Glitches come in three - and escalate

lilod(NoCal/8)November 25, 2010

First thing this morning, I get up and my PJ pants fall around my ankles, they are old and the elastic just quit holding them up - annoying, but I was getting up anyway.

Next I usually print something of mutual interest for Joann, the printer ran out of ink, no warning. It's an HP printer and tried to tell me to buy new cartridges about 100 pages ago, they obviously make a good profit on the ink, but then it really runs out and it doesn't say a word.

No big deal, but again, a bother.

Time to put the turkey on, my oven will not stay lit and we smell gas! So now the turkey is cooking in Joann's house, the rest of the stuff is here; she will bring the turkey - in Ron's car - when it's done and we shall put the final touches on, like gravy.

Now, of course, things should go back to the usual serenity, should they not?

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You never know. Sometimes glitches come in twos. I dropped a pumpkin pie when taking it out of the oven yesterday and it crashed to the floor..oh brother what a mess. I cleaned it all up and made another one. Today,without going into much detail,a ton of turkey grease dripped all over the breakfast room table,down onto the cushion of one of the chairs and then onto the rug under the table. Also under the table was Digby loving every drop that fell on his head and then into his mouth.Lord Lov A Jan would say. Serenity...what's that??? Happy Thanksgiving Lilo and let us know how tomorrow goes.

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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Wonder of wonders, no kitchen- or other accidents in the house this Thanksgiving. Normally my Thanksgiving list shows what I plan to cook and do, what I forgot and whatever happens to mess the list up. Of course I did not haven an audience yesterday, that might be the reason why.

Woke up to a white wonderworld this morning and every bird in the neighborhood came for a handout.

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