School bus driver problem

theroselvrNovember 17, 2006

Recent problem has come to my attention. There's a bus driver here calling my daughter nasty curse names and pushing her; putting her hand on my daughters throat. A complaint was filed by my daughter, but so far nothing has happened. I hope to have some kind of responce from the school today. I faxed a letter to the bus garage last night, and it appears this bus driver caught wind of it and started with my daughter and another kid again today. I had a phone call from a neighbor that says her daughter is also the victim of this. She's written letters with no results.

What would you do next? This neighbor said she wrote to the board of Ed, something I will be doing also. We have a local paper; was thinking about writing a letter to get other parents to step up. I also have a friend on the board of Ed; my attorney. Was thinking of possibly putting this in his ear.

In my letter I suggested my daughters bus be changed, which may not happen over-night. This will not stop the problem. This bus driver has anger issues and needs to be removed. I also requested a meeting with the bus garage & driver and whoever else needs to be present.

How do I get this woman to be removed from driving the bus at least temporarily?

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I know schools have a terrible time finding people who will drive buses, but geez, this is ridiculous. I can't imagine why the school and bus people are even allowing this to continue - she should have been gone yesterday - it's a lawsuit waiting to happen (or worse).

If she's laying a hand on kids, couldn't the cops get involved?
I'd consider assault charges, I think.

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Assault charges is something I'm considering, altho the mother I spoke to today said she filed a complaint with the police and nothing came of it.

This bus driver is friends with another bus driver. The other bus driver lives locally, her daughter used to hang out with our kids. Ever since our kids stopped hanging out with that daughter, this has gotten worst.

I did threaten a lawsuit in my letter. She told my daughter she was sitting in the back from now on. This is unacceptable to me because some girl that harrasses my daughter rides in the back. If my daughter gets hurt by this girl, the bus driver will be named in my suit.

My daughter isn't a goody two shoes, and I included this; but she doesn't deserve this. If the bus driver has problems she should follow proceedure and write the kids up.

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I can't believe the school is allowing this to happen.

Many years ago my father had a school bus business and I can't imagine him allowing one of his drivers to behave like this.

This sounds dangerous to me.


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Since her safety is the most immediate concern:
Can you ride the bus with your daughter?
Maybe you & the other mother, & the dads, could take turns.

I think it's time to consult both an attorney & the local (tv, 'cause nobody reads any more) media.

& if I had called the police & they did nothing, I'd probably call the state attorney general's office.

Again, the primary need is safety.

Ride the bus or get a bodyguard to ride the bus with her, drive her to school, carpool, hire a taxi (get receipts so your attorney can present them to the school board!), do whatever has to be done to protect her NOW.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

The process might work differently in my smaller town, but the first step here would be for you, the parent, to contact the school superintendent or your daughters school principal. They would investigate and bring the matter to the attention of the school board...if you already know someone on the board, by all means call him.

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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

If it were me, I'd go to the police and file an assault charge. There is no reason for a bus driver to lay hands on a child.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Oh, you don't want to know my answer. First, I would camp out at the school until something reasonable happened. That is SO not acceptable and I DO NOT want you to let it go.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sue, seriously my feelings are too strong to help you right now. I don't care what my kid does short of murder, no bus driver is going to speak to her like that. And yours doesn't deserve that either. That person has no business driving a bus. Can you say issues, or maybe bi-polar?
I will gather my thoughts and let you know. When it comes to my child, I am a mama lion.

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Just got home from the dentist to find my daughter not home. Seems the other girl was supposed to come on the bus with another kid due to an emergency and the driver wouldn't let the kid on. My daughter stayed for the late bus because she was afraid to ride without the other girl.

My plan was to go to the bus stop and try to talk to the driver. I called the neighbor & found the above out. The neighbor said she went to the bus garage today and the driver refused to speak to her.

I'm limited to what I can do, due to not being able to drive far after surgery. I was hoping to go to school on Monday and get the ball rolling. I will follow up with another fax to the bus garage tonight, demanding a bus change for Monday's pm pickup.

I checked my emails, so far no reply from the principal, so he'll get another email today too. Why does everything happen when you have appointments?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

There needs to be another way for your child to get to and from school. You need to face the principal of the school, and tell the idiot that someone else needs to transport her to school. Tell him that there is a fine line between assault and molestation.

I would not threaten to seek the aid of an attorney unless you could carry it out completely. If you are too weak from surgery, you may not be able to do it.

How long will you be incapacitated? You may need to homeschool her until you can drive.

Sadly, the stress that life can cause us might not be worth the satisfaction of ridding the school of one low life.

Did you know that bus drivers only have to be 18. I wonder if the school even does a background check or checks to see if they are a felon.

We must take care of our own.


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Go over the principals head, straight to the school board. I would NOT allow this to continue. I would be sooooo tempted to ride that bus with my daughter, but that might embarrass her. Poor love.


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