Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)November 22, 2006

Just wanted to make sure to get this message in.

Tomorrow will be very busy and I might not get the chance.

Today--DH and I will be cooking the first turkey---I make it today do I can have the gravy ready for tomorrow---then we divide this one in half so the kids will have leftovers.

Tomorrow we cook the second turkey for dinner.

LOts of work to do today.

My head and ears are still uncomfortable from the flight to Texas---The Dr. gave me some meds---I hope they kick in by tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great Happy Thanksgiving.



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carla17(Z7 NC)

Happy Thanksgiving Florence and everyone else. Hope Brenda jumps on here.


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I got a big turkey to cook, and then all my guests decided to go other places, so we will have lots of leftovers....my DH is happy.....he doesn't like company and loves to eat. We plan to see some movies and watch football and hopefully get the holiday decorations up. May have to wait for the lights as the forecase is for rain, rain and more rain. Have fun rosers.
Kathy W.

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Susan Serra

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm cooking as usual, the kids are all coming home, 2 of the 3 who have their SOs with them which makes the family even more fun. We all decided that we like Wednesday night's pandemonium better than Thanksgiving day. Take out, a disaster of a kitchen, it's fun.

WOW, good think I checked this out, I have to go cut some roses!!! Have a good one everyone...

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Florence, and to everyone here!

Florence, you must be the Martha Stewart of the rose forum...I've made cooked-till-condensed-to-the-jelling-point turkey stock the day before to add to pan drippings for gravy, but never cooked an entire turkey as part of getting ready. And one year I got to my brothers in Portland and realized I'd left the gravy fixin's at home :)

No food worries for tomorrow though, we're going to my sisters, she'll cook a traditional turkey and I'll have plenty of pan juices to make her gravy. Her husband is cooking prime rib on the gas grill, that will keep the men busy and out of the way....you know it takes at least 5 adult men to stand and watch a roast.

One pie finished, hors d'oeuvres prep started, 4 pies to make yet but I don't have to clean house for the holiday and am doing fine timewise. When we go to my sisters, I'm assigned the beginning and end of the meal, appetizers and desserts.

(Kathy, are you as tired of this rain as I am? It's just pounding on my skylights again today - my back yard and rear garden are a bog and I didn't design them for that.)

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Thanks, Florence, for starting this thread. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, too! I have two pumpkin pies in the oven as I'm typing this and the house smells like heaven. DS#1 and his family will be here about noon tomorrow for the long weekend; DS#2 is already here. It's going to be a hectic and wonderful weekend - my little 10-1/2 month old granddaughter just started walking last week, so as you can imagine I can't wait to see her! :-) Here's wishing everyone a safe and memorable holiday.


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TO all my rosey friends Happy Thanksgiving. Making only sides. EDDs a vegetarian and tofu turkey just doesnt do it for either of us. Stuffing yes, mushroom gravy yes, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, baby carrots biscuits sweet potato pie and pumpkin custard. We then go to and opening night of a sober weekend convention where I will celebrate my 29th anniversary free of drugs and alcohol. So I have a lot to be thankful for!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day to my American friends - hope it is all that you have worked hard for! LOL! Enjoy your families and friends and that wonderful turkey feast! Ummmm, I can almost smell it cooking. I guess that must be Florence's! Tee-hee!
Hugs all!
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Congratulations, Joe! That takes strength. AnneC, I'm jonezing for bitty grandkid pics! So good to hear from forum folks.

We are putting off my cooking unless I can brave the store in the cold dark scary wind-rain. The past coupla days have brought much high water and missles of tree branches that I was hoping would clear. Dad's flight from LA [CA] got in well today in this scary weather and that was the only important thing.

Bojangle's turkey tommorrow then but for Friday:

chicken kiev [a la Mom], dressing with giblit gravy, galuschka [sp? Hungarian spaetzle], snow peas and sauteed mushrooms. Cranberry cornbread.

Dessert: My secret-recipe pumpkin pie wih a crushed-hazelnut crust and 1/3 of the pumpkin puree exchanged with pureed spiced peaches and 1 T of cognac. Yum!!

I've lost 22lbs - count 'em! - since Molineux lit our fire and I'm going to FEAST for 1 day, thankyouverymuch ;]

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Thanks Florence.

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Have a great Thanksgiving all. Enjoy your meals, your family, friends and having the day off.


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Florence, 2 turkeys? Talk about Martha Stewart. Where do you store everything? Do you have more than 1 fridge?

Joe - congrats! JD & I stopped being friends somewhere around 1995. I didn't see him every night, nor was it really a problem; I just decided one day that I didn't like it any more.

Meredith - galuschka = Gulyas?
Hungarian Spaetzle = Little Dumplings for those wondering.
We never had much Hungarian food growing up, nor did the parents speak Hungarian.

Started the stuffing yesterday; cooked up all the veggies that go into it. I usually have dad's Hungarian sweet peppers to add to it (it makes the whole stuffing) but not this year. I "baked" a dutch apple Sarah Lee pie yesterday and let a pecan pie thaw. Was going to make rice Krispie treats, but my back wouldn't let me. It will be a small affair - hubby, my 2 kids, his son and my son's 2 friends that moved to CA a few years ago. They both decided to leave their mom and come back "home" they live with friends.

Any time after today marks the big baking spree I will try to do. I always make tons of cookies for Christmas, want to send a few batches to the guys in Iraq. Someone from a computer forum I go to is stationed there, want to send him and his friends a little bit of "home". We picked up my big gift the other day, a pro kitchenaid stand mixer. Got it for a really great price at the wholesale club. I will use it and rebox it.

Hope everyone has a great day. It will be hard for me at times without my dad; but I'll get through it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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Everyone is gone---it is almsot 8 P. M.---We are all stuffed ---the food was delicious---even my stuffing and gravy---LOLIt is always guess work for me --maybe one day I will write down a recipe---LOL

Joe---29 years that is wonderful---I don't drink---maybe a glass of wine now and then but it must be very difficult to stop.

You have so many talents--it would be a shame to ruin it with a drink
Bravo for you.

Sue---yes we do have two refrigerators---Thank goodness and we always make too much food-----But I do like to be able to send it all home for the kids who both have to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a nice day.


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

We are stuffed and happy after a feast at my sister's home. My best wishes to everyone!

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