we tick -- all kidding aside. Good for you!

Gee, it is comforting to know that others lose those felcos - i fully expect to find at least one set next spring; or perhaps in the winter when the garden is bare...

I was very frustrated yesterday - the neighbor (of he of the freezing pipes) is in town from Africa for 6 weeks, getting his property ready to rent out -- and altho I'm relieved to hear someone will be turning the heat on in there this winter; he came by to inform me that his new property mgr wants to cut the entire back of my crepe myrtle off because it's "dirty" on his side (it hangs over our mutual fence about 4 feet) and might cause an issue for a prospective renter -aaargh.... I gave him a lecture on all trees being dirty and what they would do if they save half the tree off, even though I know it's within his rights to do. What's the problem with someone using a broom once or twice? I can honestly say I've never had "neighbor problems" before - this is a new arena. And when I looked at the rental listing, they listed a 2nd kitchen (in the basement), which is totally illegal in our county - I had seen the stove when I had to go in to turn the water off because of the pipes; I was hoping they'd thrown the stuff all out -- but obviously they did nothing but dry stuff out and restore to original areas.... It was totally non-vented - presently a lovely fire hazard, among other things, and bound to encourage more than one family to live there.... o the stupid irritating trivia of daily life -- so unimportant in the grand scheme of things -- but like bees, ugh -- they can be very frustrating.

Ok, 15 mins is up and I have to go do some more "homework" -- luckily it's going to be in the mid 90s here & feels like a sauna already, so I dont feel bad missing the day in the garden -- altho the grass is calling for its trim job tonite....


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's still pouring rain, so I've given up on shopping errands (no need to fight flooded roads) and - - - I'm going to clean the closet.

If you don't hear from me again...


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Saucy -- It's a terrapin, of course. I really like its simplicity and just your name and number on the back is perfect!

No shrub moving today. First shovel in hit muck about 6" down. Almost the same problem as digging too early in Spring. LOL We'll reconvene next weekend as the week is supposed to be dry.

Mostly here to say ---- offer is open to anyone who can't get really good apples where they are to send. Today on the list was Gravenstein, Pippin, Jonamac, Honey Gold, MacIntosh and a few others. Greenlings will be set aside as soon as they're off the tree for Thanksgiving pies. They're all good.

Off to slice and peel.


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I confess, I'm not inclined toward finding things within pictures or spending a lot of time contemplating DHMs (deep hidden meanings). But after looking at the stencil Saucy posted I, too, arrived the notion that it was a turtle.

I'll bet Martie's house smells really good about now... . Our's does, too, but in a different way. We had a mid-afternoon "dinner" of linguine with freshly made Marinara sauce. This is the only time of year I will eat tomatoes; those rock hard jobs bred to be shot into trucks at 30 MPH aren't tomatoes. In fact, they're an affront to tastebuds. There was an interesting story about a local orchard on the evening news a few nights ago. This is, evidently, an exceptional year for apples.

Cindy, take heart with respect to your investment club, I think pretty nearly everyone is feeling the pangs of a jittery market. It's about all I can do to open the statements for our retirement accounts and the few other accounts we've established over the years. My boss mentioned the dyspepsia she feels doing the same thing, lol. As for the "neighbor" with the illegal kitchen grousing about your "messy" tree... I don't know what to say. It must be hard to live that close to someone else, given the horrors you endured earlier this year. Maybe the new tenants will be delightful and become fast friends. I'm hoping for a pleasant outcome.

Wonder if the gutters remain full of debris at Sue's?

Wonder if V. was swept away by torrents of Ike? YIke(s).

Deanne, there was a running joke in our family that you could find the dog or part of her tail in every single photograph taken while she was alive. I see it is the same with Rahji. Funnily enough, I had NO difficulty finding him in all the shots you linked... why is that, do you think?

I can definitely relate to your confusion and angst, "t", surrounding what you should buy and how you should arrange it. It's daunting to look at a vast expanse of curvey beds with nothing in them and try to visualize how things will look there. Even harder, I think, is to visualize the mature size specimen and the presence it will lend to the space (I struggle with that one). I've paid more attention to the site and have selected things that will prosper in it. I've planted them with plenty of space, figuring I can always flesh it all out with other things in the future. Pick your major, "focal point" plants, and go for it. You have a great eye and it will come out great. Making the first move is the hardest part of it all.

Been wonderin' about Marian, lately. I purchased a catnip mouse and a few baked goods this morning, the monies going to a local group who traps and neuters feral cats and tries to socialize kittens for adoption. I thought about Callie-cat and wondered how she is? And I hope the visit is going well and you're enjoying time with your family.

I'm not so reliable with the Felcos, either, my friends. I never put the "holster" on with any regularity and therefore am prone to setting them down and wandering off. I do tend to place them in the "open", so backtracking to find them is pretty easy, but it's a definite time-waster.

I purchased another "Kimberly's Dbl. Pink" this morning. But it's too wet to plant it. I have a low grade concern about drainage and am thinking of reworking their site and simply planting them atop the ground (after scratching it up) and then simply backfilling around the root ball with soil amended with peat moss and leaf mold. That's a common way to plant them in areas where the ledge is very close to the surface of the soil. Have any thoughts/experiences with it?

Martie, no sea walls in my immediate area. Just lots of very rocky coastline. Sea walls have created more trouble than they've averted for Camp Ellis (part of Saco). The walls have redirected the natural movement of the ocean and have actually increased erosion. All the homes that stupid people built too close to the water are either heavily damaged or destroyed in the inevitable big storms that hit periodically. And still they're permitted to rebuild. Personally, I agree with the group who wants the state to simply buy them out and turn the area into a park! "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

I didn't even give a thought to the Rascals' "Good Love", lol. I love the Rascals; Felix Cavileri sure had his finger on the pulse when they came up with "Groovin'".

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Deanne - Your gardens are looking great! Mine are pathetic! The neighbour next door's are looking very colorful today. (Have I mentioned that gardening is the neighbourhood's competitive sport...? :- ) The neighbour has some nice swathes of Black-Eyed-Susans that are lighting things up wonderfully. I like BES but, unfortunately, they'd clash badly with our yellow house!

The heptacodium is finally starting to show some signs of bloom. The two big clumps of asters at the end of the driveway are also finally starting to show color - like the hepacodium, they seem late this year. One clump is a very vivid pink and the other is a purple-blue. I think they clash and keep wanting to move the blue one into the main front bed. Randy likes them where they are so every year I get talked out of it... I had planted a variegated weigela last summer to add some interesting foliage to back some of the flowers in the front bed. It has never surfaced above the perennials so I need to check this week to see if it died! I desperately need to do some deadheading and cutting back but weather has not been conducive - maybe later this coming week....

Saucy looks like good progress there - and your soil looks richly dark!

Chelone - pictures soon of the shrub border I hope....

It's been hot and humid here today and we are under a heavy rainfall warning for tonight as the remnants of ike reach here. I'm sure it'll be small potatoes compared to what some of you have got. I hope Marian hasn't floated away down there as I saw reports that Arkansas was ike's destination after Texas.

We spent a good part of the day being lazy on the back porch with the dogs. We all enjoyed ourselves. Randy was playing the guitar or reading, the dogs were flaked out in between squirrel chases, I was reading an interesting book. The book was called ' The Lost Garden' by Helen Humphreys. It was set in 1941 in England with the Women's Land Army on an estate requisitioned for food production and billeting a Canadian regiment waiting to be posted to France. The general themes involve love and loss and the healing power of gardening and restoring an overgrown garden. I was a bit sad and very touching but seemed like an appropriate read....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good afternoon all.....

Our company have come and gone. They were much enjoyed. Everytime I am sitting in a pew between the three girls I feel smaller and smaller. They are all about my height now, and the oldest outweighs me. The younger two are both just a few pounds lighter than I.

Ike has come and gone also. It hit last night with strong winds and heavy rain. We got 5 inches of rain in just a few hours during the night.Tree debris is strewn all over our yard and on the porches and deck. Much much more than from Gustav, and larger limbs from some trees....mostly the male persimmon, the Tulip tree, and the pecan, all on the western side of our house. The persimmon took the worst beating.
The strangest thing that it did, was take down a large oak tree between our church building and pavilion. It's width was almost exactly the width of the space between the two structures. It fell exactly between them, and did not touch either. It took down the power line to the building, ripping off the metal pole attached to the building with the power meter and main switch on it. Just last Sunday the men had discussed having that moved to the back of the building, because it was causing a large molded/mildewed place on the building. The power was not affected to the building !
At our last sunday's potluck under the pavilion, Nolon and I had been musing about the possibility of that very tree falling on the pavilion ! (There are other large trees nearby also, but that one was the subject of our conversation.)

Chelone, Calliecat is no more. She got in such a bad condition, Nolon,(out of mercy), put her down. It was a very hard thing for him to do. But is was the right thing to do.
We now have only Trubby and Tommy, and they are spending less time outside than they used to...BB...Before Bear. I am assuming that is why.

My yellow jacket stings were almost totally cleared up by the time the kids got here friday night. I think all the meds I took for the pain helped perk me up for the time spent with them. :-) So, in hindsight, I am considering it a blessing. :-)

Saucy, I had no idea what your figure was. I still don't actually see a turtle there. :-( I am better at seeing things in clouds. :-)

It is good to see almost all the Idyll members together again. Great to see the typical Ei post. :-) Also Babs and T....(and Drema, via email).


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Earl-aye in the morning?

V...We set sail as the crow flies! So batten down the hatches me hearty! Do you believe this!!! My dry river bed is actually a stream now...have to admit it does look kind of cool that way! :-)

I know it doesnt look like it, but it really is a lot of water:

Actually Im pretty lucky were on a slope, but my poor neighbor on the corner is getting the whole blocks water. His drainage ditch looks like a pond.

It rained all day yesterday too. Paul and I sat out on the porch reading books and I pretended that I was in Nantucket on holiday. :-) Is anyone familiar with the author Jane Green? Im reading my first book by her; The Beach House, and so far its been a good read, which is why I was pretending to be on Nantucket.

Dusting the cat hair off and jumping right in.... always leave me with my jaw dropped....LOL! Youre gardens are lush and beautiful and the epitome of a wonderful fall day!

Saucy, I *love* your statue. Can you bring me up to speed? What is the GG? Wherever the location, I can see something beautiful is taking shape. Is that a Sumac in the right hand corner? I *know* I know the plant thats in your picture, but its just not coming to me. The places youve dug; are those going to be paths? I know what you mean about yesterday, I was definitely in a mood too. The trip to Tower Hills looks like a lot of fun...I *love* all the bee pics and your little notes explaining the pictures...Thanks! :-)

I must admit I do envy Saucys new area...there something so exciting about a fresh slate to create with. Sometimes I would just like to start all over, but the task would be impossible at this point. My garden is getting old and *full* and not at all like my first intention...LOL! Not that I dont love her....we are dear old friends, but she has definitely become more a cottagey type of girl; when I had intended something a little more sleek and controlled. The reseeders have really taken hold and the garden is filled (well not now...their time has passed...LOL!) But all summer with larkspur and double poppies, and annual poppies, annual salvia, cleome, nigella, forget me nots, annual ageratum, verbena bonariensis etc. Every year I say this year I wont shake the seeds about when Im pulling them, but then I get worried maybe next year will be the year when *none* of them come back and so I shake a few seeds about for good measure...LOL! Oh well, lately Ive been deleting plants and adding more shrubs. Ive never felt my garden had enough bones. I like when I see small ornamental shrubs mixed into a perennial border and wish I had done more of that in the beginning. "Oh well, I guess this old garden was just meant to be a cottage girl." I tell myself..."the next garden will be my arts & crafts dream." :-)

T. I understand your angst! :-) I often have the same problem, not so much with the garden, but with *other* things in my life. Sometimes I get fearful of making a mistake and so end up doing nothing at all. But then I remind myself, whats the worst that could happen? I made a mistake? Oh well, at least you can learn from mistakes; right? You really should just jump right in....start with something that you love...even just a single flower that has always spoken to you. Look at it this way, even if it only last one season youll have had something that brought you a season of joy....dont wait!

So glad AJ got his wish...I did the same thing this morning! :-)

Thanks Cindy...I hope someday Ill get to see your lovely garden in person. I just know I will love them!

Yes, I second that motion...Id love to see Cynthias patio too. Hey, do you want some little baby succulents/agaves? Theyre small, but theyve already grown quite a bit in just the few weeks Ive had them. I know you probably arent intersted in the aloe, but there are others. I dont know what is what, so Im including a pic. As you can see they are all jumbled together. The only one I know the name of is the aloe.

If your interested in any of them, just email me and Ill send them along. My dear friend Anita who lives in Arizona keeps sending more and more of them and I cant keep up with wall pockets...LOL!

Happy Sunday to you too PM2!

Its off to make and chips seems right. Nah, just kidding today is Sunday and every good Italian girl knows Sunday is for pasta...well be having gnocchi tonight....


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Buenos dias Idylls, trying hard to be productive today- decided if V could clean a closet so could I. My hallway linen closet has been a thorn in my side, being stuffed with sheets and the like that I will probably never use again either due to excessive pilling , elastic that no longer elasticizes or just plain ugliness. I purged. As much as possible will be recycled into cleaning rags and dust cloths. After that I mowed and edged the lawn (such as it is) and went to Whole Foods and TJs. Postponing my 2pm beer to 4pm since I over slept this morning, and have yet to finish reading the Sunday paper

Deanne, love the Rajii gallery ..those of the feline class always manage to contradict their reputation for being stuck-up, too independent etc. Doobie and Ted are right with me , wherever I go, inside or out-providing they are awake of course, and Im not running any scary power equipment such as a weedeater or a vacuum , lol !

Woody, I was thinking about your comment about BESs clashing with your yellow house- I have the same struggles with different tones of yellows in the garden . I got my November issue of The English Garden in the mail on Friday and there is a garden depicted in it that had a section of one of the borders with a grouping of different yellows that I would never had tried myself , but it really looks good . I stuck a post-it in for future reference.

I also got my cool new puffy garden tie purchase from Gardeners Supply yesterday. Very pleased with those ; the green of the coating is sort of a pea-soup, sagey green and it looks really unobtrusive in use.

Saucy your Tower Hill pics are great ! It looks like youve learned your way around the new camera quite well. And how neat-o see the lasagna ingredients assembled and at the ready.

PM , will the tree removal give you more sun in your garden ?

Hope all in the path if Ike stay high and dry- that is one big storm isnt it ? To think its even going to visit Woody . It looks like they have a real mess in Houston and Galveston.

Ok, hi to all, I need to finish up the laundry chores

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The closet cleaning has been productive. I found several missing items buried on the long-missing closet floor.

Ahoy, Ei! I'll be floating downstream shortly. Would you believe that one St. Patty's Day, atan Irish bar on the Sout' Side, I danced to that song with an Irish lad who a brogue so thick you'd swear he didn't speak English.

Our rain gauge is not working at the moment, but my friend just east of us had 6" in her gauge. Although it's been a very soggy weekend, we did not have any serious flooding here.

One year at Christmas, I used my Felcos to cut some pine boughs for decoration. It was nine months before I opened the drawer full of ribbon and found them again. Why I set them in the drawer I'll never know.

Our dinner last night turned out quite well. The food junkies here will want to know that we started with a homegrown tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil salad. Then we had a great roast chicken, sweet corn and new potatoes from the farmers market. Instead of a sweet dessert, we had a cheese platter with three cheeses, grapes, black raspberries (one vine is still kicking them out!) and walnuts. Accompanied by port, of course. Although it rained all evening, we still were able to sit on the screened porch. The porch was a bit gussied up, as I had pulled in most of my succulents to avoid overwatering them.

Speaking of succulents, Ei, I have one just like the pot in the lower right corner of your photo. My DD calls it the Shrek-ears plant.

Deanne, we do love seeing the results of your obsession! Amazing!

Hmm, the labs are hungry. Must run before they trample my feet.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Should this be the week to clean an idyll closet? I know Im missing at least one shoe I've been hunting for all week, and I suspect it's buried somewhere within 30 inches of the other.... hmm, maybe after dinner.

Deanne, that R. gallery is wonderful - so great to capture his Highness on film.

Denise - I just meant to say before how cool that you've had success w/the Cl. Fl. sieboldii --it's lovely. I do notice a few of the forlorn looking clems in my yard have greened up and are putting out more blooms w/ the last of the roses. But things definitely need a serious OCD touch.... I managed to chop the grass and now I think I need to attend to dinner -- V's description is making me very very hungry!

Sure wish someone would invent a way to add another day to the weekend!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is with heavy heart that I share the news of Reed's death.
Yesterday's service was beautiful and offered something for everyone.
I would like to assume that your thoughts are with our family, but am not prepared for responses from you yet, so please hold off. I want to look, participate when I am able, and share with you the friendship we have developed over the years. The world still turns I'm told, and I want to hear about it all. Do not hold back on talk and photos of children and babies, but do hold them especially close tonight for me.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am a diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the gentle Autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Hopi prayer-

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Put him in the long boat til he's sober! (repeat twice)

Why can't I see Saucy's Tower Hill photos? I get directed to my own Picasa sign-in page when I hit the link. France and Germany have already banned a pesticide they feel is linked to CCD/colony collapse disorder, but there's some foot dragging stateside, apparently.

Cindy, that clem shriveled up mid summer then popped up threaded through the grape vine. I haven't seen those full double flwrs since I bought it a couple yrs back, only getting the single flwrs.

Deanne, I copied the photo of the bronzy-leaved pot set in the middle of the garage, with the handsome Rahji looking away. It's gorgeous. A nursery I checked out today had massive potted begonias, which started a mental dialogue with you as I perused the aisles ;) I brought home a little fern, Cheilanthes sinuata, the "Wavy Cloak" fern.

I keep forgetting to mention that castor bean plant/ricinus and fennel have naturalized along the train tracks in So. Calif. There was once some idyll context for that statement, which I've completely forgotten. It's always fascinating, the stuff that naturalizes. The tap-rooted tamarisk plagues the deserts like Anza Borrego in the Southwest. In England buddleia is rampant along the train tracks. The PNW is overrun with crocosmia.

I think the first record I bought, perhaps age 9ish, was the Young Rascals Greatest Hits...

Ei, I loved your large candlestick/glass bowl bird bath idea. Genius!

V, tonight we'll raise a glass of Chimay to the industrious Trappist monk brewers...then probably sing a few more courses of What do you do with a drunken sailor?...

G'night, Calliecat!

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Not a response, 'bug, just an acknowledgement that your assumption is most correct as to where my thoughts are. That is a very lovely prayer.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

(((Marie and family))) Our thoughts have indeed been with you and your family. How does one come to terms with such a loss?! May you all find strength in your love for each other....

The 'Big Fuzz' is enjoying her time with the 'Little Fuzz' and renewing her acquaintenance with the neighbourhood pack.

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I like that prayer too and would like to be thought of that way someday.

Take the time you need Marie and know that we are here for you.

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((Marie & family)) You know we are here for you and respect your need to for time. I so wish this didn't have to be a cyber hug.


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My world is turning gold quickly. Of course Im referring to soybeans and corn. Today was windy, damp and cold.

For those wondering, Kenzie will begin her new adventure to Florida this Friday or Saturday. She is to ride down with her other grandparents with her mom and dad to follow in a few days. We had a fun weekend together.

No closet cleaning for me! I need to figure out why the slide show I created for Kenzie wont burn on the DVD.

Deanne, Kenzie enjoyed Rahjii in the garden, although, she was a little concerned about him being on the street. She also mentioned that single daylily still blooming looked like a butterfly. I like the way the container he is posing by compliments his coloring. Your gardens are looking stunning and I wish mine looked ½ that good.

Kathy, I should check out those garden ties as the bright green just dont do it for me.

Someone mentioned they were reading "The Shack" which is my current read as well.

T, Im having the same anxiety about the front door garden. I usually just start throwing things in and only really carefully think about shrub placement. Everything can be moved.

Other than the shrubs that we put back in that area, I planted 3 perennials. We will see what develops.

Ei, Im sorry to hear that your sister is in her 3rd battle. How wonderful for her that you are close and such a support. My sisters are 4 and 6 hours away. Having met you I can just picture the bee episode and it certainly brought a smile to my face.

Eden, I continue to think about your mom and your sister as well.

Ahh, Martie some things are just junk! I know Brenda would agree.

Saucy, its still fun for us as gardeners to see the progress pictures. Theres plenty of "finished" garden pictures to be seen.

No felcos here. Ive lost too many in the compost, so I stick with the cheapies, well maybe not the cheapest of the cheapies. I actually have a nice pair of scissors that I use much more than I do pruners.

Denise, there are a few videos maybe when I get a little time.

Chelone, did I ever mention that Maine is one of the states Id love to visit LOL

V, Id be relieved about the wedding plans. Having an outdoor wedding in my garden would be enough to undo me.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thinking of you tonight Marie. I was awake and I heard a noise and decided I might as well get up and go downstairs. When I looked out the living room window, it was like daylight out there. I went outside to see if I could see the moon and it was low in the sky, but very big and full and bright, and the sky was so clear, I could still see stars. The air was tropical and a gentle breeze kept ebbing and flowing like waves on the ocean. The most beautiful night all summer. It brought to mind the poem you posted. Maybe the weather is different where you are this early morning, but at least the moon is the same, no matter where all of us are, we are looking up at the same moon. Thinking of beautiful Reed tonight.

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That's a lovely sentiment, PM2, perfectly and eloquently stated. It's a beautiful morning here, too. Quite humid and very warm, there is the lovely "white noise" of crickets and the occasional frog drifting "over me windowsill"; all the things contained in the Hopi prayer, just with a New England twist. I wonder if this will be the last "summer-like" morning of 2008? Good to see a post from you, 'bug. We're here whenever you need us.

Woody, I was thinking about Phoebe yesterday and wondered if she'd settled in quickly and easily. Friends who will happily watch pets are generous in deed. I'll try to get the photos out of the camera today and put some up for everyone.

The helpmeet is going to install a new, 1", PVC waterline to the spigot in his garden. He is rabid about getting the new grass planted, as this is a great time to do it. Personally, I'd rather get the Magnolia "Butterflies" moved (going to to a huge chore), and a Forsythia that is going to be equally problematic. I diplomatically pointed out that dragging a 7-8' Magnolia over newly planted grass seemed risky... (he saw the logic in it), but I didn't mention the Forsythia. Best to quit while I'm ahead, methinks. :) We have a busy few days ahead of us.

I've thought of you, Eden, nearly every day, too. I did not comment on the lovely pictures of the lake you posted a long time back (seems as though I've lost all track of time in the past week). I've never seen the Great Lakes but they must be beautiful. I know what you mean about one crisis after another, sending good thoughts that things level out soon.

And then there's Michelle who is looking down the barrell of Kenzie's departure for the Sunshine State. Oh my... . I'm certain if anyone can figure out the mysteries of burning pictures to a DVD it will be you. And I have great faith in your ability to defy the miles and remain in close contact with her. I loved her comment about the blue tomatoes, that kid doesn't miss a trick, does she?

Closet cleaning... I live in a "closet", you guys. There is so much clutter that needs to go "bye-bye" here it isn't even funny. And then there's more at THTTF. Kudos to those who have decluttered with determination. If any of you will accept a working vacation you can enjoy autumn in New England... any takers?

PM2, please tell us about the tree.

(enjoying "Innocent Traitor" by Alison Weir, which surprises me actually)

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First off, and most importantly, it's good to see Marie check in. Whatever time you need, however you need it, we'll all still be here. The poem just says it all.

It's an absolutely pea soup morning here. 74degF at 7am on 9/15???. Last night at 6pm we couldn't see across the cul-de-sac for the fog.

Made a major dent in the apple bag and indeed, the house still smells great. Set the date for applesauce day and have rallied Ky and my niece with whom I've been making sauce for the last 18 years. Rich is choosing to depart for the day in lieu of dodging a kitchen full of boiling pots and grinders and hot glass. He has NO idea what he'll be missing! LOL

So sorry about Callie-cat, Marian. That must've been really hard for Nolon given his soft heart for felines. She has lots of good Idyll pet company, though, and my guess is that she'll blend right in.

Gratefully, an office day today. Am I getting old???

Good vibes to everyone!!

With "Groovin'" self-streaming through the brain....


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well...I miss being here lately. I was so tired last night I shut the light off at 9pm, so no surprise I was up at 3:30am. I can't seem to trick my body into sleeping more hours, but I feel rested and now I have some time and energy to try to catch up a little. Busy weekend here, getting rid of the old branches that have to be cut to 3ft or smaller lengths and tied in bundles for the removal service to take them. Yes, I have taken a few photos and will post some later when the new plants are in. A Western Arborvitae 'Excelsa' is what is arriving this morning. The position in the yard is not ideal for it, but it wouldn't be ideal for anything. I am in dire need of something evergreen and I wanted something dark. I had a 40% off coupon to use and the nursery had some very happy, healthy looking 7ft by 5ft wide trees that the person at the nursery recommended. So it is only costing $60. for the tree and almost that much to deliver and bring the tree to the hole on the property. Two fees, which surprised me. Kathy, you asked if it would give me more sun...not really. It is in the shadow of a larger tree anyway, that shades the whole back border and adding evergreen in that position may make it a little darker there, but I don't think it is going to block the sun from the surrounding shrubs, but I am keeping my fingers crossed I can maneuver it into a good position. We have a line of chain link fence with weedy vines, a shed, and a telephone pole in the distance, that we are now looking at without the old tree. Which we would have been looking at soon when the leaves dropped, any way. This seven footer, I think will block out a good portion of that. Anyway, not that exciting as garden projects go, but I am hoping this will work out, it is a very necessary piece to the puzzle of my back lot line that I've been trying to work out for awhile. I'm preparing myself to be disappointed, but I just can't come up with a better solution and have been going around in circles about it for way too long. Who knows, maybe I will be tickled pink. :-)

I am also relating to 'T' and Chelone about the 'garden angst' trying to make the best plant choices and place them correctly with the Back Lot Line project. I don't enjoy this part of gardening, I'd much rather have everything in place exactly so, come out each morning thrilled with the way it looks and 'tend' to the garden. That would make me happy. I love choosing plant material, I just don't enjoy placing it.

So many of you here with heartaches and so little anyone can do....just wishing you all someone that loves you nearby to make things a little easier.

No Felcos here either. We bought a cheaper variety at Lowe's this time around. I know I had two but I can only find one. [g]. Something we find ourselves replacing too often, so I don't invest in something expensive. We use a set of Kitchen Shears in the garden, that are always coming in handy. are reading the same book I am reading, that I recommended to Eden. Which reminds me I need to finish it up, it's due back at the library. This is my second time reading it, I really enjoy that time period and location.

Ei....I haven't read The Beach House, but I heard it was good. LOVED your bird bath with the glass bowl. I don't know how you come up with these interesting I would like to see the other different colors when you have a minute. I see you have a very pretty bell in your 'hippie den'. We were all talking about bells by the door instead of a 'doorbell', recently. I have wind chimes but no bells yet.

Marian....I'm so sorry to hear about Calliecat. Poor Nolon, too.

Michelle...I need to find more cardboard soon. We have those Ladybells in our yard and I am trying to get rid of them. After pulling them out three times in the last month and they just keep coming back, I've decided to smother them. DH and I have called around to different stores and found some very willing to allow us to take their cardboard. Crate and Barrel has been a good source.

No closet cleaning here. We have a long list of missing items, that we have decided there is some kind of creature that is slinking around the house, making mischief and has a hidden stockpile somewhere. :-) Chelone.....'I live in a closest' One of my bedrooms is starting to look like a storage room, I know the feeling.

V....we have had a terrible time with succulents and cactus summering out in the garden, this year, with all the rain we've had. I ran out of patience dragging them in and out and put them under a glass table where they still get wet, but at least not soaked. They are not doing well. It's just too funny that they will be relieved to be back in the house for the

Julie....everyone in our house golfs, but now that our three children are all working and DH has a bad back, their trips to the golf course are few and far between. They do love getting out there though. Our middle son did a summer of caddying and DH also when he was young. you have more gray boarders?

I am astounded that Mary is starting on Bathroom #2!! Mary, I have a couple of bathrooms that need an update, do you travel? :-)

Denise...your Marty sounds like quite the adventurer. It's so great that he stays active, too bad you couldn't entice him into a new hobby that was 'less exciting' for you. [g] usual....I start reading all that is going on with all of you and my enthusiasm turns into a novel. I'm sure I have missed a whole lot, but I have to end here....

Waving to those I missed... :-)

Oops! Deanne...I have been enjoying your photos but haven't had a chance to click on your link yet. Next time around.... Gorgeous photos and 'Where's Rahji?' is just too funny.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

(((Marie))). And yes, my thoughts are with your family and have been all week.

I'm here to report that I still have dirty gutters, BUT, in my effort to procrastinate I slept in to the soothing sound of gentle rain falling, did laundry, vacuumed, read the Sunday paper, worked on a Sudoku, took a long walk, hit the grocery store, stretched and lifted weights then pooped into the hot tub for a bit before dinner. Guess I should stop measuring the success of my day on my lack of ability to complete one task. Maybe it's time to find a gutter cleaning company.

Manic Monday...back to the salt mines.


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The Hopi Prayer is beautiful and PM and Chelone have captured the sentiment beautifully on this beautiful New England morning. You and your family are in my thoughts, GB.

Simply put, the GG = Goddess Garden. Or SGOG = Secret Garden of the Goddesses. I found cast iron statues in the Want Ads earlier in the summer. Stonedust paths, a large trellis, and an intimate seating area are the things I'm working on before their final placement. I sort of jumped the gun and bought lots of plants, so I have to plant those, too :)

I'm glad you all liked my Tower Hill trip. Today I go to see about the Gardening school, and cross you fingers, I might be working at the reception desk a couple of days a week.....

I think a long walk out of doors is in order for this morning.


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I'm trying to organize some "before" and "afters" for you guys, but it's slow going for one who's picture files are definitely a "closet". Here are a couple:

This is after the last round of pounding downpours a couple of weeks ago. The ground absorbed it all in just over 24 hrs., but the soil was soggy for a couple of days afterwards:

this was taken a few hours later:

This shot is a pretty good overview, Woody. The two bright green plants in the background are Viburnum seiboldii. They get big and will tolerate periodically wet soil.

And this is the little piece of statuary that tugged at my heart when I was in a particularly reflective mood on Saturday. He's very small, only 4-5" long:

The wind is picking up outdoors and it's a glorious morning. September is one of the most delightful months here on the Compound.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

It's a lovely morning here and I'm enjoying my AM cup of coffee before heading out to water, feed the brugs, then get some exercise.

((((Marie)))) I can't begin to tell you how my heart is hurting for you and your family. You've been in my heart and thoughts all week. If friendships and loving thoughts could support someone you'd have felt yourself supported in our loving embrace. We are here should you need anything.

Saucy, How cool about the Gardening school at Tower Hill. You'll have to tell us all about it. I'm envious of your being close enough to them to do that. If I lived closer I'd be right there along with you. ~~ Love your terrapin card. Neat!

Sue, I"m with you on calling a gutter cleaning company. I get a bit antsy every time Doug gets up on that roof. He doesn't bounce as well as he used to. ~~ So did you 'poop' into the tub or 'pop' into the tub????!!!!! I split a gut laughing.

PM great score on that arborvitae! Looking forward to seeing pics of it in place.

Chelone, let us know how you make out moving that Magnolia. I need to get some grass seed planted here as well. The new lawn on the top of the hill mostly washed down the hill with our tropical deluges this summer, along with all the lovely compost I lovingly spread about up there. Time to re-do it and hope it gets a better hold before we get any more torrential rains.

MIchelle, I'd love to see some photos of your golden soybeans and corn. Sounds lovely and typical of your area. ~~ FY your and Kenzie's information, I was concerned about Mr. Rahjii strolling about the street as well. He thought since I was in the street he could too. What a nu-nu that boy can be. ~~ That daylily is the lovely and very long blooming 'Pastel Classic'. I'm hoping the rodents leave that alone this year. They completely ate the roots away from one of the three plants I had there.

Cindy, I feel your pain re Neighbors.... I've never had good neighbors on either immediate side of me and its such a shame. One side thinks it's an eyesore and the other side cuts and rips things off that grow even an inch over the fence line (even though my property line is 12 inches on the other side of the fence). The kicker this year was when he cut a lovely dahlia flower off and threw it back over on my side of the fence. Poor thing didn't know it was growing into hostile territory. It was just looking for a bit more sun.

Kathy I've thought several times of getting that soft tie stuff from GS. Glad to hear you like it. I think I'm going to order some myself. ~~ LOL about the kitties being scarce when one is running a vaccuum, too true! I've often wished that I could vaccuum the boys to rid them of excess hair. LOL

Eileen, I love that aloe and agavae pot and I think I spy an haworthia in there too? Anyway I'm really partial to that variegated one. I've been holding off starting an agavae collection as the last thing I need is another collection of plants. LOL

Marian, so very sorry to hear the sad news about Callie Cat.

Woody, I've been thinking of finding a place to put a heptacodium for a while. I love yours. Pics???

Thanks to one and all for the kind comments regarding the garden pics. I so enjoy sharing the images with my gardening friends. You've made my day.

OK time to get off this computer and get to work.

Have a good day all,

PS What a treat there was on Good Morning America, They had James Taylor with Yo-Yo Ma playing 'Sweet Baby James' on the front porch of a building in Stockbridge MA. Doesn't get better.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT), no, I didn't poop in my hot tub, I popped into it. Good grief!

Looks like some great choices, Chelone. Good plan to get larger plants to start.

OK, now I'm really gone.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning - how lovely to see you, Marie -- I know the idylls offer some semblance of reality in a world gone mad -- the prayer is so lovely. You know you and your family have been much in our hearts -- as are others who are suffering.

Chelone -- those are great shots and it looks like you have picked great shrubs for that area - it's going to be great when filled in.

Sue -- some weeks, those meditative relaxing weekends are necessary for revitalizing.

Yep, off to manic Monday.


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Another one loitering at the screen this morning. I was listening to NPR, but would have loved to see James and Yo-Yo doin' their thing together. I love Yo-Yo Ma, he has a such a nice "way" about him. Anyone willing to take a gig on Sesame Street or Mr. Roger's Neighborhood is all right in my book!

So, in the same vein, the first piece they played on the classical program was Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz". I'm a sucker for waltzes anyway, but that's one of my favorites (recalling 2001, A Space Odyssey). Seemed a hopeful way to begin a new page in our virtual relationship here.

Thanks for kind words on the new planting. Doesn't feel as though we've gotten very far even though we have. Deanne, think of how much the downslope lawn is going to enjoy the "manna from heaven" the deluges have washed its way. Important to keep the focus on the good things.

And I meant to tell Cindy that I completely understand feeling the way you do about the neighbor and the overall importance of the invading Crape Myrtle and the illegal kitchen in the BIG PICTURE. That was exactly how I felt listening to that rich old man grumble and whine about his stupid boat canvas last Friday. It was an honest oversight and I'd apologized and said I'd take care of it, but he had to belly-ache some more. For emphasis? what? You were clearly more polite than I was "in the moment", but we all have our limits for "stupid". Have you found the missing shoe?

What next?

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Hey Sue, want a Baby Ruth? I hear they float...

(sophomoric laughter from the Compound)

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi 'Bug, Like the others, My heart has been with you and yours all week. I cannot begin to express my feelings yet.

O.K. vtskiers (Sue, right?) tell me it's a typo and you didn't really poop in the hot tub before dinner ..laughed right out loud at that one!

Yesterday was a loss in terms of getting anything done - did the church thing, family went out for lunch, came home, had a much-needed nap, barbecued for dinner, watched a movie, went to bed.

Today the house looks awful, but our weather is terrible too, maybe a disturbance left over from Ike?, so I will fix everything up. At the museum garden yesterday I saw huge bunches of huge purple grapes. As I have done some work on that garden with no thanks or acknowlegement, I am going to call them and see if I can harvest a few bunches to add to mine to make the grape jelly. Sr. P, Inter P. and Jr. P, won't touch it although it is delicious, but I usually don't have a problem finding homes for home-made preserves.

You all seem to have such wonderful projects underway! The GG, the bathroom renos, dumpster diving for cardboard, shovelling out closets - I'm getting tired just reading about this :). I still have a looooong way to go with the bricks. In a couple of weeks it will be too cold to work outdoors, so that has to be my main priority if and when it dries up and the sun shines.

It is cold, windy and wet here today. We have indoor shutters in all our bedroom windows, I'm not much of a curtain person, and we like to sleep with the windows open as long as possible. Last night at about midnight a huge gust of wind and driving rain hit the back of our house and the shutters flew open with a huge bang! I just about hit the ceiling, I jumped out of sleep so suddenly. The big brave watchdog tunneled under the covers. I got up, got towels, dried up the water, wiped off the shutters, closed the windows and went back to bed. At least now I don't have to dust the shutters as part of todays cleaning!

All the orchids are coming in today. I cleared a path through the storage room to the lights and cleaned everything up there. I would like to put them back into the solarium window, but with the leaves gone from the trees in the park, the winter sun is pretty brutal there. Nice for warming up the house though. I am planning to take cuttings of all of my geraniums this year and root them in that window. I bought some clear plastic beer glasses and some indelible markers so that I could root them, pot them, and write down on the pot what the colours are, but of course now I can't find them.

We are very lucky to have gotten this house. It is a bungalow in a new subdivision, something I never thought I would buy, but we have a green space park beside our house, maintained by the municipality, and the original stone farm house and seven acres are directly behind us. There is a lovely orchard there, with apples and pears. The owners of the farm house are very generous - they have hung swings on the trees for their grandkids and are happy for Adrian to use them whenever; they have a large area where they compost leaves and grass clippings and are fine with all of us suburbanites tossing our garden clippings etc. there, and are quite happy if we take our wheel barrows over to get some compost or leaf mold for our gardens. The house looks little, but is actually quite large as the basement is completely finished with a full bath, large family room (full of toys I must say) a bedroom, and an office, and the storage area with the furnace and all that stuff. We needed a bung. as DH had terrible arthritis in his hips, and was literally bedridden when we gave up our old century home and moved here. Fortunately he now has a titanium hip and is about a thousand times better. This reminds me, I better get to work on the pictures!

I'm the same as the rest of you with the pruners. I have cheap ones all over the place - on the deck, in the shed, in the garage...but I also use scissors a lot - and have those all over the place too. I have found several pruners when sifting compost - usually they have been buried so long that they are no longer useable. This summer while digging compost out of the farm yard I found a pair of beautiful leather garden gloves. I knew exactly which neighbour would buy and use such expensive ones, so I took them to her. She said "Well of course they would turn up now, I just bought new ones yesterday!". Isn't that always the way!

I am really enjoying being apart of this super group of people! Thanks for counting me in!



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

First and foremost are my hugs to Marie. (I sure wish they could be in person). The poem/prayer is beautiful....

I should not be airing my complaints..but I woke up to very painful shoulders and a headache.
It is/was pretty chilly indoors with the house closed up all night, ( 65F in, and 49 out!),so I went to get a sweatshirt from the drawer in my bedroom. The first one I picked up has a sizeable hole in it, compliments of a mouse ! Yaargh !
Then, when I went into the dinningroom, before starting breakfast, there was a pile of cat barf on the parquet floor beside the table! I cleaned that up and proceeded with breakfast. Sometime afterward I discovered there was an even larger barf on an end table by the loveseat in the dinningroom! It is cleaned up, and I applied vaseline to the spots hoping it will 'heal' the spots left by the acid in the barfs ! A lovely way to start the day...LOL
BTW, The pain meds have dulled the head ache and eased the shoulder.
Oh, I almost forgot, in the middle of getting breakfast I had an emergency call to the bathroom ! Seems I am having an attack of my IBM since yesterday morning. Ah well...this too shall pass. :-)

I passed the sympathies on to Nolon about Calliecat.

Ei, our 'river bed' is right between where we park our car out front, and the lawn right in front of the house. Actually, after Ike, we had two of them ! I haven't been out this morning, but it looks as tho they both have stopped running.
The odd thing is, there was a wet weather spring that appeared in the middle of the county road where we had never seen one before. It was not very wet around it at the time we saw it. It will most likely be gone when I go out tomorrow. Our driveway held well through all the tropical storm deluges. Only a navigable gulley at the head where it joins the county road.
Chelone, your flooded yard resembles how ours was. Ours all appears to be soaked in now, except for the low spot where the young bald cypress and the Clethra are, this side of the wellhouse.
I will get out this week and remove all the debris...again. There is no more rain in the forecast until the weekend.

The deck plants were unscathed by the winds, but the tree leaves that litter the deck came form all directions, so did the wind.
Okay, I am giving up trying to type...I am doing more correcting of mistakes, that I am typing! :-(



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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Sorry Chelone, I have no problem testing the floating chocolate bar theory but not in the hot tub. Chocolate may or may not float, but it sure as hell melts...euuuuwww!

Allrighty then, lots of work is getting done here this morning...NOT. Who said I'm easily distracted? hehehe

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Marian I hope things have settled down at your house this morning. DH is out repairing our road now.
The power supply for my computer has arrived and is installed and yea! it works! I even learned to sodder and reconnected a bad wire on the start switch. Unfortunately my phoneline connection is still maddeningly (is that a word?) slow. I so want a wireless connection. No DSL available at my place.

We had lots of rain and downed limbs here too. But why didn't it take down the dead limb I wanted it too?

Nice to see posts from T, Babs and Ei.
Ei I see you are still rescueing wildlife. It was ducks last time wasn't it? LOL, but I love to hear about your adventures. Like your new projects too. Your garden looks great. My garden relies heavily on mother nature helping me with the planting of seeds. If my connection weren't so slow I would show you a picture of the berm bed that is a mass of reseeded impatients and salvia, even coleus. I think it is a bit gaudy but DH likes it.

T, I was overwhelmed with filling up large areas until I started adding a few smallish paths that divided it up into more manageable chunks. Or sometimes just adding a focal point (big rock, birdbath, shrub etc. gets me rolling. Can you still watch the elk when you are siting on the covered porch? Do you ever have time to sit with those little guys around? LOL I helped take care of a friends three year and eight month old while she was in the hospital this week and let me tell you that little eight month old was a busy little fella.

Welcome Julie.

Eden you are in my thoughts.

I'm not going to catch everyone but am nodding my head with all your posts.

Jerri I will wave to you this weekend if you are in the vicinity of Guthrie and Ok City.

Deanne, I like seeing the long views of your garden.

Saucy, your GG project is moving along. I like the layout of the pathway.

Chelone, i enjoy seeing your progess too. It's taking shape nicely.

I'm going to keep this short. Just wanted to check in.

OK I need to get this posted. Stay dry people. Norma

I couldn' t get this posted last night so will try again. Here goes.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sue, so glad you clarified that for us. I'm still laughing over that typo.

Chelone, Baby Ruth floats???!!!!!! I almost spit my coffee on the computer screen when I read that then saw Sue's pic.... Don'cha just love sophomoric humor???

It's windy as he - l out there today and I've had about ten pots blow over.... Grrrr.... The good news is that the huge brugs have NOT blown over thanks to Doug's ingenuity and screwing the pots into the cement blocks last spring. I'm thinking I"m going to have to replace more of my lightweight resin pots with heavier cement or ceramic so I don't have such a problem with the containers blowing down this time of the year.

Hi Norma, glad your computer is working again.

Marian, bummer about the kitty barf. At least you didn't step into it bare footed which is how I normally discover their little 'presents'.

Julie, how neat you can get compost from the neighbor.

78 degrees out and heading up to mid 80's then supposedly down to 42 in a couple nights. OK time to get off this computer and get to work.

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Fortunatley I was alone in the office when I opened up a sneak peek at the Idylls this morning and saw Sues post describing her Sunday 'activities', LOL ! What a way to start off a Monday !...

Kathy in Napa

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Do I know how to clear a hot tub or what? lol

Did anyone warn Julie that survival on this forum pretty much requires the appreciation of "lavatory" and sophmoric humor? IMO, and surely Mary will agree, there has been far too little of it around here lately.

So who has the pictures of what we really did at IU5?


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Deanne must be countin' the minutes until you show up at her house again, Sue. I told the helpmeet about the Baby Ruth and he cracked right up (Caddy Shack is staple viewing on the Compound).

I did a very foolish thing today. I worked outside, in the sun of course, and completely forgot to apply sunscreen first. Naturally, no hat either because it's been really windy. I feel pink.

Got a lot done though! I put in the second Azalea and I planted it "high", putting only the bottom half actually into the ground and backfilling the remainder with amended soil. I think this is going to work out OK, it allowed me to sort of contour the "spine" of soil that supports the Cornus kousa "chinensis" and the Stewartia down and around the Azaleas.

I dug and relocated the Clethra "Ruby Spice" that Martie's earlier suggestion reminded me I had, too. Thanks, Martie! It's about 4-5' tall and has a decent overall silhouette, and it's been languishing in a too shady location for a couple of years now. It came out of the ground easily and I'm pleased with how it went back into the ground, too. Along with it came a colony of Ajuga reptans and I spent some time breaking the mat up and shoving little plugs of it in around the Azaleas, too. It may prove to sunny for it, but so what? I already own it, the flowers are pretty and it's a tough groundcover.

I'm feeling a little nervous about a couple of things: the dreaded "one of" syndrome. You know, one of this, one of that, and the planting ends up looking like it just "happened". And the foliage of the deciduous shrubs in the area I'm working on now is pretty much in the same color family (bright green in this case). There are multiples of Vaccinium (3), Viburnum s. (2), and Azalea (2) and they're arranged to give a sense of continuity, I think.

I have another area I'd love to see planted this fall, but if it doesn't happen I'll survive. Most important is that the shrubs selected be the proper size and suited to the site. The object of this game is an attractive vegetative border to screen the road, provide nice interest all year long, and do it with minimal attention from the occupants of the house.

I'm all tuckered out and need to take a shower before venturing outdoors again with the Felcos (found 'em!) to clean up the Azaleas and the Clethra.

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It was a cool 39° this a.m. It is supposed to warm up though.

Cynthia, what a sweet tribute to Katie. The song you chose was so appropriate.

Marian, sorry to hear about Calliecat.

Deanne, I meant to mention that they had a number of brugs at the DBG but I decided you could teach them a thing or two. Most had but a handful of blooms.

Kathy, I really dont know if Rob Proctor is still there or not.

Fortunately Baby Ruth isnt my choice of chocolates.

Julie, your property sounds quite nice.

Chelone, the border is looking good already.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Howdy, Idyllers! Looks like we've been busy this weekend, I'm behind again.

Michelle, DH would LOVE it if we could go out to eat and then go digging around in dumpsters, lol! I would hate to imagine all the stuff we'd come home with-I'm sure there would be a lot more than cardboard.

Babs :) SpecTACular to hear from you! Wow, I can't believe AJ is almost a teenager. You might be money ahead if he WOULD start eating books. As I recall, around 13-14 DS turned into a bottomless pit, and it lasted right up until he moved out. Bless Ryan's heart...I was always the "can't we all just get along" kid. Still am.
Fun statistics? Hm...
Wow, am I ever glad my brother never thought of standing on my hair and tickling me. Now, THAT is creative! Poor Paula :)

Mary, I just had to laugh at David flushing the toilet while Annie's in the shower. I grew up with that brother, and raised carbon copies of him and myself. Once, I locked myself in our very tiny bathroom to get away from him. He went and got a can of bug spray and gassed me out. And, just my luck, no towels in the bathroom to block the crack under the door.Mom wasn't home, and he threatened me with all sorts of horrors if I told on him. Ah, the good old days.

Ei, it's so good to read a post from you! I like the Starbucks story. Chalk one up for the good guys! Your Gal Friday job sounds great, I hope whatever the issues are they can be worked out if you enjoy the work. I'm a bit of a broad, myself, and hopefully Jim thinks a great one. I've always admired Paul and Joanne's marriage, too. Great accomplishment, let alone in Hollywood.
I'm so sorry to hear that Anita is going through chemo again. I am sure you are a wealth of strength for her. ((EI))
I adore the Hippie Den of Tranquility, and believe everyone should have one :) Moonvine-how perfect! I never thought of succulents in wall pockets. Might have to do that next year. That fennel is awesome!

V, DH does beer can chicken, too. Well, he calls it beer butt chicken, but he's like that ;) Have you ever put rosemary springs in the beer? Really good!

Kathy, the vineyard is gorgeous. Make sure you tell DS we're bragging on him!

Chelone, I think you might be my aunt, lol! It took me a minute to figure out the ironing bills comment. When I did, a light bulb went on! As a kid, I actually noticed that Aunt Gladys' money was, like, PERFECT.
Maybe between yours and Saucy's project, I will absorb some inspiration.
ROTFL, I can still remember the first time I saw Bill Murray take a bite out of that Baby Ruth in Caddyshack. That was one of the all-time best characters ever!

Oh, Denise, I second your idea of a Kenzie garden tour-how cute would that be??

Deanne, Your gardens are, of course, fabu! I enjoy the Raj cameo appearances. What a character! Wow, your neighbor sounds really...interesting. Why on earth would you clip off a dahlia and pitch it over the fence? Lol, I'd pay good money to share a fence with you :)

Saucy, it's going to be a delight to watch the GG develop!
Okay, first I thought it was a dinosaur, but that didn't make any sense. Then, I thought of a turtle. Then, I read down and found out it was a Terrapin. I didn't know what a terrapin is, so I googled it. Yeah, it's a turtle ;) I like it!

Martie, if I could get DH's junk transported, I would be there! As it is, he's pointed out that he's been smart to let it all pile up. The price of scrap metal is up, ya know. What's going to happen, is sometime we'll be gone, and scrappers will come and steal all his junk. There's been a lot of that going on in the area.
Mmm..the smell of apples in the fall. I think while we're in Michigan for vacation we should bring some back. We haven't gone to the orchards in ages, and I kind of miss it. I used to make a lot of applesauce and apple butter. I put some amaretto in the apple butter..tasty!

Marian, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your company..amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? I'm sorry to hear Nolon had to put down Calliecat. Hard to do, even when you know it's the right thing.
Lol, what a nice way to look at the stings :)

(((Marie))) What a lovely prayer.

LMAO, glad you cleared that up about the hot tub, Sue.

Hot off the press here...
I just bought my first pair of Felcos last year. I refused to let myself have a pair until I quit leaving the cheap ones laying around. Yeah, I left the Felcos outside for the winter :( They were in a basket on the porch. They're fine, but I really coulda kicked myself.
We got about 8" of rain over the weekend. We went to Indy on Saturday and saw the first ever concert at Lucas Oil Stadium. Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Leann Rimes, and a couple of people I'm not familiar with. It started at 4:00, and went on until a little after midnight. I'm getting old..I was tuckered out and couldn't hear well for a while after ;)
I'm trying to get laundry caught up and the house somewhat in order. We're going on a mini-vacation at the end of the week. Off to another skydive, then meander through Wisconsin and Michigan.
DS and his GF just arrived, so I'll have to cut this "short", lol!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sue, I just had to 'poop' in for a second or two (whoops could't help myself, it just pooped out)to thank you for the laughs. I found myself bursting into hysterical laughter throughout the day today thinking of your little typo....


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

ROTFL toward the kitchen for supper.....

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LOL, I missed Sue by minutes this morning!

I'd say forget the gutters, you need someone to clean out the hot tub :)

This conversation is totally inapoopriate :)

Thanks for the laughs,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Har har har, everybody's a comedian these days.

Wish I could hang around but it's time to go poop a chunk of swordfish on the grill for dinner.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am almost pooped out, but feel like posting some pics of my weekend company:
the first is our middle DGD,(Brianna), Tim, and Tommy. ( Tim and Bri are watching a Video on TV.)

Next is the youngest DGD,(Hannah), at my computer.

And the last is the original 'victims' plus the back view of the oldest DGD,(Savannah), and a poor pic of Nolon on the right. :-(

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(((bug))), and a lovely poem..

What a nice group of posts to come home to today- it just so happens I have zero energy tonight for any useful activities, so it will be baseball and Idylls tonight. Of course there will be a WALAT or at the very least a SALAT. .and another heads up: ATTENTION JULIE ! SALAT=Standing Around Looking At Things , WALAT =Walking Around Looking At Things. Either one can be done with a glass of wine.

PM , last night when I went out to look at the moon I had very similar thoughts about all of us looking at the same moon, nicely put We are in the harvest moon now too, and I am posting yet another of DSs pics below. I imagine the creature you have in your closet is the same one I have in my dryer ! Im sure astrophysicists are very close to discovering that Black Holes are actually full of socks and Felcos.

Jeez I just read Sues post again. Its still funny almost twelve hours later.

Chelone, your 1st pic looks like a Northern Calif garden in February ! I approve of the cement-pet . He needs a name dont you think ? Autumn in New England sounds like just the ticket ! However, my autumn trip will be a drive to Oregon next month.

Marian , glad to hear you sustained only cosmetic damage in the wake of Ike. Yuk-o on the kitty regurgitation. I always suspect them of having eaten something they shouldnt have when that happens. I guess its best that they upchuck whatever it was before it makes them sicker. Very attractive looking family you have there ! And, I LOVE your clock ! Maybe sometime you could post a close-up ? I collect antique clocks (I have 9) ..

Hi Norma ! My DD didnt have DSL in her area either so we ended up with Comcast Cable hi speed internet. (I bought them a year of service ). There was no wireless available except for a service that uses cell-phone towers , and is notoriously unreliable. I was really surprised since they are in a major university town, and 30 miles from another major university .

Brenda, the nice thing about Felcos is that just about every part of them are individually replaceable. I also keep a spare blade and spring , but I always seem to loose the damn things before I have to replace the parts !

Ok time to go take a WALAT before nightfall

Best to all

Kathy in Napa From Moon

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Marian, the only way your morning could have been worse was if you had been in Sue's hot tub when you had your emergency!

I should have looked at the Idylls today at the office; I was in a rather low mood as I felt I bit like a broom, sweeping up everyone else's poop. More bad mood than real problems.

Perhaps we'll see a moon tonight, it's been very cloudy the last two nights.

Marian, very lovely DGD's.

I have to confess that about every other year, I take advantage of an opportunity to buy three pairs of Corona shears for $10. Not as heavy duty as Felcos, but they do a lot of deadheading and other non-woody trimming, and I do leave them here, there and everywhere. That way, I usually can find a pair quickly.

Kathy, the Cubs were awfully close to two no-hitters in a row. The odd circumstances with the Houston series seems to have worked to their advantage.

I'm determined to get a little more reading done tonight, so I'm off to clean up and pack my lunch.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, the clock is Nolon's. He bought it from an old lady when he was very young.(I believe he said he was 9 years old. And he carried it a long ways home.) It only quit working in recent years. The lamps on each side are mine, the desk was my fathers. It is definitely an antique also.
I don't exactly collect antiques, but have quite a few.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Chelone - the shrub border is starting to look good - 'down home' where I'm from, that sort of space was usually a lilac hedge. I have fond memories of some nice dark purple ones scenting the air in spring. Admittedly, they didn't look so impressive the rest of the year, but the spring display was fabulous!

Marian - everybody looks like they are enjoying themselves at Grandma's house... Poor Calliecat/poor Nolon. Losing a kittie after such a long companionship is very hard indeed. We've traded in cat furballs/barf for dog ones! Misty seems to get furballs too! I swear she's half cat....

Sue's hot tub sounds like a dubious place to be :-)

Speaking of bathroom things.... Phoebe seems to have picked up a toilet-drinking habit since she was here in July. I keep finding a wet seat and a trail of water across the floor in the master bathroom....

Time to put Phoebe out - she's stretched out on the floor by my feet, exuding foul odors...:- )

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V, I love watching a no-hitter almost more than anything and have been lucky to follow a team that has had quite a few. I'm really bummed that I missed CZ's. Dodgers magic # is 8.

My back-up pruners are Coronas, and go back to when their Felco knock-offs had orange handles. I think they were Corona 60C's.Mine are getting pretty dull.

nite again !

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all. I TIVO'd Oprah's show today on Child Sexual Abuse.

I'll spare the details. I thought a knew a lot about this subject but the 'advancments' in the last few years are beyond belief.

I've linked to the Oprah site below. I know a lot of people don't like her but this issue is so important.
Here's a small overview of an important Bill which will be voted on very soon:

"Help Pass Senate Bill 1738The PROTECT Our Children Act
Hundreds of thousands of children are victims of sexual abuse each year. Due to the sheer lack of resources, law enforcement is unable to follow up on the majority of leads they have.

The PROTECT Our Children Act will:

Authorize over $320 million over the next five years in desperately needed funding for law enforcement to investigate child exploitation.
Mandate that child rescue be a top priority for law enforcement receiving federal funding.
Allocate funds for high-tech computer software that can track down Internet predators.
Act Now!

Your U.S. senators will be voting on the bill soon, so it is crucial you contact them immediately.

Go to to find contact information for the senators in your state. Search for your senator by name or state by clicking on the arrow from either dropdown menu. Contact information is provided here. To send an e-mail, click on "Web Form" below his or her name, and e-mail your letter to make a difference! "

From working in government I can say that phone call and personal visits carry more weight than emails.

I seldom send out mass emails but ALL my friends are getting this one. This just has to be stopped.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....

No photos or progress reports here yet. The Arborvitae was delivered, but the ground was too wet to start digging.

I would have also liked to learn to do Tuffa, too Saucy. I would also like to learn how to redo my bathroom and sew outdoor chair cushions. And many other Idyll talents that are not coming to mind this second. Someone help me out here. Gosh, an Idyll Reunion as a Summer Camp in cabins with morning classes sounds like just what I need. :-) Just so long as there isn't a hot tub there. :-) :-)

Really, I noticed that typo yesterday and being more genteel then the rest of you, I did not draw attention to it. Haven't all of you ever heard the expression, NTT....Not Table Talk....we need a new acronym...NIT....Not Idyll Talk. :-)

Saucy...thanks for posting the Tower Hill photos. Would you believe I haven't made it there yet? Loved the photo of the view to the Reservoir and those you took of the girls. You are taking great photos with your new camera!

Ei...Is that a Leyland Cypress behind your Red Garden? Your Fennel looks like a shrub. [g] I was looking at old IU photos and saw one that really appealed to me that you posted and not sure if this was in your garden or not, could you ID this for me?

Julie....I should be bringing in plants by now, but I am too busy planting and moving in the garden. This weekend just have to make time to do it. I have my favorite fern and begonia in the house already though. They look so good, I didn't want to take the chance.

Babs...making statistics fun has to be a very rare talent. [g] Hats off to Chris.

Kathy....tell DS that I am jealous of his photo taking abilities!! What a great shot of the Moon and the Vineyard photo was great also. I would be curious what type of camera and what settings he used to take that Moon Shot. Also...I am not really a foreign film buff, but my husband took a liking to a film called 'Babette's Feast' which I was kind enough to sit through with him. He sits through lots of my choices too. [g] That was when it first came out. Years later, every time it comes on, we have watched it. Has to be a good 6 or 7 times already. He is always surprising me at what he likes. I actually did enjoy it too after about the third time I watched it. It really is a sweet story and the whole movie is about food. I think that is why he likes it, he is a fan of food. lol

Denise....what is Korean Barbecue? We have a Korean Barbecue restaurant locally that I haven't tried yet. BTW, that is one of the prettiest clematis I have seen so far.

Chelone....I am envious of all that water in your garden. I have dry shade and there are so many shrubs that prefer moisture that I wish I could grow. I would have loved a photo essay of your Saturday morning drive. We always have oldies on when in the car. Do you remember a song by Liza Minelli called, 'Come Saturday Morning'? that was a track from a movie soundtrack? I loved the line...

"We'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles..."

Deanne....I just took the time to really look carefully at your photos. You have such a nice house. I like the color of your shutters which I think really go well with the garden. In your first photo, what is that yellow bit of confection on the left in front of the fence? I love the placement of the pine near your driveway garden. I really didn't know cats followed people around. I always thought they were too independent minded. I think Rahji loves your garden! are you feeling these days? You seem to be back at work intensely. I hope if you go to the NC Arboretum you bring back lots of photos. What was it about that song 'Good Lovin' that was so much fun to sing along to? lol Isn't it funny how the music we all grew up with is still so popular today. Taking any photos of the 'Big Move'?

Sue....I can commiserate on having no motivation to work in the garden. I am pushing myself to get some things done, but not feeling the usual 'can't wait to see how it comes out' motivation at all. What's with that?

'T'....So sorry to hear you now have to carry an epi-pen for bees. For someone who gardens that has to add a little stress.

Cindy....sorry to hear about your 'neighbor woes'. I would also be anxious about whatever this neighbor does, after the water pipes fiasco.

Marian...that really is an amazing clock and your grandkids look like they are having a great visit. Tim, Brianna, Hannah and Savannah...their names just roll off the tongue. They could be a song lyric. The girls have gorgeous hair. I see you have a Bear calendar and quite a collection of small wind chimes. I have started a collection too.

Ok...I tried...but that is as far as I could get...waving hello to Norma....I missed your posts. Hello to Brenda., V., Cynthia, of course Gardenbug, Eden, Jerri, Woody, and Michelle. I hope I haven't missed someone.

Enjoy your Tuesday... pm2

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Right into the very, very great news. Rich has THREE appts lined up. Suddenly the phone is starting to ring. Nothing major -- mostly projects that people Must have done rather than Want to have done, but if they bring us through the end of the year I'm entirely grateful.

One set of Felcos in the basket that have been sharpened to barely anything. I kept losing them and then finding them, so in the interest of economy over the years, found an entirely suitable replacement that are inexpensive:

Kitchen Chicken Shears.

Yes, I figured if they can cut chicken bone they'd do well with small branches. Hey, always a frugal New Englander at heart. LOL

Chelone -- so glad you resurrected your Clethra. Next August you'll be Really glad.

Your GD's are getting so grown up, Marian! Happy for you that you had the chance to spend some time with them.

Yes, PM2, intensity at work is what it's all about in my biz; one of the reasons I "waited" to go back.

To the One Group with which I can share this in all it's wonderfulness: My DB in the hospital has gone FOUR MONTHS without a meltdown!!!! I'm bringing him apple pie this weekend to share with his fellow residents and staff as a celebration.

Waving to everyone. Have made a firm commitment to myself to leave glasses on long enough to really look at hot tub contents before entering :0


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL) need to respond, I just want to reaffirm what all have are in our hearts and minds and prayers and I wish they could be real hugs too.

Beautiful thoughts PM2 and Kathy.

Marian...I was so sorry to hear about Calliecat. Your granddaughters are beautiful and growing up *so* fast. I love that shot of the youngest with her sweet shy smile. Im glad you had the visit...even *if* they can wear you out...LOL!

I have to keep this short, as its going to be a busy day, but just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" to all. Ill try to catch up on Friday.

I must admit Sue & the rest of you really gave me a good laugh this guys are too funny! I admit that I never liked Baby Ruths....just for that reason...LOL!

Have a gpod day all....Ei

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just wanted to poop in and say hello. PM2, we aren't as uncivilized as you think we are - we usually save the inapoopriate stuff for after dinner (or before...).

Babs, good to see you! Your son cracks me up with his color choices. When my DS made his first communion he had very definite ideas about what he wanted too. Luckily for me he was in his "office" faze at the time - Staples was his favorite store, and he pored over their catalog nightly. He wanted a fax machine for his birthday that year! I think he pictured himself as some sort of junior executive. Anyway, he was so excited to be getting a suit, he picked it out himself - perfectly appropriate, dark color, single-breasted (he insisted on that - didn't like the double-breasted look at all). I can still see him trying it on with the shirt and tie and positioning himself so that his sneakers weren't visible in the dressing room mirror. He has lost his fashion sense, and insists on jeans and T-shirts nowadays. In fact the only collard shirt he owns right now his hit Boy Scout uniform shirt.

Ei, good to hear about what's been going on with you! I miss your posts. Love your garden pics! Your new job sounds great.

Deanne, things are looking great at your place, as always. I love the front of your house - when I pull into your driveway I know I have arrived at a fabu gardening destination and I never know which way to look first!

Waving hello to everyone else, duty calls!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all...

Well, no evident of cat barf this morning, but my illness has increased. I evidently have picked up a virus. No trip to town today. :-(

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my GDs.
Pm2, Tim is very diligent in his efforts to keep them looking neat and clean ( their mother is pretty slack about it). Their hair was pretty badly in need of shampoo and brushing when he picked them up from their mother's Friday afternoon. It was about 9P.M. when they got here, so too late to shower that night.They all showered Saturday.

I did three loads of towels and bedding yesterday. Why do girls need two towels when they shower??? ;-)

Speaking of towels that are used when one showers....why are they dirty and not to be used again when they have wiped a clean body ??

V, I got a chuckle out of your comment:
"Marian, the only way your morning could have been worse was if you had been in Sue's hot tub when you had your emergency!" LOL

I got out yesterday and gathered up a lot of kindling from our yard, thanks to Ike. Might have enough for starting all our fall fires. And speaking of starting a fire.... I did so this morning.

The yard is still covered with debris, but most of it will be chopped up when I next mow. I have a lot of Honey Locust pods to gather up. The main 'drop' had not started, but Ike brought a lot down. It has a record crop this year. Too bad they are not useful for something.

I was mistaken about the leaf damage to the deck plants. There was some ripping off of pieces, and holes in leaves. I think it was very close to being a tornado.

Unless we have an unseasonably early frost, I have two more weeks to start bringing in the potted plants. I hope I am up to it....

Oh, while I am thinking of it...Kathy, Nolon's clock is a Seth Thomas. A friend in Idaho tried to buy it. For a long time he carried around a blank check with hopes of Nolon changing his mind.


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Good morning. We were off to an early start here this morning. The Magnolia is in its new site! and we really like it, it blocks the main portion of what used to be the old driveway entrance. I took too many pictures of the operation, but the battery konked out before I could get the final one (recharging as I type). We did quite a number on the root "ball", but it will probably be OK even if it does "blink" a bit for the first year in the new place.

"NIT", indeed, PM2. :) I rather like the idea of an Idyll Summer Camp; in fact, I think it's perfectly brilliant. Whaddya think, we use the Salon as the bunkhouse, take "Navy showers", and set up "arts and crafts" in the automobile bays, cooking our meals over the grill?

Kathy, the picture of the Idyll Moon really touched me. I've been thinking about that Hopi prayer and the great comfort derived from the simplest things that remain constant the world over regardless of how downtrodden we feel at any given moment. I heard that there was a Dodger no-hitter, but not paying much attention to teams other than the Red Sox... well... . But I agree, it's really quite an accomplishment, exciting the same way a 1-0 hockey game is; good defense! The helpmeet tells me Manny is deliverin' the goods for you. He added that the dreds are as yet unpruned... which cracks me up. "Manny bein' Manny"; he's very talented and let's hope LA suits him better than Boston, that's what will define a "good" trade.

Marian, you have a handsome family! the girls are looking so grown up, you must be very proud of them. The clock is handsome, the helpmeet was shocked when I sent the works of our tall case clock out to be cleaned, oiled, adjusted. But periodic maintenance is required for them to operate reliably. When the works were gone we found ourselves looking to the empty bonnet nearly daily to check the time! We have only one "plug in" clock in the house. As for two towels/girl, that's easy! one for the lovely long hair, the other for the body. We use our towels for nearly a week here. He has his, I have mine, we are clean when they're put to task, and we hang them to dry out in between uses. We know where the towels have been and neither of us has a problem with reusing them. I'm sorry you've managed to provide housing for some sort of bug... hope it decides to move "out" soon. I especially appreciate your oil lamps. I asked for one for Christmas in 1999 and received a brass Aladdin desk lamp. Whenever the electricity goes out it's nice to have good, reliable light so we may read. There are several in THTTF that were in regular use by my great-grandparents. I need to put them in the car the next time I am there. And lastly (before I foget again) I am sorry to hear about Calliecat. Dad didn't cry very often but the tears flowed freely when one of the pride was delivered to the "happy hunting ground". Nolon did the right thing, but that is cold comfort when the one delivered is gone forever. :(

Good to see Wendy "poop" in for a quick visit. Too bad she had to go when "dooty" called. (couldn't pass that one up, sorry). I laughed and laughed at the tale of the Jr. Executive, that's just too funny. Shades of Alex Keaton, huh? The notion that Staples would rank highly as a retail destination slays me; BUT, when my brother was that age he insisted on drawing electrical cords and outlets in every picture he drew involving an indoor scene.

I meant to ask about the dry stream bed you posted, Ei. Did you design it to be dry or did you put it there to handle any excess rainfall? I see them used in and around my area and I always wonder what precautions are taken to prevent opportunistic plants from setting up camp and making it "home", landscape fabric? plastic? I really like the effect in your garden, and clearly it was useful last weekend!

I also wanted to mention how nice it is to see Norma, again. I forget that DSL and cable internet is not available in many parts of the country. Northern New England, for one! and it's becoming a huge bone of contention because lack of it precludes those areas with people LOOKING for work from being able to participate. It's the same old story from the fewer and fewer companies providing the missing services... "it's not worth the investment". OK... I thought "deregulation" was going to create more competition and open up unheralded realms of opportunity... . (haven't seen my 'phone bill go down since they broke up Ma Bell). Anyway, I sympathize. ;) And I hope the new set-up sees you posting more often. Your gardens are so pretty and I love your pond.

T., you've popped into my thoughts periodically as I've been scratching away on the shrub border. I've gone from being completely discouraged by the chaos, to wondering about the finer details of it all, and all in the space of about a month. Getting started was the hardest part. It also dawned on me that you have to contend with the possibility of Elk damage if they break through your "defenses", too, huh? I drove by a house the other day that had a MEGA stroller out front. It was for triplets, one seat in front of another and I marvelled at the forethought and dexterity required to manoeuver that sucker in "traffic". WOW.

I think the battery is back "on line" so I'll see if I can't finish up the photo essay. Later!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Ah Chelone, I could help but think dooty called also. LOL
Wendy, you're my hero. ;)


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I admit it..I thought the same thing, with a Beavis and Butthead laugh. "She said dooty"

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I used to collect oil/kerosene lamps. I have 5 that have oil in them for blackouts. Several more are just for ornaments. Some are tiny. Some of the full-sized ones are antiques.


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Closin up shop here on #399...

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh Wendy...I think you all might be every bit as uncivilized as I am thinking and I am still waiting to see the video of what you all really did at IU5!! ;-) Or maybe I ought to rethink that...maybe ignorance is bliss! [g]

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