Big News from the Mountains of Virginny!

kathyjane(z6VA)November 12, 2012

15 Va. Car Club Members Cited During Sunday Drive

Posted: Nov 12, 2012 10:22 AM EST

Updated: Nov 12, 2012 10:32 AM EST

STAUNTON, Va. (AP) - More than a dozen members of a car club face traffic charges stemming from a Sunday drive through Augusta and Highland counties.

Police say a group of 15 to 20 sports cars was traveling recklessly Sunday morning on Virginia Route 262 and U.S. 250.

Augusta County Sheriff's Deputy Trevor Ross tells The News Leader that the drivers were speeding, cutting off other motorists and passing over double lines.

Ross says the group was part of a Northern Virginia car club.

The Augusta County Sheriff's Office says 15 vehicles were stopped at the Headwaters Post Office in Highland County by Virginia Conservation Police, the Highland County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police.

More than 20 summonses were issued to 15 drivers. Their cars were towed.

(Note; Headwaters is a fly-speck on the map---this is straight out of Smokey And The Bandit!!!!!!!)


They were traveling on some reeeeally twisty-turny roads and Headwaters is 4 mtns. away from the Valley---some of the greatest driving can be had on that route and I was reeeally missing the good ol' days until I read the piece to the end where it said their cars had been TOWED!!!


---Cars were probably towed back to Staunton, with every tow truck in 50 miles put to use! (IMAGINE THE TOWING BILLS those guys will get, along with the tickets!

Oh, the shame....

Headwaters P.O. is about 10X20' big----you have to be ready to see it before you pass it by!---

in fact, you have to do that just to see Headwaters itself!!!

--I'm glad they had fun while it lasted...

A guy on a MC was badly hurt on that road about 3 years ago--- a really drunk driver hit him with his bloomin' PU truck.

Two-lane mtn. road, wknd traffic backed up for miles...fellow had to be air-lifted out---

there was no getting to him by rescue squad.

OK----that's all I had to offer----

except I'm still getting up leaves---record day was

21 Leaf-Vac loads----usual day is 8 to 10 loads squeezed in between everything else going on.

Yes; I'm beat---fall into bed with clothes still on --get up, feed the A's and start all over again---BUT----I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!!!

Maybe before too long I can come back and start sticking my nose in everyone's business again! GUFFFFFFAWWWWWW!

Love you guys!


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Lol, when we were young and living in PA, we went on a sport's car rally and a treasure hunt. I'd like to say that we followed all the rules of the road, but when we saw a "marker", stuff happened. Hubby was the driver, I was the navigator. We came in second............
Fast forward, when we go "garage sailing", these days, the formula still works.

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We got lost in that vicinity once, took a wrong turn, it was getting dark and to this day I don't know where we were, except that it was 2 way country lane, step, switchbacks and it was with great relief that after about 45 minutes we ended up near Staunton.

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I just hope they had enough fun to make the consequences worthwhile, though with the towing-bill it is doubtful.
Methinks perhaps the authorities overreacted a bit?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

This really gives me mixed emotions. I understand (as only a past participant can) the thrill of successfully navigating wickedly twisty roads at high speed. I also understand (better now than then) the life-endangering risk they were posing to any other drivers on those roads.

So I end up thinking that they got off cheap, very cheap compared to living rest of their lives after causing a deadly accident. It's known as vehicular homicide, and in the case of speeders, I think it should be called premeditated homicide. A fire truck (responding to a call) which rams a vehicle at least has an excuse; there is no valid excuse for the so-called joy riders. Personally, I think they should also be required to give a great many hours in community service - at the local hospitals, cleaning up the blood from accident victims.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Kathy Jane, it's so nice to hear from you!

Glad you're making such progress on the leaves, but try to have a little fun for yourself too, okay?

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Neil and I used to love curvy mountain roads back in our
sports cars day.
Neil's favorite was a Porsche and a 280Z.
Mine was a Jaguar XKE. FUN Fun Fun.

The good old days.

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Yes, janis. I agree, they are fun memories.

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